Gentle Revenge

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Tom was in his hotel bathroom getting ready for the conference he as due to give in a couple of hours. Standing in front of the basin and its giant mirror, buttoning up his white shirt, he was thinking back about the wild night that had just passed, and remembering the long story that had led to that wild night.

Ten years ago, when he was a young lecturer in northern France, he had a marvellous secretary that was always there to help, or for a friendly chat over a cup of coffee. They had sometimes flirted, but always quite innocently. She was his age, fairly short blond plump girl with a marvellous smile that helped her go through just about any difficult situation. When Tom left for another position in southern France, they kept in touch, exchanging messages, giving a call every now and then. Whenever Tom travelled to northern France for a conference, they would arrange to have lunch and get back together.

Then one day, as they were parting each other after lunch, Virginia gave Tom a not so innocent peck on the lips. Once he got home, he mailed her, questioning her on the subject of this sweet peck that had got his mind racing for the six hours train trip. After a few chats, they both came to the inevitable conclusion that they had missed an occasion and that both wanted each other. Their chats became more frequent, passionate, erotic, exchanging fantasies and kinky photos, and they had promised each other they’d spend the night together the next time Tom would come for a conference.

And the conference was today. Yesterday evening, Virginia had been waiting for Tom at the train station. She’d taken him from the train station to his hotel, hardly managing to contain herself before they arrived in his cosy hotel room. Then all hell went lose and they made love most of the night, in all the positions they had dreamt of together in their passionate chats.

Tom saw, on the edge of the bathroom sink the pair of handcuffs he’d brought and smirked inwardly remembering how he’d used and abused of them with Virginia. She did not seem to complain about it though. As he finished buttoning up his shirt, he heard the bathroom door open and saw her through the mirror entering the bathroom in a sleeveless mid-thigh black dress. He knew this black dress. Virginia had sent quite a few photos of her in that outfit that had the sexy benefit to button up on the front and enhanced her voluptuous shape.

Virginia stepped behind Tom and cuddled against him. Placing her chin on his shoulder, nearly tiptoeing to do so, she smiled at him through the mirror then pressed a warm kiss down his neck, giving him pleasant shivers down the spine. Her warm hands passed under his arms and started caressing his chest softly. Tom smiled back at her through the mirror and placed his hands backwards to caress her hips. But she pushed them back tuzla escort firmly before returning her caresses on his torso.

Tom could feel her warm breath down his neck. Virginia’s fingers lingered on his nipples that already started to harden with renewed desire for her. She seemed to be observing his whole body, its every reaction though the mirror and she seemed to be enjoying the sight and the game. Tom’s hands tried again to reach back for her hips and once again, she pushed them back firmly on his sides. Then her fingers started to unbutton his shirt, one button after the other, till she could slip her hand through the opening and caress his warm skin.

Tom was getting quite excited by this and she apparently noticed the bulge forming in his trousers, because her right hand started descending along his torso, passing the barrier of his belt then reaching for his groin, massaging his hardening cock through his trousers. Tom tried once again to reach backwards for her hips, and once again Virginia pushed them away. She firmly whispered in his ear “Since you can’t keep your hands to yourself, I’ll have to use harsh measures!” She displayed a naughty smiled and grabbed the handcuffs that were still lying about on the basin and locked them around Tom’s wrists in his back.

She then returned to caressing Tom, standing behind him, staring at him through the mirror, enjoying the effect of her caresses on his composure, her hands exploring his body. Her left hand slipped again inside his shirt, while her right hand descended to his belt. She swiftly untied his belt and unbuttoned his trousers, letting them fall down along his thighs and to his ankles, making it another pair of cuffs for his feet, making him her pleasurable prisoner.

She slowly caressed the long bulge on his boxer shorts, but quickly, she slipped her fingers under the elastic band and extracted his hard cock and his balls to caress them delicately. She whispered in his ear “I’ve always dreamt to feel under my fingers what you feel when you masturbate thinking of me!” then her fingers wrapped around his cock and started caressing it all along its length. Tom replied with a moan of deep pleasure, though trying not to lose control.

Against his handcuffed palms, Tom could feel her lower belly rubbing and pressing against him. While she was slowly masturbating him, clearly enjoying the way she had enslaved him, Tom managed to unfasten two buttons of her dress he could reach for and slipped his hand inside it, reaching for her lower belly. He was pleasantly surprised to feel the absence of panties under his fingertips. His fingers slid along her bare shaved pubis and reached for her labia. They were swollen and wet. This little game seemed to be as exciting for her as it was for him. She moaned softly when she felt his touch. He felt her tuzla escort bayan clit pulsing under his fingertip. He caressed it, played with it, circled around it, torturing it softly, making her moan louder and louder. She placed her mouth on his shoulder blade and bit it softly with pleasure. The more her pleasure grew, the more frantic her caresses along his shaft and on his chest, the harder she bit his shoulder. Suddenly, he felt her fingers squeeze hard around his cock, her body tense behind his, her breath so short she could not even moan her pleasure anymore.

When her breath returned to normal, she stared at him through the mirror: “Don’t you ever dare doing that to me again! You are my thing this morn…” But she had no time to finish her sentence. Tom had just slept firmly two fingers in her dripping slit. The firm yet sensual penetration had cut her breathing again, preventing her from protesting. Tom’s fingers started a wild in and out thrust and Virginia soon gave in to a second orgasm. Her eyes looked up to the sky, she did not retain her moans and as his fingers caressed her deep inside, her fingers wrapped firmly around his shaft, she came violently, screaming her pleasure.

Virginia finally managed to gather herself and stepped back, then turned around her cuffed lover to stand in front of him, her back to the mirror. “So that’s the way you take it, then”, she smirked. Slowly, she finished unbuttoning her dress. Tom could not take his eyes off of her as she revealed her naked body underneath the black material. Her tanned skin, her bare pussy, her lovely round breast, her round hard nipples he’d suckled on so often last night… She did not stop staring at him, his open shirt, his torso brought forward by the handcuffing in his back, his throbbing cock above his boxers… Slowly, she went down on her knees and grabbed his shaft between her hands, using it to caress her nipples with his burning cockhead. She then slipped and squeezed it between her breast, giving him the most exquisite, warm and smooth caress as she slid up and down along his shaft. Tom was unable to return any caress, nor even grab on anything and just took in all the pleasure he was given. He moaned loudly. “Now you are mine!” whispered Virginia. Then with the tip of her tongue, she started licking the tip of his cock every time it emerged between her breasts, making Tom moan louder and louder each time. When she felt his cock start throbbing uncontrollably, she took it in her mouth and started sucking him voraciously until he came deep in her mouth, filling her with his cream while screaming her name.

Virginia stood up and wrapped herself around Tom, kissing him languorously. Tom could taste his own nectar on her lips, on her tongue that was sucking his savagely. To his surprise, he found that taste in her kiss quite escort tuzla exciting. But Virginia did not want to give him time to recover his breath. She stepped back and sat on the edge of the basin, legs wide apart, and she ordered “Down on your knees, young man!”

Tom did, obediently. His hands were still cuffed in his back, his ankles still prisoner of his trousers. Virginia placed her heels behind his shoulders and brought him closer. She grabbed his hair and guided his face between her thighs, his mouth towards her dripping pussy. Tom tasted her, with the tip of his tongue at first, exploring every detail of her wet labia. Then he took her whole with his mouth, sucking hungrily on her labia, on her clit. Sometimes he’s slip his tongue deep inside her, cupping her juices with his tongue and drinking them, thirsting for them. Her thighs pressed on his ears did not prevent him from hearing her wild moans of pleasure. She pressed his face harder on her pussy. Tom drunk every drop of her nectar. Virginia tilted her head back, breaking her gaze at Tom’s head between her thighs, then she closed her eyes and let out a deep groan of pleasure as she succumbed to a divine orgasm.

Tom kept licking his lover softly, till she recovered and helped him stand up. Still sitting on the edge of the basin, she brought him closer to her, one hand behind his neck, bringing his face closer to his, then kissing him passionately. She tasted her own juices on his lips, the remaining taste of his own juices in her mouth. The mixture of tastes making both of them even more excited, if it were needed. Her other hand reached for Tom’s groin and grabbed his cock to guide it to her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his hips, her heels, like horsewoman’s spurs, gave the rhythm to his deep penetrations. Tom was moaning to the voluptuous burning caresses of her sex around his. Virginia was moaning as loud to the deep thrusts he was giving her, his balls each time slapping on her ass. As Tom’s pleasure was rising fast, his thrusts became more and more erratic and violent. And the more violent his thrusts, the more pleasure Virginia was having. She suddenly arched her back, her fingers scratching deep in his shoulder skin, her heels pressing him deeper inside her. Then Tom felt her inner muscles contracting around his shaft, squeezing it hard, milking it till he came deep in her, screaming and making her scream at the burning sensation of his hot cum deep inside her.

Virginia kissed Tom softly on his lips, and all over his face. “Oh, I love you to be my slave! But I’d better release you for your conference!” She jumped off the basin and started dressing Tom, placing his cock and balls in his boxers, pulling his trousers up, buttoning his shirt before fitting it inside his trousers. At last she removed Tom’s cuffs and gave him a friendly slap on the bum. Tom rubbed his wrists, hoping no one would notice the red-ish marks around them. Well, he did not really care. All he was hoping for, was a new occasion for a trip to northern France, so that he could have his revenge on his passionate lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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