Good Things Cum 2 Those Who Wait

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Rebekah had waited for this for six years. She had fantasized about it, dreamt about it all this time and now that the moment was here, she just could not believe it. This man whom she had wanted was finally hers and the feel of his hands touching her skin burned into her senses like fire burning through hot coals, reducing them to ashes so very slowly.

Michael had been a co-worker and friend for four years, until the day the kiss happened. There had always been a hint of tease in his eyes; she knew there was an attraction there. Her heart would stop whenever he would enter the room and she had never experienced the sensation of getting wet just from hearing a man’s voice, but that’s exactly what would happen anytime he spoke to her. But, there was always a complication; He lived with a woman, and Rebekah was married. Neither relationship was happy or even healthy for that matter, as they would find out about each other over the course of many conversations. However, neither of them would reach out to the other, realizing instinctively that to do so would only complicate matters, and create heartache where there need not be. That didn’t stop them from longing for each other, so that kiss was bound to happen when those circumstances were just right.

“Hey, how are you today?” Michael inquired, noticing the melancholy look on Rebekah’s face.

“I’m doing ok, I guess. You know all the stuff I have been going through with Dominic? I saw a lawyer yesterday and I decided to file for divorce. I just don’t see any way to fix this, and goodness knows I’ve tried.” She let her head rest on her hands as she sat at her desk. Michael came around and put his hand on her shoulder and rubbed it lightly, (She loved when he would do that!) and let a sigh escape his lips.

“Wow Rebekah, I’m so sorry. I know how hard you’ve fought to keep things alive, but sometimes you just have to know when to quit flogging a dead horse, ya know?” She let him continue kneading the knot in her shoulder for a little while and then remembered that he had told her earlier that there was something he would come by to tell her.

“Oh well, enough about me and my situation. You came here to tell me something. What’s up? You seemed excited about it when we spoke earlier.”

“Well,” he began, “I will be moving at the end of next month.” Suddenly he seemed nervous to be telling her this important news. “Mary isn’t coming with me. I finally sat her down last night and explained to her how I felt and for once she actually understood how wrong things have been. She cried, I cried, but we both know it isn’t going to work.” Rebekah’s heart pounded in her chest and she stood up immediately. Turning to face him, the smile on her face betrayed her feelings.

“You broke up with Mary?” She blurted, “And you’re getting your own place?” The possibilities this alluded to made Rebekah’s head swim.

“Yes,” he said, “I broke up with her, but it’s where I’m moving to that may be a bit unexpected. You see,” He shifted uncomfortably, “I spoke with my dad last night and he wants me to come home and help him get his house ready to sell. He just doesn’t see the point in living there alone since mom passed away and he can’t do some things on his own anymore. Not to mention he wants me to help him get his shop opened up again so he can keep busy.” With that said Rebekah’s heart sank. He was moving to New Mexico, leaving her in Georgia to face her divorce alone and her desire for him unfulfilled. She decided that she just wasn’t going to let it go without doing something. Facing him, looking into his eyes, she reached up and put her hands on each side of his face, and with the power of the desire that had built up in her she melted into him, their lips meeting for the first time. At first neither one of them could believe what they were doing, but then the hunger they had for each other kicked in, the kiss became a torrent of passion. It was a kiss like no other; they were so in tune to each other, each of them instinctively knew just how the other wanted, needed to be kissed as their tongues explored each other in the desperate need to release the tension that had built up over the years. Pulling away from each other finally, they stood trembling.

“Wow, I, uh. I don’t know what to say. Ummm.” Michael’s breath came in ragged gasps.

“Just tell me one thing Michael,” Rebekah whispered, “Tell me that you will not leave before we have at least one night together. Promise me that? I have been holding back from this for so long, if you leave and I never have at least that, I will just die.”

“I promise.” It was all he had to say. He walked out of the room then and she was glad for it, because she felt like her heart would explode any moment if he continued to stand there.

That was almost two years ago and the night that tuzla escort she had begged for that day did not happen, much to her regret. She had felt a disappointment that burned down to her soul, almost rejection, but she understood there were things in the way of them ever having that time alone. He left his job at the end of that month and that would be the last time she saw him. The two of them kept in touch by e-mail, and admitted all the feelings they had harbored for one another during the time they worked together. Since Michael had left, Rebekah had changed jobs and things were so different for them both now. She dated now and then, but didn’t find anyone that would match her attraction to him. Michael on the other hand was driven in his work with his father, didn’t date and indeed tried to take some time to himself to figure out what had gone so wrong in his life that led him to be where he was. Michael’s circumstances would change however, as the partnership he was expecting to have with his father never materialized and he became dissatisfied with how things had gone. He knew he couldn’t continue things as they were, and once he made sure his dad was living comfortably, he made a decision.

The e-mail said “I’m coming back to Georgia soon. I’ll keep in touch.” Rebekah’s heart leaped up into her throat, and stayed there.

The next e-mail said “I’m here.” To which she responded, “Call me, come see me…do something!” Michael’s dry sense of humor kicked in at this point. “So which is it, call you or come see you?” Rebekah couldn’t contain her frustration, “Both. Or better yet, get your ass over here!”

He pulled into the parking lot at exactly five and picked her up from work. His hair was longer, with a little tinge of grey on the sides that she thought made him look sexier than ever. He thought she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen as he stared into her sultry brown eyes, wanting nothing more than to engulf her full lips in his own and finally have her as he had fantasized about for so long.

“So, where to now?” he asked as she climbed into the passenger seat of his car.

“I don’t care Michael, anywhere. Let’s just get out of here.”

“How about we get a bite to eat, and then we will see what we want to do next, ok?” Even though he knew very well where this was going to end up, he was not going to let the opportunity of enjoying every single moment of it pass him by.

They sat in a little out of the way corner of the restaurant making idle chit chat, staring into each other’s eyes. At every opportunity he would put his hand on her knee, since he had taken the seat next to her rather than sit across the table from her. Rebekah would run her hands through his hair, enjoying how it felt in her hands. They kissed, held hands, and touched every chance they got. The check couldn’t arrive quickly enough, even though they put up a very good front of enjoying a leisurely meal together.

Michael’s hand, warm and soft, caressed her leg as she sat in his car on the way to her apartment. The feel of it sent shivers up her spine and even though she wanted to grab his hand and plant it firmly between her thighs, she only managed to move her leg over just enough for him to get better access to the sensitive skin on her inner thigh. He smiled like a kid in a candy store when he noticed it and he allowed his hand to explore a little further up under the hem of her skirt. She sighed and closed her eyes, waiting for the car to stop in front of her place.

She unlocked her door and pushed it open. He walked in right behind her, shutting the door behind him, he grabbed her hand and spun her around to face him. Lifting her chin gently, he brushed his lips against hers reveling in the feel of their softness, feeling them tremble under his.

“I want you.” He said so softly it was barely a whisper. Rebekah gasped at the goosebumps his words brought to her flesh, flesh that was now burning for his touch. He pressed his body against hers, wrapping his right arm tightly around her waist, his kiss became more insistent. She opened herself to him and began to run her tongue across his lips lightly. He sucked her tongue into his mouth, savoring the taste of her and caressing it with his own. Her hands began to explore his body, running the length of his back, scratching her manicured fingernails down his sides eliciting a moan that rumbled from deep in his throat.

“If you want me, come take me. I’ve waited far too long for you to hesitate now!” She said, pulling away from him long enough to take his hand and lead him to her bedroom.

The sun was just setting and the remaining rays came through the slats in the vertical blinds at an angle, giving the room a soft glow. She walked in backwards, holding onto his hands tightly, making sure to not let go for a moment. tuzla escort bayan She was not going to allow him to escape. He followed her like an eager puppy, almost panting, his hard cock straining against his jeans trying to reach for what it had desired for years. Reaching the end of the bed, her knees buckled suddenly putting her in a seated position in front of him, his manhood directly in front of her. She looked up at him with a devilish grin.

“My, my! What have we here?” She asked lustily. Reaching up, she unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his jeans in very short order, pulling them down to his ankles. He wasted no time stepping out of them, his cock now thumping in unison with the rhythm in his temple. She pressed her right hand up against his fully extended erection and through the fabric of his boxers, rubbed him gently. He was so hard he could have hammered a nail through concrete and her attentions were almost unbearable. He groaned a bit, looking down at her with anticipation on his face. Rebekah slid her hands on each side of his hips, tucked her fingers into the waist band of the boxers and slid them down until they joined the jeans that were piled on the floor near his feet. There he stood now, in naked glory. His body glistened in a light sheen of sweat. He was tan, broad shouldered, his torso tapered down to his waist. His engorged erection stood out, magnificent, hard and hot, a small drop of precum forming at its tip. She eyed it hungrily, and reached out with a finger to collect it. Bringing the tip of her finger to her mouth, she tasted him for the first time, licking his essence from her finger. He was sweet and salty at the same time, and it made her hunger much more intense. Grabbing his cock at the base, she guided him closer to her mouth. She ran her hand up and down his shaft in long slow strokes, bringing more precum to the tip which she then lightly licked off with her tongue. The contact of her tongue on the head of his prick was like an electric shock and he grunted each time she touched him. Finally she took him into her mouth, as much of his big, thick dick as she could. His legs began to shake with the pleasure of what he had fantasized about for years, and now the reality of it was so much better. Rebekah started to work Michael’s cock with her mouth, sucking the head, running her tongue up and down its length until he could barely contain himself.

“Stop!” he cried. “I don’t want to cum that way. I have waited too long for this too, and you are not going to be the only one that gets to have her way!”

He pulled himself from her grip and pulled her up from the bed. She stood in front of him now, but fully dressed. He pulled her to him then, embracing her in a passionate kiss, his hands slid to the zipper on the back of her skirt and lowered it. He then ran his hands up her body, eventually putting them on each side of her face. He buried his fingers in her thick, curly hair as he kissed, licked and sucked her lips and tongue with his own, feeling her body tremble and hearing the small moans escape her throat.

He teased her this way for a short while, rubbing his prick against her pelvis hard enough to remind her that it was there. She continued to grind herself against him wantonly; practically begging for him to undress her. He slowly unbuttoned her blouse, brushing his thumbs lightly against her nipples that were standing painfully erect against the material of her confining bra. He slid the blouse down her arms and dropped it to the floor and reached up her back to unhook the offensive piece of clothing that trapped her luscious breasts from him. Rebekah’s breasts bounced free when Michael unhooked the clasp, and he immediately cupped one in each hand, reveling in the feel and weight of the tender mounds of flesh. He lowered his head to spread little kisses and licks all over them, stopping at each tender nipple. He licked one, and then would blow on it so he could watch it get harder, more erect and stand out so prettily against the round, white mound of her breast. Between thumb and forefinger, he rolled and tweaked them as he kissed her throat, her ears, and her mouth until she was writhing against him, almost in agony.

Her skirt dropped to the floor and he gently pushed himself forward until her knees once again buckled against the end of the bed. This time he continued to push forward, until she scooted up on the bed, lying underneath him with her legs, bent at the knee, dangling off the end of the bed. Michael began to trace kisses, licks, nibbles and gentle sucking motions down her body until he found himself on his knees on the floor. He reached up and pulled her hips down to him, then hooked his hands under her knees shoving her legs up in the air, exposing her wet pussy to him so suddenly she gasped. He pushed her knees apart until they were escort tuzla touching either side of the bed. He placed his hands on either side of her sex, and using his thumbs, spread her lips out even further until she had no secrets to keep from him at all. She was perfectly shaved, her pussy bare and swollen with desire. The pink flesh almost flushed red and she dripped from her excitement and desire for him. She moaned in anticipation and frustration, wanting to feel more than his hot breath on her, Michael lowered his head and extended his tongue to taste her wetness for the first time. He savored her sweet nectar and the smell of her engulfed him. She was the most sexy, most beautiful woman he had ever known and he felt it an honor that she was sharing herself with him.

Unable to contain himself, he ran his tongue the length of her pulsing sex, feeling her flinch and writhe on the bed before him. He circled his tongue around her engorged and sensitive clit, sucking it into his mouth and feverishly pumping his fingers into her. Her moans became louder and she began to roll her hips against his face.

“If you keep that up,” she gasped “I’m going to cum in your face!” He stepped up his pace, clamping his lips to her clit and torturing it with his tongue. Her movements became frantic and he could feel the muscles in her pussy begin to contract, squeezing the sensation out of his fingers as he continued to push them into her. She reached down and grabbed his head and mashed his face into her cunt, grinding herself into him as the orgasm swept over her. She screamed out his name and he lapped up all the juices that flowed from her as she came. As her legs trembled, he steadied her with his hands and kept on licking her pussy, slowly and lightly until her breath became more even.

“Oh my God! Wow, Michael. That was so much better than I thought it would be!” She breathed in his ear when he crawled up the bed to lie beside her.

“But, we are not done, are we?” smiling that devilish smile again, Rebekah rolled over onto him and kissed him. He was still very hard and had not yet been sated, and she was going to make sure he got as good as he gave. She straddled him then and reaching down between her legs. She grabbed his cock and pushed it up until it was poised at the entrance of her waiting, hot and wet pussy. She looked in his eyes, lowered her head and enveloped his lips with hers and slowly impaled herself on him, driving his cock deep into her until he was buried all the way. He groaned with pleasure, feeling her tightness, her heat envelope him and it sent waves of pleasure through him. He grabbed her hips and held her still and began to work himself in and out of her. She felt every inch of him sliding in and out, felt him glide with her juices until their hips would meet and thump against each other, sending little shock waves through her clit.

The rhythm was slow, but gained momentum with each thrust. They kept their lips locked together, tongues exploring as he pumped himself into her with all his strength. He let go of her hips so he could fill his hands with her breasts and she was able then to roll her hips around for maximum contact to her clit. His cock stiffened even more, the bulbous head rubbed the walls of her pussy in the most delicious way. With each thrust, Rebekah’s movements became more forceful. Soon she was shoving herself down on his shaft, her moans getting louder, her nails digging into his shoulders. As her pussy started to clamp down on his cock, he felt the tightness at the bottom of his belly start and the pressure in his balls increase. Michael started to pound her from the bottom, holding her tits firmly in his hands, they broke the kiss and let the wave of orgasm hit them.

She pushed up and hovered above him, eyes clamped shut in ecstasy as she came on his cock. He let go of her breasts at that moment, grabbed her hips and shoved his cock into her as he unloaded six years of lust and desire into her womb. Jet after jet of his hot cum, filling her, overflowing from her to slide down his shaft, covering his balls along with her own juices. The orgasm seemed to last an eternity yet was over too quickly. Exhausted and sweaty, she collapsed on top of him completely spent, both of them breathing raggedly.

“This was more than I had thought it ever could be, my love.” He said. Reaching over, he brushed the hair from her face to see her smiling her sweet smile at him.

“It can be like this from now on, between us Michael. Is that something you think you would want?” She asked her eyes round and dark.

“I can’t imagine ever being anywhere else, my love. I don’t want anything else. I never had any doubts about you and I want you to know I came back here just for you.”

This man, this beautiful, sexy man, the man she had desired for so long, daydreamed about, dreamt about nightly for six years was now her man. She sighed contentedly, curled up to him and as he wrapped his arms around her and planted small kisses on her forehead, she fell asleep.

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