Good Friend, Great Girlfriend

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As the amount of exposed skin had increased, the level of verbal communication had decreased.

She lay before me upon the bed, clad in only a matching pink bra and panty set emblazoned with silhouettes of svelte women. Sitting beside her, I wore even less: simply a small black thong-style pouch barely able to contain my obvious arousal.

For several years, she had been a good friend. For several months, she had been a great girlfriend.

And finally, I was about to make love to her for the first time.

The gentle breeze slightly ruffled the lacy cream-colored curtains and caused the candles’ small flames to sway gently, flickering the dim lighting. Yet the glowing flame of love never wavered in her eyes as she lifted a hand to my bare chest and stroked me gently. She was not touching me for the first time, but her touch nonetheless felt “new” given the increased meaning of the night, of the joining soon to occur.

Her hand stilled over my heart, and her smile widened. Clearly, she could feel my heartbeat, and she obviously liked what she felt. I placed a hand over hers, my other hand continuing to caress her stomach as we spoke lovingly with our eyes.

In time, she rose, moving with the gracefulness of a professional ballerina, to sit before me. We embraced, our lips joining once more, the very tips of our tongues brushing subtly against each other. She whimpered into my mouth, acquiescing as my tongue began to probe her, explore her, claim her. I sensed the thought passing through her mind: He will soon possess me fully.

Perhaps in response to her thought, I moved a hand between us, to her chest, respectfully yet firmly squeezing a breast. The satin of her bra felt quite nice, very sensual, yet the warm pliability of the anatomy it supported felt far better. Many times in the previous few months, I had fondled her breasts – sometimes her bare breasts, sometimes through her bra, although often through her full clothing – yet I was still filled with awe that she would allow me to touch her so intimately, still filled with amazement that the friendship which had begun in college had transformed into something far more fulfilling once we had moved into a small house together as grad students to try to save expenses.

Our tongues and our lips separated at last, she rested her head upon my shoulder, her contented sighs warming the side of my neck. While one hand continued to adore her sexily-clad breast, my other hand slithered up her back, pausing only momentarily to finger the clasp of her bra as a “prelude” of events to come, ultimately coming to rest upon her brown-curtained head as she kissed my neck.

“I’ve dreamt of this for weeks,” she whispered, “of giving myself to you, completely.”

I bent my head down to kiss her cheek. “I’ve dreamt of this for years,” I admitted, “almost since I first met you.”



“You’ve wanted me that long?”

“That long.”

She lifted her head, her lips seeking mine for another long, lingering kiss. We were both a little breathless when our lips parted at last, and the hug we shared was tight and respectful. I could feel the loving energy pulsating around us with a life of its own.

“I’m yours,” she whispered, a hand tracing down my bare chest, down my stomach, to caress Yalova Escort my throbbing erection through the pouch. “And I want you inside me, soon.”

Her small, delicate hand seemed to be dwarfed by my arousal. She fondled me with loving care, stroking me like a long-cherished pet. Our lips joined again, and I could feel and nearly taste the shy eagerness within her, and knew that soon I would need to take the lead for us to progress toward our ultimate goal.

As she continued to reinforce my arousal, my hands moved to the clasp of her bra. It took a few moments and some embarrassing fumbling, but I at last unhooked her bra and both heard and felt her soft sigh of impending delight. Languidly, she leaned back and, her eyes locked with mine, allowed me to remove the stylish garment from her beautiful body. Then she returned to caressing me through the pouch, the seeping tip of my arousal peeking up from within the velvet confines.

Setting the bra aside, my hands returned to her chest. Her nipples were hard, boring nicely into my palms. Her breasts were pliant, acquiescing to my gentle, respectful manipulations. Her lips were soft, pressing against mine once again as she whimpered seductively into my mouth.

Gently, I nudged her backward until she lay upon the bed again. Looking upon her, I imagined myself sliding into her feminine form, fitting with her like the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle to render a whole, a totality. Yet to do that, two more items of clothing would first need to be removed.

But first, I bent forward, taking a pert nipple between my lips, grasping it with my teeth, and flicking it several times with my tongue. Her audible intake of air was quite an encouraging signal, yet I stopped, lifting my head away from her chest. When I saw the dreamy expression of her eyes, however, I returned to the task, focusing instead on her other nipple, eliciting another audible intake of air. As her hands and her fingers encouraged me by stroking my head and toying with my hair, I turned my attention from breast to breast, licking and kissing and sucking and nibbling and generally adoring her feminine swells.

After a kiss directly over her loving heart, I slowly moved up her chest, licking and kissing, traveling up her neck and over her chin, until my lips found hers again. As the kiss lingered, I allowed a hand to travel down her body and over the silhouette-emblazoned panty. She whimpered into my mouth as I touched her delicately, as if stroking the thin fragile wing of a colorful butterfly.

It did not take much time for my fingers to feel the passion moistening the thin fabric, for her soft moans to reach my ears, for her fingers to slowly curl into my bare back, and I smiled with the knowledge that I was having such a positive effect upon her, especially as she began to move against my fingers. Clutching me, her lips fell away from mine, and my ears were graced with her soft, unfettered sounds of desire as she moved against my fingers with escalating need. The bed protested a little because of her movements, but it was a sweet sound to my ears, just as her voice was a sweet sound to my heart.

My thumb found her clitoris, and began to strum the pleasure nub through her panty. Her soft, seductive whimpers quickly became loud, lewd moans, and she pulled Yalova Escort Bayan my lips to hers once again. The kiss did not silence her, fortunately, but it did unfortunately muffle her sirenic sounds, sounds which instantly increased in volume as my tongue suddenly penetrated her deeply. Harder and faster my thumb moved across her sensitive bud, and when I finally retracted my hand, she wailed into my mouth, clearly distressed at the loss of my touch upon her weeping womanhood.

I sat up, breathing a little quickly, but not nearly as much as was she. In the dim candlelight, the rapid rise and fall of her bare breasts attracted my eyes. A sense of honor washed over me – I felt honored that she was sharing this experience, sharing herself, with me. It was truly a dream come true, even though the culmination of the evening had yet to be realized.

Her eyes tracked over my body, and I could feel their delighted caresses upon my chest. As one, we each reached a hand toward the other, our fingers intertwining. It was indeed a beautiful moment, a quiet, calm moment of love and respect, of tenderness and desire as our eyes echoed the singular message of our hearts.

She pulled me toward her even as she slid over on the bed, allowing me room to lay beside her. Once I was positioned upon my back, she rolled atop me, cradling my head in her small hands and planting gentle kisses all over my face. I could only grin at all the sweet attention as my hands explored her bare back, progressing slowly lower.

She whimpered softly into my ear as I squeezed her through the panty. Her body slid subtly from side to side across the hardened evidence of my arousal, and I exhaled softly into her ear, gripping her just enough through her remaining garment that she recognized the hint and slid not-so-subtly across my lengthened manhood. Her lips found my ear lobe and she nibbled and sucked gently, tonguing me, arousing me to the point that my erection was nearly painful.

“P-please,” I begged in a whisper, my hands now clutching her as she moved purposefully upon me. Her response was to lift herself up on her forearms, providing me with a nice view of her breasts as she pressed her mons more forcefully upon my sex, sliding up and down the hardened length. Her hair cascaded around my head, so that all I could see was her face – especially her eyes and her smile – her hard-tipped breasts, and the near-joining of our bodies.

She established a rhythm, and I quickly realized what she was doing. Her eyes closed, her smile disappeared as her lips parted, and she concentrated on her movements along the length of my pouch-protected sex, teasing her panty-covered clitoris. She began to whimper anew, and I seized her lower cheeks firmly and assisted her in her movements upon me. Slowly, the tempo increased, and I moved beneath her, providing her with the additional friction which just might tip her over the edge of reason.

I could feel her desire seeping through the pouch, lovingly anointing me. She lowered herself fully onto me again, her fingers curling into my shoulders. Her breath was hot against the side of my face, her voice still soft yet increasingly full of building intensity. Still we moved against each other, the motions enough to finally release my hardened, dripping sex from Escort Yalova the pouch, peeking out to the left, and she instinctively adjusted the position of her body to compensate and retain maximum contact with her clitoris.

The shriek which pierced my ear was short and slightly painful, accompanied by a tremendous trembling of the young woman upon me as her climax overwhelmed her. After the initial outburst, she did not breathe at all, riding the waves of pleasure as I clutched her to me, breathing again only as she slumped upon me, her body sated.

As she finally began to calm, her breath still loud and labored, I rolled us both so that I was upon her. Even in post-orgasmic bliss, she had the face of an angel, a face of innocence despite the fact that she was topless in my presence and engaged in less-than-innocent activity with me.

My willpower was crumbling quickly. Rising up on my hands and knees and pulling the pouch aside, I fully exposed my manhood. A heartbeat later, I was pulling aside the wet crotch of her pretty panty, watching her face intently as her eyes fluttered only halfway open. She gave a small nod, signaling that she wanted this as well, and raised her forearms to either side of her head, surrendering herself completely to me.

When my dripping sex touched hers, I could have sworn that a bolt of lightning passed between us, such was the surge that suddenly filled my entire being, and from the loud gasp which reached my ears, she had felt it as well. For just a moment, the arm which was holding me up spasmed almost violently, as if it was about to give out and drop me unceremoniously upon her, but then my arm steadied itself, and I looked down my torso at the point of our joining.

She moaned softly as I parted her labia with my manhood. Slowly, I slid the tip up and down between her feminine folds, teasing her, teasing myself. “Please,” she whispered, and I gazed upon her angelic face once more, seeing the love and the trust in her expressive eyes, seeing the deep respect and heartfelt desire she felt for me.

I slid the tip downward once more and started to truly enter her for the very first time, and her eyes began to roll back in their sockets before they were hidden by the eyelids, the long curled lashes adding a flourish to the sultry movement. Only twice previously had she ever allowed anyone inside her, so her passage was quite snug around me as I took my time in penetrating her, exploring her, stretching her. My willpower was certainly crumbling quickly, but I also did not want to simply ram myself to the hilt inside her and risk hurting her.

…or losing her.

With her hands gripping my shoulders, she was moaning loudly and often by the time I was fully sheathed inside her. At last, we were connected in the most intimate way possible, connected as I had imagined and dreamed for so long. I was surrounded by warm, wet passion, by muscles lovingly flexing around me as her legs moved into a position to allow her to lock her ankles behind my waist, providing me with even better access to her willing body.

“Love me!” she pleaded between raspy breaths, and I gladly granted her heartfelt wish, moving slowly within her, working with her to consummate our relationship, gradually bringing us both to a crescendo, crying out with her in the dim candlelight, ultimately filling her core with my white-hot love, securing my place within her soul. And afterward, as we cuddled solemnly in the candlelight, I kissed away her copious joyous tears, feeling closer than ever to the good friend who had become a great girlfriend.

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