Hanson House Sequel: Jack

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Jack enjoyed his new life very much. How could he not? He had a good job that paid well and his own apartment in the middle of the city. Future promotion seemed assured. He got regular sex whenever he wanted it, not least sex of the kinky type that he’d learned he desired so much.

The key to his new life was Miss B. Well, in truth it had been Hanson House that had made it all possible. It was the college that had prepared him for a life as a confident, dominant Master. It was Hanson House that had found him a woman who desired his particular talents and arranged for them to meet. They’d matched him with Miss B and, after reading her file and then meeting her, Jack had readily agreed that he should be assigned as her live-in Master.

Miss B had become part of the secretive network that had established Hanson House and continued to sustain it. It was a network of powerful professionals who were eager to nurture more of their own kinky sort and ensure an ongoing supply of new players. Miss B had come to their attention quite by accident, word of mouth, but that was common enough.

She’d decided what she wanted. Her needs were very precise. She was, after all, a fast-rising executive and she wanted someone who would satisfy her and make her feel fulfilled. Her request to Hanson House had been for a younger, sexually demanding man. He had to be dominant – strongly so. The man she sought would make sure she was used and abused and humiliated completely. He had to be as young as possible – being an older woman helpless before a younger man was vital to satisfying her needs.

All this had come after the tearful ending of a recent relationship – the longest she’d ever had. Her decision had not been a spur of the moment thing or an exercise in self-loathing. Rather, Miss B had had a lot of time to think about what she needed in her life. Then she’d faced up to some facts – she would never have children, her professional life left little time for “normal” relationships and she knew, she finally recognised, the “something” that had been missing from her previous love affairs.

Jack, as it turned out, was the perfect fit for Miss B. He was more than years her junior and he looked even younger. He was slender and very good-looking indeed. Yet he was mature, confident and well-trained in the dark arts of BDSM. Miss B had wanted to choose Jack as soon as she’d seen his file. Once she met him in person, Miss B knew she’d willingly submit to Jack and the dirtiest things he might demand of her.

The first time he’d entered her apartment Jack had slipped into his role easily. His first instruction was that Miss B would remain naked at all times in her home. He had insisted the new rule was in force immediately. Her face had turned deep red as, for the first time, she obeyed her new Master. She stripped for him, knowing she was being inspected, feeling ashamed to have revealed her darkest desires as well as her older body. She could only hope he’d not want to leave her now he’d seen her naked.

Jack, however, had no intention of leaving. Hanson House had trained him to feel most comfortable around women of her age. He had learned to appreciate them so much more than girls his age. Jack was eager to start using her sexually. Miss B was ordered onto her knees and then made to undo Jack’s trousers. She felt like rather a slut but she was delighted when his cock sprang into view, already as hard as steel. Jack signalled his intent by grabbing a handful of her blonde curls. Miss B had performed fellatio before – she was not innocent. But she’d never done it like this – on her knees like a whore, naked as the man gripped her hair and casually thrust his cock into her mouth.

Miss B felt humiliated – deliciously so – as her mouth was used for the first time. But her greater thought was of how big this young man was. She’d not expected a Master so well-hung but the people at Hanson House had assured her they only provided male dominants who were well-equipped.

She had never had the sexual confidence that Jack possessed. Now she didn’t require it since clearly her young Master was taking charge of her body. Jack pumped himself deeper into her mouth, causing her drool to run over her chin. For the very first time, this normally “take charge” woman felt herself being used sexually. When Jack was ready, he unloaded his balls into her mouth. It was as simple as that. He gave her no warning. He’d read her detailed sexual history, the one she had completed for Mistress Rose, and knew Miss B would rarely have been treated like that. With a groan he pumped wad after wad into her waiting mouth and she swallowed him hurriedly. It was her first experience as a slut and her main concern was whether she’d done enough to please her new Master. There really was no need for worry, however. Jack was determined that Miss B was going to learn to enjoy the taste of his man juice. He would repeat this treatment the next morning, before he showered for work.

görükle escort Apart from the thrill of her first degrading sex act, what excited Miss B was the size of her Master’s cock. Something that size seemed destined to dominate and control her. She was unsure how she’d cope with a cock so big. The size of it frightened her a little. She was under no illusions about some of the acts Jack would force her to perform. She could not deny, however, that handling it for the first time had made her cunt was throb little.

Right then, however, Jack had other ideas. Not wanting to waste time teaching Miss B her new place, he ordered her to lie on the floor and masturbate for him. This was a real test for her and she almost made the mistake of arguing with her new Master. “Get down there and do it,” he insisted. Jack knew Miss B would be eager to please on her first day. “I’m your Master now. So spread your legs and let me see you play with that cunt.”

She did as ordered, feeling embarrassed and ashamed. She did have her safe word – that had been sorted out well in advance. But she’d never use it this soon. The problem was that she wasn’t ready yet to respond to Jack so easily. Naturally she was so self-conscious performing the act that she couldn’t feel turned-on. She played with herself nonetheless. Miss B already accepted Jack’s power. She had agreed to submit to this authority. She hated her failure to climax but too afraid not to carry on.

Jack enjoyed the show. It felt good to be a newly appointed Master and to have this woman performing so lewdly for him. She wasn’t going to climax but that wasn’t the aim. He ordered his submissive to her feet and pointed at the blonde curls covering part of her cunt. “What the fuck is that?” he demanded to know.

She stammered a little, unsure of what to say. “I didn’t know …if you wanted …or not.” It was a reasonable answer but Jack was not going to go easy on the older woman. She was ordered to fetch some shaving things and then to climb onto the heavy wooden table in the living room. He noticed the anxious look on her face but Jack was determined to immerse Miss B into her new life straight away.

As it happened, he’d never shaved a cunt before. Happily, he wasn’t lacking in confidence and quickly set to work removing every trace of hair from her sex. As he worked he noticed how aroused she became, how her cunt lips swelled up and juice began to ooze from her hole. She was going to be a very good submissive, Jack thought to himself.

Only then did he fuck her, dragging her to the bedroom and ordering her onto all fours. Young and virile, her new Master was ready to take another hole for himself. With nothing more as foreplay Jack pushed his rock hard cock into Miss B’s fresh-shaved cunt and proceeded to enjoy himself.

Miss B had never been so wet. This was the crudest fucking she’d ever had and it felt so wonderful. Her tunnel was snug around Jack’s big shaft. That beautiful cock was big enough that his fucking felt rougher than anything she’d experienced before.

Jack, too, was enjoying the fit of this cunt around his cock. The first fuck of his new submissive and she was turning out to be everything he’d wanted. She was short so it was easy to grab another handful of hair, pulling her back onto his thrusting weapon. Miss B felt dirty and abused and it was the most spectacular fucking she could have imagined. She erupted into a delirious climax as he pumped into her, a beautiful and noisy orgasm. Yes indeed, older women were better fuckers.

When Jack announced his own orgasm, a loud grunt and a ragged “I’m cumming bitch”, she surprised herself with her own enjoyment of Master’s pleasure. She’d wondered, and now she understood how women could worship a cock like this one. Her new Master was big and she hoped that in time she’d learn to take him in all manner of ways.

With his confidence and his enjoyment in degrading a willing slut, Jack was the perfect match for her. Because what Miss B wanted was to lose herself in a lifestyle of debauched sex, of deviant submission to someone younger than her who would use her sexually and make her a “low” slut. Miss B was an important figure in her industry, controlling several key companies and many employees. She loved her career but her darkest need was to be sexually humiliated and debased. So much the better if it was done by a younger man. It was about choices – Miss B could have devoted herself to a man when she was younger but she’d chosen her career. Now she was in a position to have both – the public life of a serious professional and the private life of a woman who would let a man do anything he wanted with her. For the right man, a man like Jack, she was ready to be pushed beyond her limits.

Miss B – her name was Laura. Jack ignored that, naturally, and settled on referring to her only as “bitch”. Later he’d think of something more individual for her but it was enough görükle escort bayan to settle the older woman into her new life.

Jack, too, knew that he’d chosen well. Laura was an intelligent and vivacious woman. She was pretty with lovely blonde curls. He didn’t see the same physical imperfections that she did. Yes, her tits were starting to sag and she’d allowed herself to grow plump. Some encouragement to eat better and exercise might be called for. But she was what should be expected from a woman of her age – the age Jack relished.

Best of all, she’d already shown she was a sexy and responsive fucker. Her body had reacted instantly and strongly to sexual contact. Her cunt contracted wonderfully as she came. It was what he knew – older women had fewer inhibitions than their younger counterparts. While the bitch had relatively little sexual experience for a woman her age, that simply meant that she was fertile ground for Jack to corrupt and to exploit.

It helped that Hanson House had such clear rules. The bitch had found him a good job in one of the firms she managed. He was paid well and his prospects for advancement were good. Jack was in a position to buy his own place but she’d insisted on purchasing an apartment for him, two floors below hers. That meant they both had the opportunity for “down time”. He could also hide-out when her family came calling. Later, his apartment would have other uses as well.

After a couple of hours he was horny again and wanting more sex. How could the bitch refuse? This time he rewarded her for her ready obedience and proceeded to give her a long mouth-job on her cunt, gently squeezing and pulling her nipples. Shaving had been difficult because she had large cunt lips, crinkly and fleshy. Jack enjoyed a cunt like that – many men do, after all. He sucked her labia into his mouth, and thought of how it felt for them to be wrapped around his shaft as he fucked the bitch.

For a younger man, his experience was really showing through and the bitch gratefully took all he could give before gushing her juices into his mouth. Then he ordered her on top, the bitch looking for a moment as if she wanted to argue. This time she was happier to rub her clit as she rode her young Master’s cock and she came twice more before he unleashed the last of his cockjuice into her womb.

Having been fucked crudely and forced to swallow Jack’s cum, she slept contentedly that night, her hand wrapped around his flaccid cock.

The bitch took care to shave again the next morning. And she was ready this time when her Master presented his hard cock for her to kneel and suck. It was thrilling, after so much waiting, to be expected to behave like a slut in her own home. Jack was pleased with her quick progress but it only inspired him to continue pushing her limits and taking the bitch deeper into her humiliation. He sent off to her office that day without underpants and the bitch spent the entire day feeling humiliated and aroused in equal measure.

She just could not believe how amazing her sex life had become and so quickly. Even when she’d had a boyfriend, her work life was so hectic she only got occasional sex. Now she had Jack, her Master. Suddenly she was being fucked twice most days. Sometimes it could be three. Jack was so full of sexual energy and she was so willing to learn how to be a good slut and a whore for him. He brought so many new sexual experiences, new ways to humiliate and degrade her. Plus there was that cock – her biggest ever and it felt so fine when young Jack pumped her with it, truly stretching and filling her tunnel.

The bitch readily worshipped Jack’s cock and the power of that organ only made it easier to be degraded by her new Master. Jack taught her the fine art of giving pleasure by hand. It was amazing how few women outside of Hanson House were shown the best way of handling the male organ. The very first time, he took the opportunity to give the bitch something crude and nasty.

She had small hands and they looked so sexy wrapped around his fat cock. Her sweet face and her bright blue eyes, not to mention her rapid improvement with her hands, was making his balls boil. He used one hand on the back of her head to pull her closer.

The first blast of his cum splashed in the middle of her forehead. Poor bitch hadn’t been expecting that and she almost turned her head away. She was no Hanson House graduate, after all. Jack’s cock kept spurting juice and the bitch didn’t know what to do. She almost stopped stroking Jack except that, through the peak of his climax, he managed to growl at her “don’t stop now”.

The bitch was shocked – it was her first ever facial. But she was game. As Jack pulled her face closer still, some instinct made her open her mouth, trying to catch some of his seed as it flew from his cock and dripped down her face. Somehow she just knew that anything to issue from that cock was to be treasured.

Jack bursa escort made sure the maximum amount of his seed was deposited on her face and dripped down onto her tits and her thighs. It was nasty, degrading. She’d never imagined allowing a man to do that to her. Yet there she was, on her knees and wearing a load of semen on her face. This night she felt, for the first time, really low and shamed by her Master.

Jack was smiling, admiring his handiwork on the bitch’s face. He was telling her that she’d done a good job, especially as he’d plotted to catch her by surprise.

“Oh Sir, it stings,” she complained as his semen ran into her left eye. She’d caught a particularly large glob of his cum there.

He tried not to laugh. “You’ll have to practice some more then, so you learn how to wear a facial properly.” Right then the bitch felt that her Master had shown her the most humiliating thing possible. Spraying his seed over her skin – worse, her face – was akin to being marked, much like a dog pissing on a tree. She was wrong, of course, about it being the worst thing. Jack knew the bitch had a safeword but he’d calculated that she would accept a great deal more humiliation and abuse before she put up the white flag.

There were other basic skills she had to be taught as well. Licking and sucking his balls was only the start. She was an eager pupil, delighted to be allowed to explore in ways she’d never had the courage to try.

When ordered to rim her Master, the bitch had willingly complied. It was another perverted act – quite filthy. Which was exactly what she’d asked for when she’d approached Hanson House. So she did as ordered and pressed the tip of her tongue into Jack’s little brown hole. To her surprise, the bitch enjoyed this nasty little act. It turned out that Master’s arsehole didn’t taste bad at all. She was amazed at how it felt when he made her press the tip of her tongue deeper into his tiny opening. She was a disgusting little whore and, after all, that was what she wanted, what she needed Jack to do to her.

He assured her that he was enjoying her gentle tonguing. He made sure, instructing her on how to lick his arse and stroke his cock at the same time. Then he had fucked her mouth and her cunt made her cry out as she came for him.

When Jack licked her arsehole the first time she’d felt deep shame. He owned her body, that had been made clear from the outset, and she felt compelled to let him use her in every single way he wanted. Yet, to feel a man’s tongue on her most intimate place was beyond thinking about. She gasped with the shock of that soft warm touch on her delicate opening. The worst thing was that immediately she knew that she, too, enjoyed the sensations of a good rimming. When Jack lapped at her anus and fingered her cunt at the same time she came so beautifully for him. The bitch had never felt an orgasm quite like that.

Jack noted the way she opened up for him, pushing back to give him better access to her most private place. After a few tries, to get her nice and relaxed, one night he reversed the order. Flipping the bitch over, eating her cunt, he carefully pressed one finger halfway into her backdoor. It was another shock for the bitch. How many perverted things did her young Master have to show her? She didn’t know which sensation to focus on. Things were intense – she’d never been penetrated back there. Still, Master’s oral skills saw her cum over and over even while he was poking her bumhole.

That finger, her first ever anal experience, had the bitch feeling nervous.

“Sir, can I ask?…” Jack nodded solemnly, knowing what was to come.

“I know …anal sex …I know you will put your cock into my arse.” There was a pause. “I just don’t want it to hurt Sir.”

Now Jack smiled at her. He explained exactly how it would be done. “Don’t worry bitch. I know how to prepare you. First I will make you ready and then I’ll fuck your arse.” He said it casually because he knew that would keep her nervous. But he did know. His training had more than prepared him to take her anal cherry.

The next day Jack sent the bitch to work with a small butt plug wedged in her rear-end. She was aghast, wondering if there was end to Jack’s twisted thinking and how far down he would take her. The main worry was the terror that someone would notice. As the day wore on, of course, that fear turned to thrill. She’d been worried that the toy would fall out, since she was not wearing underpants and Master had sorted that by using tape to keep the invader in place.

Over the coming weeks she graduated to larger plugs and learned that her anus was perfectly able to hold them all day. She also received more rim-jobs and more readily accepted fingers and objects in her arsehole while Master ate her cunt. Always her orgasms were so intense. She was feeling more and more confident about behaving like a slut for her young Master. The demands for “nasty” or “crude” sex acts had surprised her but the bitch was in no doubt she was being sexually humiliated and degraded. As the weeks had gone by she’d felt more and more happy with her new lifestyle. She had measured that by the ease with which she could masturbate for him and cum so beautifully.

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