Happy Daughter’s Day Ch. 03

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Dear readers, before starting the actual narration I just wanted to request you all something. I am a South Indian. I am not a master in English. And I think the stories in this site are for entertainment and excitement and fun. I am not writing any literary work or I participating in any competition. In this circumstances if you people didn’t talk about my language or grammatical mistakes I’ll be thankful to you. This disappoints me to write further. Enjoy the story as story not as a literary work. You are welcome to comment on the story matter whether it is good or not.. Did it satisfied you or not.. this is what I need from you. Hope you understand.

Thank you..



Happy Daughters’ Day — 3

Continuation of Dad and daughter’s Romance and Love in the bathroom.

Hi! Friends, this is Shriti again; as I promised what happened next day morning before Mom’s arrival, I am here again to take you to that romantic and exotic journey.

That morning when I opened my eyes it is 6 in the morning. I get down from the bed and looked at my side. There my lovely Dad is in sound sleep. He is totally naked. Of course I too am in nude. His face is so innocent that I bending forward kissed is cheeks. When I looked at his crotch a smile danced on my lips. There in between his thighs his manhood had early morning erection. I gave a small slap on its purple head and covering him with a bed sheet moved away.

Went into the bathroom had my bath. Wore calf length skirt and shirt. After 20 minutes I entered into the bedroom with a mug of steaming Coffee. “Nannaa.. get up it is already 7.30 you are to go to the company.” I said. His eyes were closed. Yet, he made his lips in ‘O’.

“MMM….. Good Morning Nannaa…” ad gave a light kiss on his lips.

“Good Morning Shriti Darling..” and he gets up and sitting on the cot itself took the coffee mug from my hand and with the other hand he pulled me at his side. I sat at the side of my Dad. He encircled his hand around my waist and dragged me closer to him. I too moved nearer to him. Before sipping coffee he extended it to my mouth. I understood what he wants and took a sip from it. After that he took coffee I came into the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Dear readers you all know that yesterday evening my Dad had deflowered me. Mom had gone to a village along with her friend. We were expecting Mom to return by 7 in the evening. But at 8 we received a phone from her that she is not coming that night. Dad’s face beamed after this news.

That night we made love once again and fell asleep. (Read the first two episodes ‘Happy Daughters’ Day) But Dad’s libido is insatiable. Again at 12 midnight he fucked me again. This time he asked me to ride him. This is new for me. I was thrilled to ride Dad while his thick Love shaft is sliding in and out of me, and my TITs bounced as I am moving up and down.

I prepared Upma for breakfast and getting other ingredients ready to prepare coconut chutney I heard Dad calling me. “Shriti beta.. will you pl. bring my towel.. I had forgotten to bring…”

“Yes, Nannaa.. just coming” I said. (Just coming Dad)

I went to the bedroom, took the towel and walked to the bathroom door. I gently tapped on the door and said….

“Nannaa.. Towel.” (Dad towel)

The door opened immediately. I extended my hand with the towel while looking away from him as I knew he will be nude. Though I fucked him three times still I am feeling shy to look at his naked body.

“Where are you Shritee… hand it properly?”

I turned my head. As expected Dad is standing naked at the door, having a mischievous smile on his lips; his body soaked with water, his massive cock jutting out of his coarse bush, his heavy balls hanging erotically.

“Shritee darling…Look what happens to me every time I see you.” He smiled naughtily and Dad twitched his strong abdominal muscles to cause his cock to bounce up and down.

“Chee… Nannaa.. neeku siggu ledu…” (Chii Dad you are shameless)

It is so beautiful that, I couldn’t avoid looking at the thick light brown sausage that was swinging so majestically. Dad stretched his hand forward, grabbed my waist and dragged me into his arms.

“Oh! Nannaaa.. no…Let me go….. Please….” I tried İstanbul Escort to get rid of him unsuccessfully. “

Dad hilariously laughed and pulled my struggling body under the shower. All my cloths drenched. See naughty fellow what he did? I smiled myself. I should have expected this…The cold water from shower fell over our heated bodies. I could feel his raging hardness poking into my belly through my wet clothes.

Dad started disrobing me.

“No… Nannaa …(No Dad) Please don’t; let me go…” I offered a half hearted resistance.

He didn’t seem to listen to me. One by one, he undid first my shirt. I had bra on my body. He then unhooked my bra exposing my full breast and hard nipples. He carelessly threw the bra on the floor. Though I am enjoying Dad’s hand on my body; pretending shame, I cupped my BOOBS in a frail attempt to hide my nudity from him.

Dad didn’t pay any attention and proceeded to undo my skirt. Next moment, my skirt is on the floor around my ankles and I am standing in front of my Dad’s gleaming eyes, nothing but my flimsy panties. He groaned happily at my predicament, slipped his fingers into my panties and rolled them down my thighs.

I was standing completely naked, next to my Dad, his bulbous cock head poking into my smooth belly. Trembling feverishly, I covered my tits with one hand and tried to cover my smooth cunt with the other.

His lips spread in a lewd smile. He took my hands and forced them apart exposing my BREASTS and CUNT. He looked at my naked body with admiration.

“You’re gorgeous Shritee dear…” His voice was hoarse with lust.

“Go Nannaa.. you are a cheat…” with shy and smile on my lips said.

He grabbed me back into his arms crushing my supple body onto his strong chest. My body melted in his arms. My swollen and hard nipples pressed against Dad’s chest. I felt his erect cock and balls rubbing against my tummy.

My pussy was dripping with anticipation. All the thoughts of not to have a FUCK that morning evaporated from my mind. I realized I was no longer nervous to avoid FUCK but ready to enjoy the carnal pleasure.

Dad moved his hand over my buttocks and pulled my soft body into his masculine body. He brought his lips down and kissed me. I readily accepted his advance and returned his kiss and opened my mouth for his tongue. His tongue probed my mouth as his hand kneaded the big halves of my ass.

We kissed passionately. I had forgotten that it was totally forbidden for me. This is forbidden this thought giving a new thrill in me. If Mom comes to know.. what will be her reaction… on me or on Dad.

Nonetheless, in the heat of the moment, none of this came to my mind. All I wanted was that magnificent cock plundering my hungry pussy.

Nannaa (Dad) seemed to understand my desire. He took my hand and placed it over his DICK. Under the falling water from the shower, it felt like a burning ROD of steel, strong, thick and massive.. His hand moved between my thighs, I willingly opened my thighs. His fingers explored my soaked clean PUSSY. He inserted his forefinger into my oozing slit.

“Mmmm….ssss…hhhaaa… Nannaaaa…(Daaad)” I moaned with delight.

Dad is moving his finger in out of my oozing slippery slit. He fucked me with his finger. His finger was thick, almost like a cock. My cunt willingly accepted the intruding digit and clasped it in its velvety enclave.

I am breathing hard with passion. His moving digit inside my cunt was doing miracles, causing my cunt to beg for more. I felt my warm cunt juices soaking his finger. He drove me crazy with desire. I desperately wanted his thick rigid tool between my pussy lips. I tightened my fingers over his cock and rubbed it against my pussy lips.

My lovely Nannaa brought his mouth to my rigid nipples. He took one between his lips and sucked it hard, making me whimper with lust. “Hhhhhaaaaa.. mmm… Nannaaaa… suck it hard.. uf that bitch is twitching ..mmm…” my situation is that if I didn’t let my Dad to FUCK me, I would die of my extreme desire.

“Ahhhhhhhhh…” I heard myself moaning. I wanted to tell him that it felt so good, but the words got stuck in my mouth.

Dad alternated between my tits, sucking both nipples one by one, enjoying my bouncy boobs. He gave equal attention to Kadıköy Escort each of my tits. His sucking became rougher. I began to whimper and squirm; my hand tightly squeezed and released his cock.

He let go my tits and began kissing me on my stomach. I felt his tongue probing into my belly button. His tongue moved further down toward the clean mound of my pussy. Then I felt his tongue sliding over my pouted cunt lips.

It is an entirely new experience. For a second, I thought that I would die with rapture. I don’t know that kissing down there will give such a pleasure. That is why in the night also I said no to Dad.. of course he didn’t listen me is another matter. This is the first time I enjoyed the bliss of oral sex though I was vaguely aware of the fact that some people do things like that.

“What… what are you doing?” I moaned–when he stopped, never wanting him to stop.

Dad spread my smooth fleshy thighs and began licking my dripping PUSSY. I felt his tongue exploring my inner cunt lips and my tiny love bud protruding at the top. His tongue flicked rapidly over my inflamed clitoris.

“Shritee.. my sweet.. how good your pussy is.. so succulent, and aromatic… of its pungent aromaaa…aaaah…” Dad began to eat my pussy heatedly. He slid his tongue deep into my juicy CHOOT, and then pulled it out slowly. He pinched my clit and then tried to take it between his lips. My clit being very small, he forced his lips over it and sucked it sharply.

My body shuddered as a sudden flash of pleasure shot through my body. I arched my back and cried out. “ffffuccckkkkk mmmeeeeeeeeeeee…mmmm… Nannaaa.. Dengu. (fuc k me Daaaaddd) Inka gattiga Dengu you nasty fellow fuck your daughter..” (still harer.. you nasty fellow…fuck fuck your daughter… you daughter fucker) I screamed. My thighs were trembling violently. My hand fumbled to hold something on the wall to prevent myself from collapsing.

I raised my hands and gripped the shower’s pipe. I grabbed it with both hands. Supporting my load against the pipe, I spread my legs further providing his probing tongue further access to my dripping pussy.

Dad was pretty well occupied with my cunt. He sucked my cunt lips into his mouth and flicked my clit so wildly with his tongue that I was afraid I might come before he even started fucking me.

I squirmed my thighs against his tongue.

As if Dad understood my desperation, he withdrew his tongue from my dripping pussy. I wondered how he would fuck me in the bathroom floor. I anticipated him to take me out to his bedroom. However, I think he had other plans. He pushed the bucket to one corner, making more room, then grabbed me by my hips and helped me settle on the spacious wet bathroom floor. Slick cold water beneath my back it was an awkward position. I spread my legs wide. He positioned himself between my legs and lowered himself.

I watched deliriously as he lowered his waist. I felt his fingers holding his SHAFT as he fumbled at the opening. He found the right place and planted the tip. Then he pushed forward. His thick PENIS moved easily in my dripping CHOOT. He didn’t have to make any further efforts as my cunt was well lubricated. He lowered his hips until the entire length of his cock was buried up to hilt inside me.

Intuitively, I wrapped my legs around his waist.

He buried his face between my undulating tits and started fucking me with his massive cock. His movements were slow at first probably because of our awkward position in the bathroom, but he soon found his rhythm and began fucking me harder and faster.

I could feel Dad’s gigantic LUND fucking deeper and deeper into my dripping POOKU (CHOOT). With every stroke, it is driving me nuts. I clasped my thighs tightly around his waist and tried to wriggle my hips, trying to get his raging cock even deeper into my willing cunt.

His face was buried in my tits. His lips were mercilessly kneading my soft flesh. He was groaning loudly with lust. “Shriteee.. Emundiraa nee POOKU (what a CHOOT you have)…” He is out of breath with exertion. He pounded my pussy relentlessly.

His lewd words worked to aggravate my longing for his ferocious cock. I began working my cunt muscles over his cock. I tried to hold his cock tightly inside by squeezing my cunt muscles. Kartal Escort Dad moaned with pleasure. “Aaaah yes.. do it…do it like that.. how tight it is… like a vice…” he moaned.

Both of us had completely forgotten the water that was continuously falling over our burning bodies.

“Aaahhhhh… aah… aah…” I realized that I was actually moaning with lust with every plunge he made into my hungry cunt. My pussy is dripping profusely under his onslaught.

Over and over, my lovely Dad shoved his mammoth cock deep into his daughter’s wet slick PUSSY. I couldn’t take it anymore. My orgasm hit me like a flash of lightening.

“Aahhhhhhhhhhh…Nannaaaaa…..Ammmaaaaa..dengara.. nee koothurini”

(“aaahhh Daddy fuck … fuck your daughter) I moaned shamelessly, and raised my ass up to meet his thrust. I am more thrilled that I reached my orgasm while fucking my sweet PAPA. I enjoyed my orgasm with wild abandon.

My Dad sensed my orgasm. He began pumping my pussy even harder.

“I’m coming… Shriteee.. beta.. my lovely daughter.. I am coming…yes it is coming.” He moaned and fucked his cock all the way into my ravenous pussy. He cried loudly as his cock began shooting inside me. Thank God that Mom is not at home. Wads of thick sticky cum spurted from his massive FUCK POLE and gushed into my hungry FUCK HOLE. He pressed his body against me and in turn my body pressed to the bathroom floor. I garlanded my arms around his neck and kissed his lips enjoying the hot molten seed erupting from his RGID SHAAFT.

Slowly, the throbbing subsided and his cock began to soften inside me. My legs were still clenching to his waist. Dad rested his face over my tits, desperately trying to control his erratic breathing.

We remained there in that position, trying to catch our breaths. Then I loosened my legs on the floor. He got up. His limp cock slipped out of me.

His cum oozed out of my freshly fucked pussy, dribbling along the crack of my ass, mixed with the water pouring from the shower. The water helped in rinsing a large part of our fuck juices from our bodies.

Dad gave a satisfied grin.

“Take my word Shriti.. I am not telling this to satisfy your ego… or boost you.. but what I say is true… even your mother’s choot is not as good as yours. I never fucked a cunt like yours.” Dad smiled. My what an alluring smile he has..

I thought of asking how many pussies he fucked. Then thought against it at least not now.

After so recklessly enjoying a mind blowing fuck with my dad I suddenly found myself turning red with shame and embarrassment.

Dad helped me in washing my cunt. He took his time in working his fingers up my pussy and cleansed every drop of cum deposited.

Still, he was not satisfied. We showered together and only then, he relented and released me. I hurriedly fled to my room, naked, leaving my drenched clothes lying on the bathroom floor.

I closed the doors from the inside and grabbed a towel. I stood in front of my dressing mirror; dried my soaked body and began drying my wet hair with the towel.

I looked at my naked reflection in the mirror. My body was glowing with the after effects of my shower fuck with my Dad I found myself turning crimson.


We both sat at the dining table and I served breakfast Upma and coconut chutney. Dad is looking deep in my face. I am not in a position meet his looks. There is that same enchanting smile on his lips. Seeing his smile my heart missed a beat.

Then Dad’s phone rang. It is Mom. She said that she stuck up at a place which is 70 miles away from here because of the car failure and they couldn’t get any mechanic. Dad said that he is coming with a mechanic, and asked her to wait there only and quickly he left to the place.

After Dad’s departure I prepared lunch and went to my room. When I looked at my pussy it is sore and swollen. From yesterday 5 pm to today 8 am my delicate pussy was fucked four times. With warm Brine (salt + water) solution I fomented my pussy. Then I got some relief and I don’t know when I slept.

Only after hearing the door bell I opened my eyes. Time is showing 12.30 noon. I opened the door and welcomed Mom and Dad.

So dear readers this is how I enjoyed that morning in the wet floor of the bathroom. Though cumbersome I enjoyed the rough plunging of my pussy by my sweet and lovely Daddy…

Now I stop. How my life had turned after that; to know that wait for my future episodes.

This episode ends here. Thanks for reading. Give your comments on this episode.

Yours Sweet Shritee…


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