Fun with the Missus

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It was the end of another long day. Ten hours at work, six hours at home, all non-stop — dealing with churlish contactors at the former and irrepressible offspring at the other. Children bedded, dishes done, dogs walked, sweat showered away… collapse in bed, brain still zinging, waiting to finally wind down and grab maybe five hours of sleep before repeating the whole process.

And then the missus comes to bed.

It’s immediately apparent she’s in a playful mood, judging by the way she throws herself upon me. She seems to think that annoying me is the same as foreplay — she pokes, prods and tickles me as I fail to respond, lying helpless beneath her and ruefully calculating the minutes and hours before my alarm will be going off.

It becomes clear: the quickest way to find sleep, is to shag her silly.

I throw her off me and she lands on the other side of the bed with a whoop of surprise. I roll over quickly before she can regather her attack, straddling her leg and pinning her arms down; my leg rises to meet her crotch, gently connecting with her nether regions and grinding into her, slowly but meaningfully, in the way I know she loves.

She struggles shortly to free her pinned arms, but my ministrations with my leg quickly soothe the savage beast and she relents, yielding to my will.

I descend for the kiss, seeking out the warmth of her mouth. My tongue finds entry and she responds in kind, hers lashing mine hungrily, greedily — another indication that she’s up for it. My cock moves within my shorts, swelling and slithering in serpentine anticipation.

Our kisses are always hot, especially our kisses in bed. I continued to nudge her nether regions with my leg even as my hands wandered: one sweeping across her face and into her hair, the other trailing up her arm and landing casually upon a generously-sized breast. Her chest rises at my contact as her arousal gathers and grows.

We continue thusly, kissing and caressing, my leg working between her spread legs — I can feel her clit through her own shorts, gorging and growing, a hard nubbin pressing into my leg nestled within the soft and hot flesh of her inner depths. Our breathing grows harder, more ragged — we know where we’re going, it’s been a while and is greatly anticipated by us both.

Our clothes are a kaynarca escort mutual hindrance and without a word, we break contact to rid ourselves of them. Shirts and shorts are flung aside and we rejoin each other naked, skin against skin, her breasts pillowing into my chest, my cock pressing into her leg and making itself known, hard and twitching.

She guides my hand to where it pleases her best, down low and deep — I slip a digit deep inside her, finding her hot and wet and most pliant. She has always had the softest, most wondrous-feeling pussy I have ever known (part of the reason I married her) — even my slim finger finds her confines a tight fit, and as I trace a path in and out of her, she moans her encouragement.

My kisses are wandering now, down her neck, along her shoulder, pausing shortly to circle my tongue fleetingly around her nipple and then jumping back up to nibble on her ear — this last I know to drive her absolutely wild, so I do it sparingly. All the while I keep finger-fucking her, my long middle digit plunging as deep as I can go as she spreads her legs willingly and wantonly to me, giving me an excellent view of her soft, puckering folds — the most beautiful thing in the world, a lady’s cunt, and hers ranks among the best I’ve seen.

She asks me how she feels — “so hot… so tight… I love it bub, I love how you feel” I tell her. She moans and groans to hear it, and her hand falls to my cock — large and long, curving slightly as it points skywards and threatens to skewer my stomach. She tells me how hard I am, how big I am, how she loves my cock, my beautiful cock: “it’s hard for you” I whisper to her, “it’s hard for you.”

She bites her lip with exquisite pleasure as she joins me in her gratification, landing her fingers to delicately tease her own clit. I groan with my own heavy arousal — I love to watch her touch herself and she knows it, she used to be shy about such things but with recent encouragement she’s doing it more and more for me. I reward her with my encouragement: “mmm yes bub, I love it when you touch yourself, feel my cock grow for you bub, feel it grow…” and she loves to hear it, working herself harder as my finger-fucking steps up in intensity.

I love to watch the missus come. It is a beautiful thing, every time: orhanlı escort her orgasms approach slow and bright, like a freight train from afar on a clear sunshiny day. She isn’t shy in voicing her pleasure, her moans and groans growing into shouts and cries: there’s no doubting the legitimacy of her pleasure, there isn’t a trace of fakery in her vocals and never has there been. We bring her there together, as I slip into the rhythm I know she loves in working her G-spot, pushing back against the wet softness of her pussy and the gentle contractions of her involuntary orgasmic pulses — she gets there and she stays there, she keeps singing for me as we keep on working, she keeps on coming and coming as neither of us give her any form of reprieve.

Eventually, and without a word, we both decide the neighbours have heard enough and we wind her down, our efforts slow and her cries subside with her pleasure. I fall upon her, locked in a passionate embrace: her tongue searches out mine in reward and thanks, and we share in her ecstasy and elation as she winds down from another incredible high.

But we’re not done yet: it’s my turn. My cock has found her pussy as though it were a hot-wetness-seeking missile; I barely pause at all as the bulging, rimmed purple head of my cock spreads her aside and slips inside her, an action at once slick and effortless due to her marvelous gushing moisture yet made hard by the resistance of her tightness.

Her eyes widen with surprise — no matter how many times we do this, the contrast of my girth and her narrowness always catches her unawares. For me it’s at once a blessing and a curse: she feels amazing, soft and silken, wet and almost burning with heat and intensity; every part of my cock is grasped and grappled tightly by her conforming pussy, and it is always a huge effort to avoid coming on the spot.

I struggle to hold mind over matter. As I slip up and down, in and out of her ever so slowly, ever so slightly, every newly-contacted part of her pussy rushes to grasp and caress the veins and contours of my cock; every time I inch forward or back, her cunt squeezed hotly at the head of my cock and threatened to push me immediately into orgasm. Deep in the dim and distant past I remember girls with relatively slackened pussies, big old canyons where tepeören escort I almost had to search to find something to rub against — here, inside my wife, overwhelming pleasure was utterly unavoidable.

It felt amazing for her too, and frankly that didn’t help me. It was always very short work for me to bring her back to the brink using only my cock — her G-spot must envelope the entirety of her pussy, barely a handful of thrusts were required to push her back over the edge. Credit the odd sweeping shape of my cock, if you will — it pushes hard against the rear wall of her cunt, exactly where I know her spot to be, and as I slip forwards and back it sweeps against her like a saw.

I say her intense pleasure doesn’t help me, because seeing her come is an enormous turn-on for me. As I thrust into her, again and again, with her yodeling pleasure ringing loudly in my ears, her face a picture of beauty and abandonment right before me, I know the end is nigh: that unmistakable sensation of pleasure stampeding up my cock signals that the torrent has commenced, and I can only signal as much by grunting with desperate urgency and upping the tempo, ramming and pounding my engorged rod into her and pushing her past a new brink of ecstasy into mindless abandoned depravity as she comes anew and I come, my hot load shooting with unstoppable finality deep inside her, my cock pulsing and convulsing in time with my shots as I fire load after load after load of hot wadded come deep inside my beautiful wife.

I keep on thrusting for as long as I can bear, every new plunge of my rock-hard cock bringing a litany of overwhelming pleasure — I can stand no more and I collapse, empty and depleted, even as the missus shouts one last time and yields to her own exhaustion.

We stay there only shortly — for whatever reason my missus never lets me linger in her depths; it may be involuntary on her part, as her tight little pussy constricts and constricts, more or less evicting my cock like a rogue trespasser. I fall off her and retreat to my own half of the bed; we lie next to each other for perhaps thirty seconds of blissful afterglow, as I reflect that our regular once-in-a-month routine probably serves to heighten our mutual intensity ever more.

Thinking on that end, a grin sprouts on my face, and I prepare a barb for her: “Well, that was about a month’s worth,” I reckoned. “See you again in thirty days?”

She slaps at me, as she always does when I pull the smartarse routine. I chuckle, roll over… and more or less went straight to sleep.

Well, can you really blame me?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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