Giving Up Her Ass Ch. 02

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Kaylee sat at the outdoor metal mesh table picking at a giant salad while her friends Sophie and Andrea flanked her digging into equally huge mixed green salad bowls. They weren’t her best friends, but they were her most sexually open friends, and that’s why she had asked them out for lunch at a restaurant far away from the one where she worked.

Kaylee knew she’d gotten herself in pretty deep (pun very much intended) with her neighbor Rick. She and lived in a small apartment in the front of his house — it was the only place she could afford on her waitress salary, and even then only because he covered the utilities, and gave her a discount for cleaning his “apartment” (the rest of the house). Oh, and if that weren’t enough, she now had literally pledged him anal sex on a weekly basis as part of the deal. Her pussy started to tingle just thinking about thinking about their encounter yesterday where he took her “backside” virginity. She pushed that thought down. Getting aroused here in the restaurant was exactly the opposite of what she wanted. She needed help getting out of this situation. And that’s where Sophie and Andrea came in.

“I really don’t see what the problem is here,” said Andrea, before popping a Roma tomato in her mouth.

“The problem is that I love Sam, I want to marry him someday. Meanwhile, I’m cheating on him with a man who is twice our age!”

“Wait, wait, wait!” Sophie broke in, “First of all, you aren’t cheating…”

“Have you even been listening to me?” Kaylee glanced around and said in a clench-toothed whisper, “I had buttsex with my landlord!”

“That’s not cheating,” replied Sophie in a normal tone of voice, as if they were talking about the weather.

“Nope. Not cheating,” agreed Andrea, who was distractedly texting someone.

“But what am I supposed to do about this?”

“Look,” said Andrea, glancing up from her phone, “who pays the rent? You do. So, Sam has no right to complain about how you choose to pay it. And you’re sikiş hikayeleri still giving him food and pussy, so he has no reason to doubt your commitment to the relationship…”

“I am!”

“Exactly,” Andrea continued, “so stop worrying and enjoy what you have.”

Kaylee never mentioned that she had a plug in her ass at that very moment, and was frequently aroused at random times throughout the day whenever she squirmed in her seat.

That night Kaylee stood in front of her bathroom mirror, she just finished brushing her teeth, and was making a final check of her hair and makeup before jumping in bed with Sam. She knew Sam was expecting sex that night, and she intended to deliver — courtesy of the plug in her ass she’d been hot and bothered all day. The plug… if she twisted just right she could get a glimpse of it, and when she did her thoughts were transported back to the previous day in her landlord’s bedroom. What had possessed her to brazenly enter his home sans panties? To bed over his bed perched on two high heels and the fingertips of her left hand? To flip her skirt up? To expose her ass to him? And to make that fateful promise? Her own words still rang in her ears, “Once a week my ass is yours… Sir.”

All day long she had been telling herself that she had no choice. That her 50-year-old neighbor, part-time employer, and landlord had made her do it. That he had backed her into a corner where she had no choice but to pay up with her body — but deep down, she knew the truth, she had initiated it. Deliberately left his bed unmade to provoke a response. She wanted… no needed to be owned by him. To be one of his… to be one of his… even in her head it was hard to say it… to be one of his… one of his… “bitches”…

She could still feel his hand pressing firmly on her right shoulder. His booted foot alternating little tap kicks against each of her in-steps, spreading her legs apart one little kick at a time, while she fought to remain balanced on 3-inch heels. When her legs were sufficiently spread for his liking, the hand on her shoulder moved slowly to the back of her neck, and down her spine, her nipples were rock hard, her breath caught in her throat, her senses heightened. When his hand reached her ass, it did a circle over her right butt cheek, then grabbed it roughly, released, and then came down in a single hard smack.

Kaylee stifled a yelp. She wanted to maintain some decorum. Around Sam she could squeal and giggle and make girlish noises because he was her boyfriend. But Rick wasn’t a boy, Rick was a man, and his maturity elicited a desire in her to act more mature and ladylike around him.

The spankings continued… SMACK… SMACK… SMACK! She lost count of how many times she was spanked, she lost track of everything, even time, until eventually the hard stinging gave way to a general and surprisingly pleasant warmth of her posterior. That’s when she noticed a spot of wetness on her left inner thigh. It took long minutes before Kaylee realized it was a trail of her own juices — she was wetter than she’d ever been in her life — she was literally dripping!

Then his hand was sliding down, between her folds, back and forth, back and forth. She just wanted to feel him in her hole. But the fingers relentlessly teased the area around her clit, without ever touching the clit or penetrating her hole. She felt hot. Feverish. He was driving her crazy! Eventually on a forward stroke, he slid his thumb inside her. He continued the sliding his hand back and forth as if repeatedly reaching out in a “handshake” motion — inserting and withdrawing his thumb – fucking her – with his thumb. The squishy, sloshy sounds were obscene. Why wouldn’t he just fuck her already?

Then he withdrew. His thumb pressed against her butt hole… he had just been lubing his thumb up for… for… oh, god, he was slipping his thumb into her butt!

“Kay..! You O.K. in there..?”

Shit… Sam. She’d forgotten all about him, lost in her memories of the previous day. She pulled her fingers out of her panties where she’d been unconsciously rubbing herself.

“Be right out!”

She had put Sam off long enough — she had to make love to him — but how to do it without him seeing Rick’s plug in her ass? She had a plan. She took one last look at herself in the mirror satin pink camisole and boy shorts, makeup perfect, tousled hair… yup, she looked hot. Let’s do this!

She stood silhouetted in the bathroom doorway. Sam, sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing nothing but an open robe, gaped. She looked unbelievable. His eyes traveled from her freshly painted toes, up her long, willowy legs, her bare midriff, up her sinuous body to where her pebble like nipples pushed the silky fabric out, and then further up her neck, to her face. So pretty! And almost in perfect time with gaze — his dick rose pointing first at her feet, and then upward following his gaze — whether his eyes were blazing the trail for his dick, or if it was pointing to where his eyes should look until fully aroused, his face and his member both angled up toward her in reverence.

Kaylee took two long, confident strides toward him and pushed him backward onto the bed. He ended up sitting his eyes at tit-level, his dick pushing into her belly button.

“Lie back, Baby,” she breathed in a husky voice. She slowly knelt down between his legs that were hanging off the bed, letting the silky fabric of her camisole brush his body on the way down, then tilting her head as close to floor as she could she started a long, slow trail with the tip of her tongue, vertically up his left leg, until reaching the inside of his knee, then following the 90 degree angle of his legs, horizontally up his inner thigh to his scrotum. He was moaning uncontrollably now. Although she was about to suck him off, she knew metaphorically, he was eating out of the palm of her hand, and literally he would soon be eating out another part of her. She was right where she wanted him. She might… just might… be able to pull this off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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