Gardening is Fun Ch. 02

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Hi, I’m Mike and if you’ve read my stories, you know my history


Having finished gardening at Evelyn’s house she always invited me in. As per usual she was wearing just a dressing gown so I knew what was coming next. In fact it was becoming a standing joke.

“Mike….I can’t pay you until next week, so will this do on account.” With which she would untie her dressing gown and let it fall to the floor, exposing her naked sorry magnificent naked body to me.

Now I’m a sucker for naked flesh especially when it comes in the form of a Mediterranean 36DD-27-34, so naturally I cup each breast in my hands, thumb her nipples until they stand out. Having gained her acceptance I would then take one in my mouth where, shuddering with delight, she would undo my shorts, letting them fall to the ground. I learned never to wear underpants whilst working for Evelyn.

Then taking a firm hold on my cock she would lead me over to the leather sofa there she would fall over the arm with me on top. Following a bit of adjustment she would then slid my cock into her warm wet pussy, clamp her legs round me, pull me in close and hold me there unable to move. I would start to suck her breast and she’ll begin contracting her pelvic muscles so my cock felt as if it were attached to a milking machine. I spent my childhood on a farm so I know what I’m talking about.

During our union Evelyn would come several times, her juices flowing readily around my cock; for several minutes then I knew I was about to come, I would say ‘I’m coming shall I fill you or pull out?’ to which she’ll scream “No!…No!…I can’t get pregnant…I want it all inside me.’

I’ll feel the rush of sperm up my cock, shake and groan loudly as my seed leaves me and joins her orgasm; she’ll sigh, release her legs from me and my wilting cock would slip out from her running cunt. She’ll then put her fingers between her legs, scooped up some juices, licked them clean and then getting up she’ll lead me by the cock down the corridor to the shower.

Whereas in the past we just soaped each other’s skin and played with each other’s cock and pussy this day we began inserting soapy fingers fully into each other’s rectums. Pushing our digits far up into each other’s rectums until the palms of our hands stopped them. Evelyn asked if I would fuck her arse as she had always wanted to try it but never had the courage.

Using baby oil as a lubricant I gently fingered Evelyn’s arse, watching her groan and moan as two then three fingers stretched her. Once suitably stretched I removed my fingers and applied some more oil to both my cock and Evelyn’s arse, making sure some worked its way well into her rectum.

Now suitably lubricated, I bent her hips before pressed my cock against the star shaped opening of her anus, Evelyn’s feeling its pressure gently pressed back. Assisted by the lubricant and the extra pressure my cock soon pushed past her sphincter and into her rectum.

“OHHHHH! Fuck” Evelyn’s gasped as my cock made its slightly painful entrance.

I pushed a bit more, sinking a couple of inches into her rectum as she panted breathlessly. Sweat beads broke out on Evelyn’s forehead as her breasts rose and fell in her struggle to catch her breath.

“Gently for fuck sake!” gasped Evelyn as I filled her back passage with my cock.

“Try and relax, It will be alright,” I whispered trying to soothe her with words as I kissed and massaged her back.

Evelyn, in mild pain could feel every throb and twitch of my cock as it nestled in her arse and was just about to ask me to take it out when a wave of relief suddenly washed over her as she felt her muscles slowly relax. Feeling her muscles relax I gently began to softly and expertly move my hips, back and forth.

“Go on…I want it all.” So I pushed deep into her and started to really fuck her. She grunted with each stroke. Her fingers worked her clit over and over until she suddenly began snapping her hips back. She uttered a scream of unladylike filth as her ass slammed back onto my cock and she came hard. Her muscles rippled and clenched so tightly around my cock that my field of vision exploded with stars again and again as my cock ejaculated deep inside her bowels.

I cried out as my seed exploded out Ankara travesti of my cock and filled her up. Evelyn began swearing like a trooper, as I unloaded my hot seed, my cock continually jerking and pumping. Her rectum seemed welded around my shaft as I cried out; grasping her hips I drove my cock deep inside her. My whole body was pulsing and racing as I slowly came down from the plateau of my climax. Everything felt numb, from my lips to my toes as I brought my breathing back under control.

When she caught her breath she told me to “Pull it out gently then push it back in”. I pulled out then pushed gently into her soaking anus, hearing the squelch of her with each thrust. After a couple of times Evelyn had had enough; having cleaned ourselves up and got dressed, we sat in her lounge and shared a bottle of wine. Occasionally Evelyn would give a little shudder, concerned I asked her if everything was ok, “Sure” she replied “I’ve never had spunk run out of my arse before.” To which we both laughed.

As I left she said ‘ Call next Tuesday and I’ll definitely settle the account.’

I just smiled and went on my way.



A request for a quote came in from a lady whose name seemed very familiar but I just couldn’t place it. She offered to put me up in her house free of charge, apparently her place was a bit off the beaten track and that it would save me having about a 60 mile round trip each day.

Now you know me and free accommodation and given the work it made economical strength. So I sent her my quote and she replied immediately accepting.

I arrived at 10 a.m. Monday morning. The house was large, detached in its own grounds and certainly remote. But as soon as I saw the women, the penny dropped, this was Miss Bell, a junior school headmistress I had previously met whilst talking at a WI meeting.

The first day went well. Miss Bell showed me my “quarters” in the adjoining coach house she’d had converted. This was fine, a bedroom with a double bed, lounge area, kitchenette and bathroom, this would suit me. She’d prepared a meal that night and as we sat eating she told me that she’d retired early aged 40 after she had come into an inheritance and now did freelance work as an examine setter and Ofsted Inspector.

The work went well (which was more than I could say about my love life) and on the Thursday evening she asked me to celebrate a job well done; with the evening meal also went a few glasses of a very fine and expensive wine. As I still had some loose ends to tie up the next day I decided to “retired” to bed at about 10 pm.

At about 10.30 there was a knock on the door and I got up to answer it half asleep, forgetting that I always slept naked. I opened the door to find Miss Bell standing there, hair down, make up on and wearing a loose but very figure revealing dress that clung to curves I hadn’t dreamt existed.

She gently pushed me back into the room and onto the bed. She huskily and slowly told me she’d was fed up with me misbehaving and now was the time to discipline me. In her hand was a tawse. She put the tawse on the bed and slowly stepped out of her dress. She was wearing a half cup pure white balconette bra which was partially covering an attractive pair of boobs with her erect nipples plainly on show. She had on a skimpy pair of see through white pants which clearly showed her attractively trimmed and well shaped mons, to finish she wore a black suspender belt with seamed black fishnet stockings and a pair of very high heels.

She told me to turn over and lay on me front, which was just as well as my cock was beginning to leak copious amounts of precum. Very slowly and gentle she gave me 10 strokes and gently teased and tickled my bollocks with the end of the tawse.

She instructed me to turn, my cock was as stiff and as hard as I could ever recall. She seductively slipped her pants down, stepped out of them then got onto the bed and straddled me before slowly inserting my cock into her cunt. Gently she rode up and down whilst reaching behind her to undo and remove her bra before telling me to gently pinch and caress her nipples.

She was without doubt a beautifully proportioned 38D and well shaped for her age. She dismounted me and with her legs Konya travesti still either side of me moved up the bed until her cunt was directly over my mouth where she slowly lowered herself down. I licked and nibbled at her juicy cunt for about 5 minutes before she turned around, manoeuvred into the 69 position where I continued to lick and nibble her out whilst she used her gummy lips, yes gummy lips and tongue to fellate me until I was rock hard.

After a while she lifted herself off me, knelt in the doggy position and told me to fuck her as if my life depended on it, which I did. I didn’t get much sleep that night as she alternated between sucking and fucking me. The final time I came in her arse. All the time she was in charge: A night well worth remembering. She paid me the following day, which included a large bonus plus a booking for me to come back in a month as she had other ‘jobs’ she wanted doing.



Like an idiot I volunteered to help tidy up the gardens at the local hospital; having been shown round by the resident gardener I started to clean up the areas that I had been designated to do. It was mid afternoon and quite a sunny day; out of the corner of my eye I noticed a large plump ward sister sitting not too far away flicking through a magazine with her legs slightly open and taking regular sips out of a can of beer.

It wasn’t long before my gaze was drawn to the view between her legs as I attended my patch. At times I had a great view of her white knickers, and I swear I could see a damp patch, well a stain atleast. I couldn’t resist peeking. After a while of me looking she realised what I was doing and stared me right in the eyes, and then flattened down her skirt. I tried to keep my mind on the gardening when Tony the resident gardener said I should knock off now as the hot weather was making it hard to concentrate (you can say that again).

The ward sister looked over, smiled then said I could work in her garden tomorrow if I dared. That night I couldn’t get her out of my mind and had a restless night thinking about what was hidden beneath that covering of white. The next day I was met by the ward sister (Brenda) who immediately took me round to the nurse’s quarters; I noticed she was not in her usual uniform but a creamy white blouse which showed off a black lacy bra underneath and a tight beige skirt which showed off her big hips to perfection.

She pushed me down onto the sofa and asked how I took my coffee and soon we sat next to each other squeezed up on the small sofa. “So, you dared to return”, she barked, and then she ordered me to stand. I could feel my cock straining for relief as she looked me up and down as she guided me up the stairs to an empty bedroom. She closed and locked the door behind us giving me the chance to glance down at her legs and noticed her wore open-toed sandals.

She was also wearing black nylon stockings which always turned me on. Brenda now staring at the bulge in my jeans walked towards me and planted a long hard kiss on my lips; I reached out, pulled her large frame against my body and felt her large tits squash against my chest; pulling away she ordered me to get undressed, typical of a nurse she just stood and watched as I removed my clothes piece by piece until I was standing bullock naked in front of her with my erect cock straining for want of release. Only then did she start to unbutton her blouse and removed it, my mouth opened wide when I saw the overspill from her bra, which she then re moved and threw onto the floor.

My eyes lit up when I saw her huge hanging tits for the first time, her areolas were the size of small saucers and her nipples resembled the teat on a baby’s bottle.

I watched as Brenda started to unzip her skirt, push it over her hips then let I fall to the floor. I just stared at her thighs and then the gusset of her panties which was very damp; now I knew I had a woman in front of me who wanted a good fucking and I was prepared to give her one. At this point Brenda made a very strange request, she told my to go into the toilet and try my hardest to have a pee, accepting her wish I strolled onto the toilet and emptied my bladder the best I could, when I came out of the toilet I noticed that Brenda had removed İzmir travesti her panties and was stood by the bedside cabinet greasing up a plastic phallus attached by a wire to a box. Brenda noticing my concerns explained that it was only a rectal probe and I would find its use interesting.

With that she grabbed my rampant cock and started to masturbate me, once a copious amount of precum was flowing Brenda told me to kneel where she offered her pussy to my face. I could smell her sweet nectar as I immediately set to work, forsaking her sopping cunt and going right for her prominent clit. I swirled around it, flicking and suckling on it as I fingered her ass. My face was becoming slick with her juices as I lapped and suckled at her hard clit, letting my hands roam around her ass and thighs.

Her hips were swaying now, mimicking the motions of sex as I pushed her towards her orgasm. I was determined to stay down there for as long as it took to make her scream. She was now moaning loudly as I worked my tongue and teeth over her, finally, she reached breaking point.

Her hips whip lashed violently, tearing her clit away from my mouth, her hands dug into my head and shoulders and her back arched as the orgasm tore through her. Her cum splashed my face in a single musky squirt as she rode the lighting of her climax.

I pushed her back on the bed, pushed her legs wide and slipped my cock easily into her wet moist cunt and started to fuck her like there was no tomorrow, banging my balls against her fat arse, being a nurse she sure knew how to control her pelvic muscles, for every time I when to withdraw she clenched then as I drove back in she released their hold on me.

Soon Brenda got tired of the missionary position and asked to be ‘doggy’ fucked, to which I had no objection since it would give me access to her voluptuous ass.

With me now buried in her pussy, I first spat onto her rosebud then followed thru with one, two then three fingers, each time she push back onto my hand and her body shook as they slid in further, soon it was the point of no return for me as I felt my ball sac tighten, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum any minute!” I grunted into Brenda’s ear.

There was no reply; Brenda was too far gone; lost in her own world of pleasure. Gathering pace, I thrust harder and deeper, with greater urgency. With a final lunge, a cry of elation, my cock erupted and continued to do so until my ball sac was drained or so I thought.

“Right you bastard, you’ve had your fun; now I’m going to have mine” said Brenda as she broke free and reached across to the cabinet.

Brenda grabbed hold of the rectal probe, then typical of a ward sister told me to bend over whilst she inserted it. Now I’m no stranger to having things shoved up my arse so it came of no surprise when the thing hit my prostate; seeing my cock jump in response, Brenda greased up my cock, jumped onto the bed and told me she wanted her arse fucked ‘doggie style.’

At first the probe felt like an intrusion, then with a little tweaking of the controls a pleasant sensation surged through my body causing my cock to become very erect, it was at this point that Brenda told me to penetrate her arse but do nothing else.

Now I was getting very curious, so with my cock rammed in as far as it would go and my hands hanging onto to Brenda’s tits like my life depended on them I awaited the outcome of our reunion. I didn’t have to wait long; for starters Brenda started to use her pelvic muscles as before but then I felt a new sensation, my prostate was being massaged/manipulated call it what you will at a varying intensity, I could feel my cock getting harder and harder and my ball sac was beginning to feel as if it was about to explode, this sensation must have gone on for a couple of minutes until I came in a flash of delirium. My whole body imploded in a maelstrom of sensation; ripples of bliss blasting through me. My spunk was coming that thick and fast out of my body it was too painful to enjoy; I lost count on the number of times I came but what amazed me the most was when I finished coming my cock still remained rigid.

.After about 15 minutes I got up, got dressed then looked at her laying on the bed with spunk oozing out of both her arse and pussy. Thankfully the garden took about 3 weeks to finish and in that time Brenda taught me the joys of fisting (her not me) and Viagra, but that’s a different story.


The seasons drawing to a close and so is the demand for my skills, so for now I’ll bid you farewell.

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