Gino Takes Me Deep

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Alexa Pearl

For the second time I was sleeping with Gino, my new Italian lover who is the most down to earth guy I have ever met. There are no if’s and maybe’s about Gino, he is one positive guy which suits me fine and I simply rave for his style of loving to the hilt.

He likes to take our first morning issue nice and slowly. “No rush” he whispers, today is Sunday we can fuck the whole day if we want.”

After a few complications the first time we went for it, we had difficulties with fitting. He managed to get his ‘Italian Job’ half way but then came a block.

It had been a year since Danny dumped me so I guess I had tightened up and it took a lot of initiation with a dildo to open me up enough to accommodate Gin’s masterpiece.

But with Gino working the dildo into me it was great fun and he was making sure it did not hurt too much, the electronic dildo which matched the size of his cock. Getting it into my mouth was a work of art when he wanted oral stimulation. But it was all a part of what Gino was all about and right now, he has accomplished his aim to get a good fit and is presently situated wonderfully in the throbbing depths of my anus.

It feels lovely. It feels numb and essential. He holds it there for me to feel his strength inside me as he fucks me leant over his ‘fucking frame’ – my ass propped up high for his service.

He has adjusted the frame twice to take me in different ways so we can enjoy each other to the ultimate and now, Bahçelievler Escort just to feel him pause inside me makes me feel so wanted and complete.

He stroked my ass, nudges it a little too which is divine. This combined with the beautiful feel of him filling me up inside creates a need in me that I never had with Danny.

Although Danny fucked me good it could never be like Gino’s Italian Job. When he stops the stroking, the nudging and maybe a few slaps (he says he loves to see it wobble and promises to give me a real sound spanking in my skin tight jeans which will be nice) – when he stops and his hands begin to clutch my hind tight I know he is ready to fuck me proper, and he starts to thrust again and I am in a frenzy of passion, working my ass with him so we both get the very best sensuality.

I close my eyes and grit my teeth as he gets to the depth inside me where no other guy has been and I am completely his for the taking any way he wants me, ass up, ass down – any way he wants to fuck me.

He moans like an animal, like he is a gorilla clasping me around the middle as he gets the supreme fuck out of my ass.

He slaps me again, between thrusts and it hurts, it really does, He shows no mercy because it is part of the ritual I have to endure. But the feel of his beautiful deep fucking, gives me a passion which easily balances the pain and I simply want to be all ass for him. He can spank it, he Bahçelievler Escort Bayan can strap, paddle or whip it, he knows he can do what he likes and I will want that.

He tells me once my beautiful ass is imitated it will be fine and every time he pauses to hold the climax he compliments me for being the perfect fuck and then he starts up again and I feel the plunging inside as he clasps my ass cheeks, spreading them to give him access to an even deeper penetration and I feel he is probing right through me.

Then nearing the climax he has me standing again, and then kneeling as he wants me to suck him fervently and I do. I feel his heavy throb against my tongue and roll it around his p-hole awaiting the inevitable spurt of fresh hot spunk as he cries for me to finish him with a good deep throat sucking…

I take the bulge into my mouth and feel the glans enter my throat. The taste and scent of sex drives me on. I can still feel the consequence of his hard deep fucking in my ass and it feels like it is still there as I squeeze my mouth around the middle of his cock , writhing around now in my mouth, bulging my cheeks, it is lovely, so gratifying and pungent. His gasps tell me he is about to cum and I slip it out of my throat and open my mouth wide, my tongue extended to take his load.

I wank him off firmly to finish him off and when he spurts I am ready and feel the heat of his spunk garnish my tongue and Escort Bahçelievler lips, then he spunks again and my whole face is covered.

We both chill afterwards and I look forward to round two. He takes me again, this time over his lap for a real sound spanking on my bare ass. Examining me he tells me my asshole looks a lot more ready for fucking now and if I am really good he will let me sit on his face until he spunks me.

That is the ultimate of intimacies in my book. The feeling of his face wedged between my thighs as he sucks my ass and frisks me – I feel wonderful as his fingers tease my cock and balls making me want to cum so much. But more frisking and sucking and I do, spurting all over his chest. He smiles and licks my warm spunk as he wipes it from his chest and massages it into my ass, then licks and sucks it all up and that is perfection.

He has me again in the shower afterwards and gives me another sound spanking with the paddle which stings like hell, but my ass is soon soothed again with a through massage with coconut oil. And he kisses and strokes it nice and slowly, wanting me on my side, then on all fours and he treats me to frenzy of spurting cream cold from the fridge which eases the pain from the spanking..

He tells me we should take a break and perhaps more this evening, because he really has a hang up about spanking me in my skin-tight jeans.

We spend the rest of Sunday chilling and enjoying the consequences of our morning session. Occasionally Gino touches and kisses me which is truly wonderful. After lunch he unzipped in front of me and boldly announced “Here it is” and I taste it some more. Just a quickie and he puts it back like he is teasing me, but I know I shall be seeing more of it later My Italian Job supreme!

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