Graduation , Graduating

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Part I – “Graduation”

The phone rang. “Hello, this is Sabina.” It was Randy, a man I had recently been involved with. The last time I saw him, we did not have a good weekend. I told him I didn’t want to see him after that. We agreed to go our own ways.

“What’s new?” Randy asked.

“I graduated this weekend,” Sabina said. “The diploma was worth the wait! I hope to find a new job with this additional degree.”

“Ahhh … in San Francisco?” Randy asked. “Bet it was nice there!”

San Francisco was beautiful,” I said. A vision of the quaint old city set in picturesque hills flashed in my mind. I smiled, thinking of the demure beauty of the fog rolling in from the bay.

“How was your date…worth the drive back?”

“Well, I was going to stay a few days. But the drive was long, and gas was expensive. After my date I met in San Francisco, I was tired. Since it was not exactly a love connection, I wanted to sleep in my own bed. It took me two hours to get home and almost three to get there!” Sabina explained.

“Boy! That was putting on the miles,” he remarked.

“Well, regarding my date. He was from out-of-town. He was such a nice man but I didn’t think it was a feasible situation for intimacy. Besides touching you was scary enough,” I giggled.

“Having a nice hard cock in your hands or mouth is worth the chance, don’t you think?”

“Who’s cock?” I asked.

“Your date. Guess, you didn’t think so. Well, there are more fish in the ocean. You know how to make a man hard,” Randy reminded me while laughing mischievously!

“I never made you hard, did I?” I asked. “Or, was that a parable of you saying I never make you soft? Kind of like you saying you’re NOT attracted to me,” I said my voice wet with sarcasm.

“So, you think I do know how to make a man hard? I’m not sure I know how I do it? Tell me. Yes, I probably could have turned his life around. Not, likely though. We lived in different states and the frustration wouldn’t have been worth the wait. I need to be focused on reality. I need to be turned on before turning on … don’t you and on a regular basis?” I asked.

“Don’t I what?” Randy asked. “Getting turned on before being hard? Yep, I do. If that is the question, then, yes, I do need to be turned on before I perform.”

“He was a good communicator. I like that,” hinting that Randy was not.

“I like to look at a woman’s shape. Cleavage is what really gets me going but so does a nice round arse… like yours?” Randy said in a seductive twinge. “And, your tight little hiney love canal is so inviting, too!”

“Well, you should have been nicer to me. I thought round wasn’t good. Hah, so I did turn you on?” I laughed. It had been a couple of months since our break-up, so I was going to give him a difficult time and make him squirm a bit. I knew he liked that in me… the feistiness, playfulness, and sexiness all turned him on.

“If I didn’t know better, I would think you are trying to seduce me young man… Dare I say… miss me?” I asked. I knew Randy hated when I asked him that. I had asked him the same question the weekend of our break-up. He especially hated showing any vulnerability or his feminine side. So, I understood his next comment to me.

“Well, like all men, I could have naughty sex with you but nothing more… like bring dinner… fuck for a few hours and then I leave,” he laughed.

“That comment will definitely score points with me. Are you asking yourself over? Now, see you’re being mean. I got turned on just looking at you and roguishly forgave you for your lack of foreplay. I didn’t have to have it!” I said.

“No … but you never know. You might like me to give you some orgasms,” Randy suggested again impishly suggestion a reunion.

“I might,” I said, yet dreaming of our last encounter while uttering those words.

“Is your dating life slow?” I asked, amused at my words and laughing at the same time. “Are you that desperate … to be with me? Some orgasms is the operative word … not just one!” hinting once again.

“Yeah, some is what you get… I only get one… but, if done right a very good one! I am sure you get wet just thinking of a toy sliding in and out of your pussy as I slide in and out of your hiney… or vice versa! Wet thoughts just thinking of me, Sabina?” Randy asked.

“Well, you do turn me on. Yes, I was planning on many orgasms the last time you were here, but the weekend was wasted with you being mad at me. Maybe, distance is what we needed!”

“You wearing a tight thong that teases you as you walk around the house … tingling your clitty and a sheer top that lustfully teasing your nipples would be nice,” Randy said.

“One for one, two for one, or ten for one of yours would only be fair … mine is little except that hiney one you gave me. Well, I do have all this new lingerie I bought with you in mind that are getting old. I suppose I could be forced to … to be submissive,” I stuttered. “Go on and tell me more,” I pleaded.

Then, maybe you would tuzla escort enjoy an afternoon of fucking … an early dinner in and then we part … so, as to not get on each others nerves,” Randy implied.

“I … get on your nerves, do I? You’re scoring more points with me today as we go along. I thought my emails got on your nerves but not ME. Well, YOU do make me write good stories … did you like the one I wrote?” I asked. “And, you get your way with me as you please, like you always wanted. How… convenient for you. Well, I’m pretty lucid these days … as long as I’m not being pissed off at you … you might be good for subside my anger side,” I joked, knowing well that he knew what I meant. Submissiveness had been a bone of contention with me before.

Laughing, Randy said and I knew was smiling priggishly. “Yah think? Your pussy needs more fucking than it has been getting. I think you are a better person if you have enjoyed a good orgasm. It seems to settle you down and makes you less aggressive towards men.”

“How is that?” I asked. Of course, he ignored me as he usually did when I asked a specific question.

“Yes, I’d like to see you. I can’t believe I’m saying this! If you want, there will be no pressure from me … maybe we could even like each other with a second go around.”

“Okay! As long as it is about enjoying a few drinks and enjoying sex… not about jobs or other hassles in our lives,” Randy stated.

“Deal,” I agreed. “Did that bother you? I have no hassles at the moment… except poverty,” laughing wholeheartedly. “And, you are not to complain about my pig sty of a house if it’s not immaculate when you get here.”

“Okay. Fucking is the only thing that doesn’t cost a lot,” he commented.

“Yes, I know that you like THAT part. Frugal sex,” I girlishly giggled out loud.

“Seems every extra cent I make is spent on working for just a living. I used to have extra money every payday to enjoy life. Now, it is all about living expenses or not living period,” he said laughing.

Knowing Randy was serious as I was about finances, I said, “It sucks. Or, that’s my job isn’t it and it’s free? I’ve been living week to week for years.

My boobs were swelling as I continued speaking to Randy. “My boobs just grew,” I said devilishly while massaging them lightly.

“Yes, I like the way you suck me. You make me rock hard when you do,” Randy confessed.

“Really?” I asked.

“And, I like big boobs. Why are they growing?” Randy asked as if he had just heard me or just caught terms with my comment.

“I’m wet and they’re aching for you,” I explained. “And, I like the way you kiss and lick my pussy. But, I would like a lot more slow foreplay and slow fucking so then I can stay nice longer.”

“What else would you submissively like from me?” I asked.

“Okay, more foreplay to get you good, wet and aroused. Then, I would like to use toys on you … so I can save my cum for later when it’s time for me to fuck you hard,” he said, getting me even wetter.

“I see,” muttering softly. “I love foreplay and need it desperately, Randy.”

“And, I would like to fuck your hiney, too… warm you up with butt toys first so you are ready for me when I get in there.”

“Your vibrating toy in the butt was such a turn on for me. Negotiable,” I agreed looking forward to our reunion.

“It is not supposed to hurt. Maybe, a little discomfort to start but then the pleasure will relax you and then you’ll just enjoy my thrusting in your virgin butthole.”

“Then, you might need to stay the night so we can have more than one session later. ,” No pressure… let’s take it as ‘you cum,” I suggested.

“I’d rather start early and then we’ll see. Like to start around 11 a.m. or so, stay the day and maybe night together,” Randy solicited.

I was thinking about a long day of fucking in front of us. “Do you know what you’re doing in that anal area? Hmmm. You will be my first. When? But first, I get to spank you for not making love to me properly the last time you were at my place. Deal?” I asked.

I asked Randy a few questions about his work schedule and free time.

He ignored my interrogation as usual and said, “No spanking me. I am more interested in a woman that is somewhat compliant.”

“ALL RIGHT,” I raged in agreement. “I’m not submissive… except with you … but you need to communicate with me more and shut me up when you don’t like something or tell me your feelings which will help me understand you better. I like this negotiating part,” I chuckled.

“Okay then. I will be more firm with you when you start to go on a tangent that I don’t like,” Randy pronounced.

“You’re the best fuck and you know we do it well together. But, you should, if you want to, express more so I can understand your better. I do shut you up. Give me an example, please?” I asked and he knowingly ignored once again.

“I want you to be in sexy lingerie when I knock at your door,” Randy demanded.

“Which one?” I asked pendik escort him.

“Toys all laid out, too,” he continued. “And, when I come in and close the door, we will kiss and greet for a few minutes. Then, I want you to kneel and suck me till I am hard… but not to make me cum. When I am feeling horney, we can relax and break open some wine and chat. I can admire your hiney, breasts and pussy,” he continued hungrily.

“Admire? I didn’t know you felt like that. You may come a few extra times if you keep this nice talk up. But, I think you’ll be walking in horny.”

“You are soooo bad,” I said in a naughty tone of voice. “Okay. I’m agreeable if you communicate with me and we are agreeable to each other’s needs.”

“Then we can work our way back to bed, enjoy some foreplay and orgasms for the rest of our playtime.”

“Friends with benefits… no strings,” Randy inferred.

“And, you’ll touch me all over and I you!” I optioned.

“Yep,” he agreed.

I couldn’t believe our conversation was so good-humored. “Yes, you like getting your way. I’m amiable. You give me a little massage to take away my aches and I blow your cock hard as you like.”

“I guess my cum will have to be wasted in a condom,” Randy hinted at a more intimate way of having sex.

“How is that?” I asked. “Don’t you always use condoms?”

“Unless you would like to swallow my hot load, we have to use them.”

“Don’t ask for the world, Randy! Just get me hornier with foreplay and you might be delighted at my surprises.” I thought about his hot load shooting over my hiney crack the last time we were together. My orgasm had gotten so intense; I couldn’t bear any more penetration.

“I forgot about safe sex that last time,” Randy said sheepishly. “Yes, I always use condoms squirting and touching your rumphole. I was thinking of when I was married, I guess,” he laughed nervously, stumbling over his words.

“That’s one benefit of monogamy,” I recommended knowing how hard it was for him to even inference commitment

“Yes, that last time was hot, very hot. You’ll have to shoot your cum around it and make a pattern of sorts instead, Randy.”

Too bad as I like the after cum feeling of being inside of you,” he said.

“I do, too! But you can’t you know that,” I wished. Randy was making my pussy so hot by talking dirty to me.

“I have to go now. Just think of the pleasure of having my cock in your pussy and buttocks which will make you wet so I can fill you — both with my cock and with the toys.”

“Me, too. Gosh, we DO get carried away with this phone play, don’t we?” I asked.

“Are you wet?” Randy asked.

“Gosh, yes,” barely getting out my words. “You make me relax when you’re like this. The tension in my neck and shoulders is loosening up. I’m feeling light in my head and euphoric. But, no more butt play alone. Okay, master of science and sex?” I teased. “You are much more experienced using toys and better at it than I am.”

“You’ve got to keep that hiney ready. Practicing wearing a butt plug will get you ready by dilating your opening and orifice so it’s good and ready for me then.”

Randy was making me so horney and dripping. “You get me ready just fine. We’ll call our next encounter the anal reunion.”

“Yes … it will be fun and orgasmic.”

“And, submissive,” I gagged.

“Yes … exactly. Enjoy the afternoon … I’ve got to run.”

“Just keep me happy and I’ll be very submissive… in bed anyway.”

I’ll try. Bye now,” said Randy.

“Looking forward to sex in the daylight,” I ended.

Part II – Submissiveness

A friend once said to me, “You are no more submissive than a mother bear guarding her cubs.” It’s very true, but, I was thinking I would go along with Randy’s wishes. It sounded like I could use a little imagination to give him a night he would always cherish.

My sister had said I was about to hear from Randy again and she was right. He returned one out of two cell phones that I had given him and $50 for the price of the other phone. He waited six weeks to finally put stuff in the mail which made me madder than our break-up.

I WAS totally caught my surprise at my last phone conversation with Randy. He had done a good job at making me horney and wanting him again. He called a few days later.

“There’s going to be a full moon tonight,” Randy bequeathed.

“Really?” I asked. “Sounds sexy to me.” So, I decided that this was the chance of my lifetime. The time together was going to be to have sex and the best we ever had … which would be hard to beat.

I would be submissive and succulent meeting the needs of this man I so much desired. I knew he was genuine, but he could be distant and non-committal. So, I planned our next encounter.

“Randy, I have a few surprises for you. Are you UP for it?”

“Honey,” he said, “Just be your sexy self. I want you to enjoy our lovemaking.”

Well, I knew this man wanted more and I knew how to turn Randy on. I could keep him aydınlı escort hard for hours. But, more importantly, I wanted to have the best fuck I had ever had with him giving into a little fantasy, play and intimacy beyond his expectations. “Come on over Randy.”

“Alright, I’m on my way,” said Randy. “I’ll pick up some dinner and wine.”

Part III The Anal Reunion

I heard a knock at the door. “Hi, honey,” I said. I could see he liked what I was wearing by the big smile on his face. I loved that smile.

“What’s your hurry, Randy?” I asked.

I wore a baby doll set of lingerie. Not only could he see through it, but the cranberry and rose flowers on a sheer pink background taunt he fact I wouldn’t let him inside. It had a drawstring neck which tugged at my breasts making them fuller. It was open in the middle of the front with a frilled hem, lace shoulder straps and a thin belt that tied in back and a matching pair of string bikini undies.

“I just want to show you a few things before you cum in,” I said teasingly He put down the food and wine on the table while grinning ear to ear. Also, he had a bunch of pink tiger lilies which he put aside. They’re one of my favorite flowers and oddly enough matched my lingerie.

“Sabina, you look sexy,” Randy said as he looked through the grids of the security door.

“Well, big boy, are you here to service me, fuck me or make love to me tonight?” I asked.

“A little of all three,” Randy replied. “Get on your knees and get ready to suck me hard!”

I unfolded my left breast from under my lingerie; separating the cleavage he so loved. I rubbed my breast, running my fingers over my nipple as it became erect and perky. I pulled out my other breast both exposed as I pulled down my panties. Next, I pulled down my panties and turning around, bending over showing him my rear and just enough of my pussy. I fondled my clit moving my hand toward him and then rubbed my hands across my butt. I took my panties off entirely as I leaned against the screen door with my breasts pressed against it. I creakingly unlocked the door and then put my breasts back inside my lingerie.

I sat on the floor and opened my legs wide displaying my pink wet pussy. “Come on in, Randy,” I instructed.

With me standing up, Randy started kissing me erotically as he had promised. We embraced as I melted in his arms swaying a bit to keep myself erect. “Get on your knees, baby,” Randy beseeched in a throaty voice. “I want to watch you suck my cock now.”

“I would love to, Randy,” I said in breathless anticipation. “God, I want to feel your hot solid cock in my mouth!” I rose to my knees, unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants dropping them to his ankles.

Randy panted as I took him between my lips. I took my tongue and swirled it all over the tip of his penis. I wiped off the precum as I inserted the tip of my tongue into his little hole, knowing well how hard that would make him.

Randy could barely speak. “Fuck…oh, FUCK! That’s mind-blowing. Don’t stop. Suck me harder, Sabina!”

I started sucking him harder—going down on him as much as I could, filling my mouth with his rock hard cock. I felt his balls and they were full so I knew he needed me as badly as I needed him. I ran my hands up and down his firm legs and around to feel his solid butt cheeks. His butt was so hard and round. I loved his buns almost as much as his cock.

I held the tip of his penis in my mouth as I sucked him. I took my hands and pulled the shaft of his cock up and down conscious that he was ready to cum. Then I withdrew my mouth, touched my wet clit and hard-pressed my index finger against his parched lips to taste my juices.

“Thanks for the flowers, Randy. Go get them please,” I said pulling his pants up and zipping them.

Part III – Graduating

Randy poured a couple of glasses of white merlot, which was his favorite kind of red wine. The wine tasted so excellent after having his hard cock in my mouth.

I put my panties back on and motioned him to come and sit down. We talked and laughed catching up on the period of time we were away from each other. He kept glaring at me as if he hadn’t seen me in years.

I looked at his strong, large biceps stretching the short sleeves of his polo shirt. He was tan from working outside and he looked GOOD! I was glad to see him again, blissful and joyful.

A couple hours passed. Randy and I were feeling lustful and feisty for each other. I knew he was ready to take me to the bedroom so I dimmed the lights. But, I had a better idea than just dimming the lights for our sexual encounter.

“You sit tight,” I said, as I served Randy a plate of light appetizers to keep him busy. “I’ll be right back.”

I went outside to the back yard and laid out a blanket under an elm tree that would provide shade at sunrise. I lit about twenty candles and placed them in different areas. I put down a few pillows and a top sheet in case it got chilly.

Walking inside, I undressed dropping my lingerie to the floor. I changed into my black graduation gown and collar with the tan colors displayed my accomplishments of a Master of Science diploma.

I put some soft graduation music and yelled, “Randy, why don’t you undress?”

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