He Finally Meets His Mistress Ch. 05

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Part 5: Note to readers: If you have not read the previous parts of this story please do so. This is a direct continuation of my story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it for you. Happy reading to you all and thanks for reading my stories. Please feel free to send me any feedback.

Not a word passes past your lips, you sit perfectly quiet as does my friends slave..

She stands and says she will be next. Walking up to the front of the group, her slave still sitting next to us. Every now and then you reach down and bring yourself back to the hardness stage that I instructed you to continue to hold. I watch as your hand moves along the cage and work your cock to bring it back. I smile at you and you give me a wink. I then decide I have had enough of the party and am very tired. I stand taking your leash and start to leave.

I hand my friends slave a piece of paper and say to him “be sure your Mistress gets this number so we can chat later”

He smiles and says “yes Ma’am”

I leave the party with you in tow, and lead you to the elevator. I decide this time that we will take the elevator upstairs and once we get into the room you will be rewarded for good behavior tonight. I think to myself: I am very proud of my boy tonight, he did just exactly what I expected him to do and I hope he has learned that he can trust his mistress. We stand in the elevator, you up against the back wall, and I lean into you, my back pressed against your chest. I can feel you breathing against my back and whisper “having fun yet?”

You moan, while saying “yes Mistress, I am very very tired though may I go to sleep when we return to the room”

“We will see my pet.. we will see…” As I grab the cage, and tug gently.

I can feel every muscle in your body tense, and I giggle…

The elevator stops on our floor and we walk down the hall. I turn just as we get to the door and notice there is a woman on the elevator that is peaking around the kuşadası escort corner watching. She smiles at me giving me the thumbs up sign and I smile and wave. Then turn to open the door for us to go into our private little world.

I decide that I do not want to allow you to cum just yet tonight so I leave the cage on, and put you to bed. Pulling the covers up, I remind you that you belong to me, and that you must never forget this. I then climb on the bed next to you, take your hand and allow you to quickly fall asleep. I watch you sleep for a bit, you are sleeping very peacefully and seem to be sleeping sound. I release your hand and climb into my own bed falling asleep quickly; it has been quite a full night.

The next morning arrives, and you awaken, your cock is hard, your body is sweating from desire and you want to please me. You look over at me, and notice I am still sound asleep. You get up and come lay in bed with me, kissing my cheek gently to wake me up.

As I open my eyes, you ask “what would you like for breakfast?”

After telling you, you order it from the dining room, and go draw a nice warm bath. As the tub is filling, I come into the room, disrobe and step into the tub. You once again caress my body with the washcloth. Then washing and rinsing my hair, you lift me out of the tub, carrying me back to the bed, and lick me dry. Just as you finish drying me, there is a knock at the door.

You look at me, and then look down at the cage….”would you like me to get that just the way I am dressed Ma’am?”

“Yes Andrew I would please hurry, I am famished.”

“Yes Ma’am” and you walk over to the door, opening it and taking the tray from the woman; you thank her and close the door.

As you walk back over to me carrying the tray, your face is beat red…

“A bit embarrassing Andrew?”

“Yes Ma’am, here is your breakfast Ma’am”

“Thank you, come here Andrew” as you walk over I watch as the cage sways kuşadası escort bayan back and forth a bit. Taking the cage off, I instruct you “Go stand at the end of the bed.. I want something to watch as I eat my breakfast, and would like to watch you masturbate for me. But I do not want you to cum until I have given you the permission to do so…”

You walk down to the end of the bed, and turn toward me. You are completely naked and I smile and say “go ahead, start”

With your right hand you reach down to your crotch, and take your cock in your hand. Your finger rubbing the tip gently, and teasingly; then sliding your hand down your shaft to the base and back up again, your other hand cupping your balls, as you spread your legs just a little. You continue to manipulate your manhood for my enjoyment.

“May I cum Ma’am?”

“Plead for it Andrew”

“Pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeee Ma’am, may I cum, I will do anything you wish, I will behave, you can do whatever you wish to me later today Ma’am… Please Ma’am” as your saying this your voice cracks, I can tell you are ready and I remind you..

“Do not cum Andrew”

“Oh Ma’am, please Ma’am, OHHHHHHH” as you moan with your building orgasm.

“Turn around Andrew” as you turn around I crawl to the edge of the foot of the bed.

“Bend over and hold your ankles”

As you do so my hand runs along your bottom. I tickle the crease between your cheeks with my fingers, reaching over to you, stretching my neck, and giving each cheek a nice wet juicy kiss. I bathe your ass with my tongue, nibbling on each round mound before me; my fingers kneading you, groping and massaging you as I instruct you to continue to masturbate. Your legs tremble as you fight to stay bent over, while your hand strokes your engorged cock. My hand continues to play with your cheeks, as my other hand reaches between your legs and tickles your balls. After long pleads and you begging me to allow escort kuşadası you to cum, I give in but only if you agree to my next task..

Without even hearing what the task is you agree, knowing that you will be allowed to cum soon was all it took.

Your legs begin to shake, your hand strokes quickly, I continue to tease your ass, and play with your balls as you finally blow, loads of cum spurts from your cock. Spurt after spurt, as you moan, and thank me with each spurt… This goes on for some time, the more I tease you the harder you cum, and the harder you cum the wetter I get.

After your massive orgasm is over, I tell you “the first thing you are to do for being allowed to cum a moment ago is to bring me to orgasm.”

And I lay back on the bed, bring my knees up and spread them. Looking at you through the space between my knees, I beckon you toward me with my index finger. You crawl up on the bed, I take your head and lower it toward my wet pussy.

Instructing you to “lick, suck, tease, bring me to that orgasm”

“Fuck me with that tongue, work it faster, Ohhhhhhh Bring it on”

Pushing your head down harder on my pussy, your tongue moves quickly along my slit, sliding it in and out licking quickly. I keep you working my clit over and over throughout the day. After many orgasms I finally slide you over, and get up from the bed.

Taking your cock in my hand and giving you a gentle tug I walk you over to the sliding door. Place both your hands on the window, and then giving you a piece of paper, I tell you “I want you to hold this paper on the glass with your nose, but do not move your feet from where they are right now.”

Your feet are set back so that your back is almost flat, your bottom is stuck out far from the door. You lean forward with your nose, and hold the paper there as you were told…

“I want you to stay put, I will be back with your next task ready.”

And there you stand, not allowing the paper to slide even a little. You wait and wait, hoping that the time will go quickly.

I remind you, “Remember you said I could do anything to you, I now can do 2 things to you that were not originally planned.. Wonder what they could be HMMMM???”

To be continued in part 6…

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