Hard at Work

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Stepping out of the elevator, and into the plush lobby, I have one thing on my mind. The last email he sent wasn’t his usual flirtatious banter, it was a very simple request. A plea that I am only too happy to answer.

“Fuck me,” he’d typed.

Smoothing the fabric of my dress over my hips, I stride confidently towards his office, oblivious to all but the thoughts of this man, and what is about to happen. I don’t knock. No need, I know that he’s waiting for me.

The heavy wooden door opens smoothly, and I step into the opulent office. When I pause, he rises from his seat, watching me intently. Within seconds, the door is closed behind me, and I feel his breath on the back of my neck.

His hands on my hips, I am guided back towards the door. My hands rise to press against the satin wood, as his palms glide over my buttocks, squeezing ever so softly. He sinks to his knees, and I feel the press of his lips behind my knee, just as I feel those hands now rising beneath my dress to peel off the lace panties that have become dampened kartal escort in anticipation.

Carefully, I step out of the wisp of fabric, and then his hands begin their journey upwards again. Standing once more, he guides my flame red dress over my head, and I am left leaning against the door wearing only the heels he had bought for me a week earlier.

When I can no longer bear the silent torture, to be so near, but not touching, I turn. My eyes meet his, and then our mouths collide, hot and moist. Devouring. My hands cup his handsome face, his hands are on my breasts, teasing nipples so hard. Between the cool wooden door, and the fabric of his suit, my body is tingling with sensation.

He pulls back, leaving me gasping. He removes his clothes with quick deliberation, watching me all the while. The rise of my breasts with every breath, the clenching of my fists, the way I twist my heel into the carpet, nothing escapes his heavy-lidded gaze. And not one inch of his delicious frame escapes mine.

I fall to my knees before kartal otele gelen escort him, encircling his hips with my arms, and I stroke his hard buttocks. A small moan of pleasure escapes me as my tongue darts out to caress his heavy balls. I lick the length and breadth of his thick shaft, and he throbs in anticipation. Opening my mouth wide, I take as much of his cock as I can, licking and sucking.

He groans, and with his hands on my head, moves against my enveloping mouth, his body becoming tenser with every movement.

He eases out of my mouth, and joins me on the carpet. I am pulled to him, and he kisses me hungrily, his tongue exploring my mouth. His hands are on my breasts again, stroking, teasing, and then they move over my ass and between my thighs. I relish the feeling on his body against mine, the hardness of his cock against me. Feeling my own wetness, I grind myself even closer to him.

He gently pushes me backwards. Smiling, he crouches over me, spreading my legs wider apart. kartal eve gelen escort His hands on my buttocks bring me closer to him, and he begins to place soft kisses on my inner thighs. My faint moans urge him on, and his tongue finds my clitoris, and is then plunged lustily inside me, apparently ravenous for my taste. I grind myself against him, writhing, lost in ecstasy.

Suddenly he stops, withdrawing, and I feel acutely the loss of him there. But not for long, as I glimpsed his engorged shaft momentarily, before he plunged inside, farther than I thought possible. I respond instantly, matching his rhythm, wrapping my legs around his back, the leather of my high-heeled shoes teasing the taut skin of his ass. Before long we are both consumed, release overwhelming us. He collapses over me, shuddering, as we gasp for air.

Clutching me to him, he rolls until I am resting above him, his cock still inside me. I place my hands on his chest, and lean forward to drop a single kiss on his brow.

“I hope the door is locked! As good as that was, it was definitely you fucking me. I came up here to fuck YOU. And I do so like to finish what I’ve started.”

With a broad smile on my lips, and a teasing look in my eyes, I clench my muscles around his hardening cock.

Neither of us will be getting much work done today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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