Growing Josh Ch. 03

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There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in this story. In all cases it was between the main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationships and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.

Darrin sat on the edge of the chair, concerned that the head of his department had asked to meet with him. It had been over a month since he and Mitch had returned from their trip to Houston. They’d had a wonderful time while they were there, and Darrin had managed to get a little of the relaxation he so desperately needed. Since coming back, he had been focused on teaching his classes and his research. He was not aware of problems with either, but when the departmental secretary had contacted him to set up a meeting with the head of the department, it began to gnaw at him. He wasn’t certain what had happened, but he felt like a little a kid being sent to the principal’s office.

Darrin had flipped through one of the magazines in the seating area, reading the same paragraph four times as his case of nerves worsened. Finally the door opened, and Dr. Miller the department chairman, motioned Darrin into his office. Darrin perched on the edge of one of the conference table seats while the chairman retrieved a folder from his desk. Dropping the folder on the table he sat opposite Darrin, a small, insincere smile plastered across his face.

“Well, I’m sure you’re wondering why we’re meeting. It seems we have a little problem, and you were implicated in it.”

“Oh? What’s the problem,” said Darrin, trying not to fidget.

“Well, it seems you gave one of your colleagues a stack of DVD’s and there was homosexual pornography on a few of them. Now I’ve looked them over, and while I found the subject matter objectionable, I did not see anything illegal. So consider this a friendly warning. We want to maintain the university’s image, especially where your area is concerned. I’m sure you understand.”

Darrin tried to reconcile what he was being told, and the underlying comment as well. Considering his choices carefully, he began.

“First, I have to tell you, I would never have pornography on campus. I can’t imagine where these are from, but I can assure you, they aren’t mine. Second, I’m not sure I understand about ‘my area’. I don’t see the connection between my research and these allegations.”

“No, Darrin. Not your research. But you are representing you people.”

Darrin looked at him as he replayed what the chairman had just said, the pieces of the puzzle came together as he considered the comment. “No, sir. I am not the representative for all gay people on campus. The LGBTQ community is a mix of vastly differing personalities. It would be a tragic fallacy if someone considered me the spokesperson. Everyone’s views are unique, just like any other group of people.”

“Oh, of course, of course. I wouldn’t presume to think otherwise. But these images and videos are… explicit. We wouldn’t want the upper administration, or the campus newspaper, to discover that you had pornography in your office.”

As Darrin listened to the less than subtle accusation, his temper flared. He struggled with the implications, thinking through the department head’s comments, his anger becoming more inflamed with each passing second.

“Dr. Miller, I’d like to request you call campus police and have them search my office and university computer for porn. I’ve already said I do not have anything of that nature in my office, but you seem convinced otherwise, so I’d like to put it to rest. I’ll wait here in your office until they are finished.”

“Oh. No, umm, no, no. I don’t think we want to do that. It would involve the Dean, and we don’t want to do that. I do believe you, Darrin, but since you’re the only person who is homosexual in the department, one must assume…”

“I’m the only gay faculty who is open about it, but that doesn’t mean I’m the only one,” said Darrin, a mask of neutrality plastered across his face.

“Yes, yes, I’m sure that’s true. It must be a prank. Perhaps one of the students from that group you’re the advisor for thought it would be funny. I’m sure there is another explanation,” said Dr. Miller as he backpedaled as quickly as possible. That admission marked the end of their meeting as Miller fled the meeting, using the excuse of having a meeting across campus.

Darrin left the departmental office in a fury, stalking down the hallway for a confrontation with the person he knew had created this situation. He stopped at Boorman’s open doorway and hammered on the doorframe with his fist. Boorman jumped, the color draining from his face when he saw who was at the door.

Without a prelude Darrin tore into him. “Did you think it was going to be fucking funny? Or were you stupid enough to think some porn would get me fired. I’m sure the rumor will spread through this department like a wildfire, but so help me god I will get even with you, you little asshole.” Darrin said with kocaeli escort a snarl.

Kevin stammered several times before managing to talk. “What’re you talking about? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“You fucking asshole. I gave you a stack of blank DVD’s over a month ago when you whined you didn’t have any. There was nothing on them either. What did you do, copy some of your own porn onto them and then give them to Miller?”

Boorman’s eyes shifted, unwilling to meet Darrin’s eyes. His face deepened in color until his face was cherry red. He started to shake his head, but Darrin leaned across the desk and into his face.

“Watch your ass, Boorman, watch your ass!”

Turning, Darrin’s angry steps echoed down the hallway. Walking into his office, he slammed the door, the glass shuddering with the ferocity. Dropping himself into his chair, he sat trying to regain his composure, wondering why he had ever thought academia was a good career choice.

Trent slowly drifted awake, the house lit by the morning sunrise. He enjoyed the slow pace that marked their typical Sunday morning. He found it humorous that even though none of the other three were particularly religious, they all seemed to take Sunday morning off. He could feel Josh just inches away, but it was already too hot to sleep curled around each other, even in mid-May. He loved the attention Josh showered on him. Josh treated Trent with loving consideration; the depth of his compassion far outstripped his chronological age of twenty. Their arguments had become almost non-existent, although they still cornered off from time to time. The length of time they were angry with each other had shortened though, and make-up sex was pretty amazing.

Trent eased out of bed to relieve his full bladder, and immediately heard Max scramble from his bed. He braced himself, knowing what was coming, and soon enough he felt a wet nose shoved just below his nuts. In spite of himself, he jumped slightly, and then chuckled at the dog. He squatted down, rubbing Max’s favorite spots. After spending a few minutes with Max, he walked into the bathroom and succeeded in draining his bladder, but only after closing Max out of the room. When he opened the door, he found an unhappy red and white dog greeting him with ‘the look’. Trent chuckled, knowing Max wanted fed, as well as all the attention he could beg from Trent. With a yawn and a healthy scratch of his nuts, Trent moved into the kitchen and measured out Max’s morning food.

Trent watched for a minute, chuckling that he now understood the term ‘wolfing down your food’. With Max taken care of, Trent headed back to bed, crawled in and wrapped his arm around Josh.

“‘Bout time you got your butt back in bed,” said Josh in a rumbly voice.

“Well someone had to take care of your dog,” said Trent with a chuckle.

“Yeah, whatever. I think he likes you better than me.”

Josh smiled and draped his arm over Trent’s shoulders like a blanket. Josh began to caress Trent’s chest, enjoying the leisurely pace of their morning. Josh knew their first attempt at anal sex had largely been a disaster, especially for him since he’d had a tender ass for a week afterwards. Josh had enjoyed it with his first two boyfriends, and he wanted the same with Trent. But to say Trent was well endowed was an understatement, and Josh had intimate knowledge that sex with a cock of porn star dimensions was a very different experience when it was attached to your boyfriend.

Josh had been trying to ready himself, stretching his butt whenever he had a chance, which was largely during his daily shower. This morning he felt very relaxed. It would be hours before they would be expected at the house for lunch. As his desire grew, Josh curled tighter against Trent, enjoying the smooth skin of his back. As his cock hardened, poking against Trent, he heard.

“Well good morning, little Josh.”

Josh chuckled and rubbed his hard cock against Trent’s ass cheek. “He likes you. He thinks you have a cute ass.”

Trent laughed again. “He’s just a slut and not very picky.”


Trent froze, immediately knowing what Josh was going to say. He twisted in Josh’s arms so they were face to face, his cock slowly stiffening in spite of his misgiving about trying again. But Trent knew they had time to get Josh ready this time, and after Mitch’s talk with them he knew better what to do.

“Are you sure?” asked Trent as he considered the invitation.

Josh lips caressed Trent’s cheek as his fingertips traced a path across his face. “Yes, I am. I’m going to need you to help me get ready though.”

Trent pressed Josh back against the bed, his cock now hard as granite. He wanted Josh, he wanted them to make love, almost as much as he just wanted to fuck him. But this time he’d make sure Josh was ready, they would go slow and make sure no one was hurt when they were finished.

Trent curled his head lower, catching Josh’s nipple between his teeth as his hand slid down his lightly furred kocaeli escort bayan belly. His fingers burrowed through Josh’s thick pubes, gripping them between his fingers and tugging on them until Josh sighed. He continued to tongue and suck on Josh’s nipples, wetting the swirl of hair surrounding each one. His hand released the dark pubic hair and cupped Josh’s nuts. Between the gentle caresses on his sack and the attention Trent was giving his nipples, Josh’s cock was leaking a thin stream of precum. Trent released Josh, resulting in a groan of depravity, and pushed himself to one elbow.

“Roll over, Josh. I want room to work on that nice tight ass.”

Josh smiled and clambered to his hands and knees. Trent shoved their pillows under his pelvis, and Josh relaxed with his ass at the perfect angle for Trent’s tender explorations. Opening Josh’s crack, he could see the pink orifice that was his ultimate goal. Trent slid his face low, his tongue darting out and catching that sensitive piece of skin just under Josh’s nuts and slathering it with slit. Holding tight against Josh’s ass, he traced lower, running his tongue the length of Josh’s butt crack.

“Oh fuck! That feels so damn good,” said Josh as he panted for air.

Trent let out an almost silent chuckle, enjoying the reaction he was getting. He refocused, lapping up and down Josh’s crack until it was drenched with spit. Josh’s chest was flat against the mattress, his arms sprawled out, soft moans coming from between his lips as Trent sent wave after wave of passion through his body.

As Trent sensed the building passion that was assaulting Josh’s system, he dove in again, this time attacking Josh’s hole like a terrier after a rat. He wiggled his tongue against Josh’s tight pucker, licking and working over Josh’s hole until it began to loosen. Prying his cheeks further apart, Trent started ramming his tongue inside repeatedly causing Josh’s moans and cries of pleasure to escalate. Trent pulled back, watched Josh’s hole convulse and knew he was ready for the next step.

Trent grabbed the omnipresent bottle of lube and coated Josh’s hole. Sliding his finger through the gel, he coated it and then began pressing into Josh. With a sigh and a slight outward push, Josh’s ass swallowed his lover’s finger.

“Oh man, that feels amazing,” said Josh with a gasp.

Trent curled his finger, stroking the smooth lining of Josh’s ass. “Oh just wait, cutie. We haven’t got to the best part yet.”

Josh’s only response was a low groan.

Trent eased his finger out and drenched two fingers with more lube. Easing them into Josh, Trent methodically pressed them deeper, giving Josh time to adjust with each new intrusion. Several minutes later, Josh had two fingers buried inside his ass. He stroked them in and out, adding more lube continually. Keeping up his slow ascension, Trent worked his way to four fingers, and had Josh quivering on the bed beneath him.

Trent allowed his fingers to glide out of Josh, smiling at the sigh of pleasure coming from the young cowboy. Trent lay across Josh’s back and whispered. “You ready to get butt fucked, cowboy?”

“Yes fuck hell oh god fuck me,” said Josh in a torrent.

Trent planted a hot kiss on Josh’s neck, then moved back until he was kneeling behind his lover. He drenched his rock hard cock with lube and then pressed the head against Josh’s well-worked pucker. Grabbing Josh tightly, Trent pinned him against the pillow and started pushing inward. Josh’s ass relaxed in tiny increments until with a final twitch, Trent slid past the first gateway. Trent froze, denying his body the pleasure it sought as he froze in place, careful that Josh felt nothing but pleasure. Soon he felt the death grip on his cock lessen and Trent pushed forward again. Feeling the intense pressure as he breached the second portal, Trent slipped through, lodging himself inside Josh.

Josh’s body shuddered at the intrusion stretched to his limits, even with Trent’s amazing foreplay. “Oh god. Don’t move, let me get use to it first.”

Trent reached down, letting his fingers trail over Josh’s back and lightly furred ass. He enjoyed the sight of the muscular cowboy impaled by his thick cock, with still inches of dick to go. Trent began rocking back and forth, burying his cock deeper with each forward stroke. After several exquisite minutes, he felt the base of his cock surrounded by Josh’s ass. Trent pressed against Josh, burying the last fraction of an inch inside his man. His hands trailed over Josh, giving him time to adjust to the new sensations. Josh was panting and faintly flushed, but Trent couldn’t detect any of signs of pain. Josh panted hard, the feelings coursing through his body indescribable, turning his head he gave Trent a lust filled smile.

“God, that feels great. Go ahead; just start slow. Oh shit. It’s fucking mind blowing.”

Trent nodded in acknowledgment and began taking short strokes into Josh’s ass. As they made love, the minutes blurred together, and the amorous feelings blanketed izmit escort them both. As Josh adjusted to Trent’s massive size, the feelings of pleasure intensified, until with a sudden jolt, Trent rammed into his prostate.

“Oh holy shit!” screamed Josh as his body convulsed. Trent had moved far past the gentle phase and was driving himself against Josh’s sweet spot. The continual collision had Josh lost in the beginning of his orgasm as his prostate swelled with impending ejaculation. Josh’s moans reached a fever pitch when Trent felt his ass seize around his cock. With a lust driven expression, Trent slapped Josh hard on the ass cheek.

“Fuck!” yelled Josh.

Josh’s body bucked, bringing Trent to his peak. With Josh’s last tremor of orgasm, Trent felt his own cum boiling out. Pinning Josh beneath him, he leaned forward and bit down on his shoulder, hard enough to elicit a squeal. Trent began pumping Josh’s gut full of cum, his pleasure cresting again and again as he felt the volleys of jizz filling Josh. With a lingering groan, the last of Trent’s seed oozed into Josh, and he collapsed across his lover.

Kissing the mark he had made on Josh’s neck, Trent chuckled a little as the two of them drifted in the cloud of lust. “Sorry, Josh. I guess I got carried away.”

Josh waved his hand weakly in the air. “It’s all good. Bite me, spank me, make me write bad checks.”

Trent laughed and moved back, feeling his softening cock begin to ease out of Josh, sighing as his cockhead slipped from inside. He watched as a thick white stream flowed from Josh’s ass. Josh groaned and moved slightly, then let out a wet sounding fart.

“Gross! Dude!” said Trent in disgust.

Josh chuckled and looked back at Trent. “Seriously? You expect to fuck me with that elephant trunk you call a dick for an hour and think air’s not going to be forced up there?”

Trent paused for a minute and then smacked Josh on the ass again. “Yes, I do,” said Trent with a laugh.

Their revelry was broken by the sound of a loud sniff. Both looked down in time to see Max walk close to them and sniff again. The dog gave them an offended look, and sneezed several times before walking back to his bed and lying down with his back to the two youngsters.

“I don’t think he was impressed,” said Josh with a giggle.

The couple had relaxed, enjoying the rest of their leisurely morning before sharing a shower to wash the smell of sex off them before going to the main house for lunch. They arrived to find Mitch and Darrin cavorting like kids, and Trent smiled at the insight that he and Josh were not the only ones to take advantage of the quiet morning.

As Darrin loaded the dishwasher, he glanced over and smiled at Trent. “Hey, I’m going to plant the peppers and tomatoes we started from seed this afternoon, did you want to help?”

“Sure! Is it time? It’s not too early?”

“Nope, we just need to work in some manure, stake them and get them ready for an Oklahoma summer,” said Darrin. Turning to the other two, he smiled. “You want to help us with the garden?”

“Ahh, no,” said Mitch with a unrepentant grin.

Josh looked back and forth, trying to find a way out of helping with the garden without offending Darrin and Trent. After a few minutes of watching Josh, Mitch took pity on him. “You don’t have to be together every second, Josh. Trent and Darrin will be just fine, and you and I can look at those damn goats and see where that one keeps getting out.”

Josh looked at Trent for confirmation and received a small smile and nod. With a sigh of relief, which garnered a chuckle from the others, Josh jumped up from the table and almost ran out the door to find the problem with the goat’s fence. Mitch soon followed; his black cowboy hat wedged onto his head and a grin plastered across his face.

Trent helped Darrin clean up the kitchen and happily followed him to the garden. He smiled at the rows of plants erupting from the ground. The early plants, like potatoes and onions, were already sturdy and tall, making the plants they had been hardening-off look weak and spindly. But Trent knew with some care they would be just fine.

They worked together to spread load after load of composed manure onto the newly tilled ground. By the time they had dumped the last wheelbarrow load onto the soil, they were both sweaty and covered in dust. Starting the tiller, Trent soon had all their compost carefully worked into the soil. He started helping Darrin, spacing out the tiny plants to what seemed to Trent to be extraordinary distances, but Darrin assured him that they would more than fill the gaps. As they nested the plants into the friable soil, they chatted like old friends. Darrin gave instructions only when needed, and Trent appreciated not being made to feel stupid. The sun had barely moved from its zenith when they were finished.

Darrin stood and wiped his hands on his jeans, looking over the garden. He put his arm over Trent’s shoulders and pulled him against his side, ruffling Trent’s hair as they looked over the results of their hard work. After a few minutes of quiet contemplation, Darrin playfully kicked Trent in the ass. “Good job! Why don’t you pick some lettuce and we’ll fix a big salad for dinner.”

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