Going the Distance

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Big Tits

My sleek black motorcycle seems to float along the ground as I hit speeds over 90 mph. I am so anxious to see Rachel that I have to keep checking to keep it under 100. The distance to her seems so small, but the usual hour long trip is shrinking fast as I glide through traffic.

Rachel is a beautiful woman, 24 with looks that makes guys drool. Standing 6′ tall with gorgeous 36D breasts and a nice curvy ass, she makes me forget what I am doing when I look at her. Her hair styles changes a lot, but here lately it’s been short in the back, longer in the front with a splash of purple. I don’t usually go for unusual hair styles, but it’s cute on Rachel. Her most stunning feature is her smile; it lights up her face. When I see it, all I can think is how beautiful she is. Daydreaming of her, I damned near miss my turn.

I park in front of her apartment and text her to come on down. I check myself in my motorcycle’s mirror as I wait. I still have the same build as when I played football in high school and at 6′ 200lbs I’m no small guy. I run my hand through my short blondish brown hair to fix the windblown look, pull off my sunglasses, and look at my eyes in the mirror. My blue eyes sparkle, but I still wonder at Rachel’s interest in me; I’m 8 years older.

I look up to the sound of a door closing and watch her bounce down the stairs. It’s a nice fall day, but a little chilly to be on a motorcycle. Rachel is dressed for the weather in a gray hoodie and jeans. The clothes may hide her wonderful body but nothing can dampen her smile as she comes down the steps. I quickly move to meet her halfway and pull her into a hug. I can feel the warmth of her body and the softness of her breasts as we squeeze one another. Teal eye shadow highlights her brown eyes, and I am tempted to kiss her for the first time. We’ve seen one another a few times, but a first kiss is a big step. My mind races to figure out what I want but my other head knows what it wants as an erection begins to form. Her soft, warm body pressing against me is winning over my common sense, and I pull away before she notices.

“Hello beautiful,” I manage with a grin. “You ready for our ride?”

Rachel sticks out her tongue and makes a “phttt” sound. “I’m dressed for it,” she jokes.

“And don’t you look lovely,” I tease.

“You said it was just us casual on the motorcycle, jerk!”

It was our usual playful banter. “Well, let’s get this show on the road,” I say, climbing onto the bike and patting the rear seat for her. Rachel climbs on behind me, snuggles in real close, and wraps her arms around me. The feeling of her body pressing into mine is distracting, and I am certain I can feel her nipples through all the layers.

We take off, and I stick to the major roads to let her get accustomed to the motorcycle; Rachel’s never been on a motorcycle before. As the miles roll by on her first ride, I can feel Rachel’s body begin to relax. We come to a stop at a red light and I place my hand on her thigh and ask, “So how do you like it?”

“It’s way better than I thought,” she breathes in my ear. I could already tell the ride was exciting her. Heat radiated from her warmed my lower back. We take off again and I take the opportunity to run my hand up her thigh from knee to hip.

After a little teasing and her occasionally breathing in my ear as she talks, my cock responds to the warmth flowing from her body. I run my hand up her thigh as we cruise down the road and I feel her body tremble. Her warm breath causes me to twitch, thinking, “I could get used to this.” I pull the bike to the side of the road and stop in an open space. I turn to face Rachel and her beautiful eyes mesmerize me. The words die in my throat as I reach out my hand and cup her neck. I gently pull her to me and our lips meet in our first kiss. We’re tentative for a second, but then she opens her mouth for our tongues to touch.

It fixbet is intoxicating and passionate. I run my fingers through the short hairs on the back of her head while she runs her hands across my back. Our tongues play against each other as she pulls me tighter to her. After several moments, we pull apart and with a chuckle. “Sorry I couldn’t resist,” I say.

“Don’t be,” Rachel answers, pulling us back together. She is passionate as we kiss and the intense pleasure of her lips on mine causes my cock to harden. I run my hand down her neck, under her chin, and down until it slides across her beast. She moans into my mouth with pleasure as her hand slides up and runs through my hair. My hand continues to slide down her body, around her hip to caress her ass. I gently massage her until she breaks our kiss, saying “I need something to drink, let’s go back to my place.”

The ride back passes quickly, and before long I pull the motorcycle up in front of her place. Rachel slides off the bike and I immediately miss the feeling of her body against mine. “Come on up and see my place,” she beckons. I follow Rachel the short distance up the stairs to her third-floor apartment, getting an amazing view of her sexy ass right in front of my face. The view unfortunately ends as she walks over to her door and opens the apartment.

Her apartment has a decent-sized living room, but no couch. There are plants everywhere and Halloween decorations in abundance. I follow Rachel through to the small kitchen, and she asks, “Water, tea, lemonade?” with a sexy, teasing smile on her lips.

“I see a nice bottle of wine,” I reply with a devious smile of my own. Rachel’s smile gets even bigger as she pulls a bottle opener out of a drawer. I pull the cork and pour two generous glasses. Rachel leads me out onto her deck , which is also covered with plants. I admire the view for a moment and turn back to see her pulling off her hoodie. Rachel is wearing a sexy black tank top under the hoodie that gives me an excellent view of her gorgeous breasts.

“Now, that’s so much better,” she sighs, but I barely register what she says. “You can take off your jacket,” Rachel laughs, knowing that the tank she chose has done its job. I remove my leather jacket and straighten out my tee shirt. My jeans feel a little tight around my stiffening cock.

“You look amazing Rachel,” comes out easily after the glass of wine, and my courage grows as I pour our second glasses. Rachel is leaning against the rail as I come back with the wine. I hand her a glass and she looks at me over the rim as she takes a sip. I set down my glass and step into her. Placing my hands on either side of on the rail, I lean forward and kiss her lips. There is no hesitation as her tongue enters my mouth. The passion is instantaneous and our kiss becomes deeper, tongues dancing together.

I press into her, pinning her more securely to the rail while my growing erection rubs against her. The passion of our kiss is building when she playfully pulls away. I have her pinned so all she can do is twist her head away. I let her win and trail my kisses along her jaw line and up to her ear. My breath is warm on her and I can feel her tremble as my kiss lingers on her ear.

I move down her neck, tasting the slight saltiness of her skin. Moving slowly, my lips eventually reach her collar bone. She moans softly in my ear, “Ooohhhh that’s so good,” and I feel her hand on my neck sliding up into my hair.

I linger at her collar a little longer, then move my lips down the center of her chest. With my body still firmly pressing against her, my right hand slides up her side to caress her breasts. They are nice and soft to the touch through her thin shirt and bra. I feel the piercing in her hard nipple under my palm, and my cock throbs in anticipation.

Her breathing is becoming rapid and while fixbet giriş one of her hands caresses the back of my head, the other grasps my ass. My cock is growing harder and pressing against her through our jeans. I pull her shirt and bra away and flick her piecing with my tongue. Slowly circling her nipple with my tongue then kissing it deeply, I tease her breast.

I pull her other breast free and slowly alternate kisses from one nipple to the other. I gently bite down and pull on the piercing of her left breast. Her moan is louder this time and the hand on my ass pulls me into her. “I wanna feel you,” she begs, forcing my cock against her.

Her hand pulls my head up from her breast and I can see the passion and pleading in her eyes. Our lips meet again; she is intense and aggressive in her kiss and I feel the heat in her face. My hand slides down between us to cup Rachel’s mound, and her body feels as if it is on fire. One hand rubs up and down against her warm body while the other caresses her breast. The intensity of our kiss is broken as she pulls away panting, “Not out here.”

Rachel pushes off the rail, forcing me backwards towards the apartment. Even as I stagger away, she is clawing at me and pulls off my shirt. Practically falling into the apartment, I sit on the floor of the living room and pull off my boots. I look up at Rachel coming through the door, pulling off her tank top. She climbs onto my lap, her hard nipples pressing into my chest as she resumes our passionate kiss.

I unhook the clasp on her black lace bra and cup one of her magnificent breasts. I begin to play with her piercing, enjoying the reaction from her. She grinds herself onto my hard cock and her nails drag across my back. I can barely stand the sensation and I push her away. “My turn,” I say, pushing her onto her back and as she unbuttons her jeans. She pulls them open so I can tug them free, exposing her shapely legs. Rachel’ black lace thong has rhinestones along the thick top band, but I only see it for second before I slide them off.

Her pussy is glistening wet, easily visible since she shaves completely. I stretch out over her and lock her lips with mine in a passionate kiss, my straining cock pushes against her wetness. I begin to kiss my way down her body from her neck to her collar bone. I linger there for a moment as her back arches in pleasure before moving down to her amazing breasts. I kiss each breast before moving onto the nipples, playfully tugging on her piercings.

My kisses trail down her belly and she shivers in anticipation. I start by running my tongue around the outer edges of her lower lips, tasting her arousal. The taste is exotic and slightly salty. I move my tongue from her outer lips to slide up and down her inner. She groans as my tongue flicks her clit for the first time. I work my tongue over her clit and even push it into her moist pussy. My hands are moving from playing with her breasts to grasping her ass, enjoying every inch of her body. Her hands are clenching the carpet and her breath is coming in gasps. She begins to shake and squeals, “Fuck, I’m coming,” as she does the most amazing thing and squirts.

Rachel lays there as the tremors of her orgasm subside. I stand up and pull off my jeans and boxers. My cock stands to attention at nearly nine inches and is hard as a rock. Rachel opens her eyes as I lower my body to hers. Our lips meet as I look into her eyes and see her approval. I push my hips forward and my cock slides gently into her.

We hold the position for a second as my throbbing cock greedily fills her. Her pussy is tight and the muscles are clenching tightly from her orgasm. I slowly slide my cock out most of the way before pushing back inside her. Our tempo picks up as our movements seem to flow naturally together. Our kisses are becoming heated as the passion flares between us. My cock is hammering into Rachel and I can feel the tension as my orgasm builds. I break our kiss, “Ooohhh Rachel baby, I’m about to cum.” She locks her ankles behind me and uses her legs to pull me deeper. I continue to slam into her several more times until finally my cock erupts, spilling deep inside her. The feeling of my cock spurting into her sets off another orgasm for Rachel, and I can feel the burst of fluids seeping out of her.

Her body trembles as we lay there together enjoying the euphoria of our near-simultaneous orgasms. We continue to kiss and caress each other as our breathing returns to normal. We lay there for awhile before Rachel moves, saying, “My bed is so much more comfortable.” I follow behind her, taking in the lovely curves of her hips and ass. My cock begins to stir again just watching her ass wiggle as she walks.

She leads me into her room, which is small like the rest of the apartment and has a bed sitting low against the wall. Rachel turns and guides me to the bed. She pushes my chest, forcing me to sit and continues to push until I’m laying flat on my back. I’m staring at the wall reading the words, “Live, Laugh, Love” upside-down when I feel her tongue slide along the length of my cock. I lift my head and see Rachel kneeling on the floor between my legs. Her tongue runs up and down the length of my shaft, encouraging it to grow. As my cock rises, so does the tempo of her administrations with her tongue.

My cock becomes fully erect responding to her supple lips and gentle licks. Sucking in a deep breath, her mouth pulls the head of my cock in for the first time. Her tongue swirls around it and I groan in pleasure as she finds the sensitive spot under the head. She starts moving up and down taking the first few inches of me into her warm, wet mouth. My body relaxes to the sensations of her sucking and the pleasure it brings. This is exactly what Rachel is waiting for and as my body gives, she lowers herself taking all nine inches deep into her throat. I grunt with pleasure as she sides it out and then swallows the entire length again. Rachel enjoys the reaction and watches my hands claw the bed. She starts a pattern of working only the first few inches in and out of her mouth and then, whenever it appears like I’m recovering, forces the entire length deep into her throat.

Rachel is driving me to the brink of orgasm, torturing me with pleasure until I can take no more. As she comes up for a breath after deep-throating my cock, I sit up quickly and grab her wrists. I lift her up and push her forcefully to the bed, never releasing my hold. I shift my body in between her legs and pull her arms above her head. Holding Rachel still on the bed, I begin to return the favor of exquisite torture. I begin by kissing her, moving down her body to her breasts. I alternate between kissing her nipples and pulling her piercings.

I push my hips forward and feel the tip of my cock rubbing against Rachel’s dripping wet pussy. I move my hips so that the tip of my cock rubs up and down her slit, occasionally rubbing it against her clit. Teasing her like this lasts only a moment and then I ram my cock into in one swift motion filling her. Her excitement has her soaking wet and our bodies make a smacking sound as I pound my cock into her. I’m ready to burst from her oral attention, but I hold off, waiting for her. Our bodies slap together and our tempo quickens as our raw passion boils over. I feel Rachel tense as her orgasm releases and her fluids flow. I drive my cock hard and deep a few more times, then bury it in her as torrents of my cum erupt into her. My hips rock forward a few more times as I empty myself deep inside Rachel’s body.

After a minute, I pull my cock from her with a slight pop and collapse beside Rachel. She is spent from the intensity of our love making, so I pull her to me in a spooning position. My still-hard cock presses into her ass and she moans slightly. “Maybe next time we can try this,” I breathe into her ear while gently pushing my cock against her ass.

She responds with a happy, “Mmmmm hhhhmmmmm!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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