Gamma Lambda Kappa Ep. 05

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Big Dicks

This installment is told from Raquel’s point of view.


As I drove home for spring break with my sister, I considered how I might manage my milk supply now that I might not be able to feed as much, especially since I couldn’t be nearly as open about it at home as I was in the GLK house. It turns out, I needn’t have worried at all. My milk-hound of a sister ensured that not a drop went to waste over the course of the week that we spent with our family. It hadn’t even been a full semester since Dani was introduced to suckling as an adult, but it quickly seemed to become one of her top favorite snacks! I certainly was not about to complain, though. As much as it’s a treat for her, it’s also a pleasure for me as well. I feel even closer to her than usual when she feeds from me. There’s just something inextricably satisfying about nourishing someone I care deeply about from my own body, something that warms me to the bone.

Our parents greeted us warmly as ever when we arrived, and all four grandparents even joined us for dinner that evening, during which they somewhat playfully interrogated us about how college was going and what it was like to be in a sorority together. “We made a couple of fast friends that I doubt we’ll ever forget,” Dani reported, “and we ourselves are also closer than ever, if that’s even possible.” Our mother and grandmothers cooed and smiled contentedly at the news, clueless about the unorthodox habit that had helped forge new bonds and strengthen old ones so quickly. I couldn’t help but wonder, in a mix of morbid and genuine curiosity, just how they would react. Now, our family was not particularly conservative or anything, so once it was all explained to them, they would probably find it weird but not ultimately wrong or twisted. It was getting past the sexual connotations and the initial impression that GLK had quite suddenly turned us into pseudo-incestuous lesbians that would likely be…interesting, to say the least.

After a rousing family game of Bridge, our grandparents left and our parents settled onto the living room couch to watch their evening news and sitcom lineup. Dani retired to her room to update her blog, AllTheNerdyBits, and I followed suit soon after. My own room had been left much as it was when I graduated from high school. The sky blue walls were bare, since I’d taken most of my posters with me to college, but my trendy chrome-framed desk with the transparent desktop was still there, as was my big twin bed with its pale teal quilt and pillowcase with white throw pillows. It was in that bed that I eventually found myself lazily leaning on a pillow against the headboard with my laptop resting on my outstretched thighs, surfing YouTube.

Only a few minutes after the TV going silent signaled that our parents had gone to sleep did Dani pop in and knock on my ajar door. “Hey,” she said as she closed the door behind her, “I was wondering if I could have some milk before you fall asleep.”

“Of course!” I said with a smile. I closed the laptop and scooched over to make room for her to lay next to me. “We probably shouldn’t let my supply build up too much anyway.” While I dislodged my breasts from my tank top, my sister made a beeline for the bed and was promptly strewn out by my side. I welcomed the sensation of her seizing a whole areola in her mouth and almost instantly settling into an efficient rhythm of sucking and gnawing gently but eagerly on my full breast. I moaned softly as the milk rushed out from my nipple only for her to gulp it all down with a pleased purr of her own and wrap her free arm across my abdomen. I just kept on breastfeeding Dani for almost 15 minutes, with her gingerly squeezing the last helping out from that first breast before wasting no time in latching on to the remaining one. When she had finally emptied Pendik Escort both of my mammary reservoirs, she licked her lips in satisfaction. “Thanks,” she said. “Breastmilk really is the best kind of late-night snack!” Needless to say, Dani left me with empty breasts and went to bed with a full stomach.

The next day, my sister had to visit our general practitioner for a routine blood test, and as usual, he had instructed her to fast prior to her appointment. It was an annual procedure, and the doctor’s hit-and-miss timeliness was often more of a nuisance than the test itself. This year, however, he outdid himself, and not in a good way. Dani skipped breakfast and was on her way to the clinic by 9 AM, so when she didn’t return by 11 AM, my parents and I started to curiously wonder what could be taking so long. By noon, my folks and I revisited the question, and I was just about to call her when we heard someone pull into the driveway. I peered out the window to confirm that it was her, and within a minute she burst through the front door.

“There you are!” said our dad, a tall man with graying dark hair and a thin moustache. “We were just starting to get concerned. You were gone for much longer than we expected.”

“No kidding, Dad,” Dani replied with a roll of her eyes. “I don’t think I’ve ever spent more time in a waiting room than I did today! I know Dr. Gandel isn’t always the most punctual, but seriously, he took it to a whole new level this time!”

“Oh, you must be starving!” said our mom, a slightly portly woman with ash-brown hair and hazel eyes. “Well, we’re going to have lunch in about an hour like always, but if you’d like to eat something right now, that’s perfectly fine. I’ll even help you fix it! It’s up to you, honey.”

Not even halfway through Mom’s sympathetic response, however, Dani’s eyes met mine before her gaze quickly fell on my breasts, which probably advertised their fullness particularly well in my snug spaghetti-strap top. She stared at them for a couple of seconds before her eyes shifted back to mine, and a wordless agreement was easily reached. After all, nursing would probably put something in her stomach quicker than anything else, even if by a slight margin. “Actually, Mom, I think I can wait one more hour,” she said.

“You sure?” Mom asked.

“Yeah. You know me and how I neglect my own stomach if I’m really engrossed in something on my computer. I’m not sure if this is really any worse than that.”

“I still wish you wouldn’t do that,” Mom replied with a mix of amusement and mild concern, “but if you’re sure you won’t faint, then I’m okay with that. Still, you’d better not be stingy at all when you sit down for lunch!” She said that last bit more playfully, knowing full well that Dani would eat like a horse.

“I’ll be fine, Mom.”

I caught Dani’s eye again and casually spoke up with an excuse to get her into my room. “Now that that’s settled, I could use your help with something upstairs, sis.”

She nodded almost too eagerly. “Sure thing.” We briskly and purposefully made our way to my bedroom. I barely waited for Dani to close the door behind us before I peeled off my top and sat down on the side of my bed. In a mere second, my sister was kneeling between my legs and seizing my left areola in her mouth. I sighed as she clamped her lips firmly onto my breast and immediately began sucking on the nipple and massaging the surrounding flesh in a well-practiced rhythm. She wrapped her arms around my waist, and I could hear her sigh in relief as she took her first big gulp of clearly satisfying milk. I stroked her hair contentedly as she continued suckling and gasped when she bucked her head multiple times against the breast from which she drank. It warmed my heart to hear her moan in satisfaction as my breastmilk Kurtköy Escort filled her stomach. She suckled as voraciously as ever, if not more so, for about 20 minutes, wasting no time in latching on to the right breast after the left one dried up. When she finally finished with a final thrust of her head, I doubt I had a drop left in me. “Boy, did I need that!” she breathed. “I was so damn hungry!”

I chuckled and retrieved my top from where it had landed on my bed. “I’d ask if I spoiled your lunch, but we both know you have hollow legs anyway,” I teased.

“Oh, I could definitely still eat at any time, but now, I could easily put it off for quite a while too!”

“Good,” I said as I re-dressed myself. “We can’t have our parents wondering why you’ve suddenly lost your appetite. Hell, we may have been lucky they didn’t notice the way you were staring at my boobs. You should’ve seen your face! I’m almost surprised you didn’t lick your lips!” I laughed. “It’s not like it was a sexual thing, but that would probably be the first thing that came to mind, and the truth wouldn’t be much easier to explain.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Mom,” Dani said, acting out the hypothetical conversation in a mock-casual tone. “Raquel’s breasts are probably full of milk, so I’ll just snack on that. It’ll tide me over just as well as anything else, if not better.” We both giggled at the mental image of what our parents faces would look like if she’d actually said that. “Seriously, though, if the sense of bonding and closeness weren’t already enough for me to not give up suckling anytime soon, the fact that it’s also surprisingly handy and convenient would definitely tip me over the edge. And it tastes great, too!”

I smirked. “Whose milk is better? Mine or Josie’s?”

“Honestly…” Dani paused to really think about it, which made me snicker. “It’s hard to say. If either one is better, it’s only by a very slim margin. Wendy’ll probably confirm that when we get back to school. With you gone, I’d be willing to bet she’s suckling alot from Josie.”

I chuckled. “Fair enough.”

True to form, Dani still ate heartily when we joined our parents for lunch an hour later, much to our mother’s satisfaction. Later still, we also had one of our more ambitious dinners, which is why I rolled my eyes late that night when she nevertheless came into my room again. This time, she didn’t even have to say a word before I was lowering the straps of my tank top. She was lying next to me in a couple of seconds, and I smiled as she once again took a nipple between her lips and began chewing toothlessly on the crest of the nearest breast, sucking and gulping at a contented pace. It didn’t take long for her suckling to intensify, as her head began bobbing gently but firmly against my mammary mound. “Geez, how are you still this hungry after that feast we had?” I asked with a soft chuckle

She broke away just barely long enough to say, “I just really like breastmilk, especially since I always get it from someone special to me,” before reattaching her mouth to my areola as if she couldn’t resume her snack fast enough.

“Aw!” I cooed and then chuckled warmly, touched as always by her eagerness. “Well, I’m always happy to provide anytime I can!” I let the familiar sensation of closeness wash over me and sighed in contentment as my sister continued feasting on my milk, giving me a warm and fuzzy feeling with every moan or purr that made her satisfaction clear. From that night onwards, I came to just expect her to visit me for a milky snack before going to bed, and she came every night with quite an appetite. No matter how well-fed she was with conventional food, Dani never seemed too full to crave breastmilk on a whim, and she always suckled with surprising relish given her otherwise perfectly normal and abundant Maltepe Escort diet. And that was perfectly fine with me, because I enjoyed giving milk just as much as she clearly enjoyed drinking it.

Of course, late at night was never the only time of day that Dani drank from my engorged mammaries. In fact, she fed from me at least twice and sometimes even thrice per day. I reveled in the experience each and every time anyway, but I began to suspect that the frequency of Dani’s hankerings were doing me another favor as well. My breasts seemed to be filling up a bit faster than they did before, probably provoked by the increased demand of not only feeding Wendy at least once a day but also sometimes feeding Dani whenever I just happened to be more readily accessible than Josie. I probably hadn’t been away from campus long enough for my body to realize that Wendy was absent for the time being, and our impending return to campus would probably restore the status quo before my glands ever got the memo, which would by then be void in any case. It was increasingly possible that my reservoirs were nearing their maximum storage capacity, so if Dani didn’t suckle as often as she did, the pressure might have started to get uncomfortable. I thought about letting it build up just once and using my pump to measure the output, but the idea was easily dismissed. That would mean emptying my breasts on my schedule rather than Dani’s, and I was just too content to let her feed whenever she felt like it. Plus, it just wouldn’t have been the same for either of us if Dani had to drink my milk from a bottle rather than straight from my boobs. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been be a complete loss, given how tasty it seemed to be, but the bonding aspect of the experience would’ve been conspicuously absent.

The most memorable nursing session from our spring break, however, did not even happen at home, but rather at our local mall. I was on my cellphone with Josie while Dani and I browsed the department store for some new tops. Since I was now breastfeeding more often than ever, I shopped with more of an eye for blouses that could show off my curves and yet be shoved aside easily whenever my sister or roommate got a craving. I was also sporadically exchanging texts with Josie as we humorously compared notes on how much of a milk-hound Dani had become. Apparently, Josie already knew what I had only discovered over the course of the week. In any case, I just barely noticed the kid who walked by Dani and me slurping on a vanilla ice cream cone, but I would soon find out that Dani was much more aware of him. In a few minutes, Dani and I had both gathered enough potential wardrobe additions to head for the changing rooms. I found it curious, however, when my sister joined me in a single stall instead of heading for her own. At my amusedly questioning expression, she rolled her eyes. “Damn that little kid and the power of suggestion!” She then smiled and proceeded to explain herself. “If you don’t mind staying in here for a bit longer than you probably meant to, I’d really like some milk right now, and since you’re going to be taking tops on and off anyway…”

I was already peeling off my T-shirt before I gladly responded, “Say no more.” I gestured for her to sit down on the cushioned bench and positioned myself standing between her legs. I wasn’t even quite fully in place before she wrapped her arms around my waist and took a nipple between her lips. I smiled warmly at her and sighed as she instantly began massaging my areola and drawing out a clearly welcome flow of milk. As was becoming her habit, she soon began bobbing her head slowly against the supple breast, moaning softly as she took in her fill and gulped it all down cyclically. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes in contentment as Dani continued to suckle with her usual zeal, happy to once again be the source of nourishment for her. It was a good fifteen minutes before a very satisfied Dani drained the last of the milk from both breasts so that we could both get on with trying on clothes, but I didn’t mind the delay at all!

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