Gold Card Ch. 14

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Once again I called in sick to work, there was no way I was going to wallow into work with the prospect of another Deluxe premium at the electronics store, especially with Susan joining me. I remember how turned on I got just watching Susan get herself off and now the possibility of getting together with her, or just watching her with another woman, has me ready to go. I drove to the electronics store and parked.

It was about ten minutes before opening time but I wandered up to the entrance so if Susan got there early I could find her and go in together. By the time I reached the entrance I could see Susan walking from out in the parking lot. I waved and then watched as she walked towards me. She dressed in a simple tee shirt and some shorts, something that looked like it would be easy to get out of very quickly. I pretty much wore the same, a shirt and shorts and that was about it.

“Hey Ted, I don’t guess I need to ask you what you’ve been up to the last few days,” she said as she walked up onto the sidewalk and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Yeah, the Gold Card has really kept both of us pretty busy these last few days. I was really shocked about Carolyn at the drug store there.”

“It was surprising, but I tell you, man, woman or whatever, she touched me like no one has ever touched me with their hands.”

“Yeah, but I’m just glad she didn’t pull any surprises out of her panties when she was with me, I’m not sure what I would have done,” I replied. “But hey, what about Adrian?”

“Oh my god, I still can’t walk right,” she said, laughing.

“And all this fun from just a simple piece of embossed plastic.”

“Yeah, and I still say there is more to it than that. One of these days we should get it tested.”

“One of these days when we have time?”

“Yes, that is tough, you know I caught myself pulling out the Gold Card the last time I went to a soda machine. Wonder what would have happened if I found a slot to shove it in, I’d probably been hauled off to jail for begin fucked in public by a soda machine.”

“Hey I wonder what would happen if I used it at the gas station.”

“My car needs gas, maybe after we finish here we can try it out,” she replied, just as we saw someone unlock the entrance to the electronics store.

I reached out, took Susan’s hand and said, “Well, here we go.”

She followed me into the store as I headed for the TVs. I knew the exact model I needed so I simply flagged down a salesman and pointed out the TV I planned to buy. We followed him to one of the registers and I handed him my Gold Card.

“A Gold Card?” he asked nervously.

“Yes, a Gold Card, you just need to run it like a normal card. The machine will spit out a receipt and the deluxe premium certificate. I’ll then take the certificate to your manager.”

“That’s how it works?”

I nodded and then watched him nervously ring up the sale. He handed me the bill, I checked the total: Forty five hundred twenty seven and seventeen cents. It all looked good so I signed the paper and he grabbed it from me and quickly slipped it into the register. He hit a few keys and the receipt shot out along with another slip of paper. He handed me both slips and was about to explain about the delivery.

“Yes, yes, I’ll take care of that later,” esenyurt escort I said, brushing him off as I headed to the customer service counter to look for the manager. Susan followed me as I headed over to the counter but before I reached customer service I spotted Casey.

“Hey Casey, I went ahead and bought that TV I was looking at before.”

“Which one,” she asked, looking at the slip of paper I had. “Oh my, one of the real big ones, that means another Deluxe.”

“They said I could bring a friend, and this is Susan.”

“Well hi Susan,” Casey said, reaching her hand out, “I think this is going to be real fun.”

“I hope so,” Susan replied, grasping and shaking Casey’s hand.

“Do I need to give this to the manager?” I asked, nodding at the slip of paper.

“No, here I’ll just give it to Tommy there and then we can go to the back.”

She handed the slip to the guy behind the counter and then began walking toward the back. I nodded to Susan and we both followed Casey into the back. Once again we headed down the corridor and she opened the door marked “Deluxe.”

Stepping into the room I could see the large bed, but no one was there. Looking over to Casey I watched her smile and say, “Janis and Allison may be taking a break. Let me go find them and in the meantime, you two go ahead and get undressed.” She slipped back out of the door, closing it behind her.

Susan and I stood looking at each other for a moment until Susan nervously said, “You heard the lady, we should get undressed.”

I began pulling my tee shirt over my head while watching Susan do the same. Once out of the tee shirt she removed her bra. Just seeing those breasts bounce free got my cock to growing so when we removed our shorts and underwear I was completely hard and ready for action. I was tempted to reach out and touch Susan, but held off, wanting to wait and see what the three other girls might come up with. Susan and I moved over to the bed and sat down.

Although I had seen Susan’s pussy as she masturbated in front of me I had never seen her naked, so I enjoyed looking her over as we waited for the rest of the women to return. She was maybe in her forties, so her breasts sagged a little, and sitting as she was it was especially noticeable, but I liked what I saw. With the breasts like they were, her nipples seemed to oddly turn upward, kind of accentuating them. I wondered what they might feel like brushing across my face, or slipping into my mouth as I sucked them. I longed to reach out, but kept myself in control.

In a few moments Casey came back in the door and said, “Okay, they’ll be here in just a few moments.” She then quickly began undressing. I watched her, while peeking at Susan in the corner of my eye. It was interesting watching her watch Casey undress. She seemed to be enjoying it almost as much as I did, leaning forward to get a better view as her breast popped out of her bra and bending to get a good look at her pussy as she pulled off her panties.

Just about the time Casey finished undressing, Janis and Allison came into the room wearing just their robes. Almost before the robes hit the floor the three women had moved to the bed and had Susan on her back with her legs spread open. I watched istanbul escort Janis grab one of Susan’s breasts with both hands as she slipped her mouth on her nipple. Allison seemed to be doing the same while Casey was between Susan’s legs slurping loudly.

I was about to move into the middle of it all, wanting to rub my cock on Susan while the women went at her, but Allison and Casey blocked my path. Casey put her hand on my hip and guided me behind her, where she reached up from under her body and grabbed my cock guiding it into her pussy. I slowly let my cock slide into her, feeling the wet, warm sensation of her cunt as it wrapped around me. As I began moving, I could see Susan squirming in delight as the three women sucked, licked and ate her.

Listening to the sounds around me, I thrust myself in and out of Casey’s pussy when suddenly I heard Susan moan loudly, something similar to the way she moaned when she masturbated with me watching several days ago. With Susan coming, I watched as Janis moved her tiny body down underneath me and began licking my balls as I pushed my cock into Casey. Soon she had both balls in her mouth and was sucking hard as I continued fucking Casey.

When I heard Casey moan, I looked over and saw she was no longer eating Susan, instead Susan and Allison were sitting, their legs scissored together as they rubbed their pussies on each other’s. It was so sexy seeing the two women moving their hips as their pussy lips rolled together. The sight was all I could handle and I arched my back spurting my cum into Casey’s pussy. I grabbed her and tried to keep my cock burrowed deep inside her, but Janis pulled us apart and moved her mouth over my cock, sucking out the last drops of my cum. She then moved her mouth up to Casey’s pussy and pressed her tongue into her soaking opening, slurping my cum as it oozed out of her cunt.

As Janis crawled out from under me, I looked over to Susan who had just come for what appeared to me to be the second time. Unfolding her legs from Allison, she leaned over and gave her a big kiss and then she looked at me, but before she could move, Casey and Janis moved in, Casey pushing her back on the bed and straddling her face while Janis splashed her face into Susan’s pussy. Just as I moved to get a better view, Allison straddled my face, tickling my nose with her soft, blonde pubic hair. Even though my cock was soft, she sucked it into her mouth and between her tongue movements and her sucking, she had it feeling so good.

I began licking Allison’s slit, tasting her earthy flavor before slipping my tongue up to her clit. Working my tongue in slow circles I felt her begin to grind her hips, pushing her pussy tight to my face. She continued gently sucking my soft cock while I slipped her clit between my lips and sucked on it while my tongue slid over the tiny nub. I could hear Susan moaning but all I could see was the wispy blonde curls of Allison’s pubic hair. Reaching up, I grabbed her ass and began kneading it as she moved back and forth, grinding herself against me. When she came, she let my cock fall out of her mouth as she rose up, arching her back and hissed, “Yes, your tongue, again, again, yes, yes.”

Her body suddenly seemed to go rigid except for her hands which beylikdüzü escort were trembling. She remained motionless for almost a minute before collapsing back down onto me, her small breasts flattening against my chest, her head resting on my thigh. It wasn’t until I felt her tongue sliding along my balls and then my cock that I knew she was okay.

I looked over to Susan and saw her kissing and licking Janis’ face, licking her own juices from the tiny woman’s face. Casey had her arms around both women, watching them kiss. When Susan and Janis finally pulled apart Casey looked over at a clock on the wall and said, “Oh my, I better get dressed here.”

As she got up from the bed, I went over to pick up my clothes which were near hers. I quietly asked, “Why did everyone keep Susan and I apart?”

“Did that bother you?”

“Well I kind of wanted to do some things with her.”

“It was my idea, I thought perhaps you wanted to be with her, yet you both seemed a bit timid. I guessed you hadn’t done a lot with each other, that perhaps there might be something more than just the Gold Card and the sex there. This way, when… or if you two get together it can be something special…”

“But this was something special.”

“No, this was some hot, something sexy, something simply audacious, but it wasn’t special, not in the way it can be, between a man and woman who really want each other, want more than some hot sex. I thought maybe you might still have that with her. If not, well the next chance you get with her will be that much hotter after being teased here.”

“Well, I hadn’t thought it all out, and I’m not ever sure how Susan feels about…”

“Ted, I saw the way she looked at you, watched you here and before, when you came walking in. I think there may be more here than you realize. You might talk to her about it, there may be more there than just this Gold Card thing.”

“Maybe you’re right, I’m not sure.”

“Just talk to her some. Look, I need to get back out there, the manager doesn’t mind me helping out here but I can’t make a habit of it.”

“Okay Casey, and hey thanks.”

“Just part of the Gold Card premiums.”

“It seemed like more than that,” I replied.

She smiled and said, “Yeah, I know what you mean.” She looked at Susan, smiled, waved and then headed out though the door.

I grabbed my clothes and began pulling them on as Susan got out of bed. She came over and started getting dressed asking, “What was that all about?”

“Oh, just asking her about the Gold Card.”

“What about it?”

“Well, how many premiums they give out, how many people have them, things like that.”

“What did she say?”

“She said she really didn’t know, she said she helped out on a few occasions but really didn’t get too involved in it all.”

“Oh, was that all?”

“Well I asked her how she liked you.”


“She said for a straight girl you did pretty good.”

“Pretty good?”

“Pretty good,” I replied, pulling on my shoes. “You ready to go?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

She turned and we both waved goodbye to Janis and Allison. We headed back to the customer service desk to so I could work out the delivery details for my TV. When we finished that we headed out of the store, where Susan leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek whispering, “Goodbye.”

As she headed to her car I gently rubbed my cheek where she kissed me and called out to her, “Goodbye.” Waling back to my car I felt like kicking myself for not talking with her some, or at least asking her out. I’d just have to email her.

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