Gracie’s Grand Gala Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 – Born Again Libido

Sometimes a girl just has to sit back and reflect upon what is going on in her life if for no other reason but to keep her feet flat on the ground. In just a very short time I have been seduced by none other than my beautiful teenage daughter. Did I stop there? Hell no. I no more than remember how to eat pussy when I found myself in between the legs of one of her schoolmates, Dianne.

I must have liked it. The next weekend I rented a suite at a hotel, and had all three girls over for a pussy licking festival. Now that was fun. Then it happened. I started remembering when I was a coed and attending classes at the same all girls’ school where my daughter is studying now. My main muffin was Emily. It was through her that I met her brother, Charles, who I eventually married when I got knocked up with Allison. He was the instigator of mine and Emily’s separation.

At the risk of invading the soap opera genre, I will continue. My marriage lasted long enough for me to realize that Charles had married my fortune and not my feminine charm. The attorney I found handled our divorce professionally, expertly, and much to his chagrin. He doesn’t even have visiting privileges with his ill-gotten daughter, Allison. The attorney’s name is Amanda Fox. You will hear much more about her in later chapters.

Now, let’s get back to my lost love, Emily. All of these memories being dragged out of my mental archive made me miss her terribly. My yearning left me with no choice other than to contact her after all of these years. That was no chore at all. She had continued her education through graduate school and was presently working as an assistant superintendent at the local public school district.

I talked to her briefly at her work yesterday, and upon obtaining her home number, we visited for hours last night by phone. Renewing our friendship was a warm and welcomed feeling for both of us, but we had much, much more to revive between us. It just so happens that today is Saturday and one of her days off. She was due here any minute now for a hands-on re-acquaintance. My biological signs of this anticipation were gradually but surely becoming apparent.

Finally, when her Corvette eased to a stop in front of my house, I knew Emily was back in my life. Like a high school teenager, I dashed out of the house and pounced upon her as she merged from the car.

“Oh God,” I cried gleefully, “it’s so good to see you again, Em.” I was squeezing her and showering her with kisses while she was making a great effort to remain upright. Had it not been for her athletic superiority we might have been sprawled on the driveway with me between her legs bringing back hundreds of fond old memories.

“Holy shit, Gracie,” she exclaimed, “it’s good to see you as well, but I think we should get inside before we start renewing our intimacy, don’t you think?” She chuckled as she pushed me away to get a better look. “You still love as lovely as ever, old girl, and I’ll bet you are better with your love making as well. Sex is like wine. Better with age.”

“Let’s go find out,” I said excitedly as I hooked my arm around hers and started for the front door. “I’ve had lunch catered, so we can do what we want, when we want, and with whom we want.” We both laughed at the last part of my babbling. “I’ve missed you so, Em,” I cooed as I squeezed her arm against my bosom.

When we got inside and closed the front door, Emily spoke. “I have a great idea, my sweet,” she said very sweetly. “Why don’t we be practical about this and start off mathematically?” She saw my puzzled look. “69,” was her explanation. “Simultaneous pussy eating; no waiting turns. Okay?”

“Sounds like a winner,” I said excitedly, “but I’m going to get acquainted demetevler escort with those boobs again before I go down under.” I had been wearing a lounging jump suit while Em was primly dressed in fashionable street clothes. I stood stark naked and watched her peel layer after layer off and drop each garment to the floor.

As Emily peeled off her last stocking, she gave me a sexy look and said, “Come here.”

I needed no further encouragement. I flew into her arms; our breasts melted together, and our lips locked. The kiss was long and passionate. When we broke loose, we were well on our way. I could ffel juices running down my legs, and I was certain some of them were hers.

We took turns kissing and caressing, and suckling each others breasts. I probed her wet pussy with two of my fingers, and she promptly returned the favor. Heaving like long distance runners on a hot summer day, we looked at each other and headed for the couch.

The two fingers she had used to probe my pussy were now embedded in my asshole, and I was squeezing their delight as vigorously as I could. Of course, I was giving her the same treatment. Our audible commentary attested to the pleasure building second by second. We humped wildly against each other’s faces, and grappled with every body part we could find. This unbridled fervor led to the natural result. We almost simultaneously entered into a state of orgasmic heaven that we embraced and celebrated with enthusiasm.

Our experience was so rapturous that we collapsed against each other, and actually rolled off of the sofa onto the floor. We squealed and laughed like school girls.

“Gracie,” Em sighed in a dreamy voice, “that wonderful tongue of yours is still the longest I’ve ever felt. For old time sake, do my butt hole the way you used to do.”

“Are you asking me to French kiss your asshole, Em?”

“Please. Pretty please.”

“Assume the position,” I ordered sounding like a law officer. She immediately sprang to her feet, spread her legs, and grabbed her ankles. If the occasion ever arises when you need to get a good look at someone’s asshole, this is the way to do it. I rose to my knees, spread her ass cheeks, and burrowed my firmed-up tongue deep into her channel. Her reaction was nothing short of inspiring. I pressed harder, and probed deeper.

“Oh shit,” she gasped, “Gracie’s back, thank God.” She pushed back against my mouth wanting more. I obliged. After awhile I disengaged and sat back on my heels. Em gracefully turned around, sank to her knees, and gathered me up into an arousing passionate embrace. Our tongues flashed, entwined, searched and withdrew. Em read the expression on my face as she settled back on her heels.

“That’s the only way I will know exactly what you experience back there, right?” she said matter-of-factly.

“Not exactly,” I said in a pensive tone. “You don’t get the thrill of an over-active asshole grappling with your tongue like I just did.”

“Show me,” Em said excitedly even thought she had been there before, but that was years ago. “You assume the position, Gracie. I don’t have the tongue you do, but I’ll make up for it with heart.”

I was holding my ankles with high expectations when I felt Em’s tongue burrow into my asshole. I clinched spasmodically, and she pushed even harder. As I spread my legs wider to give her more room, I felt her fingers fondling my pussy. I was breathing so hard by now that I don’t know how I managed it, but I moaned gratefully. Then I felt her fingers inside of me, and I felt her tongue methodically pumping at my rear entrance. Then I felt the unexpected orgasm beginning to form. She realized what was happening, and without missing a stroke, otele gelen escort she moved her hand from my pussy to my clit. My orgasm was state of the art gut-wrenching. I dropped to my knees, and then fell forward resting on my elbows.

When my orgasm finally subsided, I stretched out on the floor and rolled over on my back. Em crawled up my body, and drenching wet with sweat, we fell into another passionate embrace. There was a slight tang present, but all in all everything was great. Our kiss turned into several, and we took our time recovering from our sexual splendor.

Without bothering to dress, we had lunch from the catering cart. We also had wine; lots of wine. Understandably, rosy cheeks were part of the uniform of the day.

“We’ve been apart for so long, Gracie,” Em said, “that I know very little about how you have evolved over the years. That is, of course, other than becoming lovelier with maturity.” Her smile was a sight to behold. “Do you have a male lover on the side?”

“Nope,” I said promptly, “but Allison introduced me to her little buddy, Bad Boy.” I went on to explain about the strap-on she used at school. “Before you ask,” I said quickly, “I’ve ordered one on the Internet. I’m expecting it any day now, but I guess you know that device takes two.” I looked at her with a gleam in my eyes.

“I’m on call 24/7, Love.” I detected a little disappointment on her face.

“Wait a minute, Em,” I said getting to my feet. “That daughter of mine has a box in her room that she calls happiness hotel. Want to take a look?”

“Do you think she will mind?” Em asked.

“She doesn’t have to know unless we have to call her to find out how something works. Come on.”

Allison’s room was much neater than usual, but why not? She’s seldom home anymore with school and all. When she was a fulltime resident, her room was like any other teenage girls. It was a disaster area.

I found Hotel Happiness in one corner of her walk-in closet, and immediately flung the lid open. Em and I both put a hand to our chests and utter almost in unison, “Oh my.” But my smile was no broader than that of my sexy lover’s.

There was no less than half a dozen toys in the box. I didn’t identify with some of them, but I did spy one that took my interest. It was a firm rubber dildo with a pecker head on each end. I picked it up out of the box to get a better look.

“I want half,” Em squealed gleefully. “That thing must be a yard long,” she exclaimed.

“How would you like this thing up your ass instead of my tongue?” I asked with a wicked expression on my face.

“Not as a replacement, Sweetheart; perhaps as an alternate,” Em stated in a tone that led me to believe she was quite serious.

“What else?” I asked anxiously.

“One step at a time you old slut,” Em said teasingly. “Using this thing we can fuck each other at the same time, eh?”

With no openly discussed plan in mind, we ended up on the sun porch where the hot tub and the indoor pool were housed. I had been clever enough to bring along a bottle of lubricant that Allison kept with her toys when we left her room. We were still nude so preparations for our new level of debauchery were simple.

I have a terrible habit of naming every thing I become attached to, and I was reasonably sure that my attachment to this double-headed hose we found in Allison’s toy box would fall into that category so I named it The Codger. After all, any two headed dick had to be grouchy and it was undisputedly male, and its elongated shape made me think of the conger eel. So defines our newest sex toy.

Em and The Codger were at a table near the hot tub when I returned from the bar with more balgat escort wine. She was almost lovingly bathing the tool with lubricant. When I neared the table, she held one end TC, its sudden nickname, toward me.

“See if it fits, Gracie,” she sad cheerfully.

I set the wine glasses down, spread my legs, and said, “You see if it fits, Smarty.”

“I meant for you to suck on it, asshole,” Em replied with a false air of disgust.

“Get me a real one, and I’ll suck it. Take that greased puppy and see how far it will go into my pussy.” I made another squatting movement indicating that I was ready to play. Em leaned forward and slipped one end of TC into my wet muffin and eased it deeper.

“Say when,” she said while concentrating on the probe underway.

“Ooooh, that’s nice, Baby. Join me.”

En stood in a fashion similar to mine, and handed me the unexposed end of TC. I aimed carefully, pressed the dick head against her pussy hole, and stepping closer, caused the toy to ease it way into my lover’s snatch. When we were both satisfied that TC was settled, Em leaned forward and took one of my nipples into her mouth. At about the same time we both had started slowly moving back and forth on this wicked dildo.

I couldn’t reach Em’s boobs because of her contact with mine, but I could reach down and find her swelling clit. She whimpered and pushed harder against our connector. Her next move was to grasp TC midway and hold it in position while we both pumped away up and down the slick barrel. When Em broke away from my breast, I wasted no time in latching on to one of hers. We’ve always worked well together.

TC gave us a good feeling; it was much better than a couple of fingers playing in the pee hole. But we both decided we just weren’t using that toy in the most arousing way. Then Em’s little light came on in her head.

“I’ve got an idea, Gracie,” she chirped. “Assume the 69 position.”

I had learned years ago that most of Em’s ideas were good ones and enjoyable to us both. I lay on my back on a beach towel spread on the deck by the pool. Em approached with TC still glistening with lubricant and juices from our prior engagement and assumed her position over me. I needed no coaching. I grabbed to big hands full of her firm ass cheeks and buried my face in her snatch.

In a few moments I felt one end of TC nudging it way into my ass hole. It was tight, but it was a good size for the job. Em sunk the probe about four inches deep. I could feel my ass grappling with the pleasant intruder, but then I realized Em was penetrating my pussy with the other end of TC. Wow! What a sensation! Doubled teamed with one tool, and that wasn’t the end of this joy. TC was now embedded in both of my holes with a mid-section of about eight inches shaped like a horseshoe. Em grasped this horseshoe at its center and started twisting her wrist one way and then the other.

With each move she caused one end of TC to probe, and at the same time, caused the other end to withdraw. This was a full-service, hand-operated fuck machine satisfying the from and the back door simultaneously. Unconsciously this new experience at my crotch caused me to attack Em’s pussy more vigorously. I was lapping harder, probing deeper, and traveling from ass hole to clit every trip.

My entire body was on fire. My ass was pounding the beach towel beneath me, and I could just imagine the ecstasy Em was feeling.

We were both women who did not hold back audibly or physically when it came to feeling our pleasures. A distant observer would have sworn we were trying to kill each other. Our bodies were humping, and bucking, and twisting, and turning, and our animal like commentary was filling the sun porch wall to wall. We settled down slowly and calmly, but only after each celebrating glorious orgasms one should not even attempt to describe.

There was nothing left to be said. We lay there breathing heavily, and gasping for air as we lazily ran our hands over each other’s sweat soaked bodies.

“Are we going to do this often?” Em asked.

“Every time I see you naked,” I sighed.

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