Getting even: the aftermath

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In sex stories on the internet, when you get a text from a woman wanting you to fuck her brains out, you pounce without a thought.

In real life, things are different.

What I had done to Sud was supposed to be cathartic and one-time only. Sud’s sister and I dated since last year of high school. Our parents were friends. There was so much that could go wrong here that when I got that text my heart started beating fast.

What the fuck had I gotten myself into now?

If anyone back home got to know that I was messing around in the older sister’s marriage after being in a long relation with the younger one, the shit that could hit the fan would blow the roof out with it.

No way man, no fucking way you can do this. You are still in grad school, you can find a girl. You can find love again. Is it sex? You can get that too if you want. This is not worth it. You got your revenge, now this is done. Forget this and move on in life. Don’t touch this.

I replied, “I am out of town. Later perhaps?”

I was very much in town. Sud reaching out to me had blown out my fear circuit. I feared embarrassment. I was a role model to my friends and family – successful in school, smart, well-behaved, respected young scientist. If this got out – that I had messed around with two sisters of the same family, one of them married – there would be a lot of embarrassment to go around. My parents may be dragged into this as well. I overruled my raging hormones and controlled my urge to say yes to the debauchery again.

The next few days were difficult. The more number of times I watched my sextape with Sud, the more I felt like there’s nothing lost in doing it again. I hadn’t had anything other than normal (sometimes a bit intense) action as well. I was well read and knew what’s out there. But other than Sud, I had only been with her sister. There was a tinge of a dom-sub dynamic but I had never been harsh to her. I was only a bit aggressive time to time. My mind was urging me to indulge.

Sud screaming her heart out while I pulled her hair and rode her like a fast horse made me crave that body and do it again to her. As I heard her scream my name and urge me on, it was a dopamine rush I had no answer for. The way she moved her body upon being smacked, the way she reacted upon being firmly asked to do the unthinkable, it was just all too incredible. It was empowering to think that I could do that to a woman. Make her transform like that. I know how she is in normal life. Now I had seen her in the privacy of her home. It felt like there was another person inside of me, who was capable of breaking down a normal woman to become a shrieking, howling ball of filthy sex.

Slowly, this seeped into my dreams and I started having dreams about Sud. It was carnal. My fantasies were getting more and more twisted. I freaked out. Not knowing how to handle this with last year of grad school, I sought to do a trekking trip. If I didn’t have a phone all the time, maybe I could get some peace to get away from this.

A week of travelling let me think in tranquillity. I could control my desire when I was awake. I was a normal person who had a life and loved his work. He was good to people and helpful to friends. He was respected by his peers. He didn’t need to do things which were deviant.

But nights brought with the desire to be the person I was with Sud. What if there was a way I could be both? What if deep inside, I was both? If I didn’t enjoy doing that, would I have planned it so meticulously, every step of the way? Was I that vengeful? Perhaps. But what if I was not?

I returned to base a little less stressed, but not entirely clear. I felt a clear danger in indulging my impulse. But I also felt a need to indulge it. Some sights from the day were etched into my mind and whenever they came fleeting back, I had rock hard erections that refused to die down.

When I switched on my phone, amongst other things, there were dozens of messages from Sud.

– Why this silent treatment?

– Where are you? When will you return?

– You are freaking me out! Call, please!

– Please call for god’s sake!

– I am near your apartment. Let’s meet!

– Don’t do this please! What the hell happened?

You get the drift.

I tuzla escort decided to just meet her and see why she is so hyper. I texted her that I just returned to town and can meet in the evening.

Sud: : Oh my god where were you? I was going crazy looking for you. Where do you want me to come?

We decided to meet at a cafe in a mall.

I reached before her. I had no idea what do you talk to a woman who you are not in love with, who is married, who you had the dirtiest sex of your life with and who you have not paid to do it with. I was hoping to wing it.

Sud walked in from behind me. She was wearing a colourful long summer dress. It was tight around her boobs and it flowed over the body like water over hills. She gave me a quick smile and before I could get up for a hug, she sat down, almost collapsed into her chair and let the pretence of the smile fade away as she gave in to her panic, anger and anxiety.

Sud: What the actual fuck? Why did you do that to me? You know how worried I was? Who does this? What happened to you?

She was speaking in hushed tones. You could sense her agitation. I was listening and thinking of an appropriate answer. I kept sipping my drink in order to not seem disturbed. The act had to be held tight.

Sud continued speaking. I registered some words. But mostly I was thinking about a response.

Sud: Will you say something?

Me: Why were you worried?

Sud: I don’t know. You disappeared. You were fucking gone, without a trace!

Me: Why were you worried?

Sud: Oh, you don’t know? You were not talking to me!

Me: So?

Sud: I don’t want that to happen.

Me: Why?

Sud: Why do you want me to say things out aloud?

She was exasperated.

Sud: Why do you make me spell out things to you?

Me: Why?

Silence. She looks away. She breathes. Silence. Then she musters up her courage. She swallows once. Then she looks down at the table.

Sud: Because I don’t want you to leave. I want you to stay.

I placed my hand on her palm, “you know we can’t be friends after what happened right?”

Sud: Nooooooo! Absolutely we can. Don’t do this.

Me: What do you want, Sud?

Sud: I want what is, stays as is.

Me: And what is?

Sud: I don’t know how to tell you.

I was feeling for her. She was lonely in a foreign land away from family away from friends with a partner who didn’t care an awful lot. And there I was. Her escape. Mental and of course, sexual. I knew what she wanted. I just wanted her to own up to it.

Me: We are not and will never be lovers. What you and I have is carnal. Do you realise this?

She was quiet.

Me: As long as it is that, I can think about it. But you have to know, it will never be more than that.

Sud: Of course I know! I don’t want to be in love with you. I am a mother to a kid for god’s sakes. Don’t baby talk me. I have the most to lose if something happens. I want you. DO you get that? Just you.

She was squeezing my palm as she was speaking.

Well, she was right. She had more life experience than me. I was a reckless guy just trying to get even with my ex. Now I had this to deal with. She was married. She had a kid and she was 8 years older to me. Of-fucking-course, she would be mature.

Sud: I don’t want things to change. I am scared of change.

I was looking away. I was fighting a battle inside. On one hand I was fighting an erection, raging about why I am not plunging balls deep into her pussy right now. On the other hand I was trying to walk away. This is a shitstorm waiting to happen. In fact, I was probably running down the clock.

Me: Let’s go for a walk around here.

I held her hand to help her get up.

Sud: Where are we going?

She was surprised at the abruptness. But she figured she too needed a walk.

Me: Come with me.

We started walking. I held her hand as we walked. I squeezed a bit harder than normal. I guided her towards a line of shops towards the end of which was a sign for washrooms. When we reached the sign, without flinching I tugged her along.

Sud: Oh you want to use the washroom? I will wait here.

I just kept walking with her. She was pendik escort resisting a bit, but mostly out of confusion.

Me: You are coming with me. I want to use you in the washroom.

Her face had the familiar expression she had whenever I talked dirty with her the other afternoon. That kind of melting transient shyness. I tugged strongly and she came through. I opened the door of a handicap toilet, pushed her in a bit unkindly. I locked the door and stared at her.

Sud was looking at the floor. She was breathing heavy. She was caught unaware unprepared today. Will she step up?

No words were exchanged. The air was heavy with deodorants. It was also heavy with our anticipation.

Me: Do you know what to do?

She kept looking at the floor, perhaps thinking what was happening.

Sud: Here?

Moments of silence.

Me: Do you know what to do or should I teach you again?

Sud looked up now and nodded. She placed her hand bag on the floor. She lifted her dress so as not to kneel with the fabric on the floor. She knelt in front of me, her mouth below my crotch.

Me: Go on then.

She unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down. Then my underwear came off. She grabbed my erect cock with her hands and looked at it. In a moment, it was in her warm mouth. Her suction was strong now. She remembered her lessons. She was spitting and resucking it into her mouth. It didn’t feel like it was a few weeks back that I was slapping her silly and mouth fucking her to improve her skills. She licked my balls without direction. She was putting a lot of effort into this now. She would look up at me once in a while and then go right back to working on it. She used my cock to poke different areas of her mouth and would show me what she is doing. She was into this now.

I pulled my cock out and grabbed her head from the back to bring it closer to me.

Me: Stick out your tongue.

She stuck out a bit of her tongue.

I slapped her face firmly, but not rough, and said, “more, like a dog, always.”

She now pushed out as much as she could. I started indulging myself now. I started cock slapping her beautiful face, spreading the mess around a bit. Again, this is not at all pleasurable. It is just done for lording over her. It has beautiful visuals if you do it right.

I smacked her around the face. She was panting from her effort and the frantic rate at which her heart was beating. For both of us this was a first – in a public washroom.

I admired how obedient she was and how slutty she looked being smacked with the cock. In the heat of the moment, I smacked her face with my free left hand. She didn’t flinch. I was proud of my work here. I took it all in with a sense of achievement. She just let out an “ah” and went back to sticking out her tongue. I smacked the other side and she said “unffff”. I played around with her for a while like that. Smacking her face while she would suck me. She would let the cock out and then I would smack her with the cock.

Me: Open your mouth. Look at me.

I dropped a big spitball into her open hatch. She swallowed it with some difficulty.

Me: Again.

More spit. She swallowed again with forced effort showing on her closed eyes.

Me: Again. Eyes open when you swallow.

She opened wide. I dropped it in from close this time. And held her jaw in my palm. She swallowed it with her eyes open. Instinctively, she re-opened her mouth again.

Sud: Again?

Is this not a good trained slut or what? I was feeling so proud and so wild at the same time that I felt the dopamine rush will make me fly.

I held her face in my palm and spit with a sharp guttural sound this time. Not the silent spitball I was giving her so far. She looked at me. Eyes wide open and swallowed it without a blink.

Sud: Again?

Me: Get up and bend over the sink.

The sink had a mirror on the wall as usual washrooms do. I thought it would be great for her to see this.

Sud: How will you…

Before she could finish her sentence, I lifted up her dress, yanked down her panties and got them off her. Then I arranged her pussy height to be convenient and just plunged it my cock in. She gasped and then pressed her aydınlı escort palm against her mouth.

Me: Don’t quieten yourself.

Sud: This……….a…..public……

She was right. She was a sensible woman. I would be mad to make her scream in a mall washroom. But then I still wanted to hear her.

I pulled out, picked up my underwear from the floor. Sud was looking bewildered. She kept looking at the mirror. I came back up to her exposed ass and said “open your mouth”

She didn’t know why I had pulled out. She opened a small hole with her lips not knowing what is going on. I thrust my underwear into her mouth. I stuffed it in all the way. Her mouth was small, half of it stuck out. Her eyes went wide at what just happened. She looked at herself aghast in the mirror, me behind her, her dress bunched up at her waist and my fucking underwear sticking out of her mouth.

Me: Now you can fucking moan.

She didn’t say a word.

I grabbed her hips and started thrusting in. Her body struggled to take the thrusts. My underwear was doing an excellent job of muffling her moans. This body was built for pounding. She was not a light skinny woman. She had meat and curves. Right now those were holding her in place withstanding my 200 pounds of pelvic thrust. I was thrusting in hard digging that pussy out.

mmmmmmm niggggghhhh mmmmmmmmm neaaahhhhhhhhh

I was resisting the urge to smack that ass red. It was a public place after all. I unclipped her hair and pulled on it to thrust harder. The veins on her neck popped out as she strained her voice against my underwear – which was now wet with drool. I tugged hard. Sud was looking at my face in the mirror. My face showed aggression. I looked at it too. That was a face of a man at work, going to pound out a hole which needed pounding. There was no emotion in that face, other than I am absolutely going to smash this pussy now. My teeth was clenched time to time. I saw Sud’s face. She was trying to ride this out. I was going to poundtown on this onion booty. Instead of smacking her ass, I was squeezing it hard. The pain showed on her face. She was grabbing the sink to survive the ride.

ummmmmmm mmmmmaaaaaaaaaahhhh ggggggggnnnnnnnnnnnnnn aaaaaahhhhhhh

Without the numbing effect of desensitizers, I knew I was not going to last today. I could feel the orgasm building. I couldn’t hold out today. I wasn’t prepared for what I had just walked myself into. I pulled her onto her knees. I grabbed her jaw and pulled my underwear out of her mouth.

She took a deep breath as she saw the fabric come out. It was messily wet. She took many deep breaths. She looked at it closely as to confirm it was really my underwear that I had stuffed in her mouth. I dropped it beside her on the floor. She looked at my cock. I held her head with my hands and planted it onto my cock. She took it without hesitation. Lessons were remembered. She was looking to suck it but I had impaled it way past her tongue.

Me: Stay. I am going to cum into your throat.

She was gagging.

She just let it happen. I held her head and started pumping it back and forward on my cock. She closed her eyes and faced it. After a minute of friction, I exploded. The cum went straight down her throat. Sud swallowed in gulps. I withdrew my cock. It was semi hard. My head was dizzy. I needed to catch my breath. I sat on the seat and started to wear my pants slowly. I was feeling spent.

Sud crawled quickly on all fours and came to the seat.

Sud: Wait

She quickly leaned in and took my cock in her mouth again. It was sensitive as hell and I would much rather have her not do it. My body went into overdrive. I clenched my teeth and tightened my core. She went swiftly from cock to balls and then to the perineum. She was licking like a cat all over with quick long strokes.

Sud: It is clean now.

I understood what she was doing. I had forgotten the chapters of her slut training that afternoon, but my slut remembered. I smiled to myself. I felt real proud of my work.

Me: Good. Wear your panties.

I dumped my underwear in the bin. It was wet and unusable. She wore her panties and set about making herself look not-fucked. Her bag had her stuff which she pulled out and got to work.

Me: Don’t look like you have been fucked in a public washroom when you return. I will talk to you later.

I shut the door behind me as I left and let her do her business.

As I walked out, the reality set in. What the fuck did I walk into?

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