Fun with mommy

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It all started when I was 16. My dad had walked out of the picture, and it was just me and my mom.

Mom walked into the kitchen, nude as always. Her nipples were highly erect and her blonde ass length hair was pulled into a tight bun. Her perky, round, big breasts were bouncing as she walked , and her nice shaved pussy was very nice looking. She went over to the fridge and bent down. Her nice ass was so pretty.

“Good morning mom. Tina’s comin’ over so try and cover up a little. Not all of us want to see you parading around the house naked,” I said, knowing damn well I was enjoying my view.

“Okay Hun.”

“Mom I’m going in the pool. When Tina comes, tell her I’m there, ” I said stripping down to nothing but my perky full tits, and slim waist.

“Alright. Should I tell her you’re skinny dipping? In case she wants to know.”


I quickly ran outside to the patio, and walked to the diving board. I jumped in, loving the feeling of water on my breasts. My nipples got fully erect. I swam over to the floaty chair and climbed on. I needed a tan.


“Hey, um girl, you’re nude,” said Tina coming over gaziantep escort kızlar to mein her skimpy camo swim suit.

“Well, yeah. I needed a tan and I hate tan lines. You don’t mind right, we’ve see eachother naked before. We even lost our virginity next to eachother in my room.”

“No. I was just sayin. I’m gonna skinny dip. I know you don’t mind.”

“Girl, I was goin upstairs to my room. Wanna come?”

“Sure,” Tina replied as she removed her bathing suit. Her pussy had a beautiful heart shaped patch of hair in the middle. Her DD tits were bigger than mine, and her slim waist and round, juicy, ass put the cheery on the icecream. I looked at her chocolate body in the sun. My pussy was getting very wet and juicy.

“Girl it just feels like all he wants to do is have sex. I’m sick of men. I’m goin back to women,” Tina said in her smooth voice.

“I’m a les so I wouldn’t know how you feel. Come here and give me a hug,” I said, as I saw a tear drop from her sexy brown eyes. Her body pressed against mine, and I could feel she was wet.

“You know Mrs. Bi, you can always experiment with me. Let’s start by seeig that little pussy of yours.” I let her go, and went down to her cunt. I started licking her clit, sticking 4 fingers inside her hole.

“Ohhh yes. Stick ure fist in me baby..”

I did as she commanded and felt her muscles contract against my hand. I started fist fucking her. All of a sudden I felt a sudden gush of juice flow from her pussy. I pulled out my fist and licked it, savoring the flavor.

“Your turn.”

She slowly looked under my bed for my box of toys. She found it and dropped the huge case on the bed. She took out hand cuffs, a huge black dildo, a vibrator (14 inches, and a doouble sided pink vibrator. She cuffed my hands together, and found some lube. I didn’t think she would need any. My juices had flowed 15 minutes ago when she was talking about her fun with her man. I was very wet now, so both of the juices were hot ad wet.

She found what she was looking for and stuck the pink vibrator in my pussy, and switched to turbo charge. I moaned in pleasure as she lay the other end on my clit.


I could see she was enjoying the view. She crawled over to my face and put her pussy on it. I started tounge fucking her. I was about to pass out from no air when she got up and let me get some air. When she sat back down she put me in 69 position, my favorite. I licked her pussy and sucked her clit. I could tell she loved it by her load moans. She bucked her hips at the same time I did. We came into eachothers mouths.

“Honey, what are you two doing?” My mom said as she opened the door. She looked at us and said, “Can I join?”

I watched her undress and come over to me. She looked at the toys and picked the black dildo. I was surprised when she started to push down on it. I watched her fuck herself, while licking Tina’s pussy, Thi was a very nice experince.

“Mom, I wanna fuck you.”

She undid my handcuffs and opened her legs. She was ready. I took the other end of the vibrator and stuck it in her. We fucked eacither.

All of a sudden. I felt something huge enter my ass. I screamed in pain at first. Than, I let it slpi in. It feel good. I started fucking both toys, and could feel Tina’s hair brush against mine. She was using the lepord print 19 inch dildo. I heard both women scream as their juices poured all of over my sheets. I came too.

To Be Continued…….

This was my first story, and I hope you like it. Please leave comments and rate it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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