Guilty Secret

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Cerys loved Jefferson and she had to do this affirmation routine several times a day. It had almost become like a mantra. After all, to all intents and purposes and in any other woman’s eyes, Cerys had it all. Not only did she have the looks (striking features, long glossy black hair and almond shaped green eyes) she also had the figure too. (Height five foot ten, waist 28 inches, bust 38DD, no enhancement surgery required) and a rich, drop dead gorgeous husband to boot.

Every female who crossed Jefferson’s path secretly coveted him. Cerys should know, she was frequently subjected to the possibility that other women’s pussies were dribbling whenever Jefferson walked into a room.

Jefferson’s high cheekbones and perfect body would in themselves have been a gift from God, but he also possessed a hundred kilowatt smile that caused the sides of his azure eyes to crease at the sides giving him a look of perpetual horny mischief.

In essence, he was every woman’s fantasy so why wasn’t he Cerys’? When exactly had she stopped fancying her own husband? And why had she recently started to fantasise about fucking her husband’s best friend Alex?

It had been a fleeting thought at first, a thought that had suddenly occurred one night when Alex had called round to their house with Tamara his ‘new’ girlfriend. Tamara was Alex’s sixth ‘new’ girlfriend that month. Cerys had been as welcoming and friendly as usual but as they all shared a bottle of wine, she had found herself wondering exactly what it was about Alex that made him such a magnet to the female race. Was it just his rugged good looks and his charismatic charm or could it be because he was good in bed?

The very thought had Cerys completely unawares and had caused her to blush as she had filled Alex’s latest squeezes glass with a hefty measure of Chardonnay and that was precisely when her current predicament started, all ignited by just one small, seemingly insignificant, very casual thought.

Cerys had never been one to fantasise. She had partaken in role-playing with Jefferson only once throughout their whole marriage and she had found the whole thing very embarrassing. However, after the night of Alex’s visit she had found that once she had started thinking about him and his possible sexual prowess, she simply couldn’t stop.

‘Jesus Cerys, get a move on. Everyone is due to arrive in ten minutes and you’re not even dressed for Christ sake.’

Jefferson pulled a crisp white t-shirt from the wardrobe to compliment his pristine pale blue shorts.

‘How long does it take to don a bikini and a sarong?’ Cerys asked, flashing Jefferson a sardonic smile before turning back to her dressing table. Picking up her lip gloss she applied it in one swift movement to her lips.

‘There’s no need to be facetious,’ Jefferson snapped, grabbing his trainers.

‘Just make sure you are ready before everyone arrives, I’m sure that can’t be too difficult, not even for you.’

Jefferson left the room, slamming the bedroom door in the process.

Cerys put on her thin gold chain and clipped in her earrings. Jefferson was perfect. He was that alright, perfectly controlling. Cerys knew that all marriages had their ups and downs but she had realised recently that if she didn’t have her fantasies about Alex to hold escort bayan onto, she would have probably gone stir crazy.

As she left the bedroom Cerys used that reasoning to assuage the thrilling guilt that was buried deep inside her. Jefferson might think he owned her lock stock and barrel but he couldn’t own her mind and as she swept down the hallway in her sarong and bikini, the thought of secretly coveting her husband’s best friend without him knowing made it feel to her like for once she had some power over Jefferson. A secret power and one he couldn’t take away.

Later that day, as Cerys sat in the hot tub she looked across at Alex and found her eyes briefly travelling down to his swimming shorts. ‘I wonder if he has a big cock,’ she thought. It was a split second notion and immediately Cerys was flooded with guilt.

Horrified at herself, she quickly submerged herself in the hot tub, allowing the water to wash over her as if she was subconsciously cleansing herself of the brief, dirty thought. Coming back up for air Cerys noticed that Alex was still there, sitting on the edge of the tub chatting to Jefferson.

What disturbed Cerys on a serious level, was that Alex hadn’t done anything at all to precipitate the many fantasies she had about him. All he had done was have a healthy flow of female companions. He wasn’t even Cerys’s type. Alex always let his guard down in public in a way Jefferson would never do. In fact, he could be quite vulgar, yet there was definitely something about him that drew Cerys to him.

Jefferson and Alex were the complete polar opposite to each other. Alex was as dark as Jefferson was fair. Jefferson liked his shirt collars starched to perfection whereas Alex didn’t seem to care if his shirts were as crumpled as a piece of discarded paper. His permanent five o clock shadow and rugged features made him look permanently horny and it was almost too painful for Cerys to look at him.

It was after the hot tub scenario that Cerys’ fantasies really took hold. The more she tried to shake them off the more her mind seemed to cling on to them. Her horny thoughts regarding Alex would infiltrate even the simplest of daily tasks.

Making a salad and slicing a cucumber she would again wonder for the countless time how big Alex’s cock was and how it would taste in her mouth. Was it wide, circumcised and juicy just the way she had always liked them? Did he shave his pubic hair or did he leave himself wild? Cerys hoped not.

When she had washed her car one morning later that week and as she soaped the windscreen she imagined being in the shower with Alex. His hard body pressed against her, his hands soaping her body, the white suds forming on her breasts reminding her of cum.

The little thoughts then escalated into full blown scenarios. Scenarios that started to help with Cerys’ overwhelming private needs. Masturbation that had been rare was now a regular daily event. Once Jefferson had performed his obsessive morning rituals and left for work, Cerys would run back upstairs to release her body from the pent up frustration that had stacked up inside her. Different scenarios flashed through her mind like scenes of a film.

One of her favourite fantasies was the one where Alex was fixing the alarm or assessing the whole security tuzla genç escort system, which he was often called to do due to Jefferson’s paranoia. Cerys imagined him coming to fix the alarm and then seducing her in the kitchen as she made him a coffee. The circumstance was always the same; Alex pulled up her dress, ripped down her knickers and lifted her onto the worktop where he would take her pussy prisoner with his tongue until she exploded in his mouth. That weekend, her fantasising went one step further.

Cerys and Jefferson returned home from a black tie ball of unbelievably mind-numbing proportions. Of course, the only thing that had kept Cerys secretly entertained had been Alex with his numerous anecdotes.

Jefferson was in a particularly buoyant mood. His company had won an extremely prestigious award and to celebrate he had drunk more champagne than usual. As Cerys undressed, Jefferson stood behind her, lifting her hair he kissed her neck before moving down to her shoulders. Cerys tried to move away but Jefferson held her hair firmly in his hands restricting her movement.

‘Don’t deny me this evening Cerys, please. We’ve had a wonderful time, let’s leave it on a high note?”

Jefferson’s voice was gentle; his voice a seemingly warm burr but there was the familiar edge to his voice, an edge that definitely brooked no argument.

Jefferson’s fingers trailed down Cerys’ spine and despite herself, Cerys felt a tingle ripple down her back causing her body to shiver. As his hand reached the lace trim of her French knickers, an image of Alex entered Cerys’ mind. Whilst her husband stroked the inside of her thigh, Cerys closed her eyes and allowed her mind to escape into her fantasy world.

‘I want to fuck you so hard,’ She imagined Alex murmuring and Cerys heard herself groan.

‘Mmm does that turn you on baby, being fucked hard?’ Jefferson’s voice brought her back to reality as he pushed her down onto the bed.

Jefferson moved to the edge of the bed and took her stockinged toes in his mouth, Cerys shut her eyes. As Jefferson moved from her toes, she imagined it was Alex’s mouth travelling along her foot and then up to her calfs and to her inner thighs. In her mind’s eye, it was Alex’s hands that were reaching the elastic of her French knickers and harshly pulling them off before resuming.

It was Alex’s hot breath that whispered against her pussy lips before she felt the wetness of his mouth as he probed her lips open before dipping his tongue inside her causing Cerys to arch her back and gasp at the pure decadence of it all. She felt a flurry of excitement sweep through her at the thought of Jefferson catching both her and Alex in bed fucking.

In her mind, Cerys was putting her hands on the back of Alex’s head and pushing his face closer to her until his nose was resting perfectly near the nub of her pussy. Gently at first she started to rock, rubbing his nose into her as his tongue gathered pace, his lips sucking her into him until she was completely encompassed by his mouth.

She pushed herself against him, slowly at first but then gathering pace as she felt the orgasm start to build inside her. Her pussy felt like it was throbbing within an inch of its life before the climax arrived and crashed inside her.

As the climax tuzla kendi evi olan escort abated an image of Alex at the black tie ball entered Cerys’s mind. He’d inadvertently dropped his mobile as he had been pouring her a glass of champagne. As Alex had dropped down under the table to retrieve his phone, Cerys had slightly opened her legs imagining Alex looking up her dress.

She fantasised about his cock hardening as he looked at her knowing that he shouldn’t be. It was the very thought that Alex shouldn’t have been looking up her dress and the fact that she was thinking about it as her husband fucked her that brought Cerys to another orgasm, even more, intense than the previous one.

Cerys’s screaming echoed around the room as her whole body was flooded with pure ecstasy, ass her body shuddered, her mind momentarily went blank as she lost herself in the moment.

Jefferson climbed on top of her and pushed himself inside her. Cerys wrapped her legs around his hips and grabbed his shoulders. As Cerys’ lips met Jefferson’s she could taste herself on his mouth and rubbed her face against his imagining it was Alex’s stubble grazing her face.

The harshness of having her hair pulled and the rough way in which Jefferson fucked her normally disturbed her but it had now taken on a whole new palatable meaning. The biting on her neck and the roughness of her nipples being squeezed was suddenly a massive turn on as she imagined Alex punishing her for not being available when he’d wanted her to be.

Cerys’ hands gripped Jefferson’s buttocks tightly as she encouraged him to fuck her harder and harder. Jefferson wasn’t accustomed to such enthusiasm from his wife, which only served to bring him to a shuddering climax much earlier than usual.

Kissing Cerys’ forehead, Jefferson climbed off her and grabbed a tissue from the bedside table and wiped his cock. Sliding beneath the bed covers, he encouraged Cerys to do the same. Jefferson put his arm around her and pressed her head into his chest.

‘I haven’t known you to be that horny in a while darling, it was quite a surprise actually.’

Cerys felt her body stiffen with fear. Had Jefferson read her mind? Before she pushed that irrational thought away, of course, he couldn’t.

‘Really?’ Cerys gave a small, nervous laugh.’It must have been the excitement of the whole evening.’

‘You will have to keep that up, that’s the best fuck we’ve had in a while, let’s hope you can keep that kind of performance consistent. My only complaint and it is a minor one, you made me so excited I didn’t last as long as I wanted to.’ Jefferson planted a kiss on Cerys’ cheek.

Cerys shut her mind off to Jefferson’s waffling, his thoughts and feelings on the whole experience were totally irrelevant. As Cerys enjoyed her warm, post-coital glow of fantasy, she imagined lying in Alex’s arms basking in his manly scent as he stroked her back, his voice murmuring sweet nothings in her ear.

Cerys felt herself being nudged, jolting her from her reverie.

‘Are you listening Darling?’

Cerys dragged herself back to her painful reality, ‘Sorry, I was miles away, enjoying the moment.’

Jefferson hugged her to him tightly. ‘I said have you got anything planned for tomorrow?’

Cerys shook her head in the darkness of their bedroom and she had to stop herself from sighing. Jefferson always had something planned for her, so why he asked the question in the first instance was beyond her.

‘Good, because I’ve asked Alex to come round, the damn alarm to the garage needs fixing.’

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