Good Morning

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It had been a very long night at work. I had expected to get to sleep late but not quite as bad as this. As a precaution I asked my wife to get the kids off to school on her own as I had the day off and wanted to sleep. I barely heard her get the kids out as I stirred slightly and fell back into a deep slumber.

I awoke to the feel of a hot mouth on my cock, sucking away getting me even stiffer than my usual morning hard on. I tried to move to a more comfortable position when I realised that while asleep I had been bound spread eagled to the bed.

She laughed as my predicament set in on my face. ”You’re mine now!” she said. And you’re going to do whatever I tell you, won’t you?” I nodded quickly all the more eager and excited. She slid her leg over me, straddling my chest. Looking down at me she smiled, moved forward and said “ time for breakfast, slave. Eat me!”

My tongue shot forward ,darting in and out of her pussy she leaned forward, gripping the headboard. I lapped as her body writhed on my face. “MMMMMMMM , that’s nice. Let’s go to the next course.” She turned around giving me access to her backside as well as her slit. “Well… what are you waiting for? Eat me! Eat my ass as well as my pussy!” I ringed her asshole with my tongue and görükle escort moved up and down as her ass danced over my face.

Her long, raven hair, still wet from her shower, began to whip back and forth catching me occasionally as I drove my tongue in and out of her.

She leaned forward and I felt her hard nipples brush against my stomach as she swooped down again on my cock .Now her hands grabbed my ass cheeks, spreading them, teasing them. Suddenly there was a sharp sting as she slapped my ass. That was followed by another, and another.. “Faster slave! Eat me! I want to feel that tongue and those lips!”

I redoubled my efforts as her hands grabbed my ass holding it open, teasing my hole.

“You like that don’t you slut? Wouldn’t you like to have something in that fine ass of yours?” Her finger slid in, wet with her juices. I moaned as she fucked my ass first with one finger and then with two. “You DO like that don’t you my little slut!?” I nodded as I continued my assault on her nether regions.

Again I felt her hot mouth on my cock, sliding up and down, sucking me. She pulled her fingers out of me as she writhed on my face. ”Hmmm, let’s how you like this” she said as I felt my ass being split by what I assumed görükle escort bayan was a dildo or some sort of ass toy.

She spanked as she rammed it home. “You like things in your ass? Let’s see how much you can take of this! “ It went in deeper and deeper, in and out. In a bit more, withdrawn, and shoved back in again. I began thrashing to her thrusts, pulling at the restraints .

“If you make me cum there’s a special treat in store for you my little bitch” she said.

I lapped all the more furiously, sucking her clit in and out of my mouth, my head bobbing and bouncing off the bed.

She started moaning as she neared her climax. Suddenly she got up. “I won’t make it that easy” she purred. She went over to our toy chest and brought out a pair of nipple clamps attached by a chain. I gasped at the pain as she put them on me. The dildo in my ass was replaced again, this time by a larger vibrator. I felt it buzz from my ass right up to my stomach .”Isn’t that better slut?” she cooed. She probed my ass with the vibrator for a while, occasionally tugging on the chain. Again she teased my cock to a state of hardness I’d never experienced before.

“Now that looks like something I can use “ she said as she bursa escort again climbed on top of me. This time she mounted my cock and began to ride me. I wasn’t sure which gave me more pleasure, watching her tits bounce, feeling the clamps jiggle or the fullness of my ass. She had placed a pillow under the vibrator so it couldn’t fall out. It fucked me almost of it’s own accord as she rode me faster and faster. I could tell she was about to cum and so was I.

“Yes bitch! Come on. cum into me. Give all to me! I’m going to milk you dry, Bitch!!

In short order I did as instructed and exploded deep inside her.

“And now, here’s your treat slut…” she said as she slid forward and again covered my face, this time dripping my own juices on me.” Time to finish what you started. Here’s a little cream to go with the sugar” I drank in my own juices mixed with hers as she came, grinding into my face. She ripped off the nipple clamps and pressed on the blood deprived spots. The pain was exquisite!

“Don’t you dare miss a drop slut!” she admonished. She arched and shuddered as she came again and toppled beside me. She lazily reached over and undid one of the Velcro straps holding me prisoner. “you can undo the others yourself and start on the dishes. I’m going to sleep for a while. You had better do a good job , as I’ll be checking on you later. By the way… keep the vibrator in, I don’t care how, and you aren’t allowed to wear anything!

With that and a lazy smile of contentment she fell asleep. And I began my day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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