Good Day

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Copyright(c) 2000 by Wyden Long

Did you ever have one of those days when everything, and I do mean everything, just goes perfectly? I mean, where your wildest dreams come through in ways you don’t even know how to dream? Well I did.

When I splashed the new aftershave on my face that morning, I noticed that it was a very pleasant change of pace, but I was totally unprepared for the rest of the day.

The elevator doors opened at the fifth floor to admit the haughty bitch I had been lusting after for months. At first, she hesitated to enter. I knew she hated the feeling she got when the dirty old goat (me) leered at her in the elevator. More than once she had frowned and backed away from the door when she saw that I was in the elevator alone.

This time, though, she seemed to sniff the air a little, then rushed into the elevator with me. Before I could say a word, she pushed the buttons to close the doors and stop the descent. With one hand, she nearly tore my zipper out by the roots in her quest for Long John. Her other hand was busy ripping her blouse open to free her rock hard nipples. I stood in stunned silence as my beautiful neighbor jammed the entire length of my rigid digit down her throat and began to moan.

Never one to back away from a blow job, no matter the circumstances, I leaned back and let her have it. With as few sexual outlets as I normally have access to, my balls stay pretty full most of the time, so it wasn’t long at all before my hot cum was foaming out the corners of her petite mouth. She was still moaning as if possessed, while trying desperately to rub her pussy raw, pinch both nipples and keep from falling over.

As soon as the flood of cum slowed to a dribble, she got on her knees and flipped her skirt over her back to expose the most beautiful set of ass cheeks fixbet I can remember seeing in an elevator. When I was too dazed to react as quickly as she needed, she reached behind her and grabbed Long John to guide him into the stable. It had been so long since Long John had been ridden, he had not even begun to hang his head. I slammed the full length up her cunt, hoping to hit her tonsils.

She rode me like a bucking bronco. No matter how hard I tried to ram her full of prick, she was already there ahead of me.

Way too soon, I erupted once more, draining every ounce of fluid in my body up her ass. She reversed direction again, sucked me clean and dry and stuffed Long John back in his stall before releasing the elevator to continue it’s unimaginative journey.

When the doors opened at the ground floor, the elderly couple waiting to get on would never have believed that the businesslike young beauty who emerged with the ugly old fart had ever enjoyed any degree of personal contact.

As we passed them, the old lady got a whiff of my after shave and came alert. When they boarded, I saw her reaching for the old man’s crotch with one hand while searching for the stop button with the other. I gave him a salute with my well wishes for his survival and followed my once more aloof and haughty neighbor to the street.

At the street, several women began converging, causing me to run for a cab until I could sort things out and come up with a plan for survival in this new, semi-wonderful, world. The cab had hardly pulled away from the curb when the driver turned around with a wild look on her face. Before I could blurt out my destination, she had pulled into a side street, barely out of the traffic flow. Within seconds, she had joined me in the back seat, shedding clothes as she ran, fixbet giriş and was going after Long John with a vengeance.

After draining my overworked balls three or four times in rapid succession, she was able to recover her composure sufficiently to take me to the back door to my office building.

“I’ll be waiting here at five, Big Boy.”

Safely ensconced in my office, I began trying to sort out the new direction my life was taking. “Jill, could you come in for a moment, please?” Then it hit me what I had done. Long John couldn’t possibly be ready again so soon.

Nevertheless, the object of my lust for many months came gliding seductively across the carpet, her fingers playing the buttons on her blouse like a piano.

“You rang?”, she asked my stiffening prick as she freed it from my frequently violated fly.

The months of anticipation were seriously flawed, as it turned out. There was no way I had imagined the reality of the cocksucking she gave me before straddling my chair and sinking down the length of Long John with a satisfied sigh.

When she was no longer capable of coaxing any response from Short John, Janice went back to work, but refused to leave the room. Apparently, she wanted to be on hand when my balls refilled, even a little.

Several clients came and went. Janice worked on sorting my files, especially those on the lowest levels that she normally avoided because it gave me a chance to ogle her delicious ass. This time, she smiled at me through her wide-spread legs, while hiking her skirt to show me she had left her thongs off after fucking me silly the first time.

As I tried vainly to concentrate on my client’s conversation, she knelt by the file cabinet, out of his line of vision, and played with her pussy lips.

By mid-afternoon, Janice decided she had waited long enough and canceled my appointments for the rest of the day. After locking the door to the office, she sat on my desk with her legs spread wide and forced my head between her tawny thighs, into her dripping honey pot.

Five o’clock came right after I did–for the twentieth time. My balls felt like they were full of ground glass. I was beginning to dread the ride home. What a change in my life. To go from zero sex to blue balls in one day was more than I felt equipped to handle. On the other hand, my cabbie had those big tits….

She dumped me, drained and dry, in the alley behind my apartment and I crept up the fire escape to avoid the same things I would have killed for the day before.

I fell across my bed, fully clothed, and dropped off into an exhausted, dreamless sleep, staying out until the next morning. I awoke, feeling like I had been run down by several big trucks, bleary eyed and hungry. For some reason, I craved oysters. My balls ached.

The reality of the previous day slowly seeped back into my consciousness. Wow! All those years of fantasizing had paled in comparison with what I had experienced yesterday. If only there had not been so much! Maybe I could simply reduce the amount and make myself only slightly irresistible.

In the bathroom, I searched with slowly mounting dread for the small bottle. It simply wasn’t there! Nowhere! Oh, no! No! What happened? Then I saw the note.

“Dear Mr. Long, I’m so sorry I broke your after shave. Please deduct it from my pay. (Signed) Your cleaning lady. P.S. Got to run now. I think I hear my husband calling me.”

It’s been over a year now and I’ve been unable to find the little shop where I bought the stuff, even though I was pretty certain I remembered where it was.

Just yesterday, I read about this guy somewhere in the South Pacific who has women lined up for miles. My plane leaves at 10. I’m hoping he will sell me a bottle. He must be getting tired by now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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