Heart’s Desire Ch. 02

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Author´s note:

After a LOOONG time of neglecting this story I finally got to write some more!

Thanks to a very fun chat with a likeminded stranger today I found the inspiration not only to write chapter two, but keep it open ended to be able to add on more! Thank you, stranger, and if you ever read this, know that this exists thanks to YOU! 🙂


After a short break at the cleaning station Guy was determined to keep looking around the store.

He knew there were more floors, but from where he stood he could also see sliding doors that led to a whole other section.

Curious, he zipped up his pants again and looked for the salesman, who was doing a sales pitch for another customer.

“You seem to rather enjoy this table. I’ve seen you come back to it at least three times now. I’d be remiss to tell you about our special sale. If you take one of the tables in this section, you get a 20 bucks discount in the accessory section.”

Guy watched as the customer he talked to pushed into a doll that was bent over a round wooden table, the arms spread to the sides, fastened to small metal hooks on the underside.

The doll seemed to be running out of steam as well, as it barely moved when he pushed in and pulled out.

Then he noticed a pretty sizable puddle on the floor between the customer and the doll. It was an obvious mix of the man´s cum and the doll´s liquids. Guy wondered how often the floors were cleaned, as he didn´t step into any puddles of those sorts yet.

The more he saw about this store, the more impressed he got.

It seemed like a well working machine, and even though it was a big corporation the customer service seemed to be the top concern.

Guy would write a review online once he was home.

While he was admiring everything, the salesman was done, the table sold.

“I´m sorry for the wait,” the man said with a smile. “One more happy customer, one less table. So, what can I do for you?”

Guy pointed to the sliding doors. “What’s behind there?”

The salesman stepped past him, and gestured to Guy to follow him.

When they reached the doors they automatically slid open.

To Guy´s surprise instead of a small addition to the store they stood in what seemed to be a warehouse filled with rows and rows of shelves. It was like any big convenient store, with the exception of the isles being extra wide. While you might have trouble pushing two shopping carts next to each other in a regular store, here you could probably have three in one aisle, and still be able to comfortably walk around them.

“Here we have the replacements and accessory section,” the salesman beamed.

“Need parts for your furniture? Need accessories for you or someone else? Or do you want to spice things up a bit at home? You came to the right place!”

Guy listened to the well rehearsed speech, nodding along.

Once what he just heard had sunk in, his head snapped back from looking around to the man next to him. “Spice things up? What do you mean?”

The salesman chuckled. “To the left you have multiple aisles filled with replacement parts. The middle aisles are for accessories of all kinds, and to the right you´ll find our quite sizable sex toy section. Oh, don´t look so surprised. We do not call ourselves Heart´s Desire for nothing. We basically sell all kinds of furniture, and make sure you can find things to do with, on, or around them.

So, now I would advise you to go over there, get yourself a shopping cart, and start exploring. I´ll be in the furniture Kartal Escort section, but if you need anything, please feel free to ask any of my colleagues that roam these fine halls. Have a nice day.”

With that he turned around, and left through the doors.

Guy was rather curious now.

He walked over to where the salesman pointed him. It was a similar sight to the doll station of the first part of the store, yet totally different at the same time.

The dolls weren’t standing in a line this time. They were incorporated into shopping carts.

They had sturdy looking metal frames as one would expect from regular carts. Wheels, and a big basket on top. Though, other than other stores´ carts, fastened to the frames were the same rubber assistance dolls that he had already seen. Here, they were in different kneeling or lying positions. Some were kneeling backwards from the direction of movement, so that the “mouth” was right under the cart´s handle, others were basically on all fours, back against the underside of the basket. Others again were fixed a bit higher up, their bellies pressed against the underside of the basket, their legs fastened to the side of the handlebar.

There were many different positions, all having at least one hole easily accessible, and on the side there were buttons that seemed to change the height of the doll, so that everyone could adjust it to their needs.

‘Ingenuity at its finest’ Guy thought to himself.

As with the other dolls, these were plugged in as well. There were different sized poles on different heights, plugging into the dolls to charge them up.

Guy wandered over to them, and took his time choosing. Again they were all shiny and smooth, in different sizes, colours, and positions.

This time he chose a purely black doll. It was hunkered down on shins and forearms, and the platform it was fastened to was slightly tilted, so that the doll´s butt was pushed upwards, its head downwards. Guy took it from the charging station, and heard the already familiar squeak that sounded like surprise. The doll sprang to “life”, and started moving a little, though the way it was fixed to the frame it´s movement options were highly limited.

Guy noticed that this doll did not have a mouthhole, but instead a completely smooth face, save for some exhaust openings in the form of nostrils.

He played around with the height buttons a bit, and once he was happy with the cart, he pushed it into the first aisle.

Guy walked past the replacements section. He hadn’t even bought a single piece of furniture yet, so there was very little to replace. Every now and then, when he let his gaze wander into the isles he walked past, he saw other customers being busy with either looking at items, talking to salespeople, or using the assistance of their doll-carts.

He walked past most of them, until one cart caught his eye. He walked over to the person next to it and asked: “Excuse me, is that some kind of special cart?”

The other customer looked puzzled, but soon understood.

They went over to Guy´s cart, and said: “No, not at all. Every cart has this feature, but depending on the model it is not always easy to find at first. Yours should be… yes, right here.”

Guy thanked the other customer, who nodded politely and went back to their shopping.

Hunkering down and touching the underside of the cart´s platform, he immediately found what he was looking for: A pull-out rod with a rubber tip.

Once he was down there and mere inches away Tuzla Escort from the doll’s holes he got a whiff of it´s fragrance. As with everything regarding the dolls so far even the smell was top notch in realism. The slightly sweet scent of a human woman was wafting slightly through the air.

Guy could see the hole glistening.

Without thinking twice he decided to try and see if they got the taste right.

He kneeled down, carefully looking if there wasn’t a puddle around him, then he put his hands on the doll’s butt and dove in with his nose and mouth.

He let his tongue glide along the doll´s folds. Through his hands he felt something like a shiver. He pushed his tongue inside a little, then pulled it out, experiencing the taste.

It was just like a real woman. He was amazed. Amazed, and hungry for more.

he dove back in. He pushed the folds aside with his tongue, going in deeper this time.

He felt the doll’s walls contract slightly every so often. It also felt like it was squirming around a little, almost struggling against the restraints.

Guy was amazed that they even built the dolls with a small, clit-like button that seemed to elicit more noises from the doll than just licking it´s hole.

Being entertained by the noises the doll made, Guy proceeded to keep licking it more while using a finger to play around with the button. Not long after the doll started squealing and struggling a lot, clenching around his tongue like crazy, producing more and more tasty fluids.

Guy kept lapping up the juices for a bit, feeling the doll shiver as he did.

Once he was satisfied with his little trial he grabbed the rod that he pulled out of the cart before. It had a hinge that made it bend upwards, and it was adjustable in height as well.

He carefully inserted the rubber tip into the dolls. He noticed a button at the base of it. Once pressed, the tip started to lightly vibrate.

He wasn’t too sure, but he assumed it would keep the doll lubed up. It also seemed to activate more small noises from the doll. Guy really enjoyed them while he continued to walk the aisles.

Again he only slightly paid attention to what was presented on the shelves. From the replacement parts he walked into the accessories section.

Accessories ranged from appliances like lamps, coffee makers, vacuums, to things like tablecloths, bedsheets, carpets, all the way to personal accessories like watches, rings, and necklaces.

When the salesman told him they pretty much had everything he wasn’t lying.

Next to the bedsheets Guy saw two men using one cart. One was pushing himself into the doll´s hole between it´s legs, the other one was on the other side, using the mouthhole.

Behind them he saw a second cart pushed considerately to the side. There he could only see the cart-doll´s backside, both holes gaping slightly open, sticky white cum slowly oozing out and lazily running down the shiny legs.

He wanted to leave them their privacy, so he pushed on.

After quite some time Guy finally arrived at the section he was really interested in: The sex toys section.

It had taken quite a while, this store was enormous! And though it wasn’t as overrun as he thought it would be, the customers that did shop here seemed to be happy and content.

He couldn’t blame them.

As soon as he reached the first aisle, he saw a bunch of signs.

He took his time reading them carefully. Though he mostly knew how things worked around here by now, he still wanted to Anadolu Yakası Escort know how to avoid standing out in a negative way.

Summed up, the signs said the following:

-All the toys can be tried out to your heart´s content

-After trying them out, they are to be put back into the cleaning apparatus, where they get cleaned spotless, and disinfected before being automatically put on display again

-Every toy can be found in the original packaging right below it´s display

-If you find a box that was already opened, please immediately contact a nearby sales associate

-The dolls will assist you in every way you want to test the toys

-Toys that you want to test for a bit longer can be left in the carts and will be put away and cleaned after you are done

-If you have any questions feel free to ask a sales associate

‘Easy enough’, Guy thought.

He pushed his cart into the first aisle. There were instantly more people than in any other section. The air was filled with the sounds of vibrations, moaning, and the dolls´ various sounds.

Wide eyed he walked around. He was curious about these cleaning apparatuses.

After eyeing a few smaller dildos one caught his eye. It was roughly the size of his own penis. He picked it from the display and carefully inspected it. It looked like it was in pristine condition. Just as if it was straight out of the box.

Right beneath the displays were small dispensers for lube.

Guy took a small palm full and rubbed it on the toy. He then positioned himself right behind his doll. Hesitant he held the toy in front of the hole he had licked before. Then, after a second, he slightly shook his head, and raised his arms ever so slightly. He positioned the toy at the doll’s ass. Once again he could feel it squirm slightly. Guy carefully pushed.

There was some resistance, but with patience and slow movements the toy slid in after a mere minute or so.

He proceeded to slowly push it in a bit further, then pull it out gently.

Watching it slide in and out of the doll and hearing her very realistic sounding muffled moans encouraged him to pull out his erect cock. With one hand he kept pumping the toy in and out, and with the other he pulled out the still vibrating rod.

Immediately he filled the hole with his own rod. Watching the doll get double stuffed by him was quite the turn on. He switched paces, from pushing and pulling at the same time to alternating. The doll got louder. As did he. Guy had grabbed the cart´s handle with his free hand to steady himself, and to give him a bit of relief. He didn’t have to move his hips quite as much if he just used the cart´s mobility.

With his other hand he kept using the dildo. He was back to pumping into the doll at the same time.

After what must have been three minutes at most he felt himself getting close.

He closed his eyes, let go of the toy, and pushed his hips forward while pulling the cart towards him.

His cock was buried inside the doll, as well as the toy that he pushed along with him.

He felt his balls contract and soon his thick cum traveled through his shaft and filled the doll.

With slight movements he kept lightly stimulating himself until he was done.

When he pulled out he heard what sounded like a whimper from the doll.

He considered leaving the toy in, but it had fulfilled its purpose.

Guy wouldn’t buy it but he enjoyed being able to test it out.

Once he placed it back on the shelf the surface below it gave way and the toy fell into the cleaning machine. There was an audible whirl and some rustling, and after a minute or so it sprang back up, completely cleaned and disinfected.

Guy chuckled and kept walking. There was more to discover in this section, and he had all afternoon to do so.

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