Genie’s Surprise

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One Saturday morning, after several months of encouragement from my wife Kylie, I decided to dig up the dead tree stump in our back yard. It was a giant, and took up most of the yard. We created a landscaping plan that was perfect for summer parties, but the stump had to go. After prepping the stump using poison, I rented a stump grinder and got to work. It took a couple of hours grinding and driving a crowbar into crevices, but finally the wood broke and I was able to start removing big chunks. I was pretty excited to defeat my nemesis, but after filling my truck with the remnants, I realized the job was only half done. There in the place where the stump had been was a massive hole. So I went to a local landscaping company, emptied the dead wood, filled the bed with two units of dirt and headed home to finish the job.

Back home, I surveyed the hole one more time before filling it and a root I had missed. Digging it up I struck a buried object and heard a ringing sound as the shovel hit metal. Intrigued I dug the item up only to find an old brass lamp. It was probably used as a teapot, and looked like it had been buried for a long time. I was just about to toss it back in the hole and bury it again, when I saw an inscription on the side. Curious, I rubbed the lamp with my t shirt to try and clean it up.

The next thing I knew I was laying on the couch with an ice pack on my head. Kylie stood over me smiling. “Hey there, that’s quite a bump on your head. The doctor said no napping, so sit up and drink this.” I sat up, my head throbbed and I took a cup of coffee from her.

I took a sip, and tried to remember how I got there. “So, what happened?”

“A tree branch fell and bonked you on the noggin. Great job on the stump though, and thanks for filling in the hole.”

“The hole? Oh yeah, the stump left a hole, and I filled it.” Some how I felt there was more to the story, but all I could remember was the hole, buying dirt and finding myself on the couch. I had this nagging feeling like when you forget something you’re supposed to pick up at the market. What was I forgetting?

“Michael? Michael? Can you hear me honey?”

I snapped out of a daze, and looked at Kylie “Yeah, I can hear you babe.”

“Look sweetie I’ve called for pizza and we can stay up and watch some movies. The doctor said to watch you for a few hours.

We ate pizza and watched moves until late. After midnight I had passed the concussion test and we went to bed. That night I had the strangest dream. I removed the stump and found a lamp in the hole. I cleaned the lamp and it turned out to be a magic lamp. A beautiful Genie came out of the lamp. She was completely naked and had an incredible body that was barely covered by a skimpy bikini and lace veils. She told me that lamp I found was her prison, and for setting her free I was granted three wishes. I was so busy staring at her that I didn’t hear a word she said. She repeated herself and asked me what my wished were. I snapped out of the daze, thought for a moment and then answered her. First I wished that Kylie and I would live a long, healthy and happily married life. Then I wished that we would always be financially well off, not wealthy but secure. I whispered my last wish to the Genie and the Genie nodded her head and blew a purple and gold cloud of smoke out of her mouth at me. The cloud enveloped me and she fell to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. her tongue swirled around the head and what felt like sparks ran up and down my shaft. She kissed, nibbled and sucked on the head and stroked the shaft up and down. My dick throbbed and grew in her hand. I could feel my orgasm building, my head started to spin and my heart was pounding in my chest. The genie stopped sucking and climbed on top of my raging rod. She took it all to the hilt in one motion. Her cunt was really wet, dripping all over my cock and balls. She leaned back, reached behind me and shoved a finger up my ass, It grew longer and wider stretching my ass and filling me up. My cock lurched and I exploded violently shaking and crying out. She came trembling and fell still laying on my chest.

After a few moments, she lifted her head, kissed me and stared into my eyes. “Because you have freed me and Given me your seed, your wishes are granted.” There was a loud crashing sound like thunder and the Genie and purple cloud disappeared.

I woke straight up with a raging hard on, the sheets were soaked with my sweat and my heart was pounding in my chest. I tried to make sense of the dream, it felt so real especially the strange cloud and the sex with the genie. I tried to remember the third wish. Why did I whisper it? It seemed odd to me that I couldn’t remember.

The bump on my head started aching and suddenly I had a massive headache. I laid down, closed my eyes and fell back to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning the headache was gone, and so was the bump on my head. I rolled over to hug Kylie and she was gone too. The toilet in the bathroom flushed and I heard her talking to herself. I got up and figured I’d join her in a shower, but the karabağlar escort door was locked. Inside Kylie was having a petty spirited conversation with herself.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. What am I going to do? It won’t go away!” Her voice sounded like she was crying. and she was making quite a racket. “What am I going to do, I can’t let anyone see me like this. Oh God what about Michael? What the fuck is he going to think when he?”

I knocked gently on the door. “Kylie, honey. Are you okay in there?”

She stopped talking and the room was completely quiet.

I knocked harder and repeated myself “Kylie, honey. Are you okay in there?”

“Um, yeah. Just, just give me a minute sweetie. I’ll be right out.” Her voice was soft and shaky.

After a few minutes she opened the door and I walked in to see her sitting on the toilet wearing a nightshirt. It was obvious she had been crying, her eyes were red and tears streaked her makeup.

“Hey babe, is everything alright?”

Kyle looked up at me and smiled “Yeah, everything’s good. Just some stomach issues.”

I decided not to press her and went along with her story. “Oh? Can I get you anything?”

“No, I just need a couple of minutes.”

She sat absolutely still as I gave her a hug, and left closing the door behind me.

I went downstairs to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. After a bit she joined me. She was wearing baggy sweat pants, and a tight t shirt. Her make up was fixed, and hair was styled. Aside of the sweat pants she looked good like she was ready to go out. I figured it was probably that time of the month and she was dealing with some pretty tough cramps earlier. I made scrambled eggs and toast, and we talked about plans for the weekend. She seemed uninterested in doing anything, but gobbled down her breakfast like she was starving and went back and made more. After finishing off enough food for both of us. She dove into her phone so intently, I doubt she remembered I was there. I turned on some college football and gave her some space.

After an hour or so, she came over and sat in the chair next to the couch I was on and stared at me intently.

I muted the game and turned to face her. “What’s up honey?”

She looked at me then averted her eyes, her face was pained and her voice trembled slightly. “So we need to talk. Something has, well, something’s um changed.” She looked at me again and winced.

I did my best not to freak out, but have to admit I was worried. Thoughts raced through my head. What had changed? Had she found someone new? Was this it for us? How could it be? Did I miss something? Everything was going great, or was it? I did my best to hide my anxiety and spoke in a soft unemotional tone. “That sounds pretty ominous sweetheart. What’s going on?”

She took a deep breath as she started to tear up. “I love you so much, but I don’t know if you can still love me after.”

At this point I started to give in to my emotions. “After what? What did you do?Kylie, what did you do?” I stared at her. My look and tone demanded a response.

“Do?” She seemed shocked at the question. “I didn’t do anything, but.” She paused and fidgeted in her seat.

“But?” I asked in a sweet and soft tone trying to make her feel safe.

“I think it’s just easier to show you. I don’t think you’d believe me if not.” She stood and slipped her thumbs into the waistband of the sweat pants. “Promise me you won’t freak out and we can talk about this.” I nodded and she dropped the pants to the floor. I looked at her expecting the worst. Actually I didn’t know what to expect, a hickey or some kind of evidence of cheating, but that was not even close. Her fear became immediately obvious to me. I was speechless and stared incredulously, gazing at her body then her face and then back to her body. After what seemed like hours, but was probably a coupe of minutes she spoke. So, say something.” Her voice trembled.

I shifted my gaze from her body to her face. I could see the anxiety and fear she was feeling. “Kylie, is that thing real?”

She put her hands in front of her to cover up. “Yes.”

“No, don’t be embarrassed. Let me see.”

Kylie moved her hands to her hips, and I got a good look at her…COCK! Yes, her cock. It was jutting out from her abdomen just above her pussy half erect. As I stared at it, she took it in her hand and stroked it slowly until it became fully erect. I shifted my gaze to her eyes, they were closed and her chest was heaving. I walked to her, reached out and took her hand stopping her.

Kylie opened her eyes and looked at me. I could see her embarrassment in her flushed cheeks, but there was something else in her eyes. LUST. Pure wanton desire. She launched herself into my chest kissed me and pressed her cock against me.

I’ll admit that I was pretty freaked out. I had my wife’s tongue in my mouth, her breasts pressed against my chest and her cock poking into my side. Then slowly a different thought entered my mind. I thought about how many times I had stuffed karşıyaka escort my cock into Kylie’s ass, that time she had slipped a finger in mine and how great it felt. Man, I remember how hard I came, it was the best orgasm I have ever had. We had even watched a porn scene where a gal pegged her man, and it was pretty hot and I thought, about what would it be like if she bent me over?

Kylie pulled back breaking the kiss and stared intently in my eyes. “So where do we go from here? I mean what do we do?”

I looked at her, smiled and took her cock in my hand. She gasped and then moaned while I stroked it slowly, gently. She closed her eyes and laid her head on my chest. Her cock grew and stiffened in my hand. I looked at it and it seemed to be almost identical in size to mine. In fact it almost felt like I was stroking my myself.

All at once I was struck by the uniqueness of the moment, I had seen other men’s members in the showers at the gym, but had never even thought about touching another dick. Now here I was holding an 8 inch cock and stroking off my wife.

Kylie’s breathing changed, she started moaning and her dick began to throb. I felt her ejaculate as rope after rope of her cum hit my chest soaking my shirt. Her legs went weak and she grabbed my shoulders to hold herself up. I was caught off guard and fell to my knees. I froze as I knelt there staring at her dick, as it bobbed in front of my face. Kylie giggled breaking the tension and then gave me a wink as if to suggest I suck her off.

I blushed and stood up “Sorry babe, I’m not ready for that”. She smiled and dropped to her knees, unzipped my pants and took my cock in he hand. She licked the tip, looked at me and smiled “Well, I’m ready for this.” With that she started to suck me off. Kylie took my cock all the way in her mouth and down her throat in one motion, and then pushed my hips away until I was almost all the way out of her mouth. She grabbed my hips and pulled me all the way down her throat again, this time her teeth graze the head of my cock in what I can only describe as an electric feeling My whole cock and balls tingled and started to throb as she continued thrusting my cock in and out of her throat. I was lost in the feeling and didn’t notice that Kylie had moved me over to the couch, nor did I feel the arm pushing against my legs. Kylie pushed my stomach and I fell back on the couch legs dangling off the arm and my ass resting on it. Kylie didn’t break her oral hold on my cock, and increased the speed of it pistoning in and out of her mouth. I felt a bit awkward laying there with my ass up in the air, but the blow job set me at ease.

I felt something cool drip over my asshole and tensed up, but Kylie sucked and teased my cock even more. I was close to cumming and she knew it. She squeezed the base to stop my explosion and shoved a finger in my ass. I squirmed in discomfort for a moment and then s my ass grew accustomed to it I relaxed and let her pump her finger in and out. I lie there in a state of bliss, my cock close to blowing it’s load and my ass being fingered.

My bliss was interrupted by the pain of a second finger being pushed into my tight ass. I winced, cried out and tried to pull away, but Kylie had a firm grip on my cock.

“Easy baby just relax and everything will be so good.” She spoke in a breathy, soothing tone that was both sexy and reassuring. I closed my eyes and waited for the pain to subside. Within minutes I felt the pain start to change to pleasure and pushed my ass onto her fingers trying to get her fingers deeper inside me. She took the hint and began to thrust in and out each one deeper and harder. I struggled in my mind to balance the feeling of pleasure and admitting to my masculine self that I liked her finger fucking my ass. I decided to enjoy the moment and worry about the ramifications later.

Then suddenly she stopped, and pulled her fingers out of me. I opened my eyes to see what happened but couldn’t see what she was doing. I felt empty and unfulfilled, I didn’t want her to stop…I needed to come. I felt the coolness of lube pour onto my cock and she began stroking me it felt good, but I wanted more.

“Kylie.” I spoke softly.

“Yes babe?” Her voice was strong and sweet.

“I want…” I stopped embarrassed to ask for what I wanted. What I needed.

“You want what babe?” Her voice was sweet, like a sing song answer. She was teasing me. “You have to tell me what you want sweetie.”

“I want you to keep doing my ass” I spoke quietly as if others could hear. I felt the cold lube pour onto my eager hole and my cock jumped in her hand. Then I felt something press against me. Was she using three fingers this time?

“Push your asshole out babe, like your opening it up for me.” Her words were sweet but demanding, and she was breathing hard. I pushed back against her and felt something penetrate me. It was huge, stretching my asshole wider than I had ever felt. It hurt. It hurt a lot and I cried out. I pushed against her trying to get away. She kept hold of my kemalpaşa escort cock with one hand and grabbed my leg with the other.

“Don’t move babe, don’t fight it. It will only hurt worse. Just relax and let you ass get used to it.” Her voice was strong and demanding. She leaned in and whispered in my ear. “I promised babe you’re gonna love this as much as I am. Oh my GOD your tight little ass feels so good wrapped around my cock!”

I realized then that it was her cock that was tearing me in half. I whined as she slowly pushed deeper and deeper until I felt her hips touching mine She moaned a deep and guttural moan and rested her head on my chest. We lay there motionless her cock buried all the way in my ass. I was breathing heavy trying to get used to the huge cock penetrating me like never before, and she was in ecstasy. We lay there just breathing, and slowly the feeling started to change. The pain disappeared and I felt a sort of pressure. It was strange, more of a feeling of fullness than anything else, but it was good. I began to rock my ass back and forth a little to feel her cock move in me. It felt good, no it felt great and I wanted more. “Kylie?” I spoke softly like I was waking her from a nap. “I want you to fuck me.”

Kylie lifted her head off my chest, looked into my eyes and smiled. She slowly pulled her cock from within me, and poured more lube on her cock and my ass. She put the head against my hole and slowly pushed back in. This time my ass welcomed here penetration and opened eagerly for her huge cock. I moaned loudly as she thrust all the way in. This felt awesome, It was like every cell in my body had come to life. Energy pulsed all over my body, but specifically in my ass. Each thrust was incredible and I was in complete ecstasy. I wanted one thing, only one thing. I wanted her cock fucking me deep and hard. Each thrust brought me closer to orgasm and each withdrawal left me wanting her cock deep inside me.

“You like that babe?” Her voice was filled with lust and dripping with sex. “Beg me to fuck your tight little ass. Beg me like the whore that you are!”

“Please.” I said hoping she would take me and fuck me hard.

“Please what babe? You have to say it, beg me like the ass whore you are!” Her words were strong and commanding she was in control and knew that I was her bitch.

“Please Kylie, Please fuck my ass with your big cock. Fuck me like the whore that I am.” The words echoed through the room, and if I hadn’t heard them I wouldn’t have believed I said them, but it was clearly my voice begging to get fucked up the ass. Kylie didn’t waste a second and once I had asked appropriately, began fucking my ass like a cheap slut. She pounded in and then pulled all the way out before slamming in again. Thrust after thrust she pounded my tight ass, stretching it wide and filling it with her huge cock. The head rubbed against my prostate and my cock stiffened. Kylie saw this as a sign of victory. “Looks like my little whore likes getting fucked in the ass. Look at your cock all hard and throbbing. You like getting fucked slut? Do you?” She stopped thrusting and I knew she was waiting for an answer.

“Yes, Yes I like getting fucked in the ass by your cock. Please! Please don’t stop fucking me. Make me come!” My words were desperate and wanton like a porn movie only I was the bitch. She began thrusting again and started stroking my cock in time with her penetrations. I began to moan, and she was breathing heavy I knew it wouldn’t be long for either of us. I could feel my explosion building and wanted to feel her come in my ass.

I started to tremble and swear. “Fuck! Oh Fuck, I’m gonna come! Fuck fill my ass, fill my ass with your come!” With that I started to shoot rope after rope all over my stomach, chest and even my face. It was amazing I almost passed out, and then coming back to reality I realized Kylie was coming too.

“Oh Fuck, your ass is squeezing my cock. Oh it’s so fucking tight and so fucking good. I wanna fill your little hole with my come. I wanna fill your ass you dirty slut!” And with that she thrust one more time shoving her cock all the way up my ass and shot what seemed like a gallon of come in me. Her throbbing cock felt so good in my ass that my cock pulsed shooting the last of my load on my belly. She collapsed falling on my chest with her cock still deep inside me.

I drifted off to sleep, and there once again was the Genie. This time when I asked the third wish, I spoke it out loud. “I wish Kylie would fuck me in the ass once in a while.” The Genie smiled a wicked smile and snapped her fingers. I stood there thinking is this why Kylie has a cock? Is it because I wished she’d fuck me? The lamp jumped from my hands and slammed into my head.

I woke on the couch next to Kylie she was sleeping deep and peacefully. I got up to make some coffee and felt her come dripping from my ass. My ass ached terribly, but also felt so good. I struggled to walk normally and wondered if I’d be able to sit at work tomorrow. I brought the coffee back and sat her cup on the table. She rolled over and, and her cock was gone. I immediately flashed back to the third wish “I wish Kylie would fuck me in the ass once in a while.” I guessed her cock would come and go based on some definition of once in a while. I wondered if Kylie would remember this when she woke up, and if so should I tell her about the Genie and the third wish?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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