FUTA Pharmaceuticals Ch. 02

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A/N: First, I want to say thank you for the CC I got from the first chapter! To address some issues regarding Annie: She does not have a pussy anymore. She has a cock, balls, and asshole. I know, not technically ‘futa’ but whatever, it’s my story so it has my kinks. Sorry if that bothers you. With that out of the way, please enjoy the second chapter!


A loud buzzer rang through the room. Groaning, I slowly sat up in my bed and rubbed my eyes. With a long yawn, my arms stretched above my head before I noticed the monitor on the wall had a message written on it: “Day 2: Compatibility. Please say ‘acknowledged’ when ready to begin.” A smaller timer had also appeared in the corner of the monitor, and it had just passed the two minute mark and counting down. I quickly scooped my jumpsuit up from the floor and redressed myself. I glanced down and noticed that my new cock and balls formed a rather obvious bulge in the skin-tight jumpsuit. After putting on my shoes, I quickly spat, “Acknowledged!”

A ‘ding’ sounded from the intercom, and the female AI voice came followed, “Please wait.”

Soon after the intercom died, my bedroom door opened, and Cait marched in followed by two guards. With her chest slightly puffed out and both hands behind her back, I noticed something I hadn’t before. Cait’s black jumpsuit sported a rather large bulge as well. “I appreciate the way you’re lookin’ at me, but I need your eyes up here, Little!” My face grew red as I shifted my gaze to her eyes and a grin spread across her face. “Follow me.” She started. “You’re gonna meet a new friend today, and I think you’re really going to like her.” With a snap, she promptly turned around and walked out the door with me and the guards in tow. We walked a short distance down the white windowless corridor only until she stopped at a door marked ‘Compatibility’. Cait grabbed her keycard from her belt and opened the door. “Have fun, Little.” Cait smirked as she gestured me into the room.

The door automatically shut behind me as I timidly passed its threshold. Inside the small room, Doctor Allison Werner smiled at my arrival as she stood next to a metal table with another girl seated behind it. “Take a seat, Annie.” Allison said as she waved her hand toward the table. I took the seat opposite the other girl and glanced between Allison and the stranger. “Now, you’re both familiar with me, but this next test will be all about you two!” A smile never leaving Allison’s face. “Annie, this is Lilith. Lilith, this is Annie!” Alli cheered. At our introductions, we both looked at each other up and down.

Lilith had long, straight, midnight-black hair that fell to her waist. Her flawless pale skin stood in contrast with her dark brown eyes. I could also see that her tits were maybe a little bigger than mine, but still a solid B cup, and they looked right at home on her slim build. Lilith wore an expression like she didn’t even care what was even going on. “How is she this calm? Maybe she doesn’t know what they do here? Does she even have a dick yet? Should she?!” I thought. “H- Hi, Lilith. Nice to meet you.” I stammered.

“Sup, Annie” Lilith returned.

“Okay! Now that that’s done, we can begin today’s testing!” Allison chirped. “Hopefully you both noticed by now, but if not, you’ll be happy to know that today is about compatibility” Allison emphasised. “Here’s the deal.” Allison began, “You have about 15 minutes to get each other to orgasm at least once. If both of you finish, you will each continue to test tomorrow. If not, you will both be eliminated from the program. You must orgasm while assisted by the other person. No solo performances.” After explaining the conditions of the test, she reached into her lab coat, and produced a couple of small red pills. “Now, I need both of you to please undress and bend over the table here.”

Without a word, Lilith slid her chair back while standing up. With her eyes locked on Alli, she shed her jumpsuit off and kicked it away from her to reveal her naked body. My eyes went wide when I saw that she had a cock too. She placed her hands the table and bent at the waist so her body was a nearly perfect ninety degree angle with her ass sticking out towards the opposite wall. I was still frozen in my chair when Lilith and the doctor turned to look at me.

Doctor Werner said, “C’mon honey, let’s get movin!” as she waved her hand in a ‘hurry up’ motion.

With much less confidence than my partner, I stood up from my chair. One shoulder at a time, my jumpsuit slowly peeled from my body until I finally took a timid step forward out of it. I glanced at Lilith, and took the same position on the opposite side of her table with my eyes glued to the tabletop. Alli’s heels tapped through the room as I heard her take position behind Lilith. Shortly after, Lilith grunted and I was too scared to look away from the table top to see why. The doctor then quickly shuffled over behind me, and I winced Maltepe Escort as she promptly spread an asscheck with one hand. I loudly yelped and my eyes nearly left my eye sockets as she quickly slid a pill into my asshole with her other hand. The pill quickly made its way into my system, and my body began quivering. I felt a familiar warmth growing inside me, and my cock quickly grew rigid. Shakily, I stood up straight, and saw Lilith looking straight at me. A look of pure lust replaced the vacant gaze she had before and all six inches of her rock hard dick were pointing straight at me.

Allison slapped a hand on my shoulder and said, “Well, you kids try to have lots of fun. I’ll be back in 15 minutes”. With that, I turned my head to watch her quickly leave the room.

Before I could turn to look back at Lilith, I was abruptly pushed back against the wall. Lilith quickly pinned my arms against my sides, and she began to assault my mouth with her tongue. She had gone mad with lust, and I was headed there too. As the drugs began to take me over, I found myself kissing her back just as violently. Our tongues explored every inch of each others mouths, and soon enough she pulled back with a trail of saliva still connecting our lips. Her eyes looked deeply into mine before she placed her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down onto my knees without a word. I didn’t even think twice before grabbing her cock at the base and wrapping my lips around her cockhead. I alternated circling the head with my tongue and sloppily kissing it until saliva was dripping from my mouth and her prick. Before long, Lilith guided my head further onto her girldick with one of her hands pushing the back of my head. Slowly, I swallowed more and more of her flesh until my lips finally met her pelvis. At that point, my tongue was forced out of my mouth to lap at the bottom of her balls, and Lilith quietly cooed.

Her hands left my head and moved to massage her tits. I moved my own hands to grab her ass for leverage as I continued my blowjob. My head bobbed faster and faster as I repeatedly gagged myself on her dick. My assgrabbing evolved into rough groping as my hands worked her rear to compliment my fervid blowjob. She continued to use me as her oral cocksleeve until her moans turned into stressed grunts, and I felt her tense up. Suddenly, I was choking on her full length as she forced herself into my warm and wet hole once more. Rope after rope of cum went straight down my throat and into me as she held her rod deep inside me. I could feel the warmth of her hot jizz pooling in my stomach when she was finished. Then, she lifted her hand from my head, and I slowly pulled off of her still-hard dick to take a deep breath with a trail of our combined juices still bridging the gap between my lips and her cockhead.

She looked down at me and smiled as she said, “Thanks for lubing me up, Annie. Now let me return the favor.” Without further explanation, she lifted me back to my feet, and promptly bent me over the table so my head was resting on the tabletop, and my rear was sticking up into the air. I tried to turn my head to look behind me, but I couldn’t quite see Lilith as she crouched behind me. I whimpered as she roughly spread both of my asscheecks to expose my little rosebud. I didn’t have to wait any longer to figure out what she was planning to do. Lilith slowly and roughly dragged her tongue across my asshole before making quick circles around it. Soon after, she buried her face deep between my asscheeks, and I felt her tongue invade me. She darted in and out, and I let out a low groan as I felt her occasionally work around attempting to coat every inch of my insides with her natural lubricant. Eventually, she pulled away with perverse sucking sound. Lilith stood up and quickly replaced her tongue with her hard dick sandwiched between my cheeks. Lilith’s cock teased my asshole as it slowly brushed over back and forth in the valley of flesh.

“Please”, I begged, “Please stop teasing me, and just fuck me!”

I heard Lilith chuckle behind me as she said “As you wish, my little slut.” putting a sting in the last word.

One of Lilith’s hands moved from my asscheek to line up her dick with my rear. Her tip slowly pressed into me as she slowly increased her pressure. I couldn’t help but tense up in anticipation of my first assfucking. Even with both my thoroughly lubricated asshole and her slick dick, I tightened up too much for her member to go any deeper than the head. A Frustrated Lilith grunted as she tightly gripped my waist and roughly forced herself into me. I screamed as her hips suddenly slapped against my ass and her balls rocked into mine. She took a couple deeps breaths as she just held me there with all six of her inches buried deep inside me, and I tried to tighten my hole even more out of reflex. Lilith leaned forward until her face was just above my ear and she whispered, “Just relax, Annie, and İstanbul Escort let me help you cum.”

Her hands glided from my waist back to my asscheeks and she began to gently massage them. I let out a long breath I didn’t even know I was holding and slowly relaxed my back passage. Lilith cooed into my ear and said, “much better” before straightening out her back again. The hard girlcock deeply seated in my asshole slowly dragged itself out of me until only the tip remained inside. A much more patient Lilith slowly stuffed her cock partially back into me before drawing back out. In and out, her member made its way deeper with each thrust until she managed to bury herself to the hilt once again. A grunt sounded from both of us she removed herself almost completely, and rocked back faster to the base of her dick. Breathing faster, she hastened her pace. Soon, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled the room as she reamed my ass at a frantic pace. My own cock was waving back and forth below the tabletop in tandem with her thrusting before I reached down to grab it with my right hand. A familiar pressure built in my balls as I furiously stroked myself to the rhythm of Lilith’s fucking. The combined pleasure overtook me as I screamed and erupted all over the floor. As I came, my asshole tightened around the invading thickness, and the pressure drove Lilith over the edge too. With a roar, she held herself deep inside me as her cock painted my insides white with her seed, and I was still making a big cum puddle on the floor. Finally, Lilith’s dick stopped spurting inside me, and she slipped out of me as her cock softened, leaving a trail of cum dripping down over my cock and balls from my loosened hole.

Exhausted, both of us slumped into our chairs with bowed heads and half-lidded eyes. A buzzer sounded followed by Doctor Werner striding through the door with a wide smile on her face. I lazily turned my head to look at her as she positioned herself at the head of the table between me and Lilith. “That was amazing, girls.” She began, “Thanks for confirming that the pills work by the way. I mean, you two only knew each other’s names and I just watched you rutt like animals! Obviously, you both passed so that means you get to stay ‘here'” As she finished her sentence, she nodded her head towards the opposite wall from the door. A couple of wall tiles recessed to reveal another room. Alli strode to the new opening and said, “Get dressed if you’d like, you’re about to meet two other test participants. In fact, they just passed the same test!”

I groaned as I lazily stood back up and donned my jumpsuit over my sweaty body. Lilith, in her typical fashion, got dressed without a bit of fanfare. Our attention was drawn back to Alli as she cleared her throat. With a quick gesture, she motioned us to follow her into the room. Inside the classroom-sized room, Cait was already waiting on the other end with two other girls standing in front of her. As we slowly walked to them, I took note of our new friends. Like us, the two girls were flushed and short of breath. Also like us, they were completely different. The girl on Cait’s left was a little mousy brunette with wavy hair falling all the way down to her ass. She was slightly shorter than my 5′ 2″ and skinnier than me too which made a pair of A cup breasts look right at home on her frame. Her big brown eyes rested behind a pair of glasses with large, round, wire frames. The most striking detail though, was her bright red jumpsuit. The other girl was the little brunette’s polar opposite. To be frank, this girl was a typical bombshell. She stood a solid six feet tall, rocked a slender athletic build, long blonde hair held in a ponytail, big blue eyes, and a pair of D cup tits nearly bursting out of her top to match. A short, wire-thin girl in red and a tall busty blonde in white certainly made for interesting duo.

We stopped a couple feet in front of the trio. Cait scoffed when her gaze met mine and barked, “Little! Color me surprised. I didn’t think you’d make it past that ‘test’. Then again, our drugs are pretty damn good, huh?” She scoffed then switched her gaze to Lilith, “Not too surprised about you though, Shade.” I made a mental note of Lilith’s last name, and thought that’s pretty fitting for a girl without any emotions (when she’s not balls deep in something nice and warm).

Doctor Werner cleared her throat behind us, and said, “Cait, please be nice to the girls. Annie, Lilith, this is Sophia Kelton…” She gestured to the tiny brunette, “and this is Brittany Miller” changing her gesture to the tall blonde girl.

After repeating the introductions for other girls, Cait barked, “Well now that you’re all acquainted with your new cellmates, l-“

“Cait, they’re not prisoners!” Alli interjected.

Cait smirked, and responded, “Yeah. Sure. Anyway, let me show you around.” Pointing to the wall behind her, she said, “You’re all familiar Anadolu Yakası Escort with these. This entire wall is a screen, so this is where the instructions for whatever test we need you to perform will appear.” Pointing through a doorway on the adjacent wall, she continued, “This is where you’ll be staying. It’s like your other room, just bigger.” I looked through the doorway myself to look at my new room. Four single beds were placed with two on the left and right sides with an aisle in the middle. A rectangular table just big enough for the four of us sat in the middle, and a couple toilet/sink combination was tucked away in the far corner. Basically the same accommodations as my last ‘cell’, just refitted for three more people. Cait started up again, “Well girls, that’s it. Make yourselves at home, get cozy, whatever. Just keep passing tests if you wanna stay.” She looked over at Alli, and said, “Well doc, let’s move. These girls need to recoup some of their energy. Maybe get to know each other in the process.” Allison nodded to us before following Cait out of our new testing facility.

Not a second after they left, a ‘ding’ rang over the intercom. I noticed a ceiling tile disappeared above the dining table, and a white box was lowered until it rest on the tabletop. “Hey,” I started, “check that out.” The four of us sat the dining table. Me and Lilith took one side while Sophia and Brittany took the other. Lilith opened the box to reveal four food trays neatly packed inside. I hadn’t even noticed this was my first real meal since getting dropped into the facility. With a tray in front of each of us, no one waited to dig in. I was the first to interrupt the incessant chewing. “Hey, uh, Sophia, right? What’s with the red suit? I thought we all had to wear this white thing” I said pinching my jumpsuit.

Still chewing she said, “oh,” She then swallowed her food, “Sorry, I’m fuckin’ starving. Anyway, I guess this means I’m a normal girl. Uh, Shit, no offense, Annie. I mean I still have my pussy, ergo, no cock and or balls. Neat huh?” Brittany looked down at her tray and smiled. Sophia looked glanced over at her , “Oh, yeah she really enjoyed that last test. I’m sure you can imagine.”

Lilith cleared her throat before speaking, “Wait, so did the drugs just not work or what? Why are you here?”

Sophia took a moment to take another bite before responding, “Oh they worked all right. Just a different drug. See, before yesterday I never even thought of sex. In fact, I was a virgin. Never talked to boys, girls, people in general, whatever. Fast forward to yesterday, and now I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m horny as hell almost all the time if I haven’t cum in a couple hours. So, whatever drug they gave me, I can assure you it’s working as intended. At least Doc Werner thinks so after the first ‘test’.” She winked at the last word.

After all of us finished our food, we put the empty trays back into the box and it ascended back into the ceiling. With full stomachs, we lounged around the room. Me and Sophia remained seated at the dinner table while Lilith laid back in her bed and Brittany occupied hers. Over the next couple hours of conversation, we all learned a little bit about one another. Predictably, all of us had gone through the same tests over the past day, and had nearly the same experiences except Sophia of course. Sophia had actually just celebrated her 18th birthday a couple weeks before, Brittany was on the university track and field team (which would explain her tight physique), and Lilith was the lead singer in a local punk rock band. We kept chatting to pass the time until a familiar buzz rang through the intercom. The AI sounded, “Prepare for the next test. Please move to the test room when ready.”

Soon, we stood side by side in front of the giant screen in the testing room. On the display, a two minute timer accompanied the words: “Compatibility: Test Two. Requirements: Each subject in white must orgasm at least once. Each subject in red must orgasm once for every white subject. Time limit: 15 minutes. Undress to begin.”

A wide smile broke on Sophia’s face as she giggled, and I remembered what she had said about being horny every few hours. By my count, it had been more than a couple hours since the last test so I figured she was getting pretty pent up. Suddenly, Brittany shrieked to my right. Looking over, I saw Sophia hadn’t wasted any time in getting started. One of her hands was roughly groping Brittany’s dick through the fabric of her jumpsuit, and the other was making quick work of their jumpsuits.

Before I could ogle them any further, Lilith tapped on my shoulder. In her typical monotone voice, she said “Hey, Annie, c’mon times runnin’ down.” She nodded towards the timer.

“R- Right, sorry.” I responded. By the time I had stripped naked, Sophia had already managed to get both Brittany and herself naked on the floor with her head devouring Brittany’s cock. Without drugs flowing through my system, I couldn’t quite get in the mood as quickly as I wanted to. My eyes were glued on Sophia violently choking herself on Brittany’s dick.

Again, Lilith interrupted me. “So, you wanna suck me off? Or should I do you first for a change?”

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