He Knows How to Treat a Woman

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Author’s comments: This is my first submission to Literotica. My story is part fiction and part fact. I have written about one of my experiences when I was 18 year years old with older women. I would appreciate any positive comments or thoughts from you. I wrote this story because I enjoy doing it. All the characters in my story are at least 18 years old.


Hunter Collins looked directly down into the blue eyes of the hot sexy bitch on the bed that he had fucked during the night. He had spewed streams of cum deep into her womb at least six times. “You love my big cock, don’t you bitch!!” he said.

She moaned, but could hardly respond because of the sexual pounding his cock had inflicted on her, but finally was able to say “O baby, I have never been fucked like this. I can’t even count the number of orgasms you gave me with your monster cock. I didn’t think I could accept such a huge cock in my vagina.”

Hunter confidently smiled while his cock was still balls deep in her pussy, and said “All the sexy bitches similar to you that I fuck always think that they won’t be able to accept my 9″ cock. However, they all learn pretty quickly to accept it after a few deep hard thrusts into their womb. You actually learned faster than most of the others.”

She inquisitively replied, “How many others have you been with? Are they all like me?” Hunter decided not to respond to her question.

He had fucked her into total submission during the night. She had been submissive to all his sexual demands and crude words he had called her. He had called his latest sexual conquest Ankara travesti a whore, a prostitute, a bitch, a cunt and other demeaning choice words.

She had screamed and moaned in ecstasy as he gave her multiple orgasms as her womb was flooded with his potent cum that was generated by his huge 9″ cock.

As the morning sun started to lighten the morning, he gave her a French kiss with his long tongue deep in her mouth. She passionately wrapped her arms and legs around him while responding with her tongue deep in his mouth.

She clearly had become addicted to his love making and his monster cock.

However, he abruptly ended the kiss and simultaneously and pulled his cock out of her drenched pussy. “Why did you pull out of me? Did I do something wrong?” she sadly exclaimed.

Hunter responded, “That’s enough for now bitch, it’s 6:30 AM, I’ve got to leave soon. I have an appointment this morning with someone just like you who needs my help.”

She looked at him nervously and responded “Can we meet again? I really need you too”

Hunter smiled at her with a sly smile, he knew that he had another bitch just where he wanted. He then said “Well, I am quite a busy guy, with a good number of cunts just like you that want to see me. Maybe there’s something you can do for me?”

He rolled off her, to allow the naked sexy whore to reluctantly push herself off the bed, and walk toward her expensive pocket book that was on the dresser.

Hunter admired the voluptuous body he had sexually conquered as she walked toward the dresser. Konya travesti

The sight of her perfect round ass that was now facing him prompted his decision as to where his cock would be stuffed the next time they met.

As she returned back to the bed with her pocket book, his cock started to twitch and then grow yet again as he watched her perfect ample breasts and her brown patch of thick pubic hair – that obviously did not match color of the blond hair on her head.

She then put the pocket book on the edge of the bed, and opened it and pulled out three $100 bills. She said “Will that be enough?”

He smiled at her and shook his head in a negative manner. She then pulled out two more $100 bills for a total of $500 and meekly said “when can we meet again?

Hunter smiled and responded, “Turn around, I want to admire that fine round perfect ass of yours.”

She did as Hunter ordered and let him marvel at the most luscious fine ass that he’d seen in quite a while. He then smacked her fine ass so hard it turned red.

She screamed “Ouch!! Ouch!! That hurts!!

She was stunned by the way he abruptly ended the best sex she ever had and then slapped her ass to hurt her.

She had never been fucked in a motel room or treated like some cheap prostitute. After all she was a married woman who was 49 years old with two grown sons who were 24 and 21.

She had only met Hunter Collins last night at the Alpine Lounge Bar. She was immediately intrigued by the confident blond haired and blue eyed handsome guy who towered over her at İzmir travesti 6’4″ with a 220 lb. muscular body.

It was clear to her that any female would drool to be in bed with this handsome stud.

It only took a few alcoholic drinks and good conversation with Hunter, where it made it impossible for her to turn down his thoughts about sharing a motel room for the night.

He easily persuaded her to forget her 25 years of faithfulness to her husband and also forget the obvious taboo that – Hunter was only 18 years old.

Background about Hunter Collins:

Hunter Collins was a very confident 18 year old young hunk. He was the star quarterback of Plainview High School football team.

He had led the team to the state championship a few months ago in November of last year

The handsome young stud was 6’4″ with a muscular body that weighed in at 220 lbs. His blond hair and blue eyes made him resemble a leading young movie star

His good looks and status as the star quarterback of the high school earned him many perks. The best perk was that there was no shortage of sexy high school girls who had spread their legs for him.

However, Hunter Collins had noticed that it was not only the girls at high school and the surrounding community who were attracted to him.

It was crystal clear that older woman who as old as 40 and 50 years old were attracted to him too.

He had always been attracted to his mom’s friends, but never gave it much thought. However, when he turned 18, his sexual hormones seemed to be intensely directed at women that were old enough to be his mother.

He knew what these older women needed, and he had the 9″ monster between his legs to fill that need.

Once he turned 18 years old, Hunter did not waste any time on his journey to fuck as many older women as he could meet.

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