Giving into the Lust Pt. 06

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When I wake I know where I am instantly. Your strong arm is wrapped around me. I hear your gentle snores and my hand is on your stomach. I feel the rise and fall of your chest. I open my eyes and watch you for a few minutes. You look so handsome when you sleep. I worry that I’ve fallen a little bit in love with you, but I don’t really care. I try not to move at all because watching you sleep is the most intimate thing I’ve ever witnessed. Your lips are slightly parted as if waiting for your lover. I wonder if you dream of me. I wonder if you, like me, lie awake at night remembering our times together, wishing it was me next to you.

I know this spell has to be broken soon. Rick will wake soon, hungover as hell, probably a little pissed and embarrassed about last night. This contact we’re having right now might be our last for awhile.

Your eyelids flutter open and your eyes drift to me and you smile. “Oh good, it wasn’t a dream.” You pull me closer and kiss my forehead.

“I have to go wake up Rick. He and Sarah were so drunk they probably don’t even remember last night and if they find us in bed together with no memory of last night we could be fucked.” I kiss him softly on the lips and reluctantly stand up, throwing on my clothes from last night.

“I’m going to take a shower. If you’re gone when I get out…” His sentence trailed off. I’m not sure what he was going to say, but there were about two million things I could think of to say there and I didn’t want to say any of them.

“Yea… I know.” I walked out of the spare bedroom and down to the master bedroom. My expectation was to find them passed out where we left them. I peak in the door to see Sarah’s back, her long blond hair wet from the shower hanging down it. She’s rocking back and forth on my husband. His hands on her tits. Oh my god. They’re still fucking. Well if that’s how we’re going to play this…

My clothes are coming off as I’m walking down the hall to the bathroom. I pull the shower door open and you turn around and smile at the sight of me standing there naked.

“You changed your mind?” You pull me to you, your hot wet body suctioning to me, your mouth on my neck.

“What changed my mind was the sight of your wife bouncing up and down on my husband.” You pull back, a shocked look on your face.

“I did not see that coming.” You laugh. matadorbet “I guess we take advantage of it.” You lift me up and wrap my legs around you, burying your face in my neck and your dick deep inside, an exact fit. You lock your eyes on mine, a contact we don’t break while your hips keep a heartbeat rhythm inside me. One I don’t want to end.

Downstairs we round the corner to the kitchen. Sarah’s making pancakes with Rick behind her, his hands on her hips, whispering in her ear and she’s giggling. It’s an oddly intimate, familiar thing for two people who just fucked for the first time 12 hours ago to do.

You’re behind me and I think you’re seeing this the same way I am. “This is strange.” You whisper in my ear. I nod.

Sarah notices us, but they don’t break contact. Rick’s hands snake around Sarah’s waist and whatever he whispers to her makes her laugh loudly. “There’s coffee here for you.” She points to the coffee maker.

Rick finally looks at me and says “Sarah makes the best coffee I’ve ever had.” They grab their coffee and pancakes and head out to the back deck, leaving you and I standing there with our mouths open, confused. You pour me a cup of coffee and mix it just how I like, heavy cream one sweet and low. “How did you know…” I ask.

You smile. “I know everything about you.”

We go out to the back deck where Rick and Sarah are chatting about something very excitedly. He’s eating pancakes. Rick doesn’t eat breakfast. Ever.

Sarah puts her hand over Rick’s. I notice she has a piece of paper in her hand. She addresses all of us. “Rick and I have a proposition for you two.”

She sets the piece of paper in the middle of the table. At the top it says “Operation Wife Swap” and there is a numbered list of rules.

You and I grab it and read it together.

For one weekend every month, the couples swap wives for 48 hours, 6:00 p.m Friday to 6:00 p.m. Sunday.


1) You talk about this to nobody. If anyone finds out, it’s over.

2) During this weekend you don’t leave the house. No dates. Get take out and movie rentals if you must do something other than fuck. If you leave the house it risks number 1.

3) No fucking outside the weekend. No back of the car escapades. No hotels. Nothing.

4) No contact with spouse during the weekend.

5) If matadorbet giriş you must end the weekend early for whatever reason, go find somewhere else to be and don’t ruin the other couple’s weekend.

There was a place at the bottom for four signatures. Rick and Sarah had already signed it.

This was a very official piece of paper. I look at you. I can’t really read your face. I can’t tell how you feel about it.

“Any questions?” Sarah asks. “No? Rick and I would like to start the first weekend right now. It’s Memorial Day weekend so we still have two days left in the weekend. I’ve already packed a bag, I’ll be back on Monday.” She tossed the pen on the table and it rolled between us. You pick up the pen before it stops rolling and sign your name. You hold the pen out for me. Your eyes are dancing. I put the pen to the page and enthusiastically sign my name.

I swear Rick and Sarah were out of the driveway before the ink was dry. You lean back in your chair and take a sip of your coffee, your eyes locked on mine over the mug. I laugh. “What just happened here?”

You grab my hand and pull me into your lap. “I don’t know, but it feels like my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one.” You tuck a strand of hair behind my ear.

Suddenly something occurs to me. Sarah left with a suitcase. All I have are the clothes i’m wearing from last night. “I just realize I don’t have any clothes!”

You laugh at me. “Silly girl, we don’t need clothes.” You snake your hand up my shirt and unsnap my bra “or bras.”

I lower my lips to yours. “That can be our own rule. No clothes.” I stand up and grab your hand pulling you up. Clothes are being shed right on the deck. It’s a cool morning and my nipples are erect.

You turn me around, your lips trailing down my back, you push my chest down onto the patio table. You pull my hips towards you. “I can’t wait to see how many places in this house and on your body we can defile. I’m gonna start right here.” The head of your dick enters me slowly and you moan. “I swear each time I fuck you it’s like the first time.” Your hands massage my ass cheeks, occasionally slapping one. I feel your balls slapping against me. “You’re so fucking hot bent over my table.” You fist your hand in my hair and pull me upright still slamming your cock deep inside me. Your mouth comes to my ear, I feel your hot breath. “I love fucking you.” You whisper. Your hand reaches down and strokes my already throbbing clit. I’m coming so hard I lose control of my legs. you support me with your own body as you continue to slam your exploding cock in me.

Halfway into the weekend I’m lying next to you on the couch watching a movie. Something I haven’t seen a second of because your fingers are making circles on my lower back and the trail of heat it leaves is all I can think about.

“There’s something different about you this weekend.” I say bravely. “Not once have you called me your slut, and usually our fucking is fast and angry, but it’s been slow and kind of beautiful.”

You smile at me. “Being away from you for 4 months was so hard. When I got you back in my arms on Friday I wanted to do whatever it took to keep you there. This thing between us started out as lust and fiery explosions and dirty sex, but after awhile I discovered I didn’t want to just fuck you I wanted to hold you and talk to you and spend time with you and that scared me.”

I hoist myself up and straddle you. I lower my face to yours. “Does it still scare you?”

“Totally” You say as you guide my hips onto yours. I lower myself, my lips parting for your hard cock as it easily slides in. My hips rock back and forth on you as you feast on my breasts, your hand working one while your mouth works the other. Your other hand finds its way to my ass, running your finger up and down the crack finding the tight hole and teasing it. My breath quickens as I grind faster on you. The friction between my clit and your pubic bone shooting sparks into my soul. You lift your pelvis to meet mine, your eyes locked on me, your lips pressed together in steady concentration as you unleash inside me. I collapse on you, my face buried in your neck, sweat sticking us together like glue.

Later that night, in a scarily familiar routine, we brush our teeth and crawl into bed. You pull me close, my back to your chest, your dick slowly growing harder with the touch. I’m exhausted from hours of sex. I go home tomorrow so I try to stay awake so I can enjoy every second of your touch, the feel of your skin on mine, your hand on my hip, your breath on my neck. After some time I feel your breathing slow down. Your hand on my hip relaxes a little. In this vulnerable time I take a deep breath and I say what has been circling in my heart for awhile now waiting for the right time to escape and make it’s way into the world. In a whisper heard only by no one I say “I love you.”

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