Heather and Cheri

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I didn’t see or hear from Heather for a couple of days. My phone was always at my side. It’s funny because I always complained about being ruled by a phone and swore to never do it, but since Heather had come back, I kept it close at hand because if she called and Cheri answered there would be hell to pay

I still had no interest in sex with my wife, but I was horny all the time. Ever since Heather and I fucked I was masturbating again while watching porn. I was hard all the time and I constantly looked at my phone hoping for her call.

I also felt guilty about it. My wife didn’t suspect at all.

Or maybe she did.

Things didn’t feel right around the house. I wasn’t sure if it was me feeling guilty or not, but she seemed more distant than usual. She left for work without waking me. She came home from work and buried herself in her bible or in work related texts.

I asked her if anything was wrong and she just said she had a lot to catch up on. Nothing more.

I worried about what she might know or suspect and I thought about Heather. Would she call again? When would she call? What would she want? I was horny all the time, but never when in the presence of my wife, but watching porn and thinking about Heather and masturbating. I must have sat in front of my computer and masturbated 5 or six times a day the rest of that week.

I finally began to believe Heather would not call back.

She didn’t, but Friday evening after Cheri and I were both home I was downstairs in my office. I was looking at porn, as usual, when I saw Heather’s car pull into our driveway. I jumped up and tucked my cock back into my pants as quickly as I could and pressed the power button on the PC, wanting it off but not wanting to take the time for a proper shut down procedure.

Cheri beat me to the door anyway. She recognized Heather immediately, and as Heather got out of her car the anger registered on Cheri’s face. Heather had a smile on hers.

“Get out of here” Cheri yelled from the open front door. “Have you been seeing my husband again?”

“I wanted to introduce both of you to my boyfriend. Jim made such a difference in my life and I want to mend fences.” Heather said as she continued to smile and Rob got out of the passenger side.

I couldn’t speak and I couldn’t take my eyes off Heather, her hair hung in strawberry ringlets to her waist and she was wearing a top that I had bought her while we were living together. It was a very loose black halter that would move enough to expose her breasts in the right breeze or if she moved a certain way on purpose, which she had done a lot while wearing that top while we dated. She had on a short jean skirt

I couldn’t help but watch to see if her breasts popped out as she confidently walked to the front door with Rob trailing her.

My wife didn’t budge.

“Leave” she yelled.

Heather continued her slow walk to my door. She smiled. “Jim, do you want me to leave? You know Rob. You remember him.” She continued her slow pace with Rob behind her.

“She leaves or I leave” Cheri glared at me, waiting for me to take her side.

Heather squeezed between us and went in the door. Rob followed without a word.

Cheri followed, yelling “Get out or I am calling the police!” as I went in and shut the door behind us.

“Do I have to leave, Jim” Heather asked, still smiling.

“She is with Rob now. It can’t hurt for you guys to meet.”

Heather sat, as did Rob, and Cheri turned to leave but I was standing against the door.

“Don’t let her drive you from your own house. She’ll be gone in a minute.” I felt trapped.

I didn’t want to lose my wife but I couldn’t lose Heather Kartal escort again. Whatever there was with Heather, I seemed to not be whole without it. I knew that sex didn’t exist for me without her.

As I walked by, I couldn’t help but look down Heather’s top and get a look at her tits. Those glorious tits.

“I just want to clear the air.” Heather said. “You know he loves you. That’s why I couldn’t steal him. But you don’t give him everything he wants.”

Cheri stood up. “I’m not telling you again. Leave!” she shouted.

“Tell her you aren’t going to leave her” Heather said looking at me.

“I’m not.” I said. “Ever.”

Cheri balked, stopping in her tracks. “Then what do you want?”

Heather dropped the shoulders of her top, exposing her breasts. I couldn’t stop staring. I hadn’t seen them in years, but they looked exactly the same. I wanted to suck them so badly, to taste them, to hold them in my hands.

“Come here” she said to me.

I froze. Cheri didn’t. She went to Heather and started to grab her to throw her out. And before I knew it, I was pulling Cheri off of Heather.

“Show me Cheri’s tits” she commanded.

I put my arm around Cheri and as she tried to get to the door, I started to pull at her shirt. Rob was suddenly blocking her escape and I was stronger than her. I got her shirt off, although I did rip it a bit, and she was standing there in her bra which Rob quickly unclasped from behind her.

Cheri and Heather, both with large tits, were standing in my living room topless.

“He likes big tits, doesn’t he?” Heather said with a smirk as Cheri tried to struggle free from Rob and me. “Lick my nipples.” She commanded me.

I couldn’t stop myself, even as I heard Cher shout “Don’t touch that slut!”

But I did. I couldn’t stop myself. I went to her and licked her nipple while watching Cheri, who continued to struggle.

“Now lick her nipples” she commanded me. I had not touched Cheri in a sexual manner since we had been back together, about ten years, but I did now. Her nipples were large and erect.

She struggled less.

Rob touched her breast and lifted it closer to my lips and she flinched, but let me lick them. I licked them sensually and noticed that Rob was gently caressing the underside of her other breast. She was starting to moan almost inaudibly.

“Tell her you want to fuck her” Heather commanded surprisingly.

Obediently, I looked up at her and said “I want to fuck you”

Cheri was getting lost. Rob was molesting her tits now and she loved it. It was the first time she had been touched sexually in ten years. Her head was tilted back and her eyes were partially closed as she enjoyed the attention.

“Tell her your cock doesn’t work anymore.”

“You know, it’s from the diabetes” I whispered to Cheri.

“Tell her how magnificent Rob’s cock is” Heather barked.

“Rob has a very big one” I said to Cheri.

She was lost, confused, turned on. She didn’t know how to react.

“Take off her pants” Heather said.

Cheri balked as I reached for her pants, but relented quickly as I was forceful and Rob continued his assault on her breasts and was now kissing her neck. Her head was tilted to the right to give him access. Her pants were to her ankles and I was on the floor at her feet lifting them gently to extract her fully from her pants.

“Lick her pussy” Heather demanded.

Ten years. It had been ten years since I had seen her naked or touched her sexually. Now, I was watching Rob play with her breasts and getting ready to lick her pussy at Heathers instruction. I also realized I was very hard.

She was also very wet.

“Now, Kurtköy Escort show her Rob’s cock” Heather commanded, this time with a twinkle in her eye.

I couldn’t help it. Heather consumed me. I reached for Rob’s pants and unbuttoned them and slowly unzipped them, watching for Heather’s reaction rather than Cheri’s. She smiled and nodded almost imperceptibly, so I continued.

“Tell her you want to watch Rob fuck her.”

Without hesitation. “I want to watch Rob fuck you.” I said with his cock and her pussy mere inches from my face.

Rob led her to the chair and she sat, slowly, hesitantly, but she did. As I had done many times with Heather, I took Rob’s massive cock in my hand and guided it to the entrance to Cheri’s pussy. She was about to object, when he thrust. Hard and deep. Her back arched and she moaned.

I was hard as a rock. I just watched as he fucked my wife. And she was already enjoying it.

“Kiss her” Heather commanded.

I went to her side and began to passionately kiss her as she moaned from Robs cock. We continued to kiss as long as he was fucking her. Smoothly. Deeply. Powerfully.

“Show her how hard your cock is now!” heather said.

I pulled her hand to my pants and let her feel my bulging cock. I pulled it out and she began to stroke it. Then Rob leaned into her face and began to kiss her, forcing me aside. But she was still stroking my cock as she kissed Rob and his huge cock pounded her pussy.

“Come here and sit and watch” Heather commanded and I immediately did as she said.

As I sat on the sofa and watched, she went to them, her breasts hanging out and stripping out of her pants as she walked, she joined them. First, she began by kissing Rob and telling him where to touch Cheri.

I watched as he kissed her on the lips, on the neck, the tits. Heather, her beautiful body sort of hovering over them, began to be a more active participant. She bent down to kiss Cheri’s tits and rub her clit as Rob fucked her pussy.

“Rob’s cock is so much bigger than Jim’s, isn’t it?” she whispered in Cheri’s ear.

Cheri just moaned, with no response. But Heather pressed on.

“Doesn’t his cock fill you up so much better? Don’t you feel things you never felt before? Don’t you wish you had felt this all along?” she whispered.

Cheri moaned, louder and louder, getting louder the more Heather whispered to her. Suddenly, Cheri was shuddering. She was cumming hard and as she did, Heather leaned over and began to kiss her firmly on the lips, pressing harder and harder until Cheri was finished.

Then she collapsed as Rob continued to pump, but only for a few seconds. Then, he too was cumming.

He pulled out and deposited his cum on Cheri’s pussy. There was a lot.

“Clean her up.” Heather commanded.

I dove in eagerly and lapped at Rob’s cum, tasting my wife’s pussy for the first time in years. Cheri ground her pussy into my face as Heather continued to kiss her.

I licked her pussy until she came again.

Heather and Rob started to get dressed pretty quickly, and Heather said “I’ll be back. Don’t touch each other until I do.

With that, she and Rob were gone. My wife and I were naked in the living room, both more satisfied than we had ever been with each other in our 40 years of marriage.

My wife, ever the good girl, had never even thought about something like this. Now, she was a participant in my hidden, devious lifestyle. There was not discussion. She never asked me about Heather or Rob or anything else. But there was also no touching. At all.

We both went about work and home life as it had been before Heather. We got up, ate Pendik Escort breakfast, went to work, came home, watched TV and went to bed. And never touched each other.

Every day that went by I wanted Heather to call more and more. Every day that went by, I was also more and more assured that my wife was going to divorce me. She had given in in the spur of the moment, but she couldn’t be happy about what had happened.

So, there was tension. But that was all.

Until Thursday.

Thursday afternoon, she didn’t come home from work. I didn’t thing anything about it because she frequently had issues with patients that kept her later than her assigned shift. And when she wasn’t home by 8, I assumed she got stuck working a double and with then tension in the house, elected not to call me.

So, around 11:30 I went to bed expecting her home in an hour or so. But, I fell asleep and was awakened by the light when she walked in the bedroom 3:18 am.

Rubbing my eyes to clear the fog, I looked up at her and said “You are awfully late. Did you get suck at work?”

I couldn’t read her. Was she angry, or scared or nervous or…? I couldn’t tell.

“Heather called me.” She said as her shoulders feel in defeat. “AT WORK” she added with some anger in her voice.

“I am supposed to deliver you a message” she said, matter-of-factly as she tossed me her phone. “Tonight, Rob fucked me. I sucked his cock and licked Heather’s pussy. You need to look at my pictures on my phone. I am supposed to tell you that word for word.”

She fell on to the bed, looking utterly defeated. I opened the photo gallery on her phone.

Initially, just our usual family photos. Our kids. Her Mom. But then, Cheri standing naked obviously in a hotel room. Then Cheri on the bed with Rob’s massive cock in her hands. Then she was sucking it. She looked very uncomfortable with all of this. Then, Rob was on top of her fucking her missionary style. I couldn’t see her face, but she seemed less rigid in this one. Then, Heather was lying on the bed and Cheri was between her legs with her face buried in her shaved pussy.

“Is that what she did to you?” she asked me, with love and concern in her voice as she slid close to me and put her arm over my chest. She leaned closer and whispered in my ear. “Now, you are supposed to clean Rob’s cum out of my pussy.”

“What” I asked in shock.

“Go ahead” she said timidly, lifting the covers for me, giving me a clear line of sight to her freshly shaven pussy.

She had never done that, even though I had asked her. She felt like she was not a young girl and didn’t want to shave her pussy.

But now, there it was in all it’s bald glory apparently with Rob’s cum on it and/or in it and I am supposed to clean it out.

“Go ahead” she repeated more firmly, and I did as I was told. I had sucked Rob’s cock and tasted his cum. I had licked Heather’s pussy and tasted his cum. And now, I was tasting his cum directly from my wife’s pussy.

I tasted her pussy. It had become so foreign to me. I had forgotten her thick, fleshy lips and her large clitoris. I worked on both, tasting the remnants of cum that had been there and then I spread her open and licked inside. The taste was stronger and I was really getting turned on.

My wife had not turned me on in years.

Suddenly, she seemed to have enough.

“OK. Go back to sleep now.” She said as she pushed me aside and pulled the coversup over her shoulders. “Alexa, turn off the bedroom lights.” She said as a punctuation to the evening. She rolled away from me without a word.

After a few minutes, I could hear ever so quiet sobbing from her but I couldn’t summon the emotion to comfort her. I didn’t know what was happening and I was a s confused as she was. I just lay there with my cock becoming more and more erect as she continued to sob.

I don’t know when I fell asleep, but I woke up with a massive erection.

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