Happy Trails Pt. 03

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Jessie sat there in my foyer like she’d stepped straight out of one of my fantasies.

Her long, slender legs were encased in a pair of tan pantyhose that dipped into those familiar black-heeled leather boots I’d gotten to know so well back in the woods. A black miniskirt just barely hid the panties she was wearing beneath the hose, and her outfit was topped with a sleeveless shirt that may have started off white but, with the weather and the heavy coat, was no translucent with her sweat.

I didn’t need to ask to know Jessie had been doing quite a bit of walking since we’d first run into one another. My mouth was practically watering at the thought of whatever this glistening goddess had in store for me tonight.

“Like what you see?” She asked with a smirk, and my brain could barely figure out what, if anything, to say or do. My eyes were straining just trying to decide where they should look, and the scent of her sweaty body and feet was already rushing through my nose. Rank as it may have seemed to others, to me it was incredible. “Thought so,” Jessie said, my lack of response all she needed to hear. “I made sure not to shower since we last saw each other, and worked out quite a bit yesterday, just for you.”

That explained her shirt as well as the strong scent she was giving off, but I didn’t care. In fact, the idea that she’d done all that for me actually made me smile. Jessie knew what got me off, and she was going to use it against me as much as she could.

Beckoning me with one of her black-painted fingernails, Jessie motioned for me to come closer. I almost melted into the floor, bowing my head and crawling the last few inches over to her so that I quickly found myself face-to-face with her boots once more.

“Give them a kiss Petey. I’ve been wearing them everywhere since our little rendezvous in the woods. They could use a little love, don’t you think?”

The smell of her feet trapped within the confines of those boots was stronger now, practically leaking through the cracks in the worn-out leather. My brain- rattled as it had been after the past few days events, couldn’t help but equate the two together. Jessie’s feet and her boots were one- they both contained that which I loved most, her foot scent, and if showing affection to one would allow me the experience the other, what else could I do?

I pursed my lips and kissed every inch of the toe of her boots like a lover who hadn’t seen his beloved in ages and can’t help but shower them with affection. The taste of the well-worn leather and the smell of her stinky, sweaty feet washed over me, and my cock strained against my pants. I didn’t need to touch it- just like in the forest, Jessie was in control of everything. All I could do was go along for the ride.

After a few minutes of caressing her boots, Jessie gently pushed my head away with her right boot, then held it and its twin in front of my face. Slowly, she swung them side-to-side like a metronome, and my eyes followed them, unable to look away from the things which held the object of my desire within them.

Jessie giggled at my actions and just that- the knowledge that she was enjoying both the power she now held over me, as well as my abject submission to her, added further fuel to the fire that was my growing erection.

“You really are a dirty foot boy, aren’t you Petey? You just can’t help yourself from watching my boots or smelling me feet or jacking off to my stinky socks, can you? Such a poor addicted little foot slave for me.” Her tone was condescending, but her words were true. Just hearing her say that all out loud- especially referring to me as a foot slave, was more than I could take.

She stopped moving her boots and brought them to the floor with a loud bang, the sound of which broke me from the near-trance she’d put me in. “I watched you leave the woods you know. I waited until you’d walked away from where I left you and followed you… You have no idea how happy I was you didn’t try to hide the mess you made in your pants. You were so red-faced and embarrassed, it was adorable.”

My face went red once again just listening to her. I’d had a feeling Jessie had kept an eye on me, but now knowing I was right simply confirmed how strong the hold she had on me was. I didn’t care that she’d made me cum in my pants in the woods nor made me walk back to my car with the stains there for all to see, or even that she’d kept an eye on me to make sure I did so. Honestly, I didn’t care about anything right now except her feet.

The scent continued to waft out from her boots as well as from the rest of her, her sweat-drenched body more then I could bear. My cock was begging to explode then and there, but I forced myself to stop. I hadn’t even had the chance to see her feet again, no way would I blow my chance- or my load- so soon.

Jessie seemed to sense this- or had simply noticed my growing erection poking at the front of my pants, the drops of precum it was already dribbling staining my bornova escort crotch. “Now now Petey, I said I’d give you a treat. Not that I’d let you cum again. Well, not right away at least.”

She winked and rose from the chair, motioning for me to join her. I begrudgingly did, knowing that leaving the floor meant leaving the spot where her foot smell was the strongest. However, I knew she was far from finished with me, and to see what she had in store I had no choice but to follow her lead.

Without a word, she enveloped me in a hug, and suddenly I was overcome with the sensation of her sweat-covered body against mine. The feeling of the warm, slightly damp shirt, as well as the smooth, glistening skin beneath it, sent shocks through my body. I wanted to stay in that moment forever, just feeling Jessie’s slick skin and breathing in her scent.

Alas, she had other plans for us.

Letting me go, Jessie pointed to my front door. “I picked up some things on my way here for dinner. Be a dear and get them from my car so I can start cooking… After we eat, we can have a little more fun.”

I looked at the door for a moment, then down at the rather large erection I was still sporting, as well as the precum stains making themselves known through the faded grey fabric of my pants. Though her car wasn’t that far from my door, I somehow thought back to my long walk from the forest to my car and realized yet again Jessie was waiting to see if I’d do as she’d asked.

Much as a part of me didn’t want to- given it was the time of night when families were out and about for after-dinner walks and the like, the promise of more ‘fun’ was enough to push away any and all worry from my mind. Quickly as I could I flung open the door and made for her car.

Opening the trunk, I picked up the bags Jessie had left inside, then shut it and tried to get back to the house before anyone saw me. From the look of things, none of my neighbors did, but Jessie did. She watched me from the doorway with a wicked smile painted over her lips. I could tell she was enjoying every second of my predicament, and honestly?

So was I.


Jessie threw together a rather delicious pasta dish for dinner, and though it was probably one of the best meals I’d had in quite some time- not being much of a cook myself, food was the furthest thing from my mind at that moment.

As she cooked, Jessie kept her boots on, denying me even the slightest glimpse of her stocking-clad feet. She knew I was staring and every once in awhile turned and wagged her finger at me, driving me crazy every time. I could practically hear the swishing of sweat inside her boots as he walked around the kitchen, and wished she would let me take care of that for her, but no dice.

Once we sat down to eat however, things got worse. Or better, depending on your point of view.

We made small talk- something we’d more or less foregone when we’d first run into one another in the woods. Jessie told me about her job, manager at an IT company she’d been hired by soon after graduating from University. I explained I did freelance writing for various companies around town, which suited me fine as it meant my schedule was pretty fluid and I was never stuck in one place for very long.

While we chatted and ate though, Jessie’s boot-covered feet made sure to remind me they were there. More than once I felt the soft leather push up my pant leg and rub against my skin, or noticed one stretch out and plant itself in between my legs, trapping my cock in the gap next to her heel.

Every time I half-coughed half choked on my food, Jessie smirked and giggled at my predicament. “Aww, is little Petey hard for my feet? I wish there was something I could do about that, but I guess he’ll just have to wait.” Then she blew me a kiss across the table, and all I could do was squirm in my seat.

When the meal ended, Jessie insisted I wash up, and while I would have done so anyways- it being my house, after all, I did as she asked simply to be sure I did nothing that might prevent me from seeing her feet again. Jessie could have asked me to jump through a ring of fire on a bicycle at this point, and I’d have done so.

She had me wrapped around her finger. Or toe, as the case may be.

I washed and dried every dish Jessie had used in her preparation as well as what we’d used to eat, nearly dropping one in my haste to be done with the task. Jessie watched me from the doorway smiling, and when I was finished she silently beckoned me to follow her.

We reached my bedroom, and Jessie plopped down on the edge of my bed and smirked at me. “Is this where you played with yourself, Petey? Did you lay right here on your bed with my stinky socks on your face and jerk your cock smelling them for me?”

Jessie’s taunting tone continued to send shivers down my spine. She had dirty talk down to a science, and I knew there was nothing I could do about it. There was buca escort no point in lying to her. “Yes, Jessie… I jerked off there twice, and came for you twice in my dreams.”

Her smile grew at that last part, and she let out a chuckle. “Aww, dreaming of me too? That’s so sweet. You really do have my stinky feet on the brain don’t you?”

She didn’t wait for me to respond, knowing it was the truth. Instead, Jessie said something I hadn’t expected. “Well, let’s get to it then. Take off your clothes.”

For a half-second, I was taken aback. Playing with her feet and cumming in my pants had been one thing, but actually stripping naked in front of Jessie seemed extreme. I couldn’t explain why- maybe some lingering memories from the past in which the very idea of being naked around her never would have crossed my mind, but I was somehow more embarrassed at that thought than nearly anything else I’d experienced since she and I had crossed paths. And yet.

And yet I knew if I didn’t do what she said, then her feet would be gone and I’d never be able to experience them again. I couldn’t allow that to happen, not after everything else. With a sigh of pure resignation, I slipped off my shirt, then my pants, and lastly, my boxers.

Jessie looked me over, contemplating my naked for standing there in front of her. I couldn’t read her reaction, refraining from looking at her face as I was out of sheer embarrassment. She smirked at my cock though, my erection returning to the state it had been in after she’d arrived.

“So hard for me already, and yet so patient, waiting for my feet to work their magic on you.” Jessie poked at my erection with one of her boots, and I groaned from the brief contact. “You can see them Petey, but you have to promise that whatever I do, you won’t cum until I say so. Can you do that for me?”

I stood there wide-eyed, trying to process her question. The idea of getting to see her feet but not be able to finish was terrifying. Yet not nearly as much as the idea that if I didn’t promise her that I would do it- or if I did and failed anyway, that she would leave and that would be. With a gulp of fear, I nodded. “I can try Jessie.”

She smiled, more softly than she had before. “Good boy.” Then she started to undo the laces of her boots, slowly, and without looking up, said the three words I hadn’t realized I’d been waiting for her to say to me. “On your knees.”

Within seconds I dropped, my eyes glued to the sight of her fingers undoing each and every lace. When the first boot was done she didn’t remove it right away, instead moving right to the next one and keeping me in suspense. Jessie was, if nothing else, a hell of a tease, and I was loving every second of it.

Another few minutes passed and the second boot was completely undone. Jessie looked at my waiting eyes with glee. “Well, what are you waiting for Petey? Take off my boots and give them a good sniff.”

I didn’t need to be told twice, and for the second time in as many days, I found my nose diving deep into one of Jessie’s warm, smelly boots. I held the right one over my mouth and nose like an oxygen mask, taking long, deep breaths of her foot scent like a drowning man taking in breaths of fresh air.

The smell was even stronger than it had been in the woods, likely the results of her working out and continued wearing of them in the time since. The cheesy, leathery scent was nearly overpowering as I drank in more and more of it, but I couldn’t get enough of it.

Not wanting to lose any that may be in the other boot, I quickly put the right one down and picked up its twin, repeating the process and taking in more of Jessie’s pungent yet delectable foot scent even as my cock dribbled out droplets of precum onto my bedroom floor.

From the bed above me, Jessie watched with a grin, taking in the sight of me kneeling naked before her with her boot on my face like it was the greatest thing she had ever seen. Her eyes moved down to my growing erection and, when it seemed like things were getting a tad too hot down there, she quickly reached down and pried her boot from my grasp.

I gasped as she did so, my face awash with despair at the sudden loss of her scent. But Jessie pointed to my cock, and I noticed how much it had spit out already. If she hadn’t taken her boot away, odds were I’d have cum sooner than she wanted, and that wouldn’t be good for either of us.

“Sorry Petey, but until you learn some self-control, you’ll need to pace yourself.” Her tone reminded me of a disappointed schoolteacher, and I half expected her to produce a ruler and smack my hand with it to make sure I didn’t do anything naughty.

For the next few minutes, neither of us moved or spoke. While I could smell her foot scent both from her boots as well as the sweat-drenched socks she was still wearing, I did everything in my power to ignore them. I needed to maintain some control over my cock, to make sure I kept my promise. But çeşme escort it was far from easy, and though my erection softened slightly, I knew it wouldn’t stay that way for long.


Once she felt enough time had passed, Jessie quickly got back into the swing of things. Moving her boots to the side, she slowly removed her soaking socks one at a time, making sure I was watching as she did so. The sight of each one peeling off her stocking-clad feet was incredible to behold, and I knew that as good as the pair she’d given me had smelled, these were likely to be something else entirely.

I was right.

After she handed the socks to me, Jessie didn’t need to say a word before I pressed them to my face. I’d more or less trained myself these past few days, and I knew precisely where such treasures belonged. The scent hit my nose almost immediately, and if I’d thought the smell of her boots had been overpowering, Jessie’s socks were a whole other level.

Every breath I took was like being hit by a wave, the heavy, cheesy scent washing over me and taking me under. But I didn’t care. It was the best thing I’d ever smelled. The girls in the past who had allowed me to smell their feet could not compare to Jessie, and kneeling there with her sweaty, stinky socks pressed over my nose was pure paradise.

While I was enjoying myself, Jessie was doing the same. Her eyes locked on me, her right hand slowly made its way down, beneath her pantyhose and her panties and into her waiting pussy. This wasn’t the first time she’d had a man enjoying her foot scent like this, and she had been waiting for another moment like this for some time.

Knowing someone was enjoying her smelly feet like I was turned her on far more than she’d ever realized the first time she’d done it. Add in the fact that she’d refrained from touching herself since our first encounter in the woods, and it was plain to see Jessie had been dying for this. I’d had the chance to cum four times since then, she hadn’t gotten off once.

But that was going to change.

Once more, my cock started to strain, but this time I noticed before Jessie had a chance and quickly put her socks to the side. Much as it pained me to do so- and it did, I had no choice. I’d made a promise and, though my cock wasn’t pleased with this development, neither of us were in control anymore.

The beautiful woman masturbating on my bed was.

Jessie fingered herself for a few minutes longer before she noticed me kneeling there watching, her socks no longer on my face. Looking down at my erection, she quickly realized what had happened, and smiled warmly. “Good boy. I guess it’s time for what you’ve been waiting for.”

Lifting her left leg, Jessie brought the slick, sweat-drenched tan foot up to my face. The moment contact was made the whole world seemed to melt away. All that existed, all that mattered, was the cheesy, vinegary scent of her pantyhose-covered foot.

I pressed my face into the soft sole of her foot and took the deepest breath I could, not wanting to waste a single drop of her precious foot scent. A massive wave overtook me, and I would have gladly drowned in it then and there. Just like in my dreams, this was where I truly belonged.

Beneath Jessie’s sweaty, stinky foot.

As I drank in her scent, Jessie continued to give her pussy the attention it had been lacking these past few days. “I have to admit, I was kinda hoping I’d run into you while I was in town.” Her fingers slid deeper into the sweaty and soaking wet cunt, and a quiet moan escaped her lips. “You have no idea how often I thought about having you at my feet all these years.”

Dazed as I was with my face pressed firmly against her foot, I couldn’t help but at least try and respond to a statement like that. “Really?” Was all I managed to get out, even as a part of me wanted nothing more than to admit to my own fantasizing.

“Oh yes,” Jessie continued. “Ever since that night I saw you sniffing my boot, the idea never left my head… We never saw each other again after that night, so all I could do was wait… Well, that and try out my feet on some other lucky boys.”

Jessie pulled her foot off my face for a brief moment, and as I looked up our eyes met and I noticed for the first time a glimmer of sheer joy inside them. “But they were all just stand-ins for you Peter.”

Hearing her say that- as well as use my actual name for the first time since we’d run into each other, without the slightest cruelty or malice, made me feel better than even her feet had. Knowing that, regardless of our nearly non-existent relationship back in the day, we had shared something else. Something far deeper than either of us had known. A hidden desire brought forth now, so many years later.

I was honored. Especially since it was true for me as well.

“I’ve had the chance to smell a few women’s feet over the years,” I admitted sheepishly beneath her soft gaze. “But that brief whiff I got of yours that night… I have been chasing that smell ever since.”

Sitting there on my bed, her hand beneath her panties, Jessie smiled. A real, genuine smile for what might be the first time ever where I was concerned. “I was hoping you’d say that. Because I think it’s high time I gave you your treat.”

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