Happy Easter Eggs

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Author’s note: the author expresses his appreciation for the editing efforts of user Outrabutterfly for making this an easier reading story.

Actually my day had been rather ordinary and boring up until then. I was doing some shopping, both for merchandise and visions of lush ladies, when I stopped my cart. I had attempted to turn my cart around a floor-to-ceiling display shelf when another cart partially blocked my view. However the customer stopped before I got a glimpse of him or her. So I waited patiently.

After a couple of minutes the cart moved backward and I completed my turn. As I came around the corner, a big beautiful woman smiled at me apologetically, pulled her cart back out of my way and said “I’m so sorry!”

I said “That’s okay. I’m not in that much of a hurry.” It’s funny, I thought, that I would run into this woman that I had seen several times before in this same store, one in which hundreds or probably thousands of people used.

She had already turned back to her shopping but gave me a quick glance and a flashing smile. I surveyed her from head to toe and decided that she was the most luscious looking woman I had seen in a while. She was sort of tall, very near my six feet and, although she was thick through the middle, she had a nicely rounded bottom and large breasts. She had blonde hair, probably aided by something out of a bottle, but it was long and piled on top of her head in a swirl with a little hair clamp. I immediately wondered what she would feel like if that clamp was closed over her nipple. It appeared that she was a little older than me, probably in her mid-sixties, but that didn’t diminish her sexuality to me.

I had stopped behind her and was ogling her round bottom, thinking about how nice it would be to have her in a doggy position with my hands on those hips as I thrust into her. Suddenly she turned and said “Gotta buy some Easter eggs for the grandkids, ya know? Can never have too many goodies for the kids.” And she laughed.

I agreed with a smile, thinking more about her own goodies. Before she turned back to shopping, I whispered “You are a beautiful woman.”

She hesitated as if she had no heard right, then her smile widened greatly. “Why, thank you, sugar! That’s the nicest thing I’ve heard in a long time.”

“Well, its true,” I replied.

“Have you just been standing there looking at me?”

“Yes, enjoying the scenery,” I said.

She laughed and ducked her head coquettishly. Then she leaned toward me and said “Just for you, I’m going to let my hair down.” She reached for the clip and shook out her long blonde hair.

“That is beautiful,” I said. How could she know that I had a fetish for women with long hair? Was it stamped on my forehead? “What’s your name?”

She said “I’m Angelica but everybody calls me Angie.”

Taking her proffered hand, I brushed my lips to her fingers and said “I’m very happy to meet you, Angie. I’m Ted.”

The smile never left her face and she looked directly into my eyes. I imagined that she could see into my mind, knowing exactly what I would like to do with her. Finally she turned and resumed her shopping with me trailing along a few feet behind her. Every few steps she looked at me and the smile returned. Finally she made a turn and said “I’ve got to finish my shopping, honey. Thank you. You’ve made my day.”

I whispered “No, sweet lady, it was you who made my day.”

She pulled kartal escort into a check-out line and I started to pull in behind her when I realized I had forgotten to pick up a new prescription I had just turned in at the drug counter. I hurried over and got my medication for a minor condition and went back to the check-outs, sure that she would be long gone. But no! There she was still in line and I pulled into line right behind her.

For a few minutes until she was next, we chatted about this and that. I kept my eyes on her lovely figure constantly and she kept glancing back at me. Then when she had paid, she again wished me well and slowly headed to the exits.

Again I was sure I had seen the last of her. Even though it only took a couple of minutes to check out, that is enough time for people to become forever lost in a sea of cars.

But no! She was waiting near the exit, not having yet gone out into the cold winter afternoon. When I stopped beside her, she said “Well, we meet again.”

“Yes, it seems like fate, doesn’t it?”

She laughed, “Maybe it is, honey.”

“Then how about letting me get to know you better.”

“You want to come home with me?”

“YES” I nearly shouted.

“Okay, that might be nice. Let’s go.”

I followed her the two miles to her house and helped carry her purchases inside. Then she stood and looked at me. I gathered that she was going to be pliant but would not initiate any action, so I took her in my arms and planted a big kiss on her ruby red lips.

Angie was a little slow to respond but when my tongue pushed between her lips, she opened her mouth and our tongues entwined. With my hands roving her back and pulling her to me, I felt her warm body along my full length. And there was no doubt that she knew of my ardor — my hard cock pressed into her stomach so hard she couldn’t have ignored it if she wanted to.

I let my hands slide down her sides and cup her round buttocks, amazingly firm and shapely for a woman her age and size. Our tongues continued to get to know each other and I felt her arms pulling me harder to her body. That simply pushed my throbbing hard-on into her stomach and let me feel the press of her large boobs on my chest.

I started to unbutton her blouse but she took my hand and pulled me to a bedroom, where we quickly undressed. I pushed her down on the edge of the mattress and knelt in front of her. When I lifted her legs to my shoulders, she fell backward and I began kissing the inside of her knees, back and forth, then up her inner thighs and finally stopped at her sweet-smelling pussy, the dark brown hair already glistening with her own juices.

No sooner had my tongue entered the crevasse between Angie’s puffy labia than she sighed and twisted her legs so that her knees were further apart and only her feet rested on my shoulders. I licked my way into her vagina, slurping up every drop of her sweet nectar that I found.

Finally I moved upward and teased her clitty out of its protective hood, all the time listening to her whisper “oh, yes, sweetie, that feels soooooo good!” over and over. After a bit, I clamped my lips around her bud, sucked the whole thing into my mouth and teasingly played tag between it and my tongue until she bucked up to me and screamed “YYYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSssssssssss, oh, yesssss, baby!”

After a few seconds, Angie relaxed and dropped back to the bed and I resumed my treasure cumhuriyet mahallesi escort search. After a prolonged stop at her opening to consume a small flood, I began making tours of the entire split between her legs with my tongue, taking time to lave her anal valley before going back to her pussy and then her clit. The second time I licked her anus and punched it with my tongue like I was going to penetrate her, she jerked upright and stiff again, spit out “uuuunnnnnnggggghhhh!” and another steady stream of cunt juice issued forth from her sweet hole.

When Angie again eased down to the bed, I resumed my pussy eating, loving the wonderful taste of her cunt cocktail. I was almost totally engrossed in my work when I noticed that she was pulling on her nipples hard, extending her large globes several inches above her chest. Then she let them go and with a hand in each, kneaded them unmercifully for a minute before again pulling the nipples again until her tits were stretched extremely taut. Her hips began to rock on my tongue and she moaned “oh, yes, baby, that feels so good. Oh, yes, do it, honey.”

Once again she bucked her bottom off the bed, pressing her twat into my face, screamed “OH, FFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!” as she exploded like a bundle of dynamite sticks tied to an electric timer.

When she came down to the bed again, Angie was completely limp, unable to move her arms or legs, her eyes rolled back in her head and I wondered if she had hurt herself. Although her breathing was rapid, she seemed okay so I stood and pulled her legs up to rest on my chest while I guided my throbbing erection into her steamy love box. I didn’t so must thrust into her as I fell into her. Without any effort at all, my balls were rubbing against her ass while our pubes comingled.

I spread her legs, holding them by her ankles, and bent over her, kissing and nibbling on her nipples and all around her large globes. She may have been a mature woman but she was certainly a sexy woman and still well-formed. Her nipples were hard as pencil erasers and as big as the end joint of my little fingers. When I clamped my lips around them and pulled, she moaned and her hand reached for the back of my head.

Several times my cock flexed inside her, touching all sides of her velvety soft cunt walls. I knew she was on her way to recovery when her hand crushed my head to her tits and I felt the walls of her cunt grab the shaft of my cock after several of its jerks.

Then Angie whispered in my ear, “Oh, honey! It’s been so long since I felt this good I had forgotten what it was like to be with a good, hard man. Come on, baby, fuck me now.” That’s a challenge no man can resist and I was certainly no exception. Standing again with her legs on my chest and her pussy swallowing my cock, I began to plow her fertile valley (okay, maybe no longer fertile but still furry and fun!).

I managed to suppress my urge to slam into her and kept my pace slow so we both could savor it longer. But after Angie had another climax with me inside her, she told me she needed it hard and fast, so I obliged her, ramming my cock in and out of her hot steamy tunnel with abandon. I had hoped to make her cum one more time before I lost control but it was not to be. My balls contracted, signaling the eminent approach of my climax, and then spit out my load of cum in seven full, hard shots, yunus escort two dry humps, one last dribble, and then three more lessening dry heaves. Fortunately that seemed to trigger another orgasm for her and she keened “oooooohhhhhhh, yyyyyyyyyyeeeeesssssss!” as she dove off the mountaintop.

We rested for a couple of minutes and I admit that I would have just fallen on the bed if I had not had the support of her legs. We sort of mutually kept each other in place until I could move again. Then I helped her to scoot up onto the bed and I fell in beside her, where we hugged and kissed for the next fifteen minutes.

I moved from her mouth to smothering her tits while fingering her sopping wet pussy and before long I was sporting a new erection and she was wriggling her hips and telling me she wanted to do it again. This time she asked if she could ride me so I rolled onto my back and let Angie climb on top of me. She used a variety of paces and moved her hips around to alter the feeling of our connection. I felt great but she must have felt better because she grabbed her big hooters in a death grip and screeched, “I’m cccuuuuummmmmiiiiiinnnnggg!!!” and then collapsed onto my chest.

For a while I tried using the ol’ body slide, pulling her up and pushing her down my body, causing my cock to fuck her pussy. It worked for a while but she was a little too big for me to keep it up comfortably. After about ten minutes, I slipped out from under her, spread her legs and knelt behind her.

I managed to pull her up at the hips and push her knees forward so that she was supported by her knees and her face. I pointed my cock at her sweltering pussy and found myself deeper in her than I had been all afternoon. As I looked down on her bottom and started to screw her again, her little rosebud winked at me so I began teasing it with my thumb.

I spent another ten minutes in sensory heaven, my most sensitive member loving the attention of her oh-so-soft inner tissue, the wet slickness of our combined juices, and the warmth of her internal incubator.

However the more I ran the pad of my thumb over her anus, the softer it became, until it almost seemed to be sucking my thumb inward as it passed. Well, she wasn’t objecting so —

I eased my cock out of her pussy and placed it at her back door. With a steady, gentle push, it popped inside her, eliciting a little gasp. I held still until she seemed to visibly relax again. Then I began taking little short strokes, with each inward stroke being just a little longer than the outward strokes and in a few minutes, my cock was buried up to its root in her pretty round ass. I paused for a couple of minutes to flex my muscle in her bowels and felt her return the favor, squeezing my probe with delicious hugs of her rectum.

For the next several minutes, I pumped my spear in and out of her ass with slow gentle strokes but then she began to urge me to go faster and harder. She said, “Baby, I need to be fucked hard — NOW — PPPLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!” I accommodated her with the result that we both climaxed just seconds apart. My mind saw a blinding flash of red sparks as my balls spewed cum into her anus; it was like a short but spectacular fireworks display. Angie must have experienced something similar from her scream of pleasure.

I dropped onto the mattress beside her as her body slowly stretched to its full length. I was too tired to do anything other than fling an arm over her shoulders.

A few minutes later, she heaved herself up and lay her chest on mine, her big boobs flattening against me, her long blonde hair forming a tent around our faces. She gave me a long wet kiss and when she broke away, she said “Honey, NOW you’ve made my day!”

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