Goody Two-Shoes Ch. 04

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I stood behind the counter at work, waiting for my cell phone to ring. Naturally, it didn’t.

For eighteen years, I’d been the good little girl. No dating, no boyfriends. Forget sweet sixteen and never been kissed; I’d made it to eighteen without having a guy’s tongue in my mouth. And the one or two closed-lipped pecks I’d received had been nothing to write home about. All that had changed a few weeks earlier when Jay Christian had walked into the store where I worked.

I looked out the window, half hoping to see Jay walking in now, though of course he wouldn’t be. I wasn’t sure where he was; all he would tell me was “out of town”. Which meant absolutely nothing other than that the man who’d awakened something in me that I hadn’t even known existed was nowhere around, and I was horny.

Jay had been my childhood crush. Eight years older than I, he’d been my brother Randy’s best friend until they were in high school, when they’d gotten into an argument and ended the friendship. Randy would flip if he knew Jay and I were dating now; he despised Jay, and definitely wouldn’t want his sweet, innocent baby sister getting tangled up with a man who had a reputation like Jay’s. But I didn’t care what Randy thought. I liked Jay a lot, maybe even loved him, and I was going to keep seeing him no matter what. Even if that meant sharing him with other women.

Jay was my boyfriend. He’d said so, and he’d told at least one of the other women he saw. But he’d told me he wasn’t looking for monogamy or commitment; he would see me and feel differently about me than he did about the other women, but he wouldn’t give them up. It had taken me time to get used to the idea, but I wanted to be with Jay, and if the price of that was dealing with the fact that he saw other women, I could do that. At least I thought I could.

But right now, he was out of town, and I was waiting for a call from him. He’d been gone for just over a week, and I’d only heard from him twice. He wouldn’t call me when he knew I was home. My parents wouldn’t have been any happier than Randy to know that I was seeing Jay, and they would have been less happy to know that Jay had bought me a cell phone so he could keep in touch with me. They’d refused for years to buy me a cell.

Jay knew my work schedule, though, and he knew he could call me when I was working. So why wasn’t my phone ringing? I took it out of my pocket and checked to make sure the ringer was on. Then a group of customers came in, and I had to put the phone back into my pocket until they went away.

Finally, at almost ten o’clock that night, the call came. “Hey, baby.” Jay’s voice warmed every inch of me when I answered the phone. “How are you tonight?”

“Bored at work,” I said.


“Yes,” I admitted in a small voice.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of, Sam. I’m pretty horny too. I don’t know anyone around here, and I’m not in the mood for a stranger fuck.”

“Would you fuck a stranger if you were in the mood?” I asked.

“I might. It wouldn’t be the first time. Does it bother you that I would?”

I knew better than to say it did. I was a little jealous, but Jay didn’t respond well to jealousy. “Not really.”

He laughed. “You’re lying, and we both know it. It’s okay, Sam. You can always tell me how you feel, even if you’re jealous.”

“You got mad at Tillie for being jealous of me.”

“That’s because first of all, Tillie knows there’s nothing between her and me but an occasional fuck, and second of all, you’re different. If the other women I see get jealous of each other, that’s their problem. But you’re my girlfriend. You’re more to me than any of them are, and I’m not going to let someone be petty to you.”

I loved hearing him call me his girlfriend. “She wasn’t bothering me.”

“But she was bothering me. Anyway, you’re new to all this. I understand if you’re jealous. If you start giving me a hard time and telling me I can’t see anyone else, we’ll have a problem. But I don’t think you’d do that.”

“No, I wouldn’t, unless something really bothered me.”

“Look. As long as you talk to me, we’re good, okay? So let me ask again. Does it bother you that I might, in the right mood, pick up a strange woman and fuck her?”

“Yes, it does.”

“Well, I’ll tell you what. I don’t have a problem giving that up; it isn’t something I do often anyway. If I knew a woman here, I’d probably be with her, but I give you my word, no stranger sex.”

“Thank you.”

“Of course, you have to give me the same promise.”

“As if I’d be with a stranger. I was a virgin till a few weeks ago. Other than when you and I fooled around with Tillie last weekend, I haven’t been with anyone else, and I’m not planning to.”

“Not even Tillie?”

“I’m not a lesbian.”

“But you liked playing with her. Don’t deny it, Sam. There’s nothing wrong with feeling good. Tillie isn’t a lesbian either; she’s bi. And she said if you got horny while I was gone, she’d be happy to help you out.”

“I don’t know if I could. bursa otele gelen escort It was different when you were there, but I’m not sure about being with another woman without you there.”

“Well, you just told me you’re horny. If you’re horny, do something about it. You have the toy I gave you, right?”


“So you could use that, but sometimes it’s more fun with another human being. Think about it; I was talking to Tillie a little while ago, and she’s horny too. Asked me to ask you to get in touch with her if you want to get together.”

“I can’t get in touch with her. I don’t know her phone number.”

“No, but you know where she lives. You could go there. Or I could just give you her number, but somehow I don’t think you’d actually call it, would you?”

“I don’t know. I might.”

“It’s up to you. I won’t mind either way, and I don’t think Tillie will either. But she likes you, you know. She had fun with you last weekend. So did I. It was hot seeing you and her together.”

“It was fun, in a weird sort of way.”

He laughed. “Weird, huh? I’ve never heard threesomes described as weird, but okay. Anyway, I told Tillie I’d pass that message along, so now I have. It’s up to you what you do.”

“When will you be back?”

“It’ll be a few more days. Hopefully by Saturday. Do you have next Sunday off?”

“I think so. I usually don’t work Sundays.”

“Good. We’ll get together then. Meanwhile, like I said, if you want to hook up with Tillie go for it. Just remember to tell me all about it afterward.”

“All the details, huh?”

“You got it. Take care, babe. Talk to you soon.” He hung up.

I put my phone away and went back to what I was supposed to be doing. Standing at the register staring out the window. Actually, I was supposed to be stocking candy and other things, but I didn’t feel like it, and at that time of night there was no one around to make me do what I was told. There was supposed to be someone else on shift with me, especially since the attempted robbery a few weeks earlier, but that person hadn’t shown up, and I liked being alone.

I didn’t get what Jay found so interesting about the idea of me hooking up with Tillie. Sure, it had been fun playing around with her and Jay together the weekend before. I’d been surprised by how much I’d liked it. There was no way I was lesbian, and I didn’t think I was bi. But something about the way Tillie had touched me had gotten to me. I wouldn’t mind having it happen again. But I’d rather have it happen if Jay was there.

Then again, I was definitely horny, and if Jay wasn’t going to be back for another week, I wanted to do something to relieve the horniness. Masturbation only took me so far, as I’d found out since Jay left. I did have a vibrator that he’d used on me the same day we’d played with Tillie. He’d dropped it off in my mailbox on his way out of town; thank god he’d called and told me it was there before my parents had found it! When I used the vibrator, it brought back nice memories of using it with Jay, but that wasn’t the same as actually being with him. I wanted more than solo sex. I just wasn’t sure I wanted it with anyone other than Jay.

By the time my shift ended, I was even hornier, just from thinking about Jay and Tillie. I wasn’t attracted to Tillie; I couldn’t be. Aside from the fact that she was a woman, she didn’t even like me, and I wasn’t sure I thought much of her. But she knew what she was doing with her hands and tongue; she’d been as good as Jay. She couldn’t fuck me like he could, though.

I couldn’t believe the way I was thinking. A few weeks earlier, I’d barely thought about sex, figuring it was something that happened to the pretty girls, the ones all the guys followed around. Then Jay had become part of my life, and now it seemed like sex was all I could think about. Sex with him, at least.

Randy was waiting outside the store to give me a ride home. One day very soon, I would need to get my driver’s license. Waiting for other people to give me rides was really getting on my nerves. “How was work?” Randy asked when I slid into the passenger seat.

“Okay,” I replied. “Boring.”

“Well, you could have been home doing homework or something.”

“Yeah, that would have been way more exciting. Hey, Randy, can you teach me to drive?”

“Get your permit and we’ll talk. I’m not letting you behind the wheel of this car without at least a permit.”

“How do I do that?”

“You really don’t know? You just call Motor Vehicles and talk to them; they’ll tell you where to go for a test. Or you could take driver’s ed; you’ll get a permit after you finish the course. I don’t know why Mom and Dad haven’t had you do that yet.”

“Because they’re trying to keep me their little girl. And I’m getting sick of it.”

“I can’t say I blame you. But they’re just trying to protect you, Sam. They aren’t doing it to be horrible parents or anything.”

“I know that. But when are they going to escort bayan let me grow up?”

“Maybe when you stop whining about when they’ll let you grow up and start doing something about it. Get your license. Buy yourself a cell phone if you want one. You’re eighteen, and I know you’re in college and don’t have a lot of money, but I made it through college and still managed to get what I wanted and needed, so there’s no reason you can’t.”

“No reason at all, except that Mom and Dad would try to stop me.”

“Spend your own money and they can’t stop you. You should make some friends, too, so you have something to do besides being home alone all the time when you aren’t working. Maybe even a boyfriend, though I can’t really say I like that idea.”

“I like the idea.”

“I figured you would. Have you ever even had a boyfriend?”

I didn’t answer. I couldn’t tell him about Jay, but I didn’t want to lie. Keeping my mouth shut was the safest solution.

Randy dropped me off at home and headed to his apartment. He’d been living on his own since he was my age, first in the college dorms and then in an apartment that our parents had helped him pay for until he’d started earning enough to pay for it himself. Meanwhile, my parents had insisted on me living at home while I went to college; they wouldn’t even consider me living in the dorms. Nothing like a double standard.

My parents had already gone to bed. They were big believers in “early to bed, early to rise”, and since they’d drafted Randy as my chauffeur for work, they didn’t have to wait up to make sure I’d get home. Randy was just as overprotective as they were, even though he said he thought they should let me grow up.

I went into my room, shut the door, and stripped. A few weeks earlier, I never would have dreamed of being naked, even in my own room, but there was no reason I couldn’t be. My parents did know how to knock, at least, even if they’d been awake. And I was horny, and I was damn well going to do something about it.

Reaching under my mattress, I found the vibrator, wrapped in a towel, and pulled it out. That had been the only place I’d been able to hide it, since Mom still insisted on putting away my laundry and would have found it in my bureau. I could only hope she never decided to change my bed or flip my mattress.

Lying on the bed, I slid the vibrator between my thighs. I was so wet that it penetrated me easily. I pushed the little button on the base of it and felt the vibration fill my pussy. “Jay,” I whispered, imagining that it was his hand holding the toy.

I moved it slowly back and forth, feeling the pleasure build in me. Through my mind, images ran of Jay and me on his bed, his hands and tongue on me, his large cock pushing into me where the vibrator was now. God, I wanted that cock! Why had he had to go out of town anyway? Why couldn’t he have taken me with him?

I slid the vibrator in and out harder, faster. I was so horny that it was going to take me next to no time to come. That was good; I needed the release. Maybe afterward I’d treat myself to a longer self-fuck, but right now, I just wanted to get off while I daydreamed about Jay’s body, about fucking him. When I felt myself almost at the peak, I pulled the vibrator out of myself and held it against my clit. It took only a second or two for the sensation to push me into orgasm, and I had to fight not to cry out when I came.

Apparently I didn’t try hard enough. As I wrapped the vibrator back in the towel, making a mental note to wash it off the next day when my parents were at work, Mom called, “Sam, are you okay?”

She knocked on the door. I swore under my breath and quickly pulled the covers over myself and the toy. “Yes, Mom, I’m fine.”

The door opened a crack. “Are you sure? I thought I heard you shout.”

I hadn’t shouted. I’d barely whimpered. At least I thought I had. I gave the first excuse I could think of. “I bumped my shin on the bed frame.”

“Oh, okay. How was work?”

Why wouldn’t she go away? “Fine, thanks. How was TV night?”

“It was all right. Nice to have some peace and quiet with your father.”

“Well, if you guys had let me move to a dorm, you’d have peace and quiet together every night,” I couldn’t resist pointing out.

“Now isn’t the time to discuss that. It’s too late.”

My point exactly; it was too late to have any kind of conversation. Mom shut the door and I heard her footsteps heading down the hall to her and Dad’s room. Thank goodness. I quickly finished re-toweling the vibrator and stuffed it back under my mattress, then pulled on a nightshirt in case one of my parents invaded again, crawled under the covers, and fell asleep to dream about Jay.

* * *

It was a boring couple of days. I went to school, I went home. I had Monday off from work, but I wished I’d been working; it at least would have given me something to do besides missing Jay. I shouldn’t miss him, even if he was my boyfriend. He’d made it clear that traveling mudanya escort like this was part of the amorphously vague job he did, and I would just have to deal with it. But I wanted to see him again.

On Wednesday, I was walking home from the university when my cell rang. No one called my cell except Jay, and since he’d only called when he knew I was at work, I had no idea who this might be. The phone number that showed on the small cell screen wasn’t one I knew. I hesitated for about two seconds, then answered anyway. “Hello?”

“Hi, honey, it’s Tillie.”

I was surprised and not altogether pleased to hear her voice. “Hi. How’d you get my number?”

“How do you think? Your boyfriend gave it to me.” There was a sneer in her voice on the word “boyfriend.” The thing Tillie liked least about me was that Jay had told her I was his girlfriend. I had the feeling she’d been hoping she would be the one to claim that title. “So what’s going on?”

“I’m walking down the street on the way home from classes,” I said. “Nothing exciting.”

“Missing your man?”

“Yeah, but he said he’ll be back by the weekend.”

“He says lots of things. When he’s away, you learn to expect him back when he feels like coming back, and not a second before. He might be back this weekend, or it might not be till next weekend or sometime next month. He likes to keep his women guessing.”

“Maybe.” She was baiting me; I wasn’t going to rise to it. “So why did he give you my number?”

“Because I asked for it. You’re missing him and probably horny; so am I. So I thought maybe we could get together like we talked about last time you and he were here. I don’t know about you, but I had fun that day.”

“So did I.” But I wasn’t quite sure what to think about being propositioned by a woman. “So when you say get together, you mean…?”

“I mean exactly what you think I mean, honey. Come over and let’s take care of the hornies. I have some fun toys to play with.”

“This is probably the weirdest conversation I’ve ever had. You don’t even like me. Why are you asking me to do this?”

“I never said I don’t like you, honey.”

“You sure acted it, though.”

“Ah, that’s just friendly rivalry. You’ve got the man half the women in town want. Can’t blame people if they get a little jealous.”

“You have him too. Half the women in town have him.”

“In their beds, sure. And I bet that bugs the hell out of you. But you heard what he said to me when you and he were here. You’re different. The rest of us get his body from time to time, but you have more of him than that. No one’s ever gotten beyond the body with him.”

“I didn’t do anything special to get there.”

“Maybe, maybe not. Whether you did anything or not, though, you’ve got him. Anyway, I didn’t call you about that. What are you doing the rest of the day? Got time to come over and play?”

“Did Jay tell you to call me?”

“Maybe, maybe not. Does it matter?”

“Um, yeah. I don’t know if I even want to do anything with you. I keep telling you, I’m not a lesbian.”

“And I keep telling you, you don’t have to be. Come on, honey. I don’t like to beg. If you really don’t want to come over, don’t. No skin off my nose. I’m just doing this because Jay told me to, and because I’m horny as hell.”

“Don’t you have other men you fuck?”

“Sure. But sometimes a woman’s better, and this is one of those times. So are you going to be here or not?”

“I’m working today. How about tomorrow? My last class gets over at noon.”

“Good. So see you here about twelve thirty tomorrow. You remember how to get here?”

Not exactly. Jay had driven the two times we’d gone to Tillie’s. I wasn’t even sure it was within walking distance, though I was used to walking pretty much everywhere. The only reason I got rides home from work was because my parents and brother didn’t think I’d be safe walking home at night. “I think I can find it,” I said.

“Well, if you can’t, just give me a call and I’ll give you directions. And if you can figure out a way to smuggle it into your bookbag, bring that toy Jay says he gave you. I have plenty of toys myself, but you might want to play with your own.”

“We’ll see.”

I hung up the phone and put it back in my pocket. What had I gotten myself into?

* * *

Later that night when I was at work, Jay called. “Hey, baby. Three days and I’ll be home.”

“Did you tell Tillie to call me?” I asked.

“Yeah. I thought it might be cool if you two got together, and I knew you wouldn’t call her on your own, especially since I never gave you her number.”

“Why is it so important that I get together with Tillie? She doesn’t even like me. She’s jealous of me.”

“Of course she is. That’s one reason. It might make you guys get along better. I don’t like seeing people unhappy, with me or with each other. Besides, Tillie has a thing for you. She thinks you’re hot; she told me.”

“And what are you getting out of it, some kind of finder’s fee?”

Jay laughed. “Not quite. I get to hear about it. And this way, I know you aren’t getting so horny you’ll do something stupid, like hooking up with a guy you don’t know well. You know Tillie.”

“I wouldn’t hook up with anyone. I can stand being horny for a week or two. I’m not some kind of nympho.”

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