Good Dream

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Hello, lover. I just woke from my nap after having a great dream about you and I just had to tell you all about it. It was so sexy and got me so hot thinking about you.

In the dream I was sitting in the recliner watching a show on television. You came in the room wearing a sexy little number and I could tell you were up to some mischief by the look in your eye and the little knowing smile on your face. You sauntered up to me slowly and began to strip what little you had on, giving me little peek-a-boo glimpses at your big gorgeous tits. By the time you flung your bra in my lap I had quite a tent going. I enjoyed watching you squeeze your boobs, especially when you rubbed your nipples and made them hard.

Then you slipped your thumbs into the sides of your panties, smiled, and turned around so I could see that beautiful ass of yours. You bent over a little as you started to peel down your panties and said, “I thought you might enjoy this view, I know how much you love to see my ass.” I watched intently as you slid the band of your panties over those glorious buns, revealing the star of your anus.

“You naughty boy! I bet you are thinking the most terribly wonderful things as you look at my ass. You’re probably staring at my asshole with such lust, aren’t you? I know you are, but I like naughty boys like you. It is making me excited just thinking about how much you want my ass…see?” you said as you eased your panties down to reveal the fig of your cunt.

Your lovely cunt, all freshly shaven had a little dewdrop of desire resting between your sweet lips. You were getting excited. As you bent further to fully remove your panties, that sweet pussy of yours pushed back so I could see it fully. I could feel my penis just about jump out of my pants! When you had your panties off, you stayed bent over and put one hand on the coffee table in front of you.

“You love my ass, don’t you?” Your other hand wrapped around the tuck of your cheek and gently parted your ass so I could really get a good look. “I bet you are just thinking how badly you want to fuck my tight little asshole.” And I was too! I was staring at your pink puckered asshole with unbelievable desire and all I could manage was a deep moan.

You bit down on your bottom lip as you smiled back at me. “Yeah, you do! As a special treat, I’m gonna let you enjoy looking at my tight asshole while you get all worked up thinking about how you’re going to slip that hard cock of yours inside of it. You want it so bad, don’t you baby?”

Your hand slipped around to the front to touch your clit. You arched your back, spread your legs wider, and angled your heels out so that the glories of your delicate rear entry and pussy were exposed wider. Your finger began to play delicate circles around your clit and you moaned softly and playfully.

“I want you to fuck…my…ass! And you’re gonna give it to me…right in my ass. Mmmmm… Do you like the way I’m teasing my pussy while I think about the head of your cock getting ready to enter my ass. I’m thinking of you putting it right up to the rim and gently pressing the tip just inside. Yeah. I want you to fuck……..ass!”

Your finger started to work your clit a little more which made you asshole flex open and closed a little with little kisses like your ass was anticipating what to come. A devilishly sinful trickle of wetness was now coming out of your pussy. I was really enjoying this and I sat back and watched with delight and building passion. It was such a turn on.

“I need your dick in my ass. I imagine the tip of your dick just inside as I luxuriate in the feeling of your cock slowly spreading my tight little asshole. It’s even better because I know how good it feels for you to be in that hot little hole and I know how much you love it. I want you to fuck…….my……..ass! Then you’ll squeeze that big cock inside a little more, stretching my ass. Oh God, it’s gonna feel so big. You’re gonna fill me up just right. The more you inch in, the more I want your cock deeper in me. I love it when your cock goes deep to the hilt. And that’s when it really gets good. I want you to fuck………my………ass!”

Now your finger begins to play with your clit a bit faster and harder. I can’t tear my eyes away from your spectacular anal Büyükesat Escort star as I imagine sliding my tongue over it and circling it and tracing my tongue over the delicate little pink creases as it twitches with excitement.

“I am thinking about how deep your cock will be in my ass. And then how you start slowly pumping it in and out of my ass. I want you to grind that dick of yours in my ass and shove it all the way. I want to feel your balls slapping against my ass cheeks as you start to pump harder. I want you to fuck………………..ass! It’s gonna feel so good as you stroke your cock inside me faster and faster. I am gonna make you cum so hard, you think you’re never gonna stop cumming and you’ll keep pounding it in me. I want you to shoot my ass full of hot cum spurting from your throbbing cock. I want you to fuck………….my………….ass!”

By now I can barely restrain myself. I want you so badly. My cock is aching and longing to slide it home. You turn around and put your hand on my crotch, stroking my cock.

“I think you’re just about ready. Do you wanna fuck me up the ass? I think your little friend is saying yes. Let’s go to the bedroom and you can shove it in me. Come fuck my ass, baby. I want it. Please fuck my tight little asshole like only you can.” Then you beckon me into the bedroom with a curling of your index finger and a naughty, seductive smile.

I watch your butt wiggle and giggle as you walk jauntily down the hall. I can’t believe my good luck. I am so excited! “Launch Command, we are go for anal sex!!!” I think to myself. I can hardly contain my ecstasy. My cock is rock hard. Good heavens, your buns shimmy so fine, I can’t wait. This is what I’ve been longing for all day. I love you so much. I live for making love to you.

As we arrive in the bedroom, you turn abruptly turn, stand akimbo and say, “How do you want me lover?” and then lean in, as if offering a challenge with your head cocked slightly to the side, smirking.

“I want you every way and then some,” I say with a growl, “Get your sweet ass on that bed…I’m gonna give you a tongue lashing, you’ve been bad.”

You flash a melodramatic, silent, “Ooh!” and say, “Have I been bad? Do I need to be disciplined?” Then you cock your head to the other side, waiting for a response with a hopeful look on your soft lips.

“You might just deserve a sound spanking,” I suggest, “But first, I’m gonna torture that sweet pussy of yours with my tongue.”

You lie down on your back obediently and lift your legs as I maneuver into position. I bring my hands to your breasts and you coo softly, “Mmmm. Are you going to play with my huge tits? Oh yeah, you know I love that.”

I give your enormous rack a soft squeeze from each side which elicits another moan of approval from you. I then give you a little teasing flick of my tongue on your clit and squeeze you tits a little more firmly and you moan even deeper and lower. Then you draw in a breath of pleasure as your chest rises to greet my hands’ embrace even more. A long sigh eases out of your parted lips. I tease you again with my tongue as you exhale. Your sigh turns into a purr of delight and then to light, bubbly laughter.

As I begin to lick your pussy proper, I say, “Yooth been a theery baaaaaad gurrrl, I thood work your poothy ethra long thith tine.”

“Mmmm. You say all the right things,” you groan.

I circle your boobs with the tips of my fingers, leisurely making my way to your areolas, as I pleasure your hard clit. You hold your breath, waiting for me to make contact with the delicate skin of your nipples. I linger just a bit longer, circling, making you want it more.

“You’re teasing my tits in a sinful way! Roll over right now, you bad boy and I’ll give you something you won’t soon forget.”

I obey and lie on my back. You straddle me and lean those gorgeous double D boobs of yours to cover my rod. You begin to writhe back and forth caressing my dick with your cleavage. Your luscious soft boobs envelop my cock so nicely and I am cradled between your rack ever so sweetly. You stroke my dick over and over in soft boobie love and I groan loudly, I just can’t take it. I grab the sides of your tits and press them firmly Elvankent Escort around my cock as I pump vigorously to a climax, shooting cum all over those beautiful big globes of yours.

Then you take me in your mouth and stroke my shaft firmly as you make me heave over and over. You just keep on kissing the head of my cock, run you tongue around the ridge of it, and sucking on the front of the shaft pulling the skin taut. For several minutes I just keep cumming and cumming as you mercilessly suck my cock. You just keep going and going; and I am in heaven, moaning with delight.

You roll over languidly and say,”Now get over here and lick my pussy.”

“I’m gonna make you beg for mercy.” I growl as I begin again with renewed vigor. I lick that sweet pussy of yours while I caress your gigantic areolas and your nipples rise to attention. I just keep licking and licking while I squeeze and rub those hard nipples of yours. Occasionally, I suck your clit between my lips and slowly let it slip from my mouth; and then go right back to lashing your clit with my tongue. Pretty soon you are in a frenzy and I feel you tense up.

Then you buck several times, crying out, “Oh yeah, baby, yesyesyes!”

Holding you down, I torture the throbbing little button between you legs as you try to get away.

“Oh, god!” you pant. “God, I need your cock!” I am tenaciously assaulting your clit as you moan and beg for my cock. After a few minutes I release you and you pant madly to catch your breath.

“As I said, you’ve been very bad,” I coo, “and now it is time for you to be disciplined. Assume the position, my lovely lass. Bend over!” Like a good girl, you get on your hands and knees ready to receive your punishment. I come up beside you on my knees at your side to facilitate free motion with my right arm and I wrap my left arm under your body to caress your breasts. You raise your chest to allow my palm to slip underneath your pendulous boobs. I cup a breast and you push your ass out to receive the touch of my hand on your buttocks.

I luxuriate in the roundness of your bottom for a few moments, stroking them gently one at a time. I draw my hand back and you draw in a breath in anticipation. I hold my hand up, pausing, letting you wait anxiously for the first slap of my hand. I start with gentle pats that make your soft ass cheeks bounce slightly. Then I rub your cheeks round and round, spreading them slightly so I can see the pink pucker of your anus. “That asshole of yours looks so good, baby. So tight. So hot.”

I alternate spanking your ass, watching it juggle with each blow, and rubbing your cheeks with soothing caresses. Your bottom begins to glow a slight pink and you whisper, “Yes, spank my ass. I’ve been naughty. Spank my ass. I’ve been sooooo naughty.” All the time I am squeezing and teasing your breasts. Your nipples firm in my palms. I rub your ass cheeks in widening circles, spreading your crack wider and wider as you push you butt out to help.

I give a firm squeeze to one cheek as you groan. I trace my finger down the tuck of one cheek and circle into the cleft of your bottom grazing your asshole. I reach for the lube and dribble a little on the star of your anus. You shiver a little as the cool gel coats your rear entry. Your ass tightens momentarily, and then relaxes; opening up again. A few smart slaps on the blooming redness of your bottom and a few firm squeezes of your tits and you spread your ass again.

I gently rub the opening between your cheeks and find you moaning and receptive. A couple more slaps on the ass and then I press my finger to your asshole. You press back to meet me and push the tip of my finger into you. “I can’t wait to feel your cock in my ass,” you say. I hold my finger still while you get used to it being up your ass. After a moment you begin to rotate your hips and I wiggle my finger slowly. I bring my other hand from under you and lightly spank you while I begin to push my finger in and out of you slowly.

“Spank that ass, baby,” you respond. You begin to rock back and forth pushing my finger deeper inside of you. You press back quickly, burying my finger in your ass with an impatient grunt. “Fuck me!” you shout, pleading; “Just fuck me now!”

I Beşevler Escort maneuver between your legs and thrust my cock deep into your pussy. “Yessss!” you bellow, “Fuck me hard!” I pump your cunt hard and fast until you are clutching the sheets in your fists; cumming hard. I grab your hips as I plow into your dripping cunt. You fall forward as your arms collapse in a shivering orgasm. You moan and moan as I stroke my cock its full length in and out of your quaking pussy. I bury it to the hilt and wriggle my cock from side to side, pushing as deep as I can. You let out a long sigh of unbridled pleasure; and your ass falls to the mattress as I slip out of you.

“I’m not done with you yet.” I say as I grab your thigh and pull you onto your back. I gather up the backs of your knees in the crooks of my arms, and enter your pussy again. I pull your hips up, and stroke the tip of my cock deep inside and upward; hitting your g-spot. Your head lolls from side to side as you come again. “Please fuck my ass, I need you to fuck my ass,” you whimper, heaving in orgasm; “I need your dick in my ass!”

“I love to fuck your ass,” I breathe.

“Then take my ass. It’s yours. Take my tight asshole and fuck my brains out!” you pant. I let your legs drop and grab your breasts, teasing them.

“You want me to fuck that sweet ass of your now?” I say tauntingly.

“Yes, do it now, fuck my ass!” You say wildly.

I pull you to the edge of the bed on your back so I can stand at the side of the bed and enter your rear. You giggle to yourself as I do a little happy dance while I coat my penis with lube. You grab a vibrator and begin playing with your clit as I put the head of my cock at your rear entrance. “Yes, that’s it,” You purr; resting your heels on my shoulders.

I slowly push forward a little at a time as you spread you ass wider. You start working your clit really good with the vibrator and the other hand goes to your breast to play with your nipple. The head of my penis slides past the ring of your ass and I stop just inside. You close your eyes and moan in a low voice. I hold still while you relax into it. After a while you begin moving your ass in little circles on the head of my cock and I know you want more.

Now I begin small delicate pumps; and every dozen or so, I slip in another quarter inch to a symphony of appreciative moans from you. Now you are really getting into it and your eyes flash open to stare directly into mine consumed by aching need. You bite down on your lower lip. Both of your nipples are rock hard now. Your nipples get so excited when I fuck your ass; more than when I am in your pussy; but then, your pussy is hotter and wetter too when you know you are going to get an ass reaming. I am almost three-quarters of the way inside you, but I can tell you can’t wait much longer.

You jam your ass onto the last couple of inches of my cock until I am balls deep in your hot asshole as you let out a loud and long, “Aah!” I linger a long moment, luxuriating in the sensation of being deep in your ass as it quivers around my cock.

“Oh, yeah,” You say in a low growl as you jut out your lower jaw and your eyebrows crinkle up, “Fuck that ass, baby!” You kick your heels into my shoulders a bit, spurring me to begin long slow thrusts. I slowly pull out until only the head of my cock is in your ass and then glide my cock deep into your asshole. Your ass starts making bigger circles around my dick and you begin to franticly rub your clit with the vibrator. I can tell you are getting close to orgasm as goose bumps explode across your ass and legs and your nipples are bright red and hard enough to cut diamonds. “Give it to me now! Fuck my tight little asshole! Yeah! Fuck me!” You pant.

I begin pumping faster and faster as you rock with the motion. You begin to come and your pussy starts twitching as it dribbles down juice that falls onto my cock slamming in and out of your ass. Now I am cumming and pumping and cumming and pumping. It feels so good I can’t stop. Both of us are shouting “Oh! Oh! Oh!” My penis bucks and jumps as I shoot semen deep in your ass, over and over; until I take one final big plunge in and stay deep in your bottom. We sigh in unison as we savor the sensations. I stay in your rear until my penis starts to go soft and slowly pull out as you smile with your eyes.

“That was fantastic. I am so lucky that you let me do such naughty things to you.” I say.

“I am so lucky you do such naughty things to me.” You reply, giggling.

And this is when I woke up and had to come find you. I hope it got you as horny as it got me…so tell me…fancy a fuck?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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