Happy Wife, Happy Cuckold Ch. 01

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Amira Adara

Brad and Amber had been married for five years. Brad, 26, was on the slender side for a man. Just under 6′ tall and about 140 pounds. His manhood was also modest, coming in at just under six inches when fully erect.

Amber, 24, was quite the prize. At five feet tall and 125 pounds, she had the looks of a bombshell. Her 34B breasts weren’t massive, but they were real and fun to play with. Brad’s favorite part of his wife, however, was her incredible round buttocks. Lucky for him she also enjoyed anal sex occasionally.

Despite the couple truly loving each other, they both knew there was something missing. About six months ago, Amber had sat Brad down for a very serious discussion. Although he was very talented with his mouth, Amber was concerned that he was unable to give her an orgasm via penetration.

Initially Brad was ashamed, but admitted that he was unable to stop himself from orgasm within a few minutes of inserting himself into her exquisite body. Amber hugged him tightly and assured him that every other aspect of their marriage was great, but that she was craving an orgasm from being penetrated. Brad sighed, the obvious solution already in his mind.

He looked Amber in the eyes and began to explain that he had always been fascinated by hotwife and cuckold porn. Amber’s face lit up almost immediately, an indication that she obviously had already considering the same thing. They laughed, joking about being on the same page and how it was another sign that they were meant for each other.

Their discussion continued by laying some ground rules. The biggest of which was honesty. No lying about sexual encounters or experiences. No hiding things from each other, including any fetishes or kinks that might develop as they explored this lifestyle.

Amber wanted Brad to be happy too and also to not become sexually frustrated. So she explained that he was free to watch porn and masturbate anytime he wanted, so long as it didn’t interfere with anything else. The thought of not having to hide his porn or jerk off solely in the shower excited Brad and helped him to be much more amicable to their new arrangement.

They agreed that, if the situation permitted, Brad would still be able to service Amber’s pussy and ass with his mouth. Amber also noted that there might be times where she would administer oral sex on Brad. However, they agreed that once they began this lifestyle, the opportunity for Brad to put his penis inside of his wife would likely become very rare, and possibly might cease altogether.

For some reason the idea of this made both of them incredibly aroused. Amber pointed out the meager bulge in Brad’s pants and smirked.

“Would you like to fuck my wet little pussy, dear?” She asked. “Perhaps for the very last time?”

Just hearing those words was almost enough to make Brad cum. He nodded in agreement, also acknowledging to Amber that apparently he had a fetish for light humiliation that he was just now realizing.

They both got undressed and Brad sat on the couch, his 6″ erection sticking straight up. Amber straddled him, facing him in a cowgirl position. Brad could feel her slick pussy lips against his cock. He moved his hands behind her and gripped those perfect buns, giving them a squeeze.

“Put that little penis in your wife one last time.” Amber said with a big smile, holding his erection and lowering herself to the base of Brad’s dick.

Her hips swiveled, a very quick pace right out of the gate. Brad gave her ass a smack and Amber sped up even faster. As they both were used to, Brad moaned and ejaculated into her sopping cunt. Amber giggled as she climbed off of her husband.

“I think you broke your own record that time.” She told him.

“Sorry, honey.” Brad said.

“It’s okay.” Amber replied, kissing him on the cheek. “I’m going to go finish myself off the shower.”

With that, she turned and jiggled her butt cheeks for her husband before heading to the master bathroom for a shower. As the warm water of the shower caressed her body, Amber feverishly finger banged herself as she imagined all the different men and all the different cocks she was planning to try.

That was six months ago.


Amber had quickly taken to her new lifestyle. It wasn’t even quite 48 hours from her discussion with Brad before she had another man’s cock buried in her snatch. It was just some random guy she met at a bar, but she took his 9″ cock back in his hotel room and immediately knew she had made the right decision.

From there, the past six months had been a whirlwind of various lovers. Some strangers, some friends. But she always got a good, hard fucking from each one. This had resulted in Amber being in a much better mood and even being naughtier than she had before sleeping with other men. It was no longer uncommon for her to wander around the house in nothing but her underwear and a t-shirt. Sometimes she’d even walk around nude, enjoying the response she got from her husband.

An increase in porn almanbahis adres combined with Amber’s scantily clad body resulted in Brad masturbating quite frequently. A lot of times Amber would watch him and then cheerfully congratulate him when he would cum quickly. Brad had grown to enjoy the teasing from his wife. He also enjoyed hearing all the details of her sexual adventures when he was unable to witness them firsthand.

Brad had also discovered several fetishes from his increased viewing of porn. Of course he knew how much he enjoyed the sight of a woman’s perfect bottom, but he had gone much deeper than just vanilla sex. Seeing a hot pair of cheeks being spanked, whether male or female, was a big turn on. So were scenes of cuckolds licking cum from their wives after being fucked by their bull. Brad wasn’t sure he could ever muster the confidence to do it himself, but the idea always got him rock hard.

He had even ventured into a little bit of bisexual porn. The sight of a cute girl and cute guy both getting dicked was something he never knew he was interested in until now. But again… was it ever something he could actually go through with?

Brad knew there would likely be other things he was into but that he had yet to discover. For now he was just enjoying the ride, happy that his wife was getting the sexual satisfaction that she had been craving.


Brad was seated on the couch in tan cargo shorts and a black t-shirt watching TV. After a few moments, Amber came into the living room in a white tank top and a pair of white, cotton panties. Brad could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra by the way her nipples were poking through the material. Something had her excited.

Amber held her cell phone as she kneeled next to Brad on the couch and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Brad grabbed the remote and turned off the TV before focusing on his wife.

“Damn you look hot.” He said, eyeballing her skimpy outfit. “What’s up?”

Amber smiled brightly. “We’re having company tonight. It’s this guy I’ve been talking to at the gym. His name is Kyle.”

“Oh that’s nice, honey.” Brad told her. “Is he okay with me being here or do I need to head out for a bit?”

“He said he doesn’t care who else is home as long as he gets plow my cunt all evening.”

“Wow! I guess that answers that!” Brad said with a chuckle.

Amber rested one hand on her husband’s thigh as her other hand swiftly navigated through her cell phone.

“And his cock is so big, honey. Wanna see it?”

Brad knew she was serious. One thing Amber was great about was describing everything about her adventures. Every detail. Every inch. And if Brad was being honest, it was actually a turn on to get a glimpse of her lovers and hear all of the nasty things they did to her. As Amber asked the question, Brad could sense the familiar feeling of becoming aroused.

“Sure!” He said.

Ever since stepping out, Amber was always receiving dick pics from various men. She pulled up her conversation with Kyle, selected one such picture, and turned the phone to show her husband.

“My goodness!” Brad exclaimed.

Brad was looking at a photo of Kyle’s erect penis. It was obviously bigger than his, but he couldn’t tell the exact size.

“8.5 inches.” Amber announced, reading Brad’s mind.

Brad studied the shaft. It wasn’t just the length but also the girth that was impressive. It must have been twice as thick as his own. And it was topped off by one of the sexiest mushroom tips Brad had ever seen. He was so enthralled by the picture that he hadn’t noticed Amber had slightly moved her other hand, which was now resting on his crotch.

“You’re so hard!” Amber shouted with a giggle. She swiped her finger, bringing up another picture. In this one, Kyle was still erect but was holding his penis in a manner that displayed his two hefty balls.

Amber was now lightly rubbing her husband’s bulge.

“Don’t you think his cock is sexy?” She asked.

Brad moaned, enjoying his wife’s rubbing as he eyed a beautiful cock that would soon be inside of her.

“It’s very nice.” Brad admitted.

The rubbing had increased. Brad was still staring at Kyle’s manhood when he felt that special tingle. It was too late. With a grunt, Brad felt his balls empty… right into his shorts. Amber removed her hand and giggled again.

“Great. I look like I pissed myself.” Brad muttered, looking at the large damp spot in his shorts. “I need to go change.”

“No!” Amber protested. Then she smiled. “I think it’s cute that you came in your pants. Especially while you were looking at Kyle’s cock. He’ll be here soon, so leave them on. I want him to see the mess you made.”

She leaned in and gave her husband a kiss on the cheek before getting up and heading to the bathroom to get ready.

Brad remained on the couch, not sure what to do with himself. So he just sat there in his cum-filled shorts.

Not quite an hour passed when the jingle of the doorbell rang through almanbahis adresi the house. Brad was still on the couch. He looked over to see Amber, still wearing just her tank top and panties, gleefully walking to the front door. He heard their introductions and then Amber led Kyle into the living room.

Kyle was certainly fit. He looked to be an inch or two over six feet tall, with a very athletic body. The type of guy who most likely could land any woman he desired.

Amber immediately pointed to Brad’s shorts and Kyle chuckled.

“You weren’t kidding.” Kyle said. “He really made a mess.”

“Tell him what made you cum, baby.” Amber urged.

Brad blushed, trying to avoid her request.

“Don’t be shy.” Amber continued. “Tell him the truth.”

Brad sighed and looked up at Kyle.

“Amber was showing me your cock when I blew my load.” He confessed. “It’s a very nice penis.”

Kyle’s eyebrows raised as he smirked. “Well that’s very flattering.”

Amber turned her back to Brad, giving him an eye full of her panty-covered ass. She pulled Kyle close and they embraced in a passionate kiss. Brad watched Kyle reach around her and place a hand on each butt cheek, squeezing them both.

“I’ve been so horny for your cock.” Amber said as they broke from the kiss. “I need you inside me.”

Kyle gave her a playful smack on the ass. “Go for it then. No time like the present.”

Brad watched Amber drop to her knees. He watched her undo Kyle’s belt and unzip his jeans, pulling them down to his knees. He watched her hand disappear into the opening of Kyle’s boxers and pull out his thick meat.

Although he couldn’t see all the action, Brad could tell from the way Amber’s head was moving that she was starting to suck on his dick. Brad was quickly becoming aroused in his shorts.

“That’s it. Suck that cock.” Kyle instructed. “Suck it like the dirty little slut you are.”

Amber continued to polish his knob for a few more moments before popping it out of her mouth and turning her head back to her husband.

“Why don’t you get closer, honey?” She asked. “Come get a look at what a real man’s cock looks like.”

A rush of humiliation rushed over Brad, but at the same time he couldn’t deny that it turned him on. He knelt beside his wife, getting a much better view of the thick member in front of her face.

“Why don’t you hold the base for me?”

“Are you serious?!” Brad exclaimed, unsure how to feel about such a request.

“Look at your pants, dear. It’s obvious you’re attracted to his cock.” Amber pointed out. “Besides, you’ve only ever felt your own bits in your hand. This is your chance to finally feel what a real cock feels like in your hand.”

Another rush of humiliation, this time mixed with excitement. Brad took a deep breath and reached out, grasping the base of Kyle’s penis and holding it in place for his wife.

Brad couldn’t help but take note of the weight, the thickness, the warmth of the pole in his hand. Amber was right. It was much different than when he had played with himself. Grasping the prick, Brad could tell that this was a powerful cock. And he was also aware of how erect his own penis had become.

He was mesmerized as he watched his wife stick out her tongue and lick the slit of Kyle’s mushroom head. Brad could feel the thick shaft throbbing in his hand. He had never held another man’s penis, but he didn’t mind it one bit. Amber was seductively kissing and suckling the bulbous tip, occasionally glancing at Brad. She also had her hand on her crotch, rubbing her twat through her panties.

Amber kissed and sucked on Kyle’s fat cock a few minutes more before standing up and declaring, “I need you inside of me right now.” She quickly removed her tank top and tossed it across the room. She then slid her soaked panties down her legs and got on the couch.

Brad released his grip on Kyle’s member and watched him remove his clothes before joining Amber on the couch.

Amber looked over at her husband. “Beg him to fuck me.”

Brad hesitated.

“Beg him to fuck me like you never could!” She added. “Please, honey.”

“Please fuck my wife.” Brad muttered meekly.

“What was that?” Kyle asked. “I couldn’t hear you.”

Brad took a deep breath. “Please shove your thick cock into my wife’s cunt!”

Kyle teased Amber with the tip of his cock, rubbing it against her moist opening before finally dipping just inside. Amber gasped as the girth stretched her love canal.

Brad watched Kyle’s hips move back and forth in steady fashion, delivering powerful thrusts of cock into his beautiful wife.

“Oh my goodness, you feel amazing!” Amber cried out. “Yeah, baby. Really give it to me.”

Amber used her hands to fondle her breasts and nipples as she was being ravaged. Brad couldn’t ignore his own erection any longer, unzipping his shorts and releasing his penis so he can fondle himself. With his free hand, he picked up Amber’s discarded underwear and held the wet almanbahis adresi crotch to his nose, inhaling her vaginal scent. Amber looked over and smiled.

“That’s it, honey.” Amber said sweetly. “Stroke your little dick while you watch a real man make love to me.”

The humiliation was really turning Brad on.

Brad rolled his eyes as he could yet again sense that he was close to cumming. Here was a man pounding away between his wife’s legs and he would be the one prematurely ejaculating.

Amber was moaning from the thick shaft driving in and out of her snatch. Brad could hear Kyle’s heavy balls slapping against her. He took one last sniff of Amber’s panties and then quickly moved them down in front of his penis, squirting his semen into the cotton material. He heard his wife giggle.

“You always cum so fast, honey!” Amber announced. “So glad I’ve finally got a worthy cock between my legs.”

Brad stayed there on his knees, his dick softening, watching Kyle relentlessly pounding her gash.

“Oh fuck!” Amber yelled. Her body was trembling as an orgasm washed over her. But that didn’t stop Kyle. He kept slamming his cock meat into her body.

“I’m gonna fill you up.” Kyle told her.

Amber grabbed Kyle’s muscular buttocks to help him drive his cock deep into her snatch.

“Do it!” She pleaded. “I want to feel your cum shooting deep inside of me!”

Kyle became more deliberate with his thrusting until finally head held himself balls deep in Amber’s cunt. With a groan, several large spurts of semen began squirting into her. He kept his cock buried deep until he was certain every drop had been drained.

Brad was in awe as Kyle retracted his manhood and sat back on the couch, spent from the intense sex. Amber likewise stated where she was, soaking up the post-orgasm sensations and enjoying the fact that her vagina was now full of fresh spunk.

Amber slid one hand between her legs and held it against her stretched hole as she scooted to the edge of the couch.

“I want you to do something very special now, honey.” Amber told her husband with a grin. “I want you to crawl over here suck every drop of cum out of my pussy.”

Brad had watched Amber fuck other guys plenty over the past six months, but this was a new request. He wasn’t sure if he could go through with it. Sure, he had ejaculated to Kyle’s penis earlier. And then creamed his wife’s panties watching them have sex. But could he really swallow another man’s semen?

“Please baby.” Amber said. “I know you’re going to like it. Come over here and suck his cum out of me like a good little cuckold.”

Brad sighed but obeyed, crawling on all fours to the couch. His soft penis dangled from the opening of his shorts as he got between Amber’s thighs. As he leaned in, Amber removed her hand and Brad reveled at the sight of her stretched out orifice. A healthy glob of Kyle’s spunk was already slowly trickling out.

Tentatively, Brad stuck out his tongue, running it from his wife’s taint up to her clit, coating it in cum. He pulled his tongue into his mouth. It wasn’t as bitter as he expected. It was a bit salty and almost had a sweetness to it.

“That’s it, sweetie.” Amber told him. “Clean up that dirty little cunt.”

Realizing it wasn’t so bad, Brad now hungrily lapped at his wife’s hole. Devouring a sex cocktail of male and female juices. Licking, sucking, swallowing, until he was certain he had gotten every drop. Afterward, he sat back on the floor.

“I think he enjoyed it.” Kyle said, pointing to Brad’s penis which was once again erect and sticking up out of his cargo shorts.

Amber giggled. “Did you, baby? Did you enjoy swallowing a real man’s jizz fresh from my pussy?”

“I did.” Brad admitted.

“Pick up my panties.” Amber suggested. “And beat off into them again. Show Kyle how fast you can get off.”

Brad did as instructed as they watched. He looked at his naked wife and her naked lover. Kyle’s legs were open and Brad couldn’t help but glance at his thick, soft penis resting against his thigh. He wrapped his wife’s underwear around his erection and began moving his hand up and down. It only took a few strokes until he squirted into them once more.

“Wow! That’s actually impressive!” Kyle said with a chuckle.

“I agree.” Amber added, turning back to her husband. “Honey, Kyle is going to spend the night. We have a lot more fucking to do. He even told me he’s going to fuck me in the ass tonight.”

“Okay, dear. That sounds nice.” Brad told his wife. “I don’t mind sleeping on the couch tonight.”

“I want you to keep my panties with you.” She told him. “They’ll be your cum rag for the night. I’m curious how many loads they’ll have in them by morning.”

Brad nodded in agreement with the request.

“Now before Kyle and I go to the bedroom to fuck again, I want you to do one more thing.”

“What’s that?”

“I want you to crawl to him, look him right in the cock and thank him for fucking your wife.”

Brad knew not to fight it. He crawled over to where Kyle was sitting. Kyle spread his legs slightly to enhance the view of his penis. Still soft, but still so thick. Brad was close enough that he could smell his wife’s pussy in Kyle’s lap. He looked directly at his dick.

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