Happy Anniversary

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I’d been looking forward to coming home all day. It was my anniversary with my husband. 5 years since we pledged undying love to each other. Every day, I love him more. We know each other so well, it’s like we finish each others thoughts. He also knows exactly how to get me wet.

Mike had been texting me at work. Teasing me, turning me on when he knew there was nothing I could do about it. His plan was to get me as aroused as possible, and he did. I could barely contain myself when I walked into the house. I closed and locked the door behind me, taking my shoes off, setting my purse down and calling out to my hubby. “Mike! I’m home, baby. Happy anniversary!”

There was no answer, so I hung my blazer in the hall closet and made my way to our bedroom. As I opened our bedroom door, I noticed an envelope on our bed, I smiled to myself as I picked it up. “To my Love” was inscribed on the front in Mike’s familiar handwriting. I opened the envelope, there was a note that said “Close your eyes and count to ten.” I giggled, beginning to count. As I hit three, I heard footsteps approaching from the direction of our en suite bathroom. I grinned, continuing to count. I felt a warm body behind me.

Suddenly, a length of fabric was over my eyes. It was soft, possibly a tie. I felt it lightly tied in the back. Mike kissed the side of my neck, slowly unzipping my dress. As he unzipped my dress, his fingers brushed my spine, making me shudder as my nerves hummed. When my dress was fully unzipped, the peripheral izle he ran his hands up my sides, lightly gripping my breasts. Putting his hands on my shoulders, Mike slid my dress down ever so slowly. The satiny fabric rushed down my body like warm water, I moaned and Mike rewarded me by nibbling my earlobe.

I stepped out of my dress, and was slowly turned around. I could feel Mike coming closer. He planted a light, lingering kiss on the tip of my nose, his hands wandering around my body. He kissed her mouth, sliding his tongue between my lips, nibbling my bottom lip as he tweaked my nipple. “You like the bra and panties I wore for you, Mike?” I asked huskily. I shimmied my hips, slightly grinding into him. I could feel his hardness even through his slacks and the boxer briefs I knew he wore. Suddenly, I could feel his hot, moist mouth on my breast.

I instinctively ran my hands through his hair. I moaned as he lightly took my nipple into his teeth and sucked gently through the lacy, sheer black bra I wore. His teeth and sucking set of renewed flames of pleasure through my body. I was aching for release. “Take me…” I whispered feverishly, lifting his head up, kissing him firmly on the mouth.

On my command, Mike picked me up. I gasped as I felt myself pressed against his solid, firm body. I nobbled his neck and earlobe gently as he carried me toward our bed. He sat me upon the edge, and I could hear him undoing the recruit izle his belt. As I heard his pants hit the floor, I reached to unhook my bra. Mike’s hand stopped me. I waited obediently as I listened to his shirt and underwear follow.

Mike stepped back in front of me. He brushed my bra straps aside, he planted kisses and nibbles along my neck and shoulder as his hands slipped in back to unhook it. I leaned my head back, moaning as he planted a firm kiss on the center of my neck. His fingers absently played with my nipples, making my pussy even wetter. I squirmed slightly, anticipating his hard cock filling me.

He trailed his hands down my sides, causing me to shudder. My whole body was hypersensitive to his every movement. I licked my lips and he took off the final barrier between us: my lacy black boyshorts. Mike always said he loved the way the accentuated my sexy ass, so I knew he’d love them.

He tossed my underwear aside. He took my hand, guiding me up toward our headboard. He put a hand on each shoulder and lightly laid me on my back. As I laid down, he took my hands, holding them together. “Mike, what are you doing?” I asked, bemusedly. He put a finger to my lips, trailing it sensually over them. “Shh.” I obeyed. He wrapped something soft, yet strong around my hands, gently, firmly binding them. When they were thus bound, he used the excess material to tie them to the headboard, leaning down to kiss me as he finished. the rig izle

Mike moved down the bed, he was placing kisses all over my body. He kissed my sides, my stomach, between my breasts. I was lightly panting from anticipation, and when he darted his tongue into my belly button on the way down, I shuddered. I felt Mike’s weight making its way onto the bed beside me. He straddled me. I could feel his heat. He laid his body over mine. I moaned and arched upward.

I wanted no more separation between us. I moved my hips impatiently. Mike trailed a finger from my neck, to my breast, and languidly circled a nipple. I cried out in pleasure, straining against the fabric holding my hands. He leaned down, kissed me hard and plunged his cock deeply inside. It was an explosion of pleasure throughout my body as we joined. I whimpered, wrapping my legs around him as he began to thrust into my wet pussy.

I rocked with him, rolling my hips as he thrust. I began to pant. I felt tension building inside of me, like a spring coiling. Every movement wound it tighter. He was pounding into me faster and deeper now, hitting all the right spots. “Oh my god, Mike,” was all I could say, straining against my ties as he suckled my nipple. I felt myself going over the edge. I came hard, my pussy surrounding and tightening on his hard cock.

When I came, Mike came. He came hard and fast. We were both shuddering in the afterglow. Mike kissed me, then nibbled my sensitive lips. He pulled out of me, causing another frisson of pleasure to run up my body, radiating from my pussy and top to bottom. He reached up, untying my hands. Then he slipped off my blindfold. He looked deeply into my eyes, with a mischievous, sexy grin. He said throatily ” Happy anniversary, baby.” and kissed me on the forehead. I can’t wait for next year.

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