Girlfriend to Goddess

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The night my girlfriend discovered my fetish for nylons was the night we had sex for about the 4th time. We had been dating for a few months and I grew hornier each week that I was denied by her.

During this first few months, we would only have enough time to see each other on the weekends so I spent each week fantasizing about her pantyhose she had worn in the past. Every weekend, I hoped to see her dressed up in some sort of hosiery and that she would have enough time to fool around at my place. Unfortunately, each weekend passed uneventful.

There would be times where she would send me selfies during the week and she just happened to be wearing nylons or tights. These pictures kept me clinging onto my hope that one day, I’d get a chance to fuck her while feeling her sexy hose. However, the couple times that we had sex previously, she would remove her nylons completely as most women do before sex.

At this point in my life, I had only dated a couple girls. None of them were serious relationships and none of them ever wore hosiery.

I felt lucky to have met Sara. She was a petite, blonde 21 year old hipster. She typically wore nylons with her skirts and dresses as a way to accessorize.

Nylons were out of style so it was rare to meet a girl who incorporated hosiery into much of her wardrobe like she did.

The night my fetish was was revealed changed my life.

One Saturday night, we decided to go hang out near the airport to watch the planes come and go. She parked her SUV on a dirt path just off a road that was near the airstrip. We relaxed and cuddled in the back of her SUV with the hatch open so we could see the lights from the planes as they landed.

We were still the “honeymoon” phase in our relationship so it felt great just to cuddle but I couldn’t help myself from getting a hard on thinking about what might happen next. I planned on gently rubbing her ass under skirt because I knew this turned her on. I didn’t do so right away because I didn’t want to come on too strong. I waited a few minutes and continued our chit chat between kissing.

A few minutes later, I decided it would be a good time to make my move. I intensified our kissing, breathing deeply and caressing the back of her head as we locked tongues. It was working as planned because she was pushing back and forcing her tongue deep into my mouth. I slid my other hand down her back slowly and lifted the edge her of her fluffy skirt, exposing her pantyhosed ass to the cool night air. She responded by letting out a quiet moan.

I ran my fingertips across her silky ass until I could cup her asscheek. Her perfectly round ass felt amazing in the sheer fabric. I began groping her cheeks and sliding my hand into her crotch, admiring the smoothness of her hose. Her pussy was already red hot underneath her panties. I was so mesmerized by her pantyhose clad ass that I didn’t realize she was biting her lip.

“You know I like it when you play with my ass.” She said. I smiled and we continued kissing. “Hold on.” She said. She paused for a second to kick off her boots.

To be honest, I hated her boots. They weren’t sexy at all. They were stylish in a “rocker” sort of way. They certainly matched her personality konak escort and her style which was a little bit punky. After kicking off her boots, she revealed her striped tube socks she typically wore underneath her boots on top of her nylons. She wore these to help keep her feet from sweating too much. I stared at her socks imagining myself ripping them off because they were a huge turn off. I wanted what was underneath them.

“Do you like my rainbow socks?” She said giggling. It was obvious I was staring. “They’re cute.” I answered. I ran my hand down the side of her leg to her sock, secretly caressing the silky black nylon fabric along the way. I toyed with the idea of taking them off but I was too afraid. I still wasn’t sure about letting her find out my nylon/foot fetish. I wanted her to know so badly but I also wasn’t sure how she would react. I decided not to remove them and realized shortly after that this might just be another night of regret and missed opportunities.

She climbed on top of me and pressed her breasts against me while we resumed making out. I unbuckled her bra while she took off her top.

The cramped interior of her car didn’t offer much room but it allowed enough space to admire her pale, perky tits. She left her phone on to play music so the light from her screen bounced off her petite body. I rubbed her breasts and tweaked her nipples while she started to grind her pussy on me.

I massaged her silky thighs and hips underneath her skirt while she dry humped me. I expected that if we were to have sex this night, she would remove her pantyhose altogether so I didn’t rush things. It felt amazing just being able to feel her warm skin inside her sexy hose.

“Did you bring a condom?” She asked. “Yea…” I replied disappontly. I started to reach for my wallet but she stopped me. “Wait, let’s just play a little bit but don’t get too excited. OK?” She added. I wasn’t sure how long this was going to last because I was already rock hard.

She attempted to remove her pantyhose but quickly realized that this was nearly impossible while straddling me. “I think you’d better get on top.” She laughed. She rolled off me while I tried not to hit my head on the ceiling of the interior. She began peeling off her nylons from her ass along with her sheer polka dot panties but she stopped once her pussy was exposed. It was obvious the interior of the car did not allow a ton of headroom so she asked “Do you want me to take them all the way off?”. “No.” I answered without hesitation. “You sure? I won’t be able to spread my legs..” she said before I interrupted her. “It’s fine, I can just put your legs over my shoulders.” I replied.

Her small frame made her very flexible. This would become my favorite position since I could fuck her deeper. I placed her legs over my shoulders, taking the opportunity to see how sexy her legs looked with her stretchy hose bunched up at her knees.

I could barely see her tiny cunt in the moonlight. I still had no problem guiding my dick into her. “Slow!” She gasped at the feeling of my cock meeting her pussylips.

I know she was concerned about me cumming in her. I had already promised not to but what kuşadası escort she didn’t know was that I was oozing precum for awhile now. She wouldn’t notice because she was just as wet as I was.

My head was fully inside her now.

“God, that feels so much better.” She panted. We never had sex without a condom so this felt just as amazing to me. I gave her a second to savor the moment.

I slowly crept deeper into her vagina. Her pussy started clinching my dick tighter every millimeter I pushed. Her hands dug into my back like knives.

“Ohhhh fuck!” She stammered. I was about halfway in now. I stopped for a second. I didn’t stop for her though. I stopped because I needed to slow myself down. I could feel my dick throbbing harder.

She was breathing much deeper now. Her silky legs wrestled around, trapped by her pantyhose. Unfortunately, her tube socks were all that could feel around my neck.

“Deeper baby. I wanna feel you all the way inside me.” She whispered. Slowly, I pushed deeper into her. I was almost down to my balls when she let out a loud moan.

“Mmmmmm!” She moaned. Right then, a plane came in for a landing just overhead. The loud roar of the plane drowned out her pains of pleasure. Her legs started to shake. She pulled me in close for kiss. This forced my cock to the back of her cervix so she began crying out as we kissed. She screamed into my mouth while our tongues fought violently. It was a miracle that I didn’t cum inside her. After a few seconds, she caught her breath. “OK, let’s take a break.” She muttered.

I took this as a signal to pull out so I did but left my dick waiting at the entrance of her vagina, resting against her lips.

“Holy shit. You didn’t cum, did you?” She asked worried. “No, of course not.” I replied. “Wow, OK. Well, I did.” She said.

I eased back to allow her legs some room for her to catch her breath. She rested her feet on my shoulders for a second, her bright rainbow colored socks still shaking.

“You good?” I asked. She nodded. I started digging in my pocket for the condom. “What are you doing?” She asked. ” I was gonna get the condom…” I answered confused. “You don’t need that. Let’s keep playing around!” She laughed. I smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. She continued laughing and started prodding her pointed toes into my chest. The feeling of her cotton socks was soft but not very flattering. I grabbed her feet to stop her from poking me. I pressed my thumb into her sole to get a reaction.

“Whoa!” She shouted. Her eyes widened. “Wow, you’re really ticklish!” I said. She stared back at me with a grin and said nothing. I held her ankles together with one hand and gently pressed my thumb back into her sole. She immediately started squirming.

“No no no, please don’t!” She pleaded. I stopped. “I thought you said you wanted to play around?” I answered sarcastically. She rolled her eyes.

I calmly rolled one of the rainbow socks down and slipped it off her foot. My heart began racing. Her hot nylon foot was finally exposed and in my face. The moonlight illuminated just enough of her toes to catch the individual strands of nylon expanding and contracting foça escort as her foot wrestled within my grip on her ankle. She freed her foot from my grip and it disappeared into the shadows.

“Please, don’t tickle me.” She pleaded. I sighed and said “I’m not gonna tickle you. Trust me.”. She didn’t believe me because I was still grinning. I reached for her ankle and grabbed her leg. She didn’t resist but I could sense her reluctance. I didn’t intend on tickling her.

I pretended as if I was just giving a harmless foot massage. “See.” I said. I continued my fake foot massage enjoying the heavenly feel of her sexy arch in my hand. I admired the slippery feel of her petite nylon foot. The dim light didn’t allow a great view of the sheer hosiery but by the touch, I imagined her nylons to be about a 20 denier.

“That actually feels really good.” She said. “But don’t get any ideas!” She added.

I rested her sexy foot on my shoulder while I removed her other sock. I proceeded to do the same massage on her other dainty foot. I noticed my cock pulsing again, pressing harder against her vagina.

“Sooo you wanna go again huh?” She said. I smiled and responded “Hold on, this is nice.” She kept smiling but seemed a bit confused. “C’mon, I can tell you wanna.” She added. I kept massaging her tiny feet while I pressed my cock forward inside her cunt. She rocked her head back and moaned.

I slowly inched my dick into her vagina while she closed her eyes. I took the opportunity to gaze at her silky feet directly in front of my face. Her beautiful arches flexed in the sheer nylon. Her toes fluttered behind the reinforced seams.

“Do you like that baby?” She said. She caught me in a dead stare with her feet.

I didn’t know what to say.

“You DO like it huh? You like ’em. You like my feet!” She said excitedly. I pushed forward deep into her pussy as she whimpered. “Mmmm!” She cried. I pulled my cock back. “God yes!” I shouted.

I pressed back into her vagina, starting a rhythm of repeated thrusts. She began panting and locked her eyes on me. “You like these feet?” She repeated. I could already feel my cock getting ready to explode. I ran my hands up and down her toned legs, feeling her pantyhose and staring at her feet.

“You like my slutty nylons?” She said breathlessly. “Mhmm!” I replied.

“Kiss them.” She ordered. Without hesitation, I kissed and mouthed her silky soles, worshipping every inch of her tiny feet. My cock was pumping in and out of her pussy violently now. She was having trouble talking between my thrusts. By now, I was no longer kissing her feet but sucking her toes and trying to fit her entire foot into my mouth.

“Don’t cum in me. Don’t cum in me.” She stammered. I pulled out right before my cock erupted and launched streams of cum into the crotch of her pantyhose. The faint light from her phone showed her hose and sheer panties striped with white globs of semen, dripping back down onto her pussy. My cock bounced with each pulse, spilling out some last remaining cum onto her cunt.

After a few seconds we both caught our breath again. She rested her feet back on my shoulders and adjusted her pantyhose which had recently been laddered along one leg.

“You know what you’re gonna buy me for my birthday?” She asked. “Uh, pantyhose?” I said laughing.

She slid her hand across the large run in her nylons and replied “No, stockings.”


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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