Girls Watching Guys Ch. 01

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Part One: Stacey’s View

My brother and I were recently out of high school, me being in my second year of county college, him working odd jobs that summer as he prepared for college himself. Because my school was in the next town, I lived at home during that time. It was the middle of summer when the following incident happened. It was something that deep down I had always wanted to witness. Had I lived in a dorm like a lot of other college girls, considering the wild stories that come from those places, I’m sure I would have had even more exciting stories to tell. But living at home as I was, what happened that one afternoon I fondly remember and think about it often.

A couple of weeks ago over at my friend’s house, while we were talking about guy things, she mentioned that her brother jerked off in the shower all the time. I asked how she knew this, and she said she poked her head in the bathroom a few times and could see him in the shower doing it. We had a good giggle over this one, as you may imagine. For some reason it had never occurred to me that my own brother Gary might be stroking it in the shower too. I had heard him doing it in bed at night every once in a while (which was fun to listen to under the covers in my own dark room!), but I never considered he might also be doing it in the shower.

So, later that week when my brother and I were home alone (our parents having gone out for the day), I saw Gary go into the shower about three in the afternoon. It seemed an odd time for him to take a shower, and then I remembered what my friend had said about catching her brother. Having only heard him stroking it when he was in bed, I had never actually gotten to watch a guy playing with himself, so the irresistible urge of curiosity taking over, this opportunity was too much for an inquisitive young woman like me to pass up! Nobody else was home, and nobody was expected home for a few hours, so as I briefly weighed the risks of getting caught doing this, my female curiosity overcame any reason I could think of why I shouldn’t be doing this.

I made my way to the bathroom door, and grabbed the key that we kept above the door frame. I paused there for a few moments, debating if I really wanted to go through with this little scheme. Spying on someone was something I had never done before, and more importantly, spying on my own brother made it an even greater no no. But the curiosity of what he might be doing in there was too much to fight, and finally I gave in to my dark side. As quietly as I could I unlocked the door, my fingers shaking at the forbidden thing I was about to do, and opened it slowly just a crack.

The rush of warm air that pushed out at me, and the increased sound of the water in the shower sent a tingle of excitement down my body. The way our bathroom is laid out, the door opens on the right hand side, the same side that the double sink is on, with the shower on the left side of the room. So looking in through the slightly opened door, I was looking at the reflection of the entire length of the shower. We have a glass sliding door for the shower, fortunately for me this day a totally clear one, so from my spot outside the door I could see my brother’s naked body perfectly, every little detail of it.

I had peeked in with the idea that I might be seeing him playing with himself, but as it was he was actually taking a shower. That fact didn’t make me leave of course, once I saw the wet naked male body before me, I wasn’t going anywhere soon. I had seen him naked a few times before in passing, but spying on him like this made it seem all the more exciting. He had his back to me at the time, cleaning his hair, so I got a very ample and long look at his butt. I enjoyed its appearance with great relish. It was a far longer look then I ever would have dared if someone else was around!

As he was done cleaning his hair Gary turned to the right, facing the sliding glass door, in effect giving me a full frontal view of him. My eyes instantly went down between his legs at the part of his anatomy I most wanted to see. Spying on him from my secret spot, I was able to get a good long look at his entire package, and my heart was pounding as my eyes inspected every square inch. His penis was completely flaccid (I had never actually seen him hard), and was laying on his sac which hung down rather loose, which is the kind of sac I like the best.

I stood there eagerly watching his genitals, and enjoyed how his dick and balls bounced around as he cleaned himself. Getting such a close inspection of a guy’s package, it was little wonder I was beginning to get turned on by the sight before me. I felt so naughty spying on him like this, and with each passing moment I realized it was becoming more impossible to move away from my secret spot at the door had I wanted to.

As I continued to take in the wonderful frontal view of the male genitals, it began to occur to me that it looked like it had gotten a bit more plump. As he cleaned his upper body, I looked back ümraniye escort down again and realized he was indeed more plump. As I sat there transfixed on his penis, without any physical contact, it ever so slowly began to grow a little at a time. I gasped at the thought that I was watching it become erect. It was an amazing thing to watch this small little thing laying on his sac a few moments ago slowly grow in size, until it doubled its length, the head finally beginning to rise off his sac and point out on its own.

I only wish I could see the look on my own face as I watched his penis grow erect for the first time, I was totally mesmerized by the image. I think it’s because of that day that I still love watching a guy grow hard without any contact. I always have my lovers put their hands behind their backs so I can see it grow on its own. Soon his dick was near its full length and sticking straight away from his body, and to my surprise kept rising more until it was pointing upwards about forty five degrees. My god, that looked so amazing to me. His penis sticking upwards, and his loose balls hanging down between his legs really made it look impressive.

For a girl who wasn’t used to seeing such stuff that often, his full and upright erection looked simply enormous to me. In reality it was your averaged sized hard on I guess, but in comparison to what I had, and comparing it to how it looked when soft, the difference in size was impressive to say the least. I was simply in love with the size of it, the shape of it, the way it stood upright, and most of all how full it was. It looked so rock hard I could only imagine how turned on he must be for it to look that stiff, and wondered what that must feel like for a guy.

I also wondered what had turned him on that much to make it so hard. Only after it stopped growing did I realize I had my own hand down my pants, I had actually started masturbating before he did. I can only imagine with horror the situation of my mother coming home and seeing me with my hand down my pants peeking into the shower at my brother’s erection! I’m quite thankful this never happened. (Although in hindsight I’m sure she would have understood, being that age once herself, don’t you think?)

When he was totally erect, for some reason he started to move his hips from side to side for a bit, and I watched with amazement as his erection swayed back and forth. It reminded me of the way a tree swayed back and forth in a heavy wind. He was looking down at it as he did so, I guess he was getting a kick out of seeing his hardon bounce around like that. With him now being erect and checking himself out, it was to my great excitement that I realized he was probably going to start playing with himself soon.

I had always disliked the fact that our shower door was totally clear instead of at least being shaded or textured, because I felt so exposed when I was in there, it felt like being on display in a fish bowl. But now with what I had before me, I was very thankful that my parents did buy this totally clear door, I could see my brother’s naked body in very minute detail.

As I continued to finger myself, he finally put one of his hands down there, and to my surprise bypassed his stiff erection completely, instead taking one of his balls in his hands. He seemed to be feeling it for a bit, which seemed puzzling, and after about a minute of touching himself like this moved over to feel his other ball the same way for a while. I had no idea why he was doing this, but it definitely was exciting to be watching him touch his balls like this. When he was done massaging his second ball, he then pressed upwards against his body and coughed, then went back to the other side and did the same thing. Quizzically I looked up at him and saw he had turned his head to cough this second time. “Turn your head and cough.”

I had heard guys joke about this and I realized this to be part of what happens to them at the doctors. My brother was pretending to give himself an exam down there like at the doctors! I don’t know why, but I found the idea of him giving himself a “genital exam” incredibly erotic as his hands felt his balls again the same way. The vision of him touching himself in this medical kind of way sent me over the edge, I don’t know why, and right outside the door I had a very unexpected and sudden orgasm that I wasn’t prepared for. It quite caught me by surprise, and because of that I’m not sure how quiet I really was about it or if he could have heard anything. I’m sure some orgasmic sounds slipped past my lips, as I wasn’t anticipating this, and I deeply hoped the sound of the water would wash out any of my own emissions.

As the orgasm subsided, I was shocked with myself, that I not only found watching him play doctor with himself incredibly erotic, but the mere thought of it had made me come quickly. For a second I was afraid that if he had heard me my spying on him would be compromised. But opening my eyes I realized he was continuing on with his pendik escort erotic little exam again. He felt each ball one more time, then lifted each one up, turning his head and coughing again. To this day I secretly enjoy the fact that he has a bit of a medical fetish. And yes, I sometimes masturbate imagining that I’m the one giving him the exam.

Finally, I guess he could stand his arousal no longer. His stiff erection (an unusual and truly beautiful sight to a highly inexperienced girl like me) had merely bounced around craving contact while he played doctor with his balls. Now up came his hand, and he took it in his entire hand. Oh, my inexperience, I laugh at it now, but I figured guys do it similar to girls, by rubbing just the tips of their fingers against the penis. So I was quite surprised to see him lay his penis in his palm and wrap his fingers completely around it, and begin stroking up and down the entire length.

My mouth must have fallen wide open watching this completely new thing for the first time. The motion he used on himself, along with the way he gripped it with his entire hand was so different than anything I expected. What struck me is how completely different it was from how us girls did it. It was like he was putting his entire fist and arm into it.

I think I had to remember to breathe in these opening moments, I was so mesmerized and awestruck at the sight before me. I could not believe after all these years I was finally seeing how a guy got himself off. The fact that I had just orgasmed a minute ago didn’t seem to matter any more, with the new sight before me my fingers were down my pants again hurriedly going at it. I then and there was sold on the concept that watching a guy play with himself is one of the most erotic things in the whole world. Hearing him do it in his bedroom was exciting enough, and left a lot to the fertile imagination. But seeing his lean naked body, his super stiff erection, and his fist going back and forth over it while his wonderful sack bounced about was almost too much for me to take.

I was having trouble standing at the door trying to peek in while I was rubbing myself like this. Extreme horniness eventually overcomes fear and discretion, and as aroused as I was I absolutely needed a better view of what he was doing, even if it risked being discovered, so I pushed the door open a good 8″. Within moments he quickly picked up his pace, grunted in pleasure, and then abruptly stopped his stroking, taking his hands away entirely. At first I thought Gary had orgasmed, but didn’t see anything come out, so I assumed he had just stopped for a minute, though I couldn’t figure out what would have made him stop.

He paused for a few seconds, and it gave me a moment (while I continued to stare at that wonderful erection) to reflect on what I had just witnessed. Male masturbation was instantly my number one fascination. The fact that I was spying on him without him knowing I was there made it even more delicious. Here Gary was behind a locked door, the sound of the water drowning out the stroking sounds his hand was making, never expecting anyone knew what he was really doing in there. But I knew, I now knew all his little secrets, and I was watching every little motion his hand was doing, and he had no idea. Clearly my naughtiest secret to date!

He took the base of his dick between two fingers, one finger on top and one on the underside, and slowly pushed them up towards the tip. With the other hand one finger touched right by his pee hole, and he slowly pulled it away nearly a foot as he watched what he was doing. It wasn’t until a closer inspection through the mirror and shower door that I realized he had squeezed his pre cum out his tip and was looking at it extend like a string! What he did next floored me, he wiped the rest of it off his dick with his finger and put it to his mouth tasting it. His masturbating sister behind the door almost had her second orgasm realizing he was tasting himself. He was proving full of surprises today with the things he was doing.

I guess his little “rest” was complete now, his hand once again gripped his erection as it had done earlier, what a wonderful sight for a female to behold, and he began once again stroking up and down. It occurred to me that he wasn’t doing it with a straight up down motion, but as his hand went up, he sort of twisted his hand to the side a little with each stroke, I guess it must have felt better for him to do it that way. In no time at all we were both masturbating again, him moderately stroking in the privacy of the shower, and me furiously fingering while peeking through the door at his intimate and private moment.

This time he did not stop abruptly like before, but kept doing it in a good even motion. After a few moments his other hand came down, and began to feel one of his balls while he stroked himself. The added stimulation made him moan a little bit, that familiar moan I had heard when he did it in bed at night. His face was very bostancı escort placid, looking right down at what he was doing to himself, as one hand stroked his stiffness and the other played with his balls.

It was ridiculous just how wet my own groin was, my panties were now soaked; somewhere along the line I had realized the futility of pants, and they had dropped down to my ankles, giving me better freedom to get at my own goods. While the fingers of one hand furiously played with my button, my other hand reached down to feel my labia, just the way Gary’s other hand was playing with his balls. I was trying to imagine what that felt like feeling them in his own hands.

By now his hand was stroking considerably faster than it had done earlier, and I could see the way his body was moving around, and the wonderful look on his face that he was getting close to the end. He began whimpering slightly, and I would have been whimpering too if I wasn’t trying so damn hard to keep from being discovered. Had the door been closed I probably wouldn’t have heard his noises; but the door wasn’t closed, his curiously horny sister was listening to every single moan and groan he made, eyeing hungrily his now increasing body language as his hips began to move back and forth and he began to hunch over.

He now took his other hand off his balls, and soon he was stroking himself furiously with both hands. This two fisted action was an incredible thing for me to watch. For the better part of a minute he masturbated this way, and the gasps and moans kept coming more audible, until that last final stage. A series of very guttural grunts took him, his face now looked in pain, and he thrust his hips forward and I realized I was about to see the best part of a man’s jacking off: him shooting his load.

I really wasn’t sure just what a guy looked like when he came. I knew it was white in color, but had no idea how it came out, so I was waiting with baited breath to see this happen for the first time. Not surprisingly, when it did happen I was not the least bit disappointed. One long loud grunt took him, his body hunched over, he thrust his hips forward once more and as his penis pointed upward, I saw the most wonderful display of the male orgasm. Several long white jets of sperm shot out of his hole, up into the air, landing on the shower glass before him at chest level. I was beside myself with how much fluid came out, and how high it shot on the glass.

I really had not expected that guys came that much or that far, so it was incredibly impressive to watch this happen. Once again I found my mouth hanging wide open with a wide grin, and the sight of him spurting like that sent me to another delicious orgasm behind the door. Gary looked physically exhausted after such an extreme display, and leaned back at last against the shower tile to rest, his erection still leaking out some remaining ejaculate.

I looked at that wonder known as male ejaculate, and marveled at how high in the air it shot out. As the white fluid began to drip down the length of the shower glass in long streams I couldn’t help thinking how dirty that looked. I was watching a guy’s cum drip down the glass. Even though he was finished, my eyes were still busy taking it all in, actively switching between the lines of white cum dripping down the glass, the post orgasmic look on his face, and his hard on slowly coming back down. It was exciting watching it ever so slowly come down to earth, for some reason it reminded me of the way an ice cube melted.

After about a minute of standing there, he finally picked up his now half erect penis in his hand, and as he did earlier, squeezed it from base to tip, and I watched as the remaining sperm was squeezed out of his dick hole, and hung there on a string. He took the string in his hands, and again moved it up to his mouth to taste it. I couldn’t take anymore after seeing this, I quickly pulled up my pants and headed back to my bedroom. Halfway there I stopped, and headed back, remembering to close the bathroom door lest he realize I was there!

I quickly retired to my bedroom and began fingering myself again. I couldn’t get the image out of my head of his naked body, and his hands busily rubbing his dick. And the scene of male ejaculate all over the shower glass once again sent me directly towards another orgasm. I heard him open the bathroom door after he was dressed, and as he walked by my own room to get to his own, there I lay on my bed with legs spread wide apart, imagining my door was open so he could see right down between my legs at what *I* was doing to myself. Knowing he was just outside my door, mere feet from me masturbating on my bed, my third and final orgasm ensued.

I’m sure he had to have heard that one, I was so horny at that point I really didn’t care if he heard. Because I was focusing solely on my own orgasm this time instead of watching his, it was the most powerful of the three, and I’m sure the sounds that escaped me confirmed that. I hope he enjoyed it! After watching him doing it, I guess it was only fair that he should sort of catch me doing it as well. I think I fell asleep like that, wearing no pants, legs spread wide, juices all over my groin, and my equally wet fingers still lying on my pussy.

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