Glorious Disaster

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Big Tits

Obviously this is not something I would encoruage or allow to happen in real-life. It’s dangerous in every physical way imagineable; hence why it is a fantasy only.

Thank you!


Michael and Valentina were open about their fantasies and had, on several occasions, acted many of them out. One time Valentina was dressed in skimpy lingerie and a long, heavy jacket. When they found themselves alone in the dark on a children’s playground she undid her jacket and let it drop to the ground. Mike fucked her bent over a picnic table. Fantasies of acting/dressing slutty in public and fucking in public had been fulfilled. Valentina learned, with much practice, how to deep throat Mike’s 7 inch dick; that was another fantasy fulfilled. Facial cum shot — check. Anal — check. Anal with a dildo in her pussy — check. Threesome — check.

It seemed these days that every time Michael and Valentina were fucking that they would admit to each other nastier and nastier fantasies. If you know them outside of their bedroom it would be hard to guess that they talked about gangbangs, rape fantasies, gloryholes, double pussy penetration, etc. The list could go on. Both of them worked hard — Valentina in a café during the day and at a bar part time in the evenings and Michael was the executive assistant to the owner of an architectural firm. They lived together in the top-floor of a well-maintained, old house in an OK part of the city. They weren’t surrounded by millionaires but they didn’t have anyone asking them for money outside their front door.

They had been living together now for a year and when Michael reflected on their time together he was always so shocked. He had always had fantasies but had been afraid to admit them to past girlfriends but Valentina knew how to bring it out of him. She was so open and honest about her fantasies that Michael couldn’t help but share his. Michael was intelligent albeit impulsive and attractive. He was over 6 feet tall with an athletic build. He did his best to workout 4 days a week so that he could maintain a lean physique. Valentina was average height at 5’6″ but she always seemed taller to people. Her long dark hair and big dark eyes communicated her Spanish heritage as strongly as her name did. The two of them had reasonable arguments that always ended with them being more in love, they loved talking about art and philosophy and drinking wine and going on long walks. As it turned out, they also both loved talking about porn, gangbangs, rape role-play, rough sex, and a broad list of other kinks.

There openness in discussion had but one flaw — it was discussion only. When they were fucking or watching porn together Valentina would love telling Mike about her rape fantasies. About how she wanted to be tied up and used in every imaginable way for the pleasure of the men who had her. She wanted to feel helpless and used and she wanted to be the object of all men’s desire. Mike told her he could try to organize a gangbang or a rape role play and she always agreed until she came. Then when everything calmed down she would say in a disappointed tone, “Well… Let’s organize it later.” She sometimes even commented on how she wished she could just be as horny as she was while they watched porn so that she would go through with these things. So Michael came up with a plan…

On a Friday morning before the two of them left for work Michael stood in front of his sweet girlfriend and told her, “Today you’re going to suck my cock.” Michael said it with authority but it still made Valentina giggle before she replied, “I always suck your cock. So… OK.” She approached him and began playing with his belt buckle. Michael let her have this moment and watched her drop to her knees in the middle of their kitchen and pull out his semi-hard prick. She smiled at it before taking it all into her mouth. She sighed with pleasure as it began growing between her lips.

“You don’t understand,” said Mike. “You’re going to suck my cock and that’s it. Maybe I will touch your tits a bit but nothing is touching your pussy — not even you. Not until this evening.” Valentina pulled her mouth off of Michael’s cock and looked at him in disbelief, “That hardly seems fair. Explain more, please.” She obviously had no intention of sucking his cock any more until he continued explaining but Michael knew she was easy to control. He pushed his dick back in her mouth and she hardly hesitated to begin sucking it again.

“Mmm… keep sucking it baby while I explain. Sucking my cock makes you horny so this is how we will start. Then you have to go to work for 8 hours thinking about all of this. Next, dressing sexy makes you horny, so you can do that when you’re home. Finally, perverted things in public make you horny so we can move on to that at the gloryholes or the porn theatre. You told me you want to go to both.” Michael dropped his hand to the back of her head and began thrusting his hips — he was more gaziantep bayan escort interested in fucking her face than getting a blowjob. He grabbed her hair and pulled her off of his cock so she could answer him.

“Mhmm… I want that, baby! What will we do when we’re there?” She dropped one hand between her legs and started trying to play with her pussy through her tight jeans. Michael leaned over and grabbed her hand roughly and scolded her like she was a dog. “No! No touching yourself yet! Save it for when we go out.” He smiled wickedly and she smiled back before opening her mouth and licking the head of his cock.

As Michael fucked her face in the kitchen he told her all of the naughty things that they often recited to each other. “You can wear that lingerie and bring a toy and I will secretly take photos of you without the flash as you play with yourself in the porn theatre. Or we can go watch porn in a gloryhole booth and I will tie your hands behind your back and fuck you while other perverts watch us through the holes. You want that, baby? You want to be a hot little fucking slut?” Michael’s orgasm was building and as Valentina struggled to acknowledge Michael with a simple, “Mhmm…” Michael pushed his cock deep into her throat so she could no longer breathe. Michael’s cum exploded into his girlfriends hot mouth and throat and he withdrew it enough that she could breathe and taste his cum on her tongue — she loved that. She spent a minute sucking him and cleaning him as his dick went limp and then looked up, “So when do I get my turn?”

They both spent the next 8 hours thinking about what was going to happen and if Valentina knew that she wouldn’t make so much noise she would have got herself off in the bathroom at work. As soon as arrived at home she got into her black lingerie set with garter and panties that could be untied at both sides. She had stocking that came up to the middle of her thighs and she wore a tasteful pair of black heels. Her black bra emphasized her C-cups well and she knew it. When she went into the living room she could hear the familiar sound of porn and there sat her boyfriend, stroking his hard cock and watching a large screen that showed 1 woman being fucked mercilessly by 4 men. Valentina loved watching this particular video and did so at least 3 times a week. Half the time the woman’s face was in agony and the other half it was in pure ecstasy. Her wetness hadn’t fully left her from the face-fucking because she couldn’t stop thinking of what was to come and now she was wearing this outfit and it made her even more wet. Seeing her boyfriend’s hard cock out was too much — she needed his cock.

She went over and straddled him in the chair and began kissing him deeply as she ground her thin, silk panties against his huge, hard cock. For a moment Michael almost gave in before he stood up with her still attached and pulled her off of him. “Get your jacket on, you horny little slut,” he smiled, “we can go now! Oh! And don’t forget any toys you want!”

Valentina was insane with lust and could have left without her jacket. The sun was now setting and in her crazed logic that would have been cover enough right now. “Where are we going?” asked Michael. He figured it would be more fun to let her have the choice. She grabbed her largest purse as they headed out and as she passed him she said, “Let’s do both. Which is closer?” Michael smiled to himself — the perfect plan.

It took them 15 minutes to drive to the porn shop that had the “peep shows” — everyone knew that was code language for Glory Holes. There was no one inside the store other than the man behind the counter who acted surprisingly non-pervertedly. He didn’t look Valentina up and down; he didn’t smile an evil smile. In fact, he just looked up and said, “Let me know if you need something…”

Michael took his time and browsed through DVDs and toys but Valentina just found it aggravating — she wanted to cum! She had been horny now for over 10 hours. She walked up to the man at the desk as calm as possible and asked him for tokens to watch porn in the booth. This time the man looked her up and down before he spoke up. “You can’t go back there. Dangerous for ladies to go alone. There are a couple guys back there and I can barely hear a thing that goes on back there.”

For a moment Valentina hesitated. Maybe he was right… She turned to her boyfriend, “How long would it take us to get to the next place?” she said across the store. Michael walked up beside her and told her 30 or 40 minutes — decidedly too long for Valentina. “I’m not going alone,” she pleaded with the man at the desk. “He and I are going to share a room… Come on…” Mike put a $20 on the table. “I only want $10 worth of tokens, you can keep the change.”

The man shrugged, took the bill and dropped a handful of tokens in Michael’s hands. “Have fun!” The couple began headed through the back door and as it shut behind them and they disappeared into the blackness the man remembered, “Shit! I should have told them some of the locks are fucked!”

It was so dark in the hallways that you couldn’t see a thing at first. Valentina could feel her pulse raging through her body from the excitement, the anticipation and the fear she was experiencing. Michael hand found itself on her lower back and guided her through the hallways slowly. It was enormous and they thought that there must have been 20 booths. They could hear moans and screams coming from within the booths — the movies the other patrons were watching no doubt. They found a hallway toward the end that seemed relatively private and they took the 3rd of 4 doors. It was a bit small inside for 2 people but they enjoyed being close and as soon as they shut the door behind them Valentina put her purse down and dropped her jacket. She kneeled on her jacket and didn’t waste any time removing Michael’s pants. “Turn some porn on and then fuck me!”

Michael was shocked at how desperate she was and how loud she had said that considering that they were in a relatively quiet section. Michael was almost hard when she pulled his dick out and she let her fingers drop between her legs and sighed as she finally got the gratification she needed. Michael inserted coins and flipped through the channels until he found a scene where a woman was getting gangbanged. She was smiling while it happened which they both hated but she was making hot noises and she was taking some enormous cocks. “You better fucking use me hard, you bastard! Making me wait all this time! I want your cock in every hole, Michael!” she was loud again and didn’t seem to care. Michael turned up the volume a bit just so they wouldn’t end up with a gang of desperate men waiting for his girlfriend outside their booth. He considered for a moment though that maybe she was trying to draw a crowd.

She sucked Michael’s cock expertly for only a minute or two before he remembered that she had toys in her purse. He leaned over and picked up her purse to browse through it: Dildo, butt plug, blindfold, handcuffs, camera and her collar. “Jesus, you weren’t fucking around!” She smiled up at him, “Nope. I want to use it all…”

Michael pulled out the handcuffs and told her to standup with her back to him. He roughly attached the cuffs and then decided to add the blindfold. He helped her back on to her knees and began pumping his dick into her face. It was hot but they weren’t certain if anyone was watching them yet and between breaths Valentina spoke up. “Go to the booth next to me. I want to suck you off through the hole.” She smiled as Michael’s cock rested on her cheek. Michael loved the idea and asked her if she wanted to ditch the equipment. She scoffed at the idea and told him to get in the next booth. He left her booth and looked down the dark hallway, he wasn’t able to lock her door from the outside but it was still sealed shut and he figured she would be safe enough. He fumbled with the handle of his own booth and slipped on a piece of plastic as he entered. He could see the glow of the screen from in his girlfriend’s booth and he peered through the hole. She was a sight to behold: thin, young, dressed in lingerie, helpless and aching for cock. Michael stood up and inserted some coins into his TV. His booth exploded with noise and his attempts to reduce the volume were thwarted when we realized that the volume knob was broken. “Piece of shit…” he mumbled to himself. He quickly flicked through the channels and found the one he wanted before unzipping and proudly pushing his dick through the hole. It was large enough that his cock and balls could easily fit through and he gave his girlfriend a moment to find him in her blind state.

Sixty seconds passed and he knocked on the wall to get her attention. Fifteen more seconds passed and he said her name out loud. The only problem was that he could barely hear himself over the bad music, grunting and screams of the movie that was on and impossible to turn off. He withdrew his cock and peered through the hole again. This time what he saw utterly blew his mind. His girlfriend was sucking a cock! Only she was sucking a cock from the booth on her left as opposed to the booth on her right that her boyfriend was in. Michael tried to get her attention but it was futile because of the sheer volume behind him. He remembered her booth wasn’t locked and decided to just join her. After all, sucking a random cock wouldn’t ruin her night — she had once sucked a cock while Michael fucked her after a drunken night at the bar.

Michael stood up and zipped his pants. He turned the handle of the door and found that it turned without stopping. He turned it more and more and it never affected the mechanism he needed to open the door. Mike started pushing and pulling furiously on the door knob when he noticed that piece of plastic on the floor that he had slipped on as he entered. He picked it up off the floor and in the glow of the screen he was able to read it. It stated simply, ‘Booth Closed.’ Michael’s mind raced and in a moment of exasperation he uttered to himself, “no fucking shit…”

He pushed and pulled hard on the door and searched the walls desperately for something — anything — that would help him out of his prison. He dropped to his knees and looked at his girlfriend again who was still obliviously sucking a strangers cock. He tried to reach his arm through the hole to get her attention but he couldn’t get past his forearm. His calls never made it to her ears and again he stood up and turned to his door to try to free himself. The fact that his cock was rock hard hadn’t escaped his notice. After struggling a minute and half he dropped to his knees in desperation and peered at his girlfriend once again. He figured that in a few minutes both his video and Valentina’s would stop playing and it would be quiet enough to get her attention. Despite his feelings of guilt his hand found its way to his engorged cock and began slowly playing with it.

When his girlfriend shifted her position and began rising to her feet he assumed that she had finished her job. Michael caught a glimpse of the big cock she had been sucking and it was easy to understand why she had confused it for his own — it was also long, very thick and uncut. The cock withdrew from the hole and then Valentina turned toward her boyfriend. She bent her knees slightly and rubbed her ass along the wall until she could feel the open hole — her source of pleasure. Michael watched in shock as her face contorted with pleasure. He could catch glimpses of a finger moving her panties aside and he assumed they were working their way deep inside her wet pussy. After a moment Valentina had the brilliant idea to reposition herself once again, this time exposing the dainty knot on the side of her panties that kept the left side together. The knot was undone in seconds. She then switched to her opposite side which was also undone in seconds. Her panties were ripped from her bodies and disappeared into the hole from where the fingers came. Finally, she repositioned her exposed pussy at the hole once again standing at a semi-bent over position.

Michael called out to his girlfriend but it was futile — she couldn’t hear a thing over her own moans and the screams exploding from the speakers in her booth and Michael’s. Again he reached through but his grasp was still at least 6 inches from her. If she were bent over at a full 90 degree angle he would certainly be able to get her attention with his hands. The booth was obviously made to be able to reach both sides easily.

There stood Valentina; handcuffed and blindfolded wearing only a bra, stalking and a garter belt bent over with her freshly shaved pussy pushed against a hole. On the other side was a mysterious man with an enormous cock who was certainly enjoying himself. Michael watched his girlfriend nearly fall over and scream out in a passionate cry as she was obviously penetrated deeply and swiftly. She recomposed herself and pushed her ass hard against the wall. Her entire body shook with each deep thrust and her jaw dropped open from the rough fucking.

Michael’s cock was rock hard and he had it fully out of his pants now and was jerking it off as he watched his helpless girlfriend get fucked by what she thought was his own cock. In this frenzied passion Mike still wanted to try to help her out — the fact that she could get diseased or hurt hadn’t fully escaped his mind, but he was so turned on now that he submitted to enjoying himself. Valentina bent her knees and adjusted her body slightly for a better angle of penetration and thrust backwards as much as she could with each thrust. She dropped her head further and now her face was close to the hole. It occurred immediately to Mike that he could get her attention now. He watched for a moment — her open mouth so close to the hole as she bounced on a strange cock from behind. His devilish mind raced and he decided to test his girlfriend. At the time, his plan seemed brilliant. If he put his cock through and she sucked it she was OK with strange cock — if she rejected it she might panic and at least he would have her attention. He thrust his massive, hard cock through the small hole of his booth and turned his eyes to the glowing screen of his booth.

He felt his cock brush the side of her face and she immediately moved her face away from it. He figured she was denying him, which was reasonable, and was a moment from withdrawing when he felt her mouth latch on to his member. His dick disappeared immediately into her throat — she was obviously out of her mind with lust as she would normally tease and lick a cock. Now she was just sucking and swallowing it like a cum addicted whore. Mike was able to feel the vibrations of her moans and screams on his cock and he wondered for a moment if she would even tell him that she took two cocks. As far as she knew Mike was fucking her pussy and couldn’t see what was going on in her booth.

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