Green for Go!

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Jason Jones, aged 21, a trainee car mechanic, was spending his Thursday evening the way he usually spent his evenings – not to mention his weekends – sitting in front of his computer, and trawling through the panoply of foot-fetish and femdom related websites that were to be found on the Internet.

Jason was obsessed with female feet. For hours on end he would stream foot-fetish related videos, deriving the greatest amount of enjoyment (and ‘satisfaction’) from those videos that combined foot worship with femdom.

For, Jason’s most exciting, most thrilling fantasies, centred around his being in situations that involved him in actually being ‘forced’ to worship female feet. He loved the idea of submitting. Of being ordered to his knees. Of serving. Of being used, and abused. Of being … humiliated.

Streaming foot-fetish videos, visiting the Forums, etc., was all very well and good. But Jason, who could hardly last two minutes’ together without thoughts of demanding, dominating female feet taking over his mind, yearned for something more. Something more satisfying. Something more … fulfilling.

Jason was just about to call it a night – it was late, and he had to get up for work in the morning – when for some unknown reason he decided to click on the ‘Suggested Sites’ link, which threw up some suggestions of sites he may be interested in, based upon the information gathered from his browsing history.

And, what Jason saw, would keep him from his bed awhile yet …







By the time Jason had finally shut down his computer, it was well after 3 a.m. But, due to his great excitement, it was quite a while before he eventually drifted off to sleep.

For, purely on impulse, Jason had joined the SOS – Serve Our Soles – Club. It was an absolute snip, felt Jason, at a mere £100 per month. And Jason was now eagerly anticipating the arrival of his SOS Club member’s ‘special’ wristwatch (which looked just like a sports/diver’s watch – only it wasn’t), which would arrive in the post on Saturday morning.

* * *

Jason usually enjoyed a nice, leisurely lie-in on Saturday mornings. But not this Saturday morning. For, this was the Saturday morning when his SOS Club member’s ‘special’ wristwatch would arrive. And Jason had got up early, and was waiting for it; impatiently twitching the curtains, and watching out for the postman.

As soon as the postman appeared, Jason hurried to open the front door and, after signing for the discreetly marked package, he thanked the postman and then hurried back inside with his newly acquired treasure.

Jason was sitting on the sofa and, so totally engrossed, was he, in reading up on his SOS Club membership details, and the instructions as to how to set and operate his SOS Club member’s wristwatch, that he hadn’t realised that his mum had come downstairs, and was standing right behind him. Jason nearly jumped out of his skin, when his mum said, “Oh, you’ve bought a new watch, Jason, love. What’s wrong with your other one, then? Is it broken?”

Fortunately, Jason had anticipated this question from his parents, and he had his answer ready. “No, Mum. This is a sports watch. I got it so that I can time myself when I go jogging,” he fibbed.

Eying the package: the letter, and the other printed material pertaining to Jason’s SOS Club membership, Jason’s mum observed: “Seems a lot of paperwork, Jason, for a simple sports watch …” Fortunately for Jason, his mum wasn’t wearing her glasses yet.

* * *

Jason was up in his bedroom – out of the way; he didn’t want to be disturbed. Not now. And he was excited; nervous, edgy. In fact, he was almost bubbling over, with excited anticipation. Jason had set his Serve Our Soles Club member’s ‘special’ wristwatch. It was now fully operational … And he was receiving a signal.

Jason stared raptly at the face of his SOS Club member’s wristwatch as, windscreen-wiper-like, the radar-like instrument made its repeated sweeps … searching for a ‘contact’.

Jason’s SOS Club member’s wristwatch had 3 lights: Red. Yellow. Green. He’d carefully read his instruction manual from cover to cover. He knew what they meant; knew them by heart now.

Red: You are receiving the signal from the SOS radio mast – but not from a female SOS Club member’s transmitter. Keep searching!

Yellow: You are now in close proximity to a female SOS Club member – but your services are not required, at the moment. Keep searching!

Green: Green is for go! You are now in close proximity to a female SOS Club member, who requires your services immediately. Identify yourself to her by showing her Maltepe Escort your SOS Club member’s wristwatch, and provide your services to her immediately. Serve as you are commanded.

* * *

Jason was almost hypnotised by watching the repeated sweep of the radar-like instrument on the face of his SOS Club member’s wristwatch. The red light was still on. And, unless his (mule-slipper-dangling) mum was a secret member of the SOS Club who was about to require his services immediately (wouldn’t that be a turn up!), the red light was going to stay on.

It was time to go out. It was 1:00 on a Saturday afternoon in July. The weather was warm and sunny, and it would be busy in town. Best of all, thought Jason, most of the girls and women will be wearing mules, sandals, flip flops … bare feet in abundance!

Then an unwelcome, and decidedly unpleasant thought belatedly struck Jason, as he made his way to the bus stop. So … thought Jason, with an attack of sudden scepticism, in suddenly suspecting that he’d been had; in believing that the SOS Club was just too good to be true; that he had been cruelly duped; that he had been made a prize, pathetic mug of: You “Are everywhere.” And “All around,” are you? … Females, who want me at your feet. Exactly where I belong. Ha! I don’t believe a word of it. Not a word! I’m a fool for signing up. What the hell was I thinking? A £100 a month! Right down the plug hole!

Jason checked the time on his SOS Club member’s wristwatch – yes, it actually told the time, and so at least it wasn’t totally useless, thought Jason – and he saw that the bus into town was due any moment. And he also saw, that the light on his SOS Club wristwatch was still red – surprise, surprise.

Jason boarded the bus – a red double-decker – and, as per his usual custom, he went upstairs. At first, Jason thought there were no spare seats, but then he spotted someone vacating an aisle seat about four rows from the back, on the right, and so he availed himself of it.

Then Jason glanced down again at his SOS Club member’s wristwatch, fully expecting to see the red light still on – and, with a jolt of shock, he saw that it was now, and for the first time, showing a yellow light: ‘You are now in close proximity to a female SOS Club member – but your services are not required, at the moment’.

Beads of perspiration had suddenly broken out on Jason’s forehead. The sheer thrill of it! So, maybe he hadn’t thrown his money away, after all! Maybe he wasn’t pouring £100 a month of his hard-earned cash straight down the plug hole!

Jason watched the repeated sweep of the radar-like instrument on the face of his SOS Club wristwatch, and he saw the ‘ping’ effect as contact with a female SOS Club member’s transmitter was established. By his estimation, she was sitting … directly in front of him! Possibly at the very front of the bus.

And this was promptly confirmed, when an attractive, blonde-haired young woman of about Jason’s own age, suddenly turned around in her seat and, looking past the passengers’ heads behind her, she levelled her blue-eyed, knowing, brazen gaze directly at Jason. She smiled at him. And Jason thought that there was something … predatory, about her smile.

The blonde SOS Club member was sitting with a female friend. Her friend was dark-haired, of similar age, and also very attractive, and she also turned around in her seat, to stare boldly at her friend’s SOS Club ‘contact’. And, their curiosity now piqued, so did every other upstairs bus passenger.

Jason was suddenly the centre of attention. He was shocked rigid, with excitement – and fear … What if the light on his SOS Club wristwatch was to turn green? Green for go! Jason recalled the explicit instructions in his SOS Club membership letter. Green: ‘Green is for go! You are now in close proximity to a female SOS Club member, who requires your services immediately. Serve as you are commanded.’

Suddenly, Jason was absolutely panic-stricken. Yes, this was what he wanted; craved for. But would he have the nerve? Would he have the guts, the bottle – the sheer audacity – if it actually came right down to it? To walk the walk – as per his SOS Club instructions – to provide his services immediately, and to serve as commanded? Right here, upstairs on this bus, in front of a load of incredulous, gawping passengers? Could he? Would he? Jason wondered, if he got the green light from the blonde? Green for go! Oh, jeeze!

As it happened, Jason wasn’t put to the test, since the two young women then vacated their seats, intending to disembark from the bus at the next stop. And Jason’s face had never been so red, as when they walked – sauntered, past him, like 2 super models on a catwalk – regarding him with their knowing smiles, and silently mouthing the word: ‘Footboy’.

Phew! It had been a close escape, for Jason. But then … he actually wanted to be ‘captured’, didn’t he?

* * *

Jason got off the bus at the bus station, Anadolu Yakası Escort and he headed for High Street in the town centre.

Town was busy with Saturday shoppers, just as Jason knew it would be, and the pavements were thronged with meandering, in-no-particular-hurry, window-shopping people. Jason looked at his SOS Club member’s wristwatch – and he was actually stopped in his tracks from shock and excitement, at what he saw. “Oi, pal! Watch it, will yer!,” loudly complained a young man who had walked slap-bang right into the back of the suddenly and inexplicably halted Jason.

Normally, Jason would have been quick to apologise for being so careless. But, so completely engrossed, was Jason, that he had not even been aware of the collision – hadn’t even heard the young man’s imprecation; his peevish admonishment.

For, Jason was raptly staring at the repeated, windscreen-wiper like sweeps of the radar-like instrument on the face of his SOS Club wristwatch and, from the multiple ‘pings’, Jason knew that he was now getting contacts from 4 – yes, 4! – female SOS Club members’ transmitters. But – darn it! – the yellow light was still glowing: ‘You are now in close proximity to a female SOS Club member – but your services are not required, at the moment. Keep searching!’

So Jason kept searching. But he didn’t have to look far …

For, seated at one of the tables outside of the McDonalds burger restaurant, were 2 very attractive ladies, smartly dressed in casual, fashionable summer clothes and who, Jason saw, were both regarding him with close interest and frank appraisal – rather as though they were critically inspecting the merits of a pet they were thinking of buying.

Suddenly, and for the first time, the light on Jason’s SOS Club member’s ‘special’ wristwatch turned green: Green for go! Jason recalled the instructions: ‘Green is for go! You are now in the immediate proximity of a female SOS Club member, who requires your services immediately. Serve as you are commanded.’

This was it! It was really happening! Jason couldn’t believe it!

And the 2 very attractive and smartly dressed ladies were now beckoning Jason to come forward … to attend them.

Jason guessed that the 2 female SOS Club members who were rather imperiously summoning him were perhaps in their late 20’s or early 30’s. A little old, for me, thought 21-year-old Jason. But, that’s not what this is about …

Jason obeyed his summons from the 2 ladies. As per his SOS Club member’s instructions, Jason identified himself to them by showing them his ‘special’ wristwatch. Though by now, of course, this was merely a formality: the 2 ladies were already perfectly well aware of who he was – what he was, that is.

“What is your name, footboy?” asked one of the 2 ladies. She had a shapely figure, and her blonde hair had a fringe, and it was worn straight, hanging down the sides of her face, where the ends curved just under her jawline. Her dark-haired – and more busty, Jason couldn’t help but notice – friend had the same (bob) hair style, and they looked chic and elegant; or, as Jason put it, in his mind: well turned-out. And, Jason couldn’t help but notice, either, that both of the 2 ladies had awesome legs.

“My name is Jason … Miss,” he replied diffidently; though respectfully – reverently. His voice didn’t seem like his own, to Jason. It seemed somehow … disembodied, as if he was speaking from out of a dream. And he realised that he was trembling – shaking like a leaf, in the somehow … charged, presence, of the 2 ladies – in a sort of delicious trepidation.

“Well, Jason,” said the other, dark-haired (and more busty) lady. “Get on your knees … and start kissing our feet.”

Just at that moment, a waitress was passing with a large tray of food and, at overhearing the decidedly authoritative command issued to Jason by the lady diner who she’d served a McChicken sandwich and green salad (“No mayonnaise.”) about 10 minutes’ ago, she narrowly avoided an unfortunate and messy accident. “Aaahhh!” she squealed, in panic, as she almost lost the precarious balance of her heavily-loaded tray when she momentarily took her eyes from it, at seeing (the rather nice-looking boy) Jason preparing to, ‘Serve as commanded’.

For, Jason didn’t have to be told twice! Oh! Those words – “Get on your knees … and start kissing our feet.” – were like music to his ears. Not to mention, being called ‘footboy’ – which Jason thought was best of all.

Jason got on his knees, at the feet of the 2 female SOS Club members who had summoned him – ‘Green is for go!’ – and, as commanded, he started kissing their bare feet. Tenderly, adoringly, lovingly, Jason kissed the 2 ladies’ feet, as, and when, and how they were proffered to him. And, on his knees, at their feet, Jason felt as though he was worshipping at a shrine – the shrine of 2 Foot Goddesses.

On this warm and sunny July afternoon, both ladies were wearing what looked, İstanbul Escort to Jason, to be very good quality, rather expensive-looking leather flip flops. Admiringly, Jason thought that both ladies’ feet looked in pretty good nick, too; recently pedicured, maybe. And their toes were coated with clear varnish – classy, thought Jason.

Jason was, now, at last, in his element. This is exactly what I have been put on this Earth to do, thought Jason, exultantly: get on my knees, and worship female feet.

The 2 female SOS Club members had both slid their bare, tanned feet from their leather flip flops and, in turn, they were proffering the soles of their feet to Jason, so as to have him lavish his slavish attentions upon them as they enjoyed their meals; and as they then further lingered, sipping a cold drink. Jason almost fainted from his excitement, at seeing such an amazing, close-up view of their bare, golden-tanned, shapely, sexy soles, right in front of his adoring face. Jason kissed, and kissed, and kissed, and he thought he could go on kissing the 2 ladies’ amazingly sexy – dominating – feet for ever.

“Start licking our soles, now … footboy,” commanded the blonde-haired – and less busty – female SOS Club member. And Jason was only too happy to obey her.

To be called ‘footboy’, by such a woman – oh, it was too much! The incredibly thrilling word really did something, to Jason: seemed to resonate within him; vibrating in his every cell. Seemed to caress his very soul.

Jason complied in silence – his SOS Club member’s instructions were quite explicit: he was only permitted to speak, when a verbal response was actually required of him by female SOS Club members.

The 2 ladies’ bare soles felt slightly rough, upon Jason’s avidly licking tongue, as he repeatedly lapped upwards, from the bottom of their heels to the pads of their toes. Jason was quite surprised to find that there was not an awful lot of flavour; just a slight taste of leather. But that was OK: it was the very fact that he was actually on his knees, and being ordered to perform this humiliating service for the 2 female SOS Club members – that was what counted.

Of course, these singular proceedings were not going unnoticed by the diners seated at the other outside tables. The middle-aged man at the next table was watching furtively; pretending to hide his face behind his copy of the Daily Mirror. While his wife – Jason assumed she was the man’s wife – was openly gawking at Jason’s antics in obvious amazement, peering over the tops of her tortoise shell glasses. “Oh, my word!” she kept repeating, over and over, as she never for a moment took her eyes away from the singular scene being played out before her, like some sort of bizarre street entertainment.

Then, it was all over, just as suddenly as it had started. The 2 female SOS Club members both dabbed their lips with their paper napkins; slid their feet back into their leather flip flops and, without so much as a word to Jason, they promptly walked away – leaving Jason still on his knees, and left looking like a right, absolute plonker … even more of one, that is. The eyes of the diners’ – and of 2 smirking McDonalds waitresses – were all focused upon the rather fascinating spectacle of Jason. Jason made a sharp exit.

* * *

Jason walked along High St. He re-lived in his mind what had just happened to him outside McDonalds. He could hardly believe it. It had been incredible. Just totally, mind-blowingly incredible; amazingly, indescribably exciting. Those 2 gorgeous women! Dominating him with their bare, tanned, oh, so sexy feet! “On your knees, and start kissing our feet,” he’d been ordered. And: “Start licking our soles, now … footboy.” What a thrill it had been! To be bossed and ordered about, to be commanded – to be dominated.

Ha ha! That waitress had so very nearly dropped her tray of food! What a buzz! Awesome! And then, the 2 ladies; without so much as a word, just leaving him there like that – on his knees – as they so nonchalantly walked away, leaving him to listen to the departing, slap-slap-slapping sound of their leather flip flop shod feet, seeming as loud as whip cracks in the enthralled, disbelieving hush. How cool of them, was that!

As Jason walked along High St., so utterly preoccupied, was he, with consulting his SOS Club member’s ‘special’ wristwatch, that he was quite oblivious to the looks he was getting from some of his fellow pedestrians. There was a sort of dreamy, far-away look in his eyes, and … there was a rather obvious small dark patch at the crotch of his pale-coloured trousers – pre-cum – as a messy consequence of his highly exciting adventure outside McDonalds.

Jason checked the face of his SOS Club member’s wristwatch again. The repeated sweeps of the radar-like instrument were pinging on 2 contacts, indicating that there were 2 female SOS Club members in his vicinity. He saw that the yellow light was on: ‘Your services are not required, at the moment’. Then, as Jason watched the repeated sweeps searching for other nearby contacts, the green light came on: ‘Green is for go! Your services are required immediately. Serve as commanded’.

This time, Jason did not even have to look for the female SOS Club member who was summoning him …

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