Going Back Home to Lose My Virginity to Virgins

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Have you ever given the thought of how your first time would be? During my early teen years I really didn’t give it much thought because I simply thought I was going to die a virgin. Mainly since both of my parents were in the military and that left us moving every 2 years. So as usual it was just me, some porn, my left and right hand, along with a lot of tissue. However, things started to change one year on my birthday. My parents gave me the best BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER; they were both doing an early retirement!

We settled on moving back to Ohio, where most of our family and friends are plus it’s where my parents were born. However, I learned at a young age that whenever there is good news bad news seems to follow. My parents had bought a house where we were the only people of color for a couple for miles. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not racist but I never get a chance to communicate with people who share my culture and religion. Then on top of that, my parents signed me up to go to some over the top private school. If you ask me I would rather go to public school because even though my parents have money, my standards are different than other people who would stand in my position. And I don’t really have time for people and their dick measuring contest. But my parents made up for it BIG time and in no time. My room at the new house was FREAKING HUGE I had the entire attic to myself; I had my own bathroom, mini-fridge and everything. THEN they bought me a 2005 Ford Taurus, it felt like I died and went to heaven.

So now that I gave you some background, I’ll get to some more interesting parts. At that time I was only interested in girls, having anything more than a friendship with a guy was completely out of the question. It started with a tour of this massive private school. My parents and I went on two separate tours of the school. I went with a student and they went with the head master. The student tour guide seemed nice especially since we had the same name and we both are Aries. He was an Asian kid, we had similar body types both slim muscular, around 5’8″, with short dark hair. He talked about the school, cool places to go, the clubs and so on. In the end, Evan and I became not just good friends but best friends. Plus he is a science tutor, which was an area I desperately needed help in.

Our friendship started off as normal as can be. We swam every day, worked out together, hung out basically every day, and every weekend we spent the night over each other houses, plus we had girlfriends that were twin sisters. Nothing really happened until the announcement for the welcome back dance we had gotten in the mail over summer. Of course we were going to take our girlfriend’s but he was nervous to the point I had to find a paper bag for him to breathe in. So one day we were at my house blasting music and talking; so I finally asked him “why are you so nervous about this dance”. He gave me a strange look and said “because I don’t know how to dance”. I just looked at him and laughed seeming that most likely 95% of the population at our school most likely didn’t know how to dance. It was probably going to be people jumping up and down, move your arms around, and laugh at the people who looked like they were trying hard. Just being funny I said “well I teach you how to slow dance” with a smirk on my face. Do you know this idiot face light up like I was really about to teach him how to slow dance?

In the end with some heavy convincing and plus he had liquor in his backpack, I finally gave in and said “OK”. He connected his phone to my radio and played Rihanna’s “hate that I love you”. I was just in pain like DAMN I really have to do this as I took 2 shots of the vodka. He just stood there in the middle of my room and said “I’m ready, and maybe I should start off as being the girl gaziantep eskort bayan so I know the right places to touch and move”. Evan made me spit out that third shot I tried to take because what he said was super funny. However, skipping to the towards the end of our little training session I told him to look in her eyes every now and then before you spin her around and some other shit I made up. He looked me in my eyes and KISSED ME. I pulled away from him and said “dude, I know we’re drunk but we’re not that drunk, what the fuck was that about”.

He just stood there confused and said “you never been with a guy before”. I sort of yelled “HELL NO”. He just looked confused like really you haven’t. Then he explained how everyone at our school has been with someone of the same sex at least 3 times. I was stuck in the moment and really didn’t know how to even respond to what he said. He stepped closure to say “come on, you act like you never thought about, not even a little”. I said a quick “HELL NO, DUDE”. “Come on dude, not even when we jumped in the pool naked, or showered together after that workout”; he sort of yelled at me. I replied by explaining “first we were facing opposite directions in the shower and it was a dare for us to jump in the pool naked and again dude HELL NO”. Evan had the nerve to say “have you had sex with anyone” as he sat on the side of my bed. He was my best friend so I told him the truth; I said “no, have you”. He proudly said “I’m bisexual, I have never had sex with a girl but I have had sex with 2 guys before”.

I had to sit down on the arm of my couch; I had to take all of what I just heard in and think about what the hell just happened. Then out of nowhere Evan said “can I be your first, I’ll even let you top”. Before I can even answer he pulled out his cell phone and called his mom and asked her can he spend the night over my house. When he said “thanks mom, you’re the best, I’ll just borrow some clothes from Evan” I could have fell over and died right then and there. He looked at me to say “ask your parents can I spend the night, so I can take your virginity” he said with a smirk. He picked up my phone and called my dad then put the phone up to my ear. When my dad picked up he said “hey, Evan; Let me guess, your twin wants to spend the night and both of you are hungry. Yes Evan can stay the night as usual and get your lazy butt downstairs to fix you guys something to eat. I’ll be home later on tonight and don’t forget you have to pick your mom up from the airport tomorrow. Love yea kid, bye.” All I could think was I didn’t even get a chance to say anything. He just looked at me and said “I would like a salad with lemon dressing and water”. However, before I could even move, Evan bent down and kissed me again. I was nervous so I pushed him away. So he grabbed my hands and forced them to the couch cushions to kiss me again and told me “keep them there, don’t move, and I’ll do all the work”.

I just sat there looking at him as he removed his tank top and mesh shorts. As he stood there naked he said “stand up, it’s your turn”. As I stood up Evan’s soft 3 inch dick got hard as can be, rising upwards to a hard 6 inches. I saw him naked before but nothing like now so I slowly got up. I guess I was taking too long because he sled my tank top over my head and grabbed my soft cock as he whispered in my ear “I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time” as he pushed my mesh shorts down exposing my naked body. He pushed me back into the couch and notice my cock was still soft. Evan said “you really aren’t attracted to guys, huh, but I can change that” as he sled his mouth over my now hardening cock. In my head I was thinking “sure if you say so”. I’ve received oral before from my girlfriend so any head would be good. Evan was hard at work going up and down moving his mouth to cover all my 9 inches with his saliva. Even though I was acting like it was just another blow job, INSIDE I was shaking, and gripping anything & everything because he was the BEST. The way he held my cock in his mouth with his lips, sucked on my balls, and licked the sides of shaft with NO HANDS was earth shattering. After awhile I couldn’t help it, I gripped the little bit of hair he had on his head as he continued.

But then he caught me off guard as he stopped, got up and reached in his bag to grab a condom and lube. He laughed and said “time to make this boy into a man”. I stood up and snatched the condom from him and put it on as he put lube on his hole. I told him to lie on couch although he sort of confused me because he laid face down with his legs closed. I know I was the virgin at that time but I did know what he was doing plus it didn’t look right. So I told him “flip over and put your legs in the air” as I accidentally over poured the lube on my cock. He gave me the look of you don’t know what you’re talking about but he did it anyway. I squirted some more lube onto him covering his cheeks and softened dick with it plus put a little more on my cock. I took a deep breath as I pushed the tip of hard shaft onto his hole. Evan placed his hand on my abs and said “slowly, you’re the biggest I ever had”. He didn’t move his hand until I pushed all of me inside of him and slowly started to go in and out.

Evan’s face was priceless as I went faster and he yelled “fuck”. I grabbed his shoulders and pounded my way into him even faster after I seen his face was just indescribable. He made no sound but his mouth was wide open, he looked like how I would feel after a good jack off session with my favorite porn star Lisa Ann; Evan had a firm grip on the back of the sofa plus the cushion he was on. I knew I had to be doing something right as he said “kiss me” and pulling my head closer. He gave me one of the most difficult kisses I had ever gotten. It was just all wrong in every which way possible. I had gotten even more confused because he pushed me out of him and told me to stop; I just froze to let him figure out what to do. Evan pushed me backwards on the couch so he could get on top of me. He sled my cock back into him and he slammed his body on to mine. Everything was right as his hole gotten tighter and it felt like the gates of paradise opened up. I can’t actually describe it because it felt like one of those experiences where you have to be there in the moment to understand as I exploded into Evan as he continued to pound his body into me as he jerked himself off of how everything was perfect. He didn’t stop until he came all over my chest, his cum was warm and I was sort of mad that he squirted his cum on my chest like that because it almost hit me in the face.

Evan clasped on my chest. With both of us breathing heavy, we just laid there as he just stared at me. Once our breathing slowed Evan said “we definitely have to do that again” but I shocked him when I said “let’s take a shower and yeah, no thank you” as we got up to go to the bathroom. He stopped me and said “wait, what, what do you mean no thank you”. I turned towards him and said “it was good, don’t get wrong but I’m not attracted to you at all”. When we finally got into the shower he said “I’m not asking you to break up with your girlfriend, I’m just asking to have sex every now and then, no commitment, just sex”. I had to take a deep breath and say “Evan you’re like my brother and my best friend in one, I’m just not that attracted to guys anyway so it would be a waste of time”. He looked me in my eyes and said “I understand what you’re saying and I feel the same way but you remember you still owe me for not telling your parents what really happened with how you got flat tires a month ago. Plus I’m asking as your best friend (as he got on his knees), I’m asking please can we just have sex like 10 more times and I won’t ask again”. I was mad as hell that he just threw that in my face like I was just supposed to obey his order.

We didn’t say anything else until after we got out the shower. He just looked at me waiting for me to respond. As I put on my underwear and gave him clothes to put on, he stopped me and said “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me, don’t be mad”. I ignored him and flopped on my bed face down as he tried to explain why he was sorry. But then he just shook me and said “will you just stop and listen, I said I’m sorry and I won’t ask you again, all I want is to be friends, nothing more”. I turned over and said “is that what your really want our friendship or our friendship and sex” but before he could answer I took off my underwear and throw them at him to say “well that was some good head”. It was like his whole world lite up as he took my underwear off his head. Evan said “REALLY, you don’t have to” but when he seen me jerking off as I laid on my bed he had a change of heart. He crawled over to me and said “this time will be better than the last” as he crawled to my hard cock. He barely touched my dick with his tongue but it felt like the best thing I ever felt. Evan moved up and down my member with his tongue so effortlessly, it turned me on so much. His face was like a kid in a candy store with the biggest smile on his face as my cock flowed in and his of his mouth. I told him to stop and he just held my cock in his mouth as I pulled out of him and I position my body to where my cock was near his hole. He was about to say something but I looked him in his eyes and said “shut up”. As I lifted his legs up to my shoulders, Evan screamed “use lube” I kissed him and pushed my dick inside of him. Being inside of him felt like heaven, his eyes were in disbelief that I didn’t use lube and it still felt good to him as I moved in and out of him slowly. Evan whispered in my ear “you couldn’t have been a virgin”, I laughed and said “no, you’re the virgin”. I speed up and it seem that his hole had gotten even better than before because being inside of him felt like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

He yelled “faster, I want, I want” but I just kissed him because I really didn’t want him to talk and ruin the moment. I rammed him harder and faster, Evan wrapped his legs around my waist. And in no time at all he was finished; he squirted cum all over the place. He yelled “stop, you’re hurting me but keep going”, so very confused I just focused on cumming so I can get out of this crazy situation. But I couldn’t because this idiot started crying, I felt his tear hit my face and I didn’t know what to do. Being a non-virgin for only an hour I definitely knew that wasn’t good sign. I looked at him and said “are you OK” he just laid there and looked at me. So I slowly pulled out of him and went to the bathroom. He scared the shit out of me as he crept up behind me while I turned on the shower. He said “I told you not to stop” as he smacked me on my ass. I just laughed and got in the shower. He was quite as we showered; I asked him “what’s wrong”. He just said “nothing” as we finished, he laid across my bed wrapped in a towel. I sat next to him also in a towel and wrapped my arms around him. He pushed me away and said “it’s all your fault”. Evan undid my towel and wrapped his hands around my cock to say “you’re really not attracted to me”. It felt like I whispered it and I think I did because that was the softest “no” I think I ever said.

Without saying a word he packed the little stuff he had and the little stuff he had left over my house. I couldn’t get him to talk to me for the life of me. And that was the last time we actually talked, he hurt my feelings over that but I guess I hurt his too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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