He Was Bisexual

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He was Bisexual


Marlin was at least 45 or maybe a year or two more while Gerald was hardly 22, fresh out of college with bursting youth and health for being a sexy horny man. This was Jerry’s first job where he met Marlin. The salt and pepper but perfectly thick head of shiny hair, light pink skin complexion with amazingly dark blue eyes of the mature man was more than enough to take Jerry’s breath away. Yes he was very age conscious but he was not age prejudice or sensitive for no good reason. Jerry noticed that Marlin was a very lively and happy go lucky person with a big smile on the beautiful lips. What luck, one day, he saw Marlin in the elevator of his building and now they knew that they were the resident of the same building.

Next weekend, as Marlin was going out to the super market, he called Jerry and asked him if he needed to go for groceries and they drove in Marlin’s car. Jerry noticed that Marlin bought most of the grocery items that were bought by all single men like him. He could not resist and asked Marlin, if he lived alone and Marlin was almost crying when he told Jerry of his wife leaving him only based on a doubt that he had an affair with another woman. Jerry was also very sad when they came back from the super market. He decided to cheer up Marlin and invited him for a dinner that evening. Marlin did not even ask Jerry the reason and accepted the invitation.

Jerry made a reservation for 2 at a very posh and sheik restaurant in the town and told Marlin about the time and requested him to be on time because he said, that he would be there waiting for the Marlin’s arrival already and soon as they finish the dinner, they would like to conclude the evening at Jerry’s apartment. They had a fabulous dinner with a nice bottle of wine. As they were finishing with some desert, Marlin asked Jerry about his wife or girlfriend and Jerry did not hesitate to tell him straight that he liked guys and was not interested in women. There was a silence of couple of seconds and then Marlin said that he thinks, to be better off only if he was also gay and wished that someone would like altıparmak escort to be his buddy now. Jerry quickly reminded him that they were going back to his apartment. On their way back, Jerry did not have to call the taxi because Marlin had his car. While sitting quietly, Jerry undressed him with his eyes. Marlin was looking very excited as well as he scratched his cock and balls again and again over his thin pants in an attempt to show his readiness to Jerry. Soon they were home.

Jerry welcomed Marlin in his 2 bedroom apartment that was furnished with best taste. A bottle of Scotch and glasses on the table were waiting for them. Jerry took out the ice from the fridge in the crystal ice bucket and they started sipping the scotch on the rocks. About 2 rounds of Scotch sipping and they were in each other’s arms with an amazing hunger to kiss the other. Jerry could feel Marlin’s mature cock jut out into his thigh and his very wet and slippery tongue was also working around Jerry’s tongue. Marlin was kneading the young man’s ass buns through his pant fabric making him hard as steel and pressing his cock against Marlin’s crotch. Jerry’s over filled balls were getting anxious to spill their seed.

Then Marlin broke the kiss and started to undress Jerry, unbuckling his pants and then unzipping it. Finally he reached into Jerry’s underwear and fished out his long, thick and hard dick, greedily gasping and slurping, falling on his knees to pay homage and worshiping the Lord Cock. Either Jerry was too thick or Marlin was unable to take the thick shaft of the young man, scraping it with his teeth. Jerry decided to show him and made him stand on his feet. After undoing his pants and removing it, Jerry was very happy to see a relatively slender and much longer beautiful shaft spring out with a beautiful pink cockhead on it. Marlin moaned as Jerry stroked his thighs, while sitting to remove his pants. Marlin was producing salty drops of pre cum, making his cock tip glisten and shine. His heavy, pink and fully loaded balls were hanging low. Jerry just could not resist the scene and licked his bursa anal yapan escort cock length and the balls as well, tasting his pre cum. Jerry struggled but did take the full length in his mouth and throat while his lips grazed Marlin’s clean shaved pubic bone making Marlin shiver with desire.

Jerry eased up and let his cock go, only keeping the tip in his lips and tongue lapping the lovely salty leak. Marlin was a heavy producer of the pre cum to say the least and exciting Jerry, thinking of a heavy load being released when the time came. It took at least 15 minutes of lusty sucking by Jerry and then Marlin’s total body shuddered, wriggled. He cursed out loud and filled Jerry’s mouth with his nectar. Jerry was kind of disappointed to take his squirts in the mouth because he was expecting it to take him inside his body. Jerry made Marlin lay on the bed and began working his body. More he teased Marlin’s nipples and fondled his balls, he got another surprise that Marlin came alive with his hard cock erect like a flag pole. Marlin turned around and took Jerry in his mouth and did a delicious blow job on him. Jerry was in utmost mood to take Marlin’s ass because to him, men like Marlin did not come along much often. He tugged Marlin and made him take a position above his face. Marlin was not very sure, what to do until Jerry told him to sit on his face and go to town with different moves and motions.

Oh God! Marlin soon got the hang of it yelping with pleasure as the tongue swiped his puckered anal ring. Jerry’s tongue was digging deeper past his knot into the juicy tunnel. ‘It would be great if he could fuck that hole’, Jerry thought.

He was absolutely flabbergasted as he felt Marlin go lower on his body and started nibbling Jerry’s balls and then he raised Jerry’s legs in the air, displaying his ass to the world and plunged his tongue into the tight hole as if he was born to do that. Soon Jerry was all wet and Marlin decided to push his 2 fingers in the asshole, sliding in easily. After stretching Jerry with the fingers circling in his ass, Marlin made Jerry bursa bayan escort to go on his knees and shoulders in a doggy fuck position. Thankfully, Marlin was not in a mood to hurry into Jerry’s ass. He kept massaging Jerry’s thighs and hips, even his butt. Then using a few dabs of lube, he started working Jerry’s ass hole to make it slippery for fucking.

“It is very hot inside your ass”. He told Jerry and Gerald only smiled thinking of his cock being roasted when it gets in his ass. Marlin was still in no hurry. He took time to apply the lube in the ass while Gerald asked to put one more finger in his asshole. Soon Jerry was stretched on three fingers and then the mature man’s cock came in action. Gerald had never waited for a fucking that long. Marlin slipped into Jerry very slowly. Being long but slender, Jerry took it all in without much problem. Marlin sank to his balls and draped himself on Jerry’s back while kissing the back of his ears and behind his ears. Jerry had started writhing under him enjoying the feel of a super hard, matured cock inside his body. Soon, Marlin began thrusting harder and harder. Jerry’s ass became wetter, hotter and slicker with each stroke in it and Marlin fucked him with more brutality. With the increase of fucking tempo, Marlin’s breathing got quicker. The sexiest ghurp, ghurrpp sound of the wet cock pounding the lubed up ass was echoing throughout the room. Marlin was really fucking him raw calling filthy names to Gerald but Gerald thought to show him, who the real boss was and started clamping on his cock, milking it hard with each thrust.

“Oh yeses, yes. Fuck my cock”. Marlin moaned as Jerry tightened his ring around the cock and holding it before releasing. Jerry repeated it with each stroke and less than a minute later, Marlin began yelping while his cock began splashing his sperm into Jerry’s ass creaming it all around.

After the elation, when Jerry was licking Marlin’s cock clean and Marlin was sucking Jerry’s ass clean, Jerry said to Marlin, “I guess, I heard you wanting be a gay but you seem to have a very good know how and experience of ass fucking”.

“O’ yes! You did hear me right. I am not gay. I only loved sex and all kinds. I guess you did not hear me well, when I said, my wife left me based on a doubt that I had an affair with another woman”.

The End. Your comments please. AWC April 10, 2021.

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