Great Old One Pt. 01

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Time, as in the concept of days, weeks, months — had little meaning for them as they were now wealthy, retired and sailing around the world on a beautiful large 130 foot luxury yacht, stopping wherever pleased them. They were both just over their mid-thirties, smart with money not out of greed but because they rejected the constraints of modern society and the rules and the brutality of the capitalist machinery. They wanted freedom and the lack of routine. So, they studied the machine, how it worked, what made it tick and hacked it’s clockwork to run for them. As they cruised Europe, their assets made passive income. Technology allowed them to live on this boat and day trade and do other business as they pleased.

At this moment, early afternoon, in the brilliant sun at sea, Annika lay on her back at the front of the beautiful yacht. She was topless, in her white bikini bottoms, lying on her back on a sunbed, the warmth of the sun gentle on her skin and her long hair resting on her bare breasts. They were somewhere south of Greece, he knew exactly; but her ignorance was part of the romanticism of it for her. She was getting tanned, which made her blue eyes even brighter and her platinum blonde hair seem more alarmingly white. She felt like a new person, the shackles of her old life of responsibility left back in civilisation and her new life, on this yacht with her husband, the love of her life, was who she was now. Chris was tall, broad shouldered and barrel-chested, muscular and handsome. He was brilliant; so intelligent, it was his genius with numbers and computers that had them living in luxury in many ways — and he made her laugh with his sarcastic wit. They clicked on every level, especially with the sex thing, which was very important to Annika, who loved to fuck about five times a day.

A gull flew overhead and Annika opened her eyes, gazing at her large perky breasts in front of her, the small pink rosebud nipples popping to attention as she thought about Chris’ mouth, his hands and his cock. Yes, after he had finished messing around with the computer controlled sails, she would keep him busy in another way. She had bought new lingerie in Paris and some toys to have fun with that he hadn’t seen yet. She smiled, thinking about surprising him later. Their sex life had always been creative and adventurous. The dark azure sky was like a dome overhead and all she could hear was water thrashing and lapping. The silence sometimes got to her and she wanted excitement but there were the towns for that. As if on cue, Chris called out that they are about to dock in thirty minutes and Annika rolled onto her stomach, her large breasts jiggling as she got up, deciding to go and dress for fun. The balmy sea breeze caught her hair as she walked across deck. Chris watched her, his lust apparent as he admired her bobbing breasts and swaying hips and she wagged her finger at him. Naughty, naughty. She smiled. He was going to like what she got changed into. The problem with this lifestyle was that she missed the sexiness of dressing up. Bikinis, denim kaynarca escort cut-offs and flannel shirts got tired after a while…

She padded barefoot down the glossy maple stairs, going below deck to the expansive cabin, with the huge television and all the mods and cons in the salon and the galley — and everything being perhaps even better fitted out than the average five-star hotel — they really weren’t ‘roughing it’. At night, they usually sat in the Chesterfield lounges, eating cheese platters or fresh salmon, whatever the ports brought and watching movies or whatever else. It was like all the good bits of home, with all the stuff like work erased. She walked through the stainless steel galley, into the maple panelled passage, past several closed bedroom doors and into the master. She slipped out of the bikini bottoms, entering the en-suite bathroom. She showered, using Chanel No 5 body wash and moisturiser because he liked it and curled her long platinum hair so it framed her face, cascading down her back.

Annika opened her wardrobe and looking through her large collection of lingerie, she carefully chose an ivory lace underwear set with a push-up bra that thrust her breasts upwards. She dressed in a low-cut white halter sundress with a red cherry print and put on some makeup, pleased with the result. She missed looking so pretty and smelling lovely — she dabbed perfume behind her wrists and ears, touching some lipgloss on her pillowy lips. Chris said she was beautiful even when they were days into a hike and unwashed; but she knew he secretly adored her dressed up like this. Strutting, she returned to the sunbed. They were meters away from the dock and the yacht swayed hard. Docking the yacht was challenging and Chris’ temper flared, so she took a book back to the deck and allowed the locals to help him, staying clear as the men tossed ropes and argued.

Perched on the sunbed, her bare long legs out in front of her, Annika put her book down and looked the cramped hillside town over, a little bored. It resembled every other town they had visited this month and she considered wiping off some eyeliner and covering her ample breasts and naked arms with a cardigan to ward off the religious glares of the older townfolk. These towns were old, cobble-stoned and charmingly Gothic-looking, but underneath the cute antiquity, the cultures were small-minded, weird and superstitious. This town was smaller than the others and she thought that they would walk around it a bit, giggle about its arcane creepiness as they usually did, take pictures of stuff like old ruined tombstones and crumbling steeples and hot-tail it back to the luxurious inside of the yacht. Then go back to sea and perhaps head further north, back to Northern Europe where their friends were staying.

“They say there’s a storm coming and we’ll need to stay somewhere for the night,” Chris told her as he walked past, breaking into her reverie. He looked moody, like he was displeased at this and annoyed at the docking. “We’ll need to pack some stuff for shore.”

Annika orhanlı escort sighed and glanced at the dock, where a gathering group of scruffy men were staring at her, as locals often did. She rubbed her arms, as if swatting away their gazes. “I will get a cardigan,” she decided and Chris laughed, kissing her on the forehead. He knew her well enough to know she liked men looking, but purely on her terms. She was very picky with who got to look or touch.

They went down to their bedroom and joked around as they gathered some belongings in overnight bags, enjoying their natural banter and the ease of their bond. Chris realised that the island probably wouldn’t have satellite for the MMA fight that night and Annika giggled, suggesting that make their own unsanctioned match and jumped on him, throwing him back onto the bed and trying to pin him. Their play wrestling inevitably turned sexual, with Chris overpowering her, pinning her.

“Submit to me?” he asked and she giggled and said, “Never.”

His large skilful hands, a bit rough from the sailing, knew where to touch and caress; they ran all over her, causing shivers of pleasure and then, slowly, up her shapely bare legs. He kissed her gently, his golden hazel eyes looking deeply into hers. “You will,” he whispered, running his fingers along her pantyline and she held her breath, her hands stroking his bare big hard chest, loving every moment of him being on top of her. He gently took her panties off, running them down her legs and pulling them off, opening her willing legs wide. She watched his arm muscles ripple as he lowered himself, lifting her skirt and looking her in the eye before beginning to kiss her inner thighs, then her bare waxed labia. She tensed in delicious anticipation and raised her hips to meet him as his large tongue started to stroke her clit, he was so amazing at this, he just knew how to drive her crazy and he took his time, building up pressure and speed, but also teasing at the right moments.

His tongue tirelessly worked at her clit until, shaking and crying out, she had an unbearably intense orgasm, gripping the sheets as her body lost control. He immediately popped up and started kissing her, pushing his tongue into her eager mouth, his fingers on her clit, pressing and rubbing, he knew her secrets and then, explosively, she came again, screaming. He whispered in her ear, “I wonder if those men are still there…” and clapped his hand over her mouth as he took his hard cock out of his shorts and thrust it into her roughly. She let out a muffled cry, tasting her pussy on his hand and stared up at him, wide-eyed, as he rolled her ankles up to his shoulders in her favourite sex position and entered her. She sighed blissfully as he sank into her and he pushed deeper, beginning to drill into her. He was huge and this way, he forced her to take him all in like this, her G-spot was on fire and her clit, already swollen and so sensitive, both spasmed in unison, mounting to an incredible orgasm. He smirked as he watched her face contort, his large hand tepeören escort still over her mouth; he knew how loud she was during sex, it was fine out at sea, but not docked or in a small hotel.

“You love it rough and hard,” he said, increasing his pace and really putting his back into each thrust. Her eyes widened; she was going to come again, she felt insatiable, she couldn’t have enough of his cock. She tried to tell him to fuck her harder but was still gagged by his hand and he grinned at her, enjoying his dominant position, enjoying his huge cock pounding into her tiny pussy. “I love stretching your little cunt,” he said, pressing her knees to her shoulders and holding them there, hard. She shivered, loving it when he was dirty during sex because it was so out of character and then, with a long moan, she came again, grabbing at his strong flexing forearms. He pulled out, trying to flip her onto her hands and knees to fuck her from behind but Annika wanted to taste his cock — and his cum — so she turned around, roughly pushing him backwards onto the pillows.

He grinned up at her, knowing what was coming as she pulled down his shorts, exposing his glorious huge cock covered in her cunt honey and started licking up and down before plunging her mouth down on his cock, impaling herself. His hands grabbed her blonde hair, his groans letting her know how much he was enjoying himself. She glanced up at his face, seeing him watch her in rapt fascination as she took control of his cock. Her hands caressed his balls, his ass as she slipped the head of his cock straight into her throat, bypassing her gag reflex and kept going, up and down, fast and slow, varying the pace and listening to him and feeling his body language. He started to tense — he was close — so she stopped and started to lick his balls slowly, ignoring his bulging begging shaft, her hands stroking around it.

“Tease,” he groaned.

“You love it,” she responded, pausing to smile at him and then she resumed sucking his cock, viciously like before, deep in her throat, assaulting the head. His hands went up her skirt, finding her wet pussy and fingered it, he was moaning and quivering, he was close again and she stopped, pulling away and giving the shiny purple head a few soft licks.

“I could just grab you and fuck you…” he said, eyeing her and she giggled at this, stroking his throbbing hot shaft. “You won’t because you know the pay-off is worth it,” she said, plunging her mouth back on the cock and this time, she was relentless, bobbing up and down until he cried out, coming very hard for several seconds and she did not stop sucking after he shot his creamy hot load, she kept sucking the twitching cock to another orgasm and this made him thrash like he had been slapped. This was one of her special tricks, something that made her amazing in bed and a sex goddess, of who he worshipped and he took her in his arms, sweaty and trembling, his eyes wide with awe. She didn’t like cuddling after sex but tolerated it a little before getting up and putting on the cardigan.

She looked down at him on the bed, spent and happy. “Come on, babe, time to get off the yacht before the storm crushes us into oblivion.”

“And find a room on shore for what I want to do to you next,” he added, smiling up at her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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