Granny Mistress

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The trip back home was full of promises for the Lady Olena. What else could bring mad fun into the life of a lonely old woman living alone than a human-dog that would keep her company and yet excel in several other tasks a canine dog could not?

She didn’t remove the collar off Mike’s neck as they departed Mary’s house, she only gave him her scarf so he could wrap it around his neck to conceal the collar in public. The leash length remained clipped against his body beneath the cloth.

“Whatever happens, wherever you have to go, wherever we have to go, in any case at all, that collar never leaves your neck, Chihuahua, understood?”

“Yes Ma’am,” Mike replied the old wrinkled mouth that spoke into his ears.

“Yes, my lady!”

“Yes, my lady.”

“Good, I prefer that,” Olena added.

The train ride back home seemed longer than it took going to Mary’s. The excitement of a new breed of pet altered the lady’s consciousness. She periodically glanced at Mike with nothing short of erotic satisfaction. The thoughts of having such a fresh blood, a young unmarried man with well-toned muscles and a generally cute body frame not just as some in-house partner to bring her pleasure, but also as a total slave to do her bidding and bring her pleasure whichever way she commanded it, totally kept her on the edge of her seat.

Mike, on the other hand, is praying in his mind, and wishing the train would never reach the destination. Serving Mary in the most lowly ways possible was bad already, but he could deal with it. She is young and has a beauty to die for. Whatever he suffered in Mary’s hands, he made up for it with the fact that they were together, and he could show-off with her to his friends, making boasts of having a beautiful girlfriend.

But what advantages does an owner-dog relationship with a Grandma have to offer him? The wrinkled ageing body? Or the extra belly folds that incubates the most horrid shit anyone’s digestive system could come up with?

His mind replayed the events that just took place that morning. He could still feel the taste of Olena’s shit as he wasn’t allowed to brush his mouth after eating his breakfast of bread and shit.

He bowed his head sorrowfully, lost in thoughts, and hoping that somehow, this was a dream.

The train got to their stop and they got off. The next 15 minutes walk to Olena’s house gave off different feelings to both parties.

Olena’s house sits in a quiet woody area, overlooking a lake. It’s a very quiet neighbourhood, with long periods of silence interrupted by occasional car drive-by, or a jogger.

Olena pulled the scarf off his neck as they turned and the corner and had her house in view. She made him pull out the entire length of the leash from beneath is shirt as they approached the house, so that the collar was now in full view of the public.

Upon stepping on her premises, she let go of the last piece of restraints and took a hold of the leash.

“Dog, behave aliağa escort like a dog now, my Chihuahua doesn’t stand rubbing shoulders with me,”

Mike went on all fours instantly and walked after her as she pulled on his leash.

“I’d still walk you around the neighbourhood soon, I believe.”

The Granny and the dog finally got into the house and shut the door behind them.

“My Chihuahua doesn’t wear clothes.”

Mike stripped every piece of clothing on him and furiously waited for the next ‘My chihuahua doesn’t do that,’ statement.

She walked him to the back of the house where the Dog House is, a 3 Ft x 3 Ft structure made out of Cedar wood. It was large enough for Olena’s former dog (which was a real dog, not a human dog), with space for the dog bowl inclusive, but now she probed visually if the house would still be sufficient for her new dog; Mike.

“Try to fit in there sweetheart, let’s see if this would be manageable or some adjustments would have to be made.”

Mike went in head first, his body covered the entire entrance into the dog house. He successfully managed to get in, but turning around to face Olena was quite much of a problem. The dog bowl had toppled over already with his movements within the house, she helped by removing it and placing it just at the entrance. He eventually turned around facing her as she smiled upon him with kinky satisfaction.

“Ugrrr, this will work! There’s barely any space left but you will learn to manage this. Show me how you like it, bark for me doggy.”

“Wrufff, wruuuuuuffffff, wrufff, wruffffffff,” he continued endlessy as he looked up at Olena from his lowly position.

“Good. You will be here most of the time during the day when you aren’t being used.

The nights, you will spend with me in my room, to attend to needs that would come up. Got that?”

“Yes, my Lady.”

“Ok, come out now and let me show you around the rest of the place.”

She walked him to the kitchen, the store and other parts of the house just to get him officially familiarized with her home.

After showing him around the most important places in the house, they retreated to her bedroom. A very large room with two mid-sized windows on two adjacent walls. A very large and fluffy bed sitting right beside the wall facing the east. A tall red wardrobe stood to the left, about 5 Ft from a table and a padded chair.

The room has it’s own bathroom and toilet also.

She sat on the edge of the bed and perved on his body with delight; his perky ass and thigh muscles, his dangling balls and a pretty much nice-looking average-length cock.

She took off every piece of clothing on her and revealed her old graceful body. She was quite very much proud of her body, despite the folds and wrinkles here and there. Anyways, Mike wasn’t the kind of guy she needed to appease with her body, no, he is a dog waiting to do her bidding.

Mike looked up çiğli escort at his new Goddess. As far as he was concerned, she had no beauty that he might desire her, but is however a necessary evil he can’t disobey.

She spread her legs, revealing an aged but still pink pussy to him. A strong musky scent oozed out of there, a scent so thick it was obvious that place had been unattended to in a long time.

“Come closer honey, make me happy!”

Mike came on board the 72 years old pussy. The thick smell oozing out of the cleft of ages defeated and captured his nose. He unconsciously retracted his tongue when it touched the tip of her vagina. She simply motivated him by giving him a hard knock on the head. He instantly let out his tongue like a dog that he is and started lapping the old woman’s cunt.

“Ouuuchhhhhhhhh, yeah, that’s it doggy.”

A stream of salty taste creampie poured on his tongue. He gulped it down his throat and continued lapping vigorously.

He went digging deeper and deeper into her cunt with his tongue, hating the juice oozing out, but lapping it up and swallowing as it came at him.

Olena started moaning already and squirming in pleasure. Her body had missed this so much she had so many electrical charges waiting there to be triggered.

She guided his mouth unto her clitoris. He went to work on her clit, licking, flipping and sucking it.

Olena’s respiration adjusted into short rapid breaths, as pure sexual passion and pleasure waved through her body. The spasms and muscle tremors began, and Mike stepped up his game too, wanting to make her cum.

The orgasm moment was awesome. Mike couldn’t fathom where this granny summoned such energy from; she grabbed his head so tightly like she was gonna collapse it, and her legs shook vigorously in the air. It was indeed an earth-shaking orgasm.

She pushed his head away as she reached orgasm, accompanied by high pitched sounds.

A bright smile shone across her face as her heart beat very rapidly and fast. She just lay there on the bed, enjoying her orgasm, and needing to rest in that position until she catches her breath again.

About 10 to 15 minutes passed as she enjoyed the passion re-awakening the dead parts of her body. She also spent this short moment contemplating what just happened. She didn’t know that at her age and present living condition, she could ever still get such pleasure.

She turned around exposing her old rusty behind to Mike. It smelled even worse than her vagina. In comparison, you’d have to say her vagina smell was nice, the anus smell was really bad. He squizzed his face, irritated at the shithole staring at him.

“This will be the deepest thing we will be sharing together, I suggest you start getting used to It.”

She put a pillow under her waist to raise her ass and make it more accessible to him.

“Come closer honey, make me happy!” she repeated.

Mike lowered his alsancak escort mouth unto her anus.

“Nah, your nose first. I want to sadden your soul with the smell. I know it must be horrible back there. Put your nose inside my anus and breathe from there.”

There was no escaping the putrid smell. Mike forced the tip of his nose into her gaping anus and inhaled the most irritating horrible smell ever.


She farted into his nose. The already irritating smell multiplied in geometric proportions.

Braaaapppttttttt thrtttttttttttt

The second fart was wet and nasty. She had mistakenly excreted shit along with the fart. Wet liquid fluid flooded up Mike’s nostrils and he had to quickly open his mouth to support his partially blocked nose.

“You better switch to your mouth now dog, an old lady can’t regulate some things, I didn’t see that coming!” she said as she chuckled out loud as she mocked him.

Her anus began to go gape. Mike knew what was coming. He moved his jaw up, now covering Olena’s anus with his mouth as he expected his second feeding from this old rusty ass.


Dark brown pastry shit flowed into his mouth. It had a horrible bitter taste. It didn’t take long at all before his mouth filled up and yet, the supply wasn’t waning, he had to, therefore, start swallowing. Luckily for him, Olena’s shit was fluid enough, so, swallowing it as fast as it got into his mouth wasn’t too much of a hard task. Coping with the bad taste and smell was the difficult thing to cope with.

Olena’s ass kept nothing back. Wave after wave of liquid shit flowed out of her anus right into his mouth, and he kept swallowing like an experienced dog. The training he got from Mistress Mary was coming in very handy.

“I will not be using the regular toilet again dog, you are my toilet now, and you are so good with this,” she said as she strained her lower abdominal muscles to push out whatever pockets of shit left in her bowels.

“Tell me, how does my shit taste?”

“Your shit tastes nice, my lady,” he lied, but of course, knowing he had to please his Lady, he had to fake it.

“Really?” she laughed, “You are such a good dog. Mary trained you well.”

“Thank you, my lady.”

She then turned around and urinated into his mouth. He appreciated it as he was able to rinse his mouth with her piss.

Olena had just gotten relief in two very big ways, too big for her body to handle.

Neurochemicals flooded her bloodstream and smiles flooded her face as she adjusted up the bed and felt sleepy.

She pulled him by his collar and he climbed the bed. She lay face down with her legs spread wide apart and instructed him to lick her ass very gently till she wakes up.

Mike spread her big ass cheeks to reveal her anus and he then put his mouth to work once again.

Brptttttt thrattttttttt

She farted into his mouth yet again as she cuddled her pillow and smiled wickedly and satisfyingly;

“And yes, you will be catching any biological weapon that escapes my ass too.”

She drifted into sleep in roughly 6 minutes.

Mike’s eyes rolled as the next offensive odour invaded his nasal cavity


And now his watch begins.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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