Hair Tickles

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Note: This story was inspired by and dedicated to HairTickle. They saw my readings and asked me if I could write a story involving something they used to experience as a child and develop it into a story. So this one is to you, good sir. Hope you enjoy!

For the record, this series contains bits of incest, so if that’s not your thing, then don’t read this.

Also, at first I wrote this story with the intent on it being a stand-alone story, but now that I’ve invested some time in writing it, I might continue it on at some point.



Has your mom ever taken her hair and brushed in your face when she plays with you, or dragged it across your chest? That’s what mine did. When I was really young my mom would usually put me to bed, pretending that her hair was a blanket and would drag it along my bare chest. Her long locks of luscious blonde hair would cascade over me and tickle my chest as she swished it along. Sometimes, if I was lucky, she’d even do them during the day while we were playing.

Eventually I discovered I had a fetish for hair, around the time I hit puberty. Unfortunately, that’s also when my mom stopped doing the “hair tickles” as we called them. I greatly missed her hair and wished that I could feel it on my skin again. Every day in high school I’d walk into the living room when I got home and just see her hair there, draped over the couch, longing to at least run my fingers through it but never knowing how to even ask.

Well eventually it stopped being an issue because I went away for my freshman year of college. While I was away, I made sure to keep in contact with my mom, calling her and making sure she was okay. Since I was now out of the house, that meant she was alone because my dad had left a long time ago. I wanted to keep her spirits up because I knew she didn’t like being alone, so I’d call her about once every day if I could.

Finally summer came after my first year away and I could tell my mom was excited to have me home when I called her the day before. When she arrived to help pick me up with all my stuff she gave me a huge hug and showered my face with kisses like a relative that hasn’t seen you in a while does. We loaded up the car and then went home.

Once we finished unloading and I was all set up back in my old room, I went to hang out with my mom in the living room. We were going to watch a movie together. As I walked in, I took a look at her golden hair. I noticed it was longer. It used to be just a little below her shoulder blades. Now it was to her waist.

As I walked over she patted the couch right next to where she was sitting. I went over and sat down and gave me a big hug. “Oh it’s so good to have you back Alan! I’ve missed you so much.”

Other sons might be embarrassed that their parents were smothering them with love, but I didn’t mind. We had helped each other through a lot. I kept her company and tried to be the man of the house since my father left, and she did her best to fill the roles of both a mother and father, teaching me everything I needed to know about the world.

“I’ve missed you too, mom” I said. I would have hugged her back, but she had pinned my arms to my sides with her surprise hug. “So what movie would you like to watch? You know I’ve always been a sucker for a good rom-com.”

“Sounds good to me. I’ll go put one on.” She got up and went to our case of DVDs and selected one. Then she came back and put it in the player and hit play. The whole while that she was doing this, I stared at those blonde lengths. When she got back and sat down next to me, I decided I was going to be bold and ask for something I always wanted to do while in high school.

“Mom, can I play with your hair?” I asked.

She looked at me and then gave me a smile. “Sure sweetie! Do you mind if I rest my head in your lap? I kind of want to lie down.”

The idea made me aroused, though I wasn’t quite sure why. I was grateful I had on jeans so that she wouldn’t be able to feel my hardening rod as she rested that soft golden head of hair on my lap. Without waiting for a cue, I slid my fingers into her hair and she let out a little sigh. Her threads felt so soft as they slid through my fingers while I stroked her hair. I was in heaven and couldn’t believe I’d gone so many years without doing this.

There wasn’t balçova escort a single scene that I saw in the movie. I don’t even know which one she played. The entire time I just looked down and stared at the lovely shower of hair in my lap at my fingertips; literally. I would switch between several different styles of playing with it, starting with just simple stroking, then moving on to shaking it out a little (which meant I had to then stroke it back into place), and finally grabbing good handfuls of it and just holding it for a few seconds.

Because of the way I laid back on the couch, my mom couldn’t see my gaze as she watched the movie. She couldn’t see my expression of lust as slowly, I realized I had a sexual attraction to my mom’s hair. Though I had never really considered it before, I definitely noticed her hair was “fuck worthy” as I’d refer to girls of my class and some celebrities. Here was this curtain of blonde just resting in my lap, inches from my cock separated only by a couple layers of clothing. Throughout the movie I fantasied of the sensation in my fingers being wrapped around my member were those layers to be removed.

Sadly, the movie came to an end, but I continue to play with my mom’s hair, even as she turned off the T.V.

“So how did you like the movie?” she asked.

Figuring I could try to lie to cover up the fact that I didn’t see a single minute of it only to get called out on it because my mom knew when I was lying, I decided to tell her the truth; or at least part of it.

“Honestly I didn’t see any of it. I wasn’t even listening to it,” I said as I switched to grabbing good handfuls of her hair.

“Well if I’m being honest too I didn’t really see much of it,” she told me.


“Mhmmm. I was constantly too distracted by you playing with my hair. It felt really good and… relaxing.” The pause in her words made me wonder if she was intending on saying a different word than relaxing.

“It’s a lot longer than when I left for college,” I said. “I don’t think you’ve ever had it this long.”

“Well the longer hair is the more effort you have to make in taking care of it. I love having my hair long, but while taking care of you I didn’t always have a lot of time, so I kept it to as manageable of a length as I could while still making sure you got to school every day, got fed, and went to bed on time. When you went to college, I had a lot more time on my hands so I took up more hours at the office, and allowed my hair to grow out longer.”

“Well it looks beautiful,” I said, running my fingers from the top of her head all the way down to the ends. “And it feels incredible too.”

She smiled. “So do your fingers playing with it.”

We sat there in silence for a moment as I just continued trailing my fingers through her lengths. I started remembering the hair tickles she used to give me and about how much I missed them. I figured it might be a little weird if I asked her to do that for me now that I was 19, but I figured she had been so willing to let me play with it, maybe she’d be willing to do them a few times, just for old time’s sake.

“Hey mom,” I said.

“Yes sweetie?”

“You remember how when I was younger and you’d put me to bed, you’d always give me hair tickles.”

“I do,” she said. “You used to love them and I loved seeing how happy you were as I tickled your chest with my hair.”

“I kind of miss them,” I said. “Why did you stop?”

“Well you were growing up. I figured you didn’t want your mommy tickling your chest and depriving you of your ‘man-card’ as they call it.”

“Well I did love them and like I said, I miss them.” We were both silent for a moment as she let that sink in a bit. Then I just decided to go for it.

“Do you think you could do it again tonight?” I asked.

“Really?” my mom asked, shifting around so that she faced me and could look into my eyes. “You want your lame mommy to tickle you with her lame hair?”

Immediately my instincts of protecting and comforting my mother came in. “Mom you’re not lame. You’re gorgeous. You’re in your 40’s and look like you’re in your 20’s. Plus, like I said your hair is amazing and I would love to feel it draped and dragged over my naked chest.” I bit my lip back, worried I might have gotten bayındır escort carried away, but my mother beamed up at me, clearly happy with my response.

“Okay then, sweetie. Tonight when you go to bed, I’ll tuck in you with a good hair tickle.”

“Sounds like heaven,” I said.

“You know what also sounds good right now?” my mom asked. At that point my stomach rumbled. “Exactly.” We both laughed. “How about I make us some dinner.”

“Sure!” I said, sad that I had to take my hands from her hair, but if it meant that I’d be eating soon, I didn’t mind. So mom got up from my lap and headed to the kitchen to prep dinner and I followed to help out like I used to. Together we made and ate dinner, all the while I could not keep my eyes off her hair. And honestly I couldn’t keep my hands off it either. I used every excuse I could to brush my hand along it, gave her plenty of hugs so I could feel its silk on my cheek, and even made a few grabs at it trying to be playful.

We ate up dinner fairly quickly and then went into the living room to watch another movie before bed. Once again, my mother let me play with that golden silky hair of hers and I noticed just how thick it really was as I was able to completely surround my hand with her hair.

Finally it became bed time and I couldn’t be more excited! I showered up and then just put on some shorts. I would have put on some underwear as well, but while being in college I had been a little lazy with laundry, so I didn’t have any clean underwear.

I waited for about an hour longer in my room, anxious about whether or not my mom had changed her mind about the hair tickles. Just about when I was about to give up hope and turn my lights off to go to sleep, my mom knocked on my door.

“Hey sweetie, can I come in?” she asked.

“Absolutely!” I said, maybe a little too excitedly.

Before she opened the door, she said, “I’m sorry I took so long, but I have a special surprise for you.”

“You’re the best, mom! I can’t wait! Come on in!”

With that, my mom opened the door and my jaw dropped. She was in her usual night gown, which in itself is pretty sexy, but the specific reason my jaw dropped was her hair.

I could tell that she showered and made sure to make it extra soft, but something else she did was back comb it to make it extra fluffy, something she used to do on special nights. With the length that her hair was now, it looked even more amazing and sexy. My cock was rock solid at the prospect of that golden curtain blanketing my bare chest. I then realized as I saw my tent in my shorts that maybe just wearing shorts probably wasn’t the best game plan. She would almost certainly notice my hard on, but at least for the time being she seemed focused on my surprised face.

She blushed and asked, “What’s wrong? Does it look that bad?”

“Bad?” I said. “Hell no mom. It looks great! What’s the special occasion?”

She moved over to the bed and sat down in a way that she couldn’t see my erection (thank god) and gave me a warm smile saying, “You finally being home, my beautiful boy. Mommy has missed you.”

“And as lame as it might sound to anyone else, I’ve missed my mommy too.”

She smiled and leaned over, giving me a kiss on my forehead. Then she got a little wicked smile, which was totally hot, as she asked, “Ready for my hair baby?”

“Do your worst!” I challenged. I then brought my hands above my head and gripped the headboard of my bed so I wouldn’t be tempted to grab at her hair while I experienced the hair tickle. I almost lost it the moment she flipped her hair over her head and made the first pass, going from my face all the way down to my abs. She paused for a moment and I wondered what it was. Was she having second thoughts?

“Keep going, mommy,” I encouraged. “That felt amazing!”

I couldn’t really see her face because her hair was in the way, but I could tell she smiled. She then took her head and started slowly sweeping her hair up and down my chest. It felt so soft and amazing and I really wanted to play with it while she did this, but I held onto the headboard as tightly as I could, just enjoying the sensations as that golden mane was dragged up and down my chest.

She then took her hair and just rested it on my chest for a moment. Then bayraklı escort she shook her head, having her hair brush my skin quickly. Then she let her hair just sit there, and then shook it again. She repeated the process a few times before lifting her head up and tilting it back down, which caused her hair to glide across my chest rather than up and down. It was absolutely sensational.

My mother then paused for a moment again, after having brought her hair across my stomach several times. I wondered what she kept thinking about, but she then quickly grabbed a chair and turned it around so her back was to me and leaned back, resting the back of her head on my chest. Her eyes looked up at mine and she smiled as she started rubbing her hair up and down my chest slowly. It was incredible feeling that thickness brush up and down my body. Even better, she didn’t have to spread her hair over me because there was enough of it that it just naturally spread out all over my bare chest the moment she leaned back.

While she continue rubbing her head up and down my chest, I noticed that slowly, her head was going lower and lower on my abdomen. I wondered how close to my cock her hair might get. Even though there would be a layer of clothing between me and her hair, it’d still be one less layer than this afternoon when I was playing with it.

Eventually, what I was waiting for happened and she went down far enough that she brushed her head over my raging hard on. I took a quick breath and she once again paused. At first I was afraid that she might stop, realizing that I was being turned on by this. However, she resumed dragging the back of her head up and down my chest until once again she brushed over my crotch region with the back of her head. She kept going as if nothing happened, even though I made the same quick breath that I had before.

I wondered if she had done the second time on purpose, but I quickly dismissed the idea, thinking it must have been an accident. Then my mom brought her head over my crotch and kept it there, shaking her head side to side and giving me a devious smile.

“So my precious Alan likes my hair does he?” she asked rhetorically. Nonetheless I nodded in answer. “Do you want to enjoy my hair with your ‘man card'” she asked. The reference she made sounded a bit odd, making a stretch from our earlier conversation as to why she stopped the hair tickles, but it made it clear what she was asking, yet it was subtle and probably easier to process in her mind.

“Yes, mommy. Please me with your hair,” I begged. She then smiled and keeping her head still on my crotch, she took her hand and pulled down my shorts until the entirety of my erection was revealed and pressed into the back of her blonde thickness. I let out a groan of pleasure the second I felt her magnificent mane on my rod. It took all my will power not to cum right then and there.

My mother then began to shake her head back and forth, brushing her soft hair over my hard erection. I gripped my headboard even tighter as I was lost in sexual bliss. The best head of hair I had ever seen was pleasing my cock. I was in a dream world, except I hadn’t fallen asleep.

After some more shaking of her head, my mother got up off the chair and moved herself in between my legs, resting on her knees. She then flipped her hair over her head and started swishing it up and down my chest again, this time making sure each time to go over my raging boner. Pass after pass made the cum boil in my balls and I couldn’t wait to release, hoping I could do so in those blonde locks.

My mother then gathered her hair and began brushing my cock with her ends, and gave me a sexy look as she asked, “Would you like to express your happiness into my hair, son?”

I could barely talk as this experience had me lost for words, but I mustered as much mental strength as I could to be able to say, “Yes mommy. Let me express my happiness all over your hair!”

She then smiled and wrapped as much of her hair as she could around my shaft. Her eyes and smile stayed looking at me as she took her hand, massaging her hair onto my erection. The look I gave back to her was one of pure lust as she let me indulge in a fantasy of mine that I had yet to find a girl willing to let me experience.

Finally I felt the glorious sensation as my seed rushed through my cock and released into my mother’s hair. I pumped pulse after pulse of my juice into her threads, getting lost in the sensation of it. As I jetted out the last of my cum, I looked at the mess I had made in her hair, and I loved the look.

She then smiled and told me, “I’m so glad you’ve cum home.”

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