Fun With Trica

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The weekend was coming up. I always looked forward to the weekends. I loved having extra time with my Master. We were able to play more and enjoy each others company. It was Thursday evening, and We were sitting down and eating dinner.

“My pet, I have some very special plans for the weekend.” You said to me.

“Will You tell me what they are?” I asked just hoping for a bit of information.

“All I will say right now, is that the two of Us are going to have a very enjoyable time, and I am going to make one of your fantasies come true. Don’t ask anymore questions right now, it would be pointless, because I will not say anymore.” You said to me with a grin that I have grown to love.

We spent the rest of the evening watching TV and relaxing. We went to bed that night, had some fun play time before it was time to get some rest. The morning came quickly. The alarm went off, very early as usual so You could get to work. I was about to get up with You, as I did every day.

“No, babydoll, you sleep in today. I want to make sure you have lots of energy this evening.”

“Thank You Sir. I love You.” I said as I rolled back over to go to sleep.

I could hear You getting ready for work as I was drifting off back to sleep. At some point You came over and kissed me on the cheek and said goodbye.

I awoke a few hours later. It had been very nice to sleep in a bit. I laid in bed for a few minutes thinking about the different possibilities for this weekend. I was very excited knowing one of my fantasies would come true. I got out of bed to go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and to pee. When I got to the sink there was a note. I opened it and read it.


I hope you slept well, and are nice and rested. I should be home around noon today. I want you to make sure you get your chores done, be showered and dressed by noon. You can wear something comfortable for a car ride. I want you to pack a bag for us. Make sure you grab the bathroom stuff, and enough clothes for the weekend. Make sure you put in a few outfits for going out. I want you to look good, so I can show you off. See you this afternoon.

Your Master

I put the note down and looked at the clock in the bedroom. I had only four and a half hours to be ready. I went and got my chores down, then hoped in the shower. Once out of the shower I got dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank top. Then I proceeded to pack a bag for Us. I wasn’t really sure what to pack. So I pack a bit of everything, I figured it was better to be over prepared then not prepared enough. Once I was done with that, I had about thirty minutes to wait for Your arrival.

The phone rang about twenty minutes later. I picked it up.

“I am driving home now. See you in a few minutes.”

“Yes Sir.”

I hung up the phone and moved to the living room. I got down on my knees to be ready for You as You came in the door.

You came in the door. You came over kissed me on the top of my head.

“You can get up babydoll.”

I rose to my feet. I followed You into the bedroom, where You were taking Your clothes off.

“Is the bag packed?”

“Yes Sir.”

“I am going to change, and then We will leave.”

I stood and watched You get dressed. I loved watching You take Your clothes off, exposing Your body. My insides felt all tingly as I watched.

“Ok, babydoll, let’s go. We have a long trip ahead of us.”

We went down and got in the truck. We headed out. I still had no idea as to where We were going.

We headed down the highway, and enjoyed conversation between the two of Us, listened to the radio, laughed and had a good time. By the time dinner arrived, We were still on the road. You said You did not want to waste a lot of time, so We just ran through a drive through and got some food. We were on the road for probably another two hours before We pulled into a hotel parking lot.

We got out of the truck, and went inside. You had called ahead and made a reservation for a room. We check in and got our key. We headed to the room.

Once inside the room, You sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Come and kneel in front of me babydoll.”

I went over and got on my knees in front of You.

You didn’t say anything for a few minutes, You just stared at me, smiling. Every now and then You would run Your fingers gently down my face and over my hair. I felt very much at peace. I love it when You are rough with me, but also love the times when You are very gentle.

Finally You spoke.

“babydoll, a lot of things are going to happen this weekend. I think You are ready to handle what I have planned. You are going to go through many different emotions this weekend. But I know you can handle it. If for some reason, you can not, you know to tell me. I do not want you to walk away from the weekend with any bad feelings, I want you to remember this weekend as a wonderful memory full of excitement, passion, lust and adventure.”

“Now, I want you to go and get dressed. I want you in a short skirt. No panties, no bra. I want a tight shirt on you, so your breasts will be shown istanbul travesti off.”

I nodded acknowledging what You had just said.

You bent down and kissed me deeply, grabbing me by the back of my head and pulling my mouth into Yours.

Soon You pulled away.

“Go on, go get ready.”

I got up and proceeded to get ready. My mind was racing, my heart was beating fast with anticipation.

About an hour later We were ready to go. We went back out and got the truck. We did not drive for too long. We ended up at a club. We paid the cover charge and went in. We headed straight for the bar to our drinks. You got a beer, and I got a mixed drink. We hung out around the bar, We didn’t head to the dance floor since You really are not into dancing.

We were both scanning the room. Everyone once in awhile You would point out a female to me. You would comment on their breasts, their asses, their lips. I was not thinking much of it. Then You spotted one, and said, “She is the one.”

I did not know what You were talking about, but figured I would find out. You grabbed me by the wrist and We walked over to her.

“Can We buy you a drink?”, You said to her

She looked us at You. Her brown eyes made contact with Yours, then she looked over at me.

“Sure, why the hell not. I’ll take what ever she is drinking.” she said pointing at me.

You walked away to get her drink.

I reached out my hand to shake hers.

“I’m babydoll.”

“Nice to meet you babydoll, I’m Trica.”

“Nice to meet you Trica.” I said.

“I love your name babydoll, it suits you well.”

“Thanks, I like it too.”

“And what is your boyfriend’s name?”, she asked me.

“He is my husband. His name is Chad, but I call Him Sir.”

“Oh.” she said looking at me with a puzzled look on her face.

“Why do you call him Sir, that seems sort of formal.”

I chuckled.

“He is Sir, He is my Master. I am His slave.”

“Slave, huh? Well that is interesting.”

“What does being his slave mean?”, she asked with a smile on her face.

“It means I do what ever he says, my job is to please Him.”

“Well that sounds like fun.”

“It is, I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Just then You walked back to use with Trica’s drink in hand.

“Sir, I would like to introduce You to Trica.”

“Nice to meet you Trica.” you said.

“babydoll has been telling me she is your slave.”

“Oh has she. Well she is a very good slave, she is a good girl.”

We stood around, had a few more drinks and talked. The conversation was mostly about me being Your slave. Trica seemed very interested in it, she asked many questions. Before we knew it, the club was closing.

“Well Trica, it seems that it is time to go home. Would you like to come with us?” you asked her.

“Sure, I think it would be fun to hang out with a slave and her Master.”

“Good, then lets go.”

We headed out. We got in our truck, and Trica went to her car, so that she could follow us back to the hotel.

When we got back to the hotel we went into the room.

“So Trica, I am sure with you being here, you know what is going to happen.”

She nodded.

“babydoll, strip.”

I looked at You and over at Trica. And then I stripped.

Trica was watching me the whole time. I could feel her eyes on me.

You went out the door, saying you would be right back.

You came back in a minute with a bag in hand.

“babydoll, you didn’t think I would forget the bag of toys did you?”

“No Sir.”

You sat the bad down on the bed. You pulled a chair over next to the bed that had been over by a table.

“Sit babydoll.”

I sat down. You started taking rope out of the bag. You started by tying my wrists to the chair. Then you moved down and tied my ankles.

“babydoll, no matter what happens tonight, you are to remember that I love you, and you will always be my number one girl. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“ Good girl, now open your mouth.”

I opened up. You reached in the bag and pulled out a ball gag. You placed the gag in my mouth and fastened the strap in the back.

“Very pretty babydoll.”

“What do you think Trica? Doesn’t she look lovely?”

“Oh yes, the gag looks wonderful on her.”

“Glad you like what you see.”

“Trica, strip.”

She looked at you, then looked at me. She hesitated for a moment, then started to take her clothes off. Once she was naked you moved over to her. You ran your hands down her arms and sides. You looked over at me and smiled.

“Is this ok with her?”, Trica asked as she looked at me.

“It doesn’t matter if it is or not, all that matters is that this is ok with me.”

You moved closer to her, your bodies were now pressed up against each others. You took her face into your hands and kissed her deeply. I felt a twinge of excitement rush through my pussy.

The two of you kissed for a few minutes. Once you pulled away from her you stepped back.

“Lay down on the bed.” istanbul travestileri you said pointing to the bed.

She moved over to the bed. She laid down on her back.

“Very nice. I think I am really going to enjoy myself this evening.” you said with a smirk on your face.

You climbed on the bed next to her. You immediately took her breasts in your hands. I could tell you squeezed them hard because she let out a gasp. You pulled and tugged on her nipples. They grew hard instantly. By this time Trica had closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations.

“So Trica, do you think you can handle a bit of pain?”

“Mmmm…yes I think I can handle that.”

“Good girl.”

Hearing You call her that made me want to scream out in protest, but with the gag in all that came out were muffled noises.

“Looks like babydoll doesn’t like someone else being called a good girl.” you said with a laugh in your voice.

You reached over to the bag and pulled a handful of clothes pins out of it. You started slowly applying them to Trica’s breasts and nipples.

Trica was letting out small sounds of pain.

You continued to place more clothes pins on her. By the time You were done there was a circle around her breasts, and a smaller circle around her nipples, with one on each of her nipples.

“Very beautiful.” You said to her.

“What do you think babydoll? Do you think she looks pretty like this?”

I nodded since I was not able to speak.

After admiring Your work for a few minutes, You slowly started removing the clothes pins one at a time. As each one was removed Trica let out a yelp.

You had a huge smile on Your face. I could see that in Your pants Your cock was growing hard.

Once the last clothes pin was removed, You ran your hands over her breasts. She jumped at Your touch.

“Look at all those lovely marks. I better we can make them look ever better.”

You pulled a small whip from the bag. I knew that whip well, it had been used on my breasts and pussy many times before.

“Trica, look at babydoll. Don’t lose eye contact with her.”

Trica looked over at me and our eyes met.

Without warning the whip landed on her breasts. She bit down on her lip to stifle the groans. You continued to whip her breasts until they were a nice shade of red.

I could see small tears in her eyes. Oh how I wanted that to be me.

“Looks like we need to fire up the rest of your body Trica.”

You took the whip and stroked it across her pussy. She looked as if she was going to jump off the bed. The whip fell over and over again on her pussy. With ever few hit, You made sure it landed across her clit.

You stopped whipping her and ran Your hand over her crotch.

“I see that you are enjoying yourself. You are soaked.”

“Why don’t we see how wet babydoll is.”

You walked over to me and shoved two fingers inside my hole.

“You are such a slut babydoll. You are dripping wet.”

You removed Your fingers and walked over to Trica.

“Doesn’t she taste good?”, You asked as You ran Your fingers across her lips, then pushing Your fingers in her mouth.

Trica started sucking on Your fingers has hard as she could.

“Well maybe if you two are both good girls, later I will let you taste each other.”

Trica and I both smiled at that thought, at least I smiled as well as I could with a gag in my mouth.

You started taking Your clothes off.

“Damn girl, look what You have done to me.” You said looking at Trica.

Trica looked at Your cock, it was hard as a rock, throbbing and dripping precum.

“Well we can’t allow for a mess.” You said as You climbed on the bed.

“Get up.” You barked at her.

She got up and You laid down on the bed.

“Get down there and clean this mess up.”

Trica climbed between Your legs. She started gently licking the precum off the head of Your cock.

“Suck it like you want it.” you snapped as You grabbed a handful of her hair and push Your cock deep into her throat. I could hear her gagging and see her eyes watering. I knew You were in heaven.

Trica sucked and licked Your cock until Your held her head down. I knew You were about to cum. You held her head still on Your cock and filled her with Your cum.

“Don’t swallow it, keep it in your mouth.” you demanded to her.

“Keep that cum in your mouth and go over to babydoll.”

You walked over next to me, with Trica behind You.

You pulled the gag out of my mouth.

“Be a good girl and share my cum with babydoll.”

She bent down and pressed her lips against mine. I felt her tongue opening my mouth, and then felt Your cum slide into my mouth.

“Prefect.” You said.

“Ok, that is good, stop kissing.”

Trica moved away from me, and You replaced the gag.

“On your hands and knees on the bed Trica.”

She climbed on the bed and got on all fours. You reached down and swatted her ass. You pulled the flogger out of the bag. I was jealous. I wanted to be on all istanbul travesti fours about to have my ass flogged.

“Keep your ass up in the air Trica, don’t pull away from me.”

The flogger hit her ass with a loud thump. She pulled her ass down, but quickly moved it back up. You kept swinging the flogger at her. Each time it seemed with a bit more force. Her ass was quickly turning red in each place the flogger hit. Every once in awhile You would aim the flogger on her back. She was letting out sounds of pure ecstasy. I am not sure how long You flogged her, but it seem to go on forever. With each hit, my pussy grew wetter and wetter.

“I think you ass has had enough of the flogging.” You said as You laid the flogger down.

“Now it is time for me to see how good that ass feels.”

You reached into the bag and pulled out some lube. You placed a small amount on the head of Your cock and dripped some on her asshole.

You got on the bed behind her. You ran a finger around her hole, and then shoved it in.

“Very tight, I know my cock is going to feel great in there.”

You pulled out Your finger and pressed the head of Your cock against her asshole. You grabbed hold of her hips and thrust her back on Your cock. Your cock slide inside her. She was making muffled noises as her face was pushed into the bed. You pulled her harder and harder down on Your cock. You reached down and pulled her hair, bringing her head up. You held on to her hair, pulling her back on You. I could tell she was about to cum, she was making the most wonderful noises and her body was shaking. You looked over at me, You smiled.

“Do you want to cum with us babydoll?”

I nodded yes.

“Good girl, you can cum anytime you want for me.”

Before You could even get that sentence out, I could feel a rush flowing over my body. I was watching You pound her ass, I could see that her pussy was dripping, there was a huge wet spot underneath her.

“That’s it, cum for me you bitch.” you yelled at Trica.

Trica’s whole body seem to go into waves of orgasm. That is all I needed to see. I was lost in the feeling of an orgasm over taking my body.

Just as Trica finished cumming, you pulled out of her. You pulled her roughly to her knees in front of You.

You rammed Your cock in her mouth. You pumped Your cock in and out of her mouth a few times, and then shot cum into her.

“That’s it. Suck it down, suck my cock clean.”

Once You were satisfied that Your cock was clean, You pulled out of her mouth.

Trica fell back on the bed.

You got off the bed and walked over to me. You got down so that Your face was level with mine.

“Did you enjoy watching that babydoll?”

I nodded yes.

“Did you cum like a good little girl for me?”

I nodded again.

“Do you think you deserve to be untied so that you can come play?”

I nodded over and over again.

You reached down between my legs.

“Yes, I see you have been a good girl. You liked watching your Master whip her and take her ass. You loved seeing me make her clean my dirty cock off in her mouth. I am very proud of you.”

You reached around and undid the gag. It feel out of my mouth. I stretched my mouth. You then untied my wrists and ankles.

“Come over to the bed babydoll.”

I walked over to the bed. Trica was still laying there, recovering from her ass fucking.

You came up to me and whispered in my ear.

“Go ahead babydoll, I know you want to touch her, kiss her and taste her.”

I looked up at You and smiled.

I climbed onto the bed. I moved close to Trica. I could feel the heat coming off of her body. I took a finger and ran it around her breasts were all the clothes pins had been. I moved my finder down her stomach to her crotch. I let my finger glide over her clit to her wetness. I heard her sigh.

I felt You get on the bed. You sat on the other side of Trica, watching me.

I bent down and took one of her nipples in my mouth. I started sucking like someone had just given me the most wonderful piece of candy. I took one of my hands and cupped her other breast. I squeezed it in my hand. I gently chewed on her nipple, making Trica let out more moans. I started kissing down her chest to her stomach. I kissed back up to her face. I ran my tongue across her lips. I was met by her tongue. We kissed passionately for a while. The whole time our hands exploring each others body. I kissed back down her chest and stomach, until I was between her legs. I inhaled the wonderful fragrance that was coming from her. I let my tongue lap up the juices that were coming from her. It did not take long till she was squirming under my tongue. I kissed, licked, lapped and sucked at her pussy. I looked up and saw that You know had her breasts in Your mouth. I knew she was in heaven. I continued to lick at her while keeping an eye on what You were doing.

“Make her cum babydoll. I want to see her cum all over Your pretty face.”

I found her clit and started licking at it, softly allowing my teeth to brush across it. I took a finger and slid it inside her. I moved my finger in and out, feeling her walls tighten around it. Before long she was cumming all over my face. Juices were flowing out her. I lapped up every drop I could. When she finished cumming I went up and kissed You. You licked my face, taking in her cum. I then bent down and kissed her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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