He Thought I Was Cool

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My wife Cindy and her lover Tom were whispering back and forth. I was only 7 feet away but couldn’t make out what they saying. I saw Cin laugh a couple times glancing at me and shaking her head. “I don’t believe it,” she said to Tom. “You’re on.”

How it all began:

Tom. What can I say about Tom? He’s a man’s man. A Real Man. Robust, confident, gregarious. Tom is handsome, smart, funny and charismatic. But most of all, Tom is cool. He is everything I wished I was.

It was his charisma that attracted me to him when I first met him at my favorite local watering hole. It was happy hour and the place was crowded. He sidled up beside me and asked if I minded his company. I did not.

He introduced himself and I told him my name is John.

“Nice to meet you johnnie,” he said patting me on my back. “You seem to be the only cool guy here this evening.

I didn’t correct him. I liked it that he called me johnnie. I accepted johnnie from my immediate family but insisted that everyone else call me John. For some reason it felt good to me when Tom called me johnnie. Somehow it felt as though we were conspiring together as old friends.

But most of all he said I seemed to be the coolest guy in the bar. Me. Cool. All my life I’d been what some would call the antithesis of cool. I am on the short side at 5′ 7″ and my weight at 135 mostly comes from my fat bottom and hips too wide for a male.

Cool? Me? I never played sports because who likes being chosen last when teams are made? What cool guy wore cheap and second-hand clothes through high school? What cool guy studies through Junior College and then the State College never having been invited to a Frat party or anything on the social side of college life?

But Tom thought I was cool and that was cool with me.

We drank and talked and almost immediately I saw things in Tom, about him that I lacked. “Maybe,” I thought. “Maybe if I hang around him enough some of those qualities might rub off on me.”

I invited Tom home with me to meet my wife. I won’t dwell on how easy it was for Tom to bed her. Seeing Cindy sit along side Tom as I served drinks and prepared dinner, I had to admire the way they became friendly so quickly. Once I peeked in to tell them that their salads were ready and smiled when I saw Tom with his arm around my wife and her hand in his lap.

Maybe I should have been jealous and thrown a hissy-fit but Cindy was happy and Tom, like I said, he has charisma that is absolutely magnetic. And if I made a fuss it wouldn’t be cool. Plus, it made me proud that he would find my wife attractive. I was happier still that Cindy found Tom to be pleasant company. She detested most of my friends off-hand before even trying to get to know them.

I pretended not to notice that during our meal, Cin had her bare foot in Tom’s lap. I saw it when I dropped my napkin and bent down to retrieve it. Both Cindy and Tom looked at me when I sat back up. I just smiled back at them. That was me being a cool dude.

I did the dishes as usual and Tom and Cindy went back to the love seat. I heard nothing but inwardly I was pleased. I finally brought a friend home, one Cindy seemed to welcome.

As I finished the dishes, I heard Cin ask me to bring her another glass of wine. When I asked Tom, he said he preferred scotch. I brought Cindy her wine and apologized to Tom. “We don’t have any scotch Tom. Can I get you a bourbon or something?”

“No thanks man. It’s cool.”

“Run down to the liquor store John. Show our guest you can be a good host.”

Cindy was right. I left immediately apologizing again. As the door closed I thought I heard her giggle.

15 minutes later I returned with a nice 12 year old single malt. I heard the music playing as I put my key in the lock.

“Glenn Fiddich coming right up Tom,” I said hurrying to the kitchen. Cin and Tom were dancing to a slow love song, “Feelings” by Morris Albert.

I held Tom’s scotch rocks waiting until the song and their dance ended. “Thanks johnnie,” he said patting me on my back. “Appreciatory dude. You’re one cool dude.”

I beamed at his compliment.

He joined Cindy on the love seat again and I sat in the recliner across from them. Once again Tom put his arm out and my wife snuggled against him. “You’re a lucky guy johnnie. Your wife is beautiful. Nice ass, great tits. Soft lips. Man I bet she could suck a softball through a garden hose.”

Who could have resisted laughing along with him? Cindy couldn’t. She laughingly played at punching him in the arm and that started a mock wrestling match between the pair.

Tom soon had Cindy down on the floor on top of him. She tried to pin him but he flipped her over on her back and knelt over her breasts. I could see the bulge in his trousers as could Cin. It was impressive and it was very close to her face.

He stayed like that for a minute or so before announcing himself the winner and getting up. Reaching down he held his hand out to my wife who took it and let him help her up. “To the winner Şişli Escort go the spoils,” she said and kissed him on his lips.

I watched amazed that my wife would kiss him so shortly after meeting him. She always tells me she doesn’t like to kiss like that. I’m satisfied to receive a peck on the cheek when I’ve pleased her.

But I was playing it cool and said and did nothing.

Their kiss lingered longer than I thought proper and I saw Tom’s large hands reach behind my wife and cup both buttocks, pulling her tight into him. Likewise, one of her hands circled his waist, the other went around his neck.

“Hey you two. Get a room,” I joked.

They broke apart and Cin looked at me, “Good idea johnnie, ” she said using the diminutive of John. Taking Tom’s hand she pretended to lead him to our bedroom.

He pulled her back and sat at the same time. Cindy ended up in Tom’s lap and made no effort to move.

My dick, which my wife says is too small for a grown man grew hard watching them resume their kissing. Tom was looking at me over my wife’s shoulder and winked.

I could only smile back and adjusted my erection.

Tom reached under Cin’s blouse and with a deftness I had to admire, he unclasped her bra. Many were the times she would grow impatient with me as I fumbled with the triple hooks until she finally had to remove the thing herself.

I could have said something and perhaps I should have. But I was so tuned on watching that my breath was ragged and my heart pounding. And besides, it would not have been cool.

I saw my wife shrug her blouse off her shoulders and releasing Tom, let her bra join it on the floor. Then she unbuttoned Tom’s shirt and pressed her breasts against his broad and hairy chest. I envied his manly look. My body had only peach fuzz on my chest and very little of that. Hell, even my pubic bush was more like sparse web of spider silk, so fine was the hair down there. I wondered if Tom’s was the same.

Tom whispered into Cin’s ear and both looked at me. “Enjoying the show, you little pervert,?” my wife asked.

“Hey bud, could you get me another scotch? Your wife made me work up a thirst.”

My hard on was evident as I rose to fetch Tom another drink. Cin giggled at my embarrassment. Taking his glass from him I went to the kitchen as Cin was sliding down off his lap onto the floor at his feet.

When I get back, the first thing I noticed was my wife’s head bobbing up and down and a Tom sitting back with a satisfied expression on his face.

I walked slowly over standing quietly listening to my wife slurp and suck Tom’s cock. I glanced down to see poking out of the hole in his boxer shorts a magnificent specimen of manhood Cindy was holding in her hand. At least 4″ extended above her grasp as her tongue washed the large purple head.

Finally Tom noticed me there with his drink. He grinned and gave me a thumbs up. I answered in kind as I stood watching my wife give him a noisy, passionate blow job.

Then the thought occurred to me and I had to ask, “Are you going to fuck him honey,?”

Cindy stopped her blow job and looked back at me annoyed that I had interrupted her fun. “No dumb ass. He’s going to fuck me.”

Tom gave me a shoulder shrug and a look that said, “What’s a guy to do?”

Then she returned to her happy task. A few licks and bobs and she looked back at me again. “Are you just gonna stand there watching like the pervert you are? Go sit down johnnie. Go. Now!”

I went back to my recliner and watched Cindy do for Tom that which she refuses to do for me.

Tom was enjoying it too.” I knew you’d suck a mean cock baby. Those lips were made for my cock. Suck it bitch. Swallow it. Take it.” Then he winked at me again. And once again I could only smile back and give him a thumbs up.

I mean if she wouldn’t blow me, at least I could watch her suck my new friend. Right?

One hand on his drink, Tom placed his other hand on my wife’s head guiding her, forcing his cock down her throat. I really couldn’t see much besides the back of her head but I knew when Tom was cumming. His hips arched and a guttural noise came from him.

He held Cindy on his cock until he recovered his composure. He bent down and whispered something to her which I couldn’t hear.

Cin rose and walked to me. Smiling down, she bent forward and placed her lips on mine.

The tangy salty taste of Tom’s essence was obvious, more so when she slipped her tongue in my mouth and let slide in mine a greater volume of his sperm.

We starred into each other’s eyes as she held my lips to hers until I swallowed.

When she parted and turned, we were both surprised to see Tom buttoning his shirt and tucking it in. “I had a great time johnnie and Cindy. I’ll see you at the bar tomorrow johnnie. Same time, same place. This was cool man. We’ll do this again.

I was too stunned to say anything. My wife looked at me like it was my fault he left her unfulfilled. She picked up her blouse and Şişli Escort Bayan bra and left me standing there like some kind of clown.

I didn’t know what to think. I had just met the guy and only a couple hours later I was licking his sperm off my lips. My wife had sucked his cock in the hopes that he’d fuck her. Now she’s pissed at me and I hadn’t done a thing.

“At least you could have tried to stop me you fucking useless perv.”

Those were the last words I heard before falling asleep on the couch later that night.

Work the next day was much as the day before and the day before that etc… Fortunately it was routine and I put myself in robot mode and made it through the 8 long hours. I had questions for a certain guy named Tom who I hoped was a man of his word and would show up at my happy hour bar.

I needn’t worry. Tom was right on time. “Hi ya johnnie. How’s tricks?” He was grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat. Darn it I couldn’t resist his charm.

But I tried. Really.

“Fuck you Tom. Cindy’s pissed because you left. I should be pissed because she blew you.”

“Shush baby. I’m right here,” he patted my shoulder. “Tell me why your wife is pissed.”

I hesitated for a second before telling him the hard truth, “She expected you to have sex with her.”

“Chill dude. Be cool. You mean she wanted me to fuck her?”

“That’s exactly what I mean and you know it.”

“Then use the words you mean johnnie. Use your words.”

I took a swallow of my drink. “Did you tell her to come over and kiss me when she had your cum on her lips and in her mouth?”

“I did. Why? Was it unpleasant?”

“Well, uh, um.”

“Your words johnnie baby. Use your words.”

“Taking a deep breath, “No Tom. It was not unpleasant.”

“So you liked it? You liked kissing your wife with my spunk on her mouth.”

I refused to answer that but Tom found his answer in a most embarrassing way. He reached down and grabbed my dick which was now hard.

“Uh huh. Your truth meter says all I need to know.”

I squealed like a girl when he did that.

“See what I mean?”

Thankfully, without waiting for an answer her asked, “Where is that sexy wife of yours?”

“She probably at home now.”

“I bet she’s there thinking of my cock. Call that sexy bitch and get her fine ass down here.”

I did as Tom requested, his description of my wife burning in my ears.

“Come on down and join me Cin.”

“You know I hate that place. I’ll pass.”

“Tom’s here and asked me to call you.”

“I’ll see you in a couple minutes.” Then she hung up.

“Cool man. Can’t wait to see her again. So now, johnnie. Let’s talk about what you want. We both already know what your wife wants. Do you want that for her?”

“What the fuck kind of question is that,?” I wondered.

“Come on johnnie baby. I saw the way you looked at my cock when your wife was slurping and slobbering all over it. You liked what you saw didn’t you?”

There was no way I could answer that question. The truth was that the thought of Tom fucking my wife did excite me for some fucked up perverted reason.

“Listen johnnie, lots of guys like seeing a larger man, a man with a bigger cock do their wives. It’s called cuckolding and it, like homosexuality is coming out in the open and being accepted. It’s cool now man. Besides, there’s no shame in wanting what’s best for your loved one, is there?”

“No, I guess not.”

“See. Now you’re getting it.” He was grinning and patted me gently on my shoulder. “she wants it johnnie. Your wife wants my cock in her. And you my friend want that for her. Admit it johnnie. Admit it to yourself and me. You’d love for me to fuck her. Don’t you think it would be cool for she and I to make you a cuckold?”

“Um, maybe. I know I’d like to see her happy after sex for once.”

“Sure you would. Happy wife, happy life. And besides, all the other cool guys are doing it.”

“Doing what? Fucking or watching?”

“Both my man. The really cool, the hip guys like yourself find watching is better than actually fucking her themselves. They get to jack off and cum without doing any of the work. See? It’s like watching a porno man.”

“The cool guys like me”. Tom was telling me I was ones of cool guys again. I trusted Tom. Tom was cool. he knew what made guys cool.

“Yeah dude. I mean you seeing mine or some other big cock fucking that sexy bitch you’re married to and maybe even helping. During the action, you’re hard, you might even feel a little jealous, maybe pissed that I’m fucking her way better than your little dick could.”

“But what do you do? What cool thing can you do? I’ll tell you. You encourage her. You encourage me; me or whomever is fucking that sweet cunt. Maybe even lie under her and watch my big cock split those fat pussy lips. My balls might rub across your face. Do you get all freaked out? No. Some nerdy type might. Some run of the mill guy might try to stop it. The cool guys? Escort Şişli They enjoy it as much as their wives do.”

“But that’s not all the cool dudes do johnnie. I’ve had some really cool guys lick my balls when they rub their faces. I know that might sound a little gay but if you’re married to a woman you can’t be a homo right? The cool guys know that. Licking balls is just one way they show their coolness to the fact that some other guy is fucking their woman.”

“Really? And you think I’m cool?”

“Hell johnnie. You’re one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. I mean the way you served me dinner, ran to the liquor store for me. The way you smiled while your bride was gobbling my root. Shit yeah you’re cool man. Cool as a cucumber.”

My ego was primed and stoked. “Alright then. Lets do this.”

“One last thing johnnie. I put you through a test last night when I told Cindy to share my cum with you. See, only the coolest of the cool enjoy that.”

“You mean it’s not queer or something?”

“Dude. Like I just said. Really special guys will do that. Some even go down on their wives, slurping and sucking all that delicious cum from her twat. But I’ve only ever seen the really coolest duded eat a freshly fucked pussy.”

I unconsciously licked my lips remembering the taste. “And I passed that test too,” I stated with pride.

“You did man. Boy did you ever.”

Tom reached down in my lap and squeezed my erection. I didn’t show any alarm. Cool guys like me don’t.

“Yeah man. I can see you’re anxious to see me fuck your wife. Feel how hard I am thinking about you watching us johnnie.”

I reacted the way cool guys do. I took his big cock in my hand just like he did mine and felt it throb, even through his trousers. “Nice cock Tom.” That was probably the coolest thing I ever said.

“It is buddy and I can’t wait for you to place it at your wife’s cunt and ask me to fuck her for you. Can you?”

“Heck no,” I said letting go of his big manhood. “I want to see you flood that pussy with your sperm so I can show you just how cool a dude I am.”

Just then Cindy showed up. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra under the T-shirt she wore. Her breasts jiggled as she strolled in, smiling at us.

She went in for a kiss from Tom but he stopped her. “Did you brush your teeth after last night?”

Her eyes opened wide and she was about to say something when Tom broke out laughing. My wife got the joke and they kissed like they did last night.

Tom got up off his bar stool so she could sit. The short denim skirt she wore rode high on her thighs. So high in fact, that even with her knees together a wee triangle of panty was visible. Knowing she was going to get fucked by Tom and I was going to help and show him how cool I was had me so hard it hurt.

Cindy had her back to the bar and Tom wasted no time on spreading her knees and stepping between them. They kissed and I saw him brazenly put both hands up her shirt. I thought he might pull it all the way up so everyone looking could see my wife’s boobs. I was relieved that he only felt her up under her shirt and out of the public’s viewing pleasure.

But something else stirred in me besides the thought of Tom putting Cindy on display. I saw the easy way he took command of her, the way he just reached under her shirt. No negotiations, no asking. He just did what he wanted and it seemed to work. I made a mental note to do that myself when she and I were alone.

After a few drinks Tom ushered Cin and I out of the place. His arm around my wife’s waist and the other over my shoulder, we walked out of the bar. He held my wife and I against him possessively. Taking my cue from Tom, I put my arm around his waist.

It felt kind of gay but if it was cool with Tom, it was cool with me.

Back at home, I made drinks in the kitchen as Tom and my wife began their play.

Tom was amazingly quick. Cin had her T-shirt off, her bare breasts swaying as she once again sucked his big cock.

As before, I waited beside him with his drink in my hand and watched my wife suck him with a hunger she has never shown me.

“johnnie my man. Help me out of my shirt dude.”

He took the offered drink and I unbuttoned his shirt. He handed me back his drink so he could remove his arms from the sleeves. Handing me his shirt and taking his drink back, he told me to hang it up. “Don’t want to leave here with wrinkles man.”

It felt kind of good for me to do his bidding. I was learning from him. Coolness was in the air.

“Your wife loves my cock, don’t you bitch?”

“Umm mmm,” said never taking his cock from her mouth. Tom grinned at me.

The slurping noises coming from my wife made my dick hard. Tom saw me adjusting it in my pants and thought it would be cool if I got naked.

“Go ahead johnnie. It’s cool with me. Take them clothes off. It’s gonna be a long night. Let that bad boy get some fresh air.”

While I stripped Tom stood and let my kneeling wife help him out of his trousers and boxer shorts. Then he sat back down and she resumed working her magic on his beautiful cock.

“Hey baby. Your husband is going to help me fuck you tonight.”

I listened for a protest from Cindy but she seemed okay with me assisting Tom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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