Getting Ridden on Car 11

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*Author’s Note: This is my first attempt at one of the shorter “stroker” style of stories. I actually intended this story to be shorter and get to the action more quickly, but it still develops more quickly than my typical stories. I hope you like it!*


I was already running late for work as I jogged down the platform. I ran as fast as my kitten heels would allow, my handbag swinging violently in my hand. The doors of the train would close in a moment, but I wanted to get as far down the line of cars as I could before getting on. The train tended to be less crowded the further you moved away from the middle cars.

I slipped between the doors as they closed behind me. My heart sank immediately. The car was stuffed to the gills. Apparently, I hadn’t been the only one who had the idea of moving to the end cars this morning. I sighed and tucked my bag over my shoulder and wedged myself into the crowd, trying to move away from the doors. I was always paranoid about standing near the doors. I worried that they’d open suddenly while the train was in motion and I’d fall out and get run over by the train.

I tried to meet the eye of a man sitting on a seat next to me, hoping he’d offer me his seat. Instead, he kept his face buried in his newspaper. “Chivalry is clearly dead,” I muttered. I reached up to grab the handrail above me. As I did, the woman in front of me violently stepped back into me. “Excuse you,” I said.

“Excuse yourself,” she said over her shoulder without looking at me. I had a strong urge to smack her over the back of the head with my bag. Instead, I rolled my eyes and shook my head. I was already running late for work. Getting arrested for beating up some inconsiderate bitch on the train would definitely make me late.

The train started with a lurch that caused all the passengers to bump against one another. I usually tried to do some reading on the way to work, but I was packed in so tightly that I’d have to hold the book practically in my face to read it so I didn’t bother. I shut my eyes and tried to nap on my feet.

The train rumbled along and at the next stop, more people crowded into our car, pressing us even more closely together. As the train got rolling again, the woman in front of me started bumping back into me with the motions of the train. She wasn’t even making an effort to keep from doing it. My face grew hot and before long, I shifted my bag to my other arm so that it would be pressed into her back.

“Hey, cut it out!” she barked, this time turning to make eye contact with me. She wasn’t much older than me. Her dark blonde hair was done up in a professional-looking bun but her makeup looked like it had been applied by a circus clown.

“Well maybe you should try to stop falling into me every two seconds.” I cringed at the sound of my voice. We sounded like a couple of bickering middle school girls.

“In case you haven’t noticed, we’re on a train.”

“Yeah, well that doesn’t mean you have to dry hump me,” I shot back. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the man sitting next to me had looked up from his newspaper.

“Don’t flatter yourself, bitch,” she said and turned her head to cut me off.

Almost with a life of its own, my hand reached up to grab a handful of her tight, blonde locks. I leaned close to her and shouted in her ear, “I got your ‘bitch’ right here, bitch.”

As my fingertips neared her head, she turned to face me and opened her mouth to speak. An arm reached over my shoulder from behind me and wedged into the space between me and the woman.

“Ok, ok, that’s enough,” a deep voice said from behind me.

“Who asked—” my voice caught in my throat and trailed off as I turned to see a square-jawed man in a dark suit. He had dark, closely cropped hair and a five-o’clock shadow even though it was only mid-morning. His light brown eyes seemed to be burning into my soul.

“Tell her to move her bag,” the shrew in front of me whined. Before I had a chance to respond, the man put his hand on my shoulder and started shifting me back so he could step around me. His grip was strong and kept me fully upright as I temporarily had to let go of the handrail.

After stepping between me and the other woman, he offered me a half-smile. His pearl-white teeth were perfect. “There we go. Problem solved. Feel free to put your bag into my back, I can take it.” His eyes shifted down over my body, settling on my breasts. “Or if you want, shove anything else into my back,” his smile grew wider. Even as crude as his comment was, I was disarmed by his smile and smoky gaze.

“Thank you,” I heard the woman shout in my direction from the other side of the man, “at least some people have some manners this morning.” Instead of dignifying her with a remark, I turned my back to both of them.

The train continued on and at the next stop, several people got on and off. The shuffle of people pushed me toward the end of the car. I found myself standing next to a seated, kurtköy escort motherly looking woman in her 40s or 50s. She looked up from the book she was reading and regarded me with a warm smile before returning to reading. Remembering my own book, I shifted around and was able to retrieve it from my bag.

At the next stop, more people got on but apparently no one got off. The surge of people pushed me further to the end of the car. I flinched when I felt the man behind me press against my butt, but the smell of his aftershave had a calming effect. I shut my eyes and took in a deep breath of it. I was distracted when the train started back up, and I lost my balance. The man was able to keep me from falling by putting his hand around my waist, which made me cry out quietly.

I felt him lean in close to me, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.” His breath on my neck made my skin prickly hot. Even though I was now steady on my feet, he didn’t move his hand from my waist and I made no effort to move it.

As the train rolled on, it was difficult to refocus on my book. With every movement of the passengers, I felt the man behind me press tighter against my ass. I grinned when I felt that he had gotten hard. I could feel it through the thin material of my skirt and his pants. The next time he bumped against me, I flexed my ass cheeks and used them to squeeze his cock. He removed his hand from my waist and moved back so that he was no longer pressed against me. I frowned and turned my attention back to my book.

At the next stop, our car grew more crowded and the man drew closer. I could tell he was shifting his hips away from me to keep space between us. With a hidden grin, I took a step back. He shifted away again but must’ve been bumping up against the person behind him. Still grinning, and knowing he had nowhere to go, I took another step back.

The man put his hand on my hip and tried to shift me forward but I wouldn’t budge. Instead, I pressed my ass tighter against him. I could feel his hard shaft running along the crack of my ass. Grinning wider, I flexed my cheeks and squeezed it. When he tightened his grip on my hip, I responded by leaning slightly forward and stooping down, rubbing my ass along the length of his cock. I didn’t relent until I heard a moan escape his lips as he breathed into my ear. With a flick of my hair, I returned to my book.

My attention was pulled away when I felt him press his cock harder against me. He was now clearly rubbing himself against me. I allowed him to have his fun, knowing there was little more he’d be able to do in the crowded train. When I didn’t react, his hand shifted around to the front of my skirt, just inches above my pussy. He brought his other hand around and ran them both across my stomach until they touched. Even through my blouse I could feel the heat of his skin. I gave his cock another squeeze with my ass cheeks and felt his hands tremble when I did. He shifted his hands down onto my hips and pulled me still tighter against him. As he did, he pressed himself against me. Then he shifted me away and brought me in again. He opened his mouth and I could feel his warm breath along my neck. I shivered and goosebumps broke out along my arms. His hands shifted lower until he was cupping my ass cheeks. He gave them a squeeze even as he continued to rub his cock against me.

It was already warm in the train car but it was quickly becoming stifling. I reached up and unbuttoned the second button on my blouse. I pinched the collar between my fingertips and tried to fan myself. I jumped when I felt the man’s right arm bump against my elbow. His hand slid onto my stomach but then continued upward. I was caught completely off guard and froze when it slid under my breast. Apparently taking my lack of protest as approval, he moved his hand up until he was palming it. He gave it a light, tentative squeeze. I bit my lower lip wondering if he could feel my nipple through my blouse and bra. Instead of moving his hand away like I should have, my first instinct was to look around to see if anyone else was looking at us.

The latest passengers on the train had pushed me so that I was at the far end of the car. The only one in a position to see me clearly was the older woman whose seat I was standing next to. She still had her eyes buried in her book.

The man’s squeezes became more deliberate. Every time his palm grazed over my nipple, a moan escaped my lips. Instead of stopping him, I shifted my bag so that my chest was blocked from the woman’s view. Taking that as a sign to continue, the man moved his left hand up from my hip to join his other hand. I was now letting a strange man openly fondle my tits on the morning train. I knew I should put a stop to it, but I figured there was no harm in letting him get a quick feel. Plus, I was enjoying his touch. I was between boyfriends and hadn’t been fucked in almost three months. There was only so much a vibrator was able to provide.

I leaned back aydıntepe escort against the man’s chest. His heart was racing. Most of his blood felt like it was getting pumped into his cock. I rubbed my ass back and forth across it while he ground against me. He suddenly pinched my right nipple hard. I cried out and pitched my body forward, breaking the grip of his hands. The woman sitting next to me looked up from her book.

“Leg cramp,” I said.

She gave me a look of pity. “Would you like to sit down, dear?” she asked.

“No, I’m fine. I just gotta shake it out.” I smiled as I shook my left leg. She nodded and went back to her book.

Barely a moment passed before the man’s hands were on my hips and moving up my torso again. This had gone on long enough. I gently swatted at his hands until he moved them away. But instead of leaving my body, he put them back on my hips. At least he wasn’t squeezing my tits or trying to fuck me through my skirt. It seemed a fair compromise. I lifted my book up to my face and went back to reading it.

Only a few moments passed before the man resumed grinding his cock against my ass. I tried to ignore it until I realized I’d read the same page three times. His hands slid onto my ass cheeks again and he gave them a squeeze, but then it felt like he had gathered a handful of my skirt in the process. When I felt him begin to raise it, I reached back and swatted his hand. Rather than release my skirt, he leaned forward and kissed my neck. His lips were like fire on my skin. I slammed my eyes shut and let out a loud moan. He kissed it again, this time close to my ear and I almost dropped my book.

My body was firing on all cylinders now as my brain tried to keep me from doing anything stupid. I only barely managed to resist turning and kissing him full on the lips. I felt him once again start raising my skirt. I wanted to reach back to swat his hands but it was as if his kisses on my neck had paralyzed my arm. It hung useless by my side as he ran his tongue over my earlobe.

“Holy shit,” I said breathlessly. I didn’t even bother opening my eyes to see if anyone had heard it. The noise of the train was so loud that the man probably hadn’t even heard it himself.

By now my skirt had been lifted up high enough in the back that I could feel air on my ass cheeks. The man slid one of his hands onto my exposed skin. My panties had a high bikini cut which gave him access to most of the skin of my bare ass. He tickled me as his fingertips skipped over my skin and I did my best to stifle my laughter. The laughter was replaced by another loud moan when he licked my earlobe again. He gently pinched the flesh of my ass cheek while still grinding against me. I wondered how much further this could go. I was dripping wet and knew I’d have to take a bathroom break the second I got to work…maybe a long bathroom break. I couldn’t believe I was letting a guy get so familiar with me on the train, but I also couldn’t believe a guy would be so brazen as to touch a woman on the train like this.

My shock spiked when I felt him shift my panties to the side, fully exposing me. Before I had even fully processed what he had done, he slid his fingers along my wet pussy lips. I shuddered and had to reach back to grab onto him to keep from falling. I cracked my eyelids to see if the woman next to me had noticed what was going on, but her attention was still on her book.

The man ran his fingers over my pussy again and I dug my nails into his arm. I should’ve taken that chance to pull his hand away, but I needed this. I found myself actually rubbing myself against his hand. Part of me was embarrassed at seeming so needy, but the other part of me was relishing the touch of a man.

I tried moving back closer to him but he held me in place. Apparently, he was trying to avoid any embarrassing wet spots on the front of his pants. I closed my eyes again and relished in the feel of his fingers sliding along my slick lips. I kept trying to shift my hips and get him to push a finger into me but he continued to tease me. My heart sank a little when he pulled his hand away and my panties slid back into place. Even though I was disappointed, I knew it was for the best and reached back to straighten my skirt. I felt warm flesh on the back of my hand. My heart skipped a beat when I realized it was his bare cock.

I made a half-hearted attempt to push back at his stomach but he ignored me and moved closer. The anticipation was making my entire body tremble. I only had to wait a moment longer before I felt him pull my panties aside again and then the tip of his cock against my lips. The contact was like the flick of a flame and I jumped. I brought my book up to my face and bit down on the back of my hand. When the man pushed his cock into me, I tried to stifle my moan with my hand. I looked down and saw the woman sitting next to me looking back with wide eyes, her book now lowered to her lap. I quickly swung my eyes around tuzla içmeler escort the car, but no one else was looking in our direction.

When I looked back at the woman, she was staring at the front of my skirt and biting her lower lip. She seemed to be trying to convince herself that nothing was going on. All doubt was erased when the man withdrew and then slammed back into me, rocking me forward. His was thick and his thrust pushed the air out of my lungs. I had to grab onto the handrail to keep from falling over. The woman looked back up at me, her eyes still wide. I chewed on my tongue. I couldn’t hold her gaze. I closed my eyes and tried to convince myself that I was anywhere except the middle of a train standing 18 inches away from a one-person audience.

The man wasted no time satisfying himself with my pussy. He thrusted into me with a fury that threatened to break my grip on the handrail above me. His hips crashed against my ass cheeks with every thrust, the sound of our smacking skin drowned out by the noise of the train. My breasts bounced slightly, encased in my bra. I wanted to reach up and squeeze them but knew we were already doing too much as it was. The man leaned in against me, his hot breath washing over my neck. My mouth fell open as I savored the full feeling of the stranger’s cock. It had been so long. Every pump from him sent spikes of pleasure throughout my body. The man’s fingernails sank into my hips and I could feel them digging into my skin even through my skirt. The pain barely registered, completely overshadowed by pleasure.

I was now openly moaning in time with the pounding I was getting. I had no doubt the woman next to me was watching but I no longer cared. I knew the train’s noise would drown me out. I cracked my eyelids and sure enough, the woman was staring at me. Her eyes were roaming from my face to the front of my skirt. Every so often, they’d linger on my breasts. I was briefly tempted to lift my skirt so that she could see the man’s cock piercing me, but I dared not.

The intensity of the moment was clearly too much for him because it wasn’t long before I felt his pace increase. Strands of my hair hung loose and dangled across my forehead, having been knocked free by the furious fucking I was receiving. My head was spinning. I still couldn’t believe I was on a crowded train letting a total stranger have his way with me. I continued to watch the woman through barely open eyes. She dropped her book onto her lap and folded her arms over her chest and was gnawing on the end of her thumbnail. Her legs were bouncing, almost with the same rhythm with which I was being fucked.

When I felt the man’s cock swell inside of me, I tightened my muscles down on him and held it. I didn’t expect him to pull out, and in any event, there was nowhere for him to shoot his cum except for the back of my skirt and that was completely out of the question. He only managed a few more thrusts before he pushed all the way into me and held himself there. I felt him shuddering against my ass cheeks. His head dropped down onto my shoulder and I felt his mouth open. I cringed, expecting him to bite me, but he only held his mouth open on my skin, apparently to try to muffle his own moans.

He eventually withdrew and took a step back. He tucked himself back into his pants while I settled my panties back into place and repositioned my skirt. I could feel his cum pooling in my panties and willed the train to move faster so I could get to work and clean myself up. Once again, I took a look around, but no one else was looking in our direction. I took a casual glance at the woman next to me. She had picked her book back up and was once again reading or at least staring at the pages. Her neck and cheeks had red splotches and she was still bouncing her legs.

When the next stop was called out, I realized with horror that in the course of having sex on the train, I had missed my stop. The train slowed and stopped. I felt the man’s hand sweep along the bottom of my skirt and rub along the waistband of my panties. I was about to swipe his hand away when he removed it. The crowd in the train shifted and I looked back in time to see him shuffle off the train. My heart sank with the knowledge that I hadn’t even gotten a chance to get his name and would probably never see him again.

As people filed off the train, the woman next to me practically leapt from her seat. She slid past me with a barely audible, “Pardon me.” Her chin was tucked low, but I could see the slightest grin on her face. As she exited the car, she turned back and gave me a quick thumbs up before disappearing onto the train platform.

I remained in place as the doors closed, deciding that I’d ride the train up one more stop. Since I was already going to be late for work, I figured I might as well have a nice breakfast. When the train started moving again, I felt a scratching sensation on my hip. When I rubbed it, I noticed that something was tucked into the waistband of my panties. As casually as I could, I slipped my hand under the edge of my skirt and my fingertips felt a small clump of paper. I pulled it free and my eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw what it was: ten $100 bills folded in half. Tucked inside the fold was a business card.

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