Hair Slave Training Ch. 04

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Lorri woke to his light touch on her back. He saw she was awake and leaned close, kissed her cheek and whispered

“Good morning baby.”

He was applying the cooling ginseng balm to the welts on her back. It felt wonderful.

She rolled over, her hand found its way to his crotch. She toyed with his cock, it immediately began to swell.

He leaned down and kissed her deeply. She began to slowly stroke him, he rolled over on top of her and slid deeply inside her.

She purred, he felt so good.

He slowly began to pump, his cock throbbing. They looked deep into each others eyes. He brought his hands up, caressed her face. Her eyes closed. She was getting close already.

He whispered, “I love you Lorri….. I love to be in you….. you feel so good.”

He was varying the pressure of his thrusts, and his angle. His cock hitting her in different areas. She felt her muscles throb with pleasure.

He moved his hands up, ran them through her hair.

And stopped.

Lorri opened her eyes, she was so close to cumming.

He pulled out of her.

He reached out and grabbed the hair on top of her head, jerking her to a sitting position.

“What the FUCK is with you? Your goddamn hair feels like straw? What did you do to it?”

She reached up and felt her hair, it was dry, not as silky as it had been yesterday.

She tried to explain.

“I….. it’s just a bit dried out… it was… it must be from the bar soap I had to… I used last night. I had… I washed it 6 times to get it clean… for …you.”

He stared at her. “Oh… so now you’re saying it’s MY fault? Is that what you’re saying BITCH?”

“No, no Sir. That’s not what I said… mean.. its not what I mean”

He leaned close, she cringed. He kissed her ear and whispered.

“My sweet, I love your soft, silky hair. How can you get it back to normal?”

Lorri ran her fingers through her hair and said “I just need to take care of it. Use a good shampoo, and conditioner, I think if I condition it..”

He smiled. “Yes…. let’s condition it, shall we?”

He slid off the end of the bed, Starzbet still with a grip on her hair, he pulled her forward, she squealed. He dragged her, head first, to the end of the bed She cried out at the searing pain from her scalp.

He placed her face down with her head barely past the tip of the bed, and grabbed a handful of hair from the back of her head and wrapped it around his hard cock. He began pumping fiercely.

“Lets condition this fucking hair you slut!”

He was pumping so hard she could feel his balls slamming against her head.

“Come on BITCH we’re gonna make you pretty again!”

He had gathered all of her hair together and was thrusting into it. He moaned as his hot cum shot through her hair.

He laughed at her as he massaged the hot goo into her hair.

Lorri was so hot, she wanted to cum so badly, but she knew he wouldn’t allow her.

He laid back on the bed. “Go clean yourself up.”

She got up and walked to the master bath, but just as she entered he said “Na-ah-ah, not in there. In the spare bath.”

She walked into the smaller bathroom, but just as quickly walked back out. Her eyes averted, she whispered

“I…. there’s… there’s no shampoo in here. Should I, I mean do you want me to… Should I use the bar soap on my hair?”

He smiled, “No my dear, you start your shower and I’ll bring you some”

Lorri stood under the warm water, it felt wonderful.

He stepped into the bathroom. “Here you are my sweet, use this.” He reached in the shower and handed her the bottle of dishwashing detergent.

She took it from him, He was smiling THAT smile.

“Thank, thank you Sir.”

She poured a quarter sized glob into her palm.

He grabbed her wrist. “Ah ah ah sweetie, we want to make your hair pretty again, don’t we? Here, let’s make it really pretty”

He wrapped his hand over hers and squeezed, hard, pinching her knuckles together until she winced. He filled her palm with detergent, then released her hand. “There you go, that should be enough” He smiled and walked out, She lifted her hand to her head and began to lather.

After Starzbet Giriş she’d finished blow drying her hair he came back in. He reached up and felt it, and shook his head.

“This just won’t do. Get dressed. Put on the black mini, no underwear, the black top, makeup, your big hoops earrings. Be ready in 20 minutes.”

She was ready in 19 minutes.

He grabbed her by the elbow and firmly led her outside to the car. As they were driving he said “I made a call, I found someone to fix that FUCKING mess of hair for you, he’ll fix you right up.”

He pulled into a parking lot, the sign painted on the window read “BARBER SHOP”

He took her by the elbow and walked her in. A middle aged man came from the back room.

Her man said cheerfully “Hi, are you Terry? I called you a little bit ago, about my wife.”

He smiled and said “Yup, I’m Terry… c’mon over ma’am have a seat.”

Lorri walked to the large red leather chair and sat. He sat in a wooden chair against the wall directly across from her, from there he could see right up her mini.

Terry laughed as he snapped the green vinyl cape around her neck.

“Ma’am are you sure you want to do this? I mean, you DO understand just how short a flattop is, don’t you?”

She looked at her husband. He had THAT look. She nodded. “Yes, yes I do.”

The barber chuckled “When your husband called and told me you wanted to come in for a flattop I thought he was joking.”

He turned his back to her, taking something from a hook on the shelf.

“I mean, it’s not every day a woman comes in here wanting me to cut ALL of her hair off.”

He turned back around and stood by the side of the chair, placed a wide toothed comb near her ear and lifted her hair up.

“I mean, I’ve been cutting hair for 20 years.”

Lorri heard a loud pop and the clippers came to life with a low hum.

“And I’ve never done a regular Man’s flattop…”

The hum grew louder as the clippers came closer, they bit into the hair right in front of her ear.

The hum turned into a low buzz as the teeth chewed into her Starzbet Güncel Giriş long hair.

“… never on a Woman, that is.” Terry continued.

As he pushed the clippers up, the long locks fell to her shoulder and slid down the cape into her lap.

Over and over he made passes with the clippers, the mound of hair in her lap growing.

Her eyes widened, she could not believe she was being shorn.

Terry moved behind her, pushing her head down and using the same shearing method. She felt the cool air on her neck, could feel her head getting lighter with each pass of the clippers.

Lorri looked at her husband and he was smiling THAT smile. She looked at his crotch, she could tell that he had a hard-on.

The barber had finished the back and now moved to the other side, more long locks sliding to her lap. She looked at them, not believing they had been severed from her. Years of growing, gone in seconds.

Terry gently straightened the angle of her head, he lifted the final long locks from the top of her head and clipped through them with ease. They dropped past her face, a few strands catching on her lashes, her nose.

He turned the clippers off and switched to a smaller set of trimmers. He ran the trimmers around the nape of her neck, around her ears. He took a smaller comb and lifted the hair at the bottom of her neck, running the trimmer over the comb, cutting the hair even closer. He lifted the hair on the top of her head, being very precise in his movements.

He told her he wanted to get her hair “Nice and flat.”

The barber turned the trimmers off and spun the chair around to face the mirror.

Lorri raised her eyes.

The thoughts flooded through her, “Oh my God! My hair! My beautiful hair is gone. I have a man’s haircut!”

“Well, what do you think Ma’am?” Terry asked.

In the mirror she saw the look on her husband’s face, could read his eyes. She said “It… it’s fine…’s… yes… yes, that’s what…I ….. wanted.”

Terry laughed “Well, that’s a regular man’s flattop, yes Ma’am.”

She stepped from the chair as her husband paid Terry. She glanced down, the floor was covered. Littered with her hair, her lovely hair.

Lorri raised a hand to the back of her head. It felt…. bristly. There was barely anything there. A tear formed as he took her by the arm and led her out the door.

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