Heather’s Revenge

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Heather and Ryan Starwood were twin siblings. Heather was a gorgeous brunette with long soft legs, a nice ass and big double D breasts. She was smart, funny and had a great personality.

Ryan was also highly attractive. He had a nice square chin, large muscles and a firm ass. In fact, most girls would agree he is one of the hottest guys in town. However, unlike his sister he was a spoiled brat and treated people terribly.

Back when he was in high school, he bullied the other boys in school and forced them to do his homework for him. One-time Brad and his friends saw a few hotties skinny dipping in a lake. They quickly stole their clothes and hid. When the girls came out looking for their clothes, the boys recorded them the babes, making sure to get close ups of their boobs and butts. He wouldn’t give them their clothes back and uploaded the footage online for the whole world to see.

He didn’t treat his sister any better, he constantly called her names and made fun of her. She fantasized about getting revenge.

Heather and Ryan were also orphans. Their parents died when they were both ten, but luckily, they inherited a massive fortune worth over one billion dollars. Their father started a successful software company before they were born, and it grew into a massive conglomerate. Each twin inherited 50% of the company.

On their eighteenth birthday they were both given access to their fortune. Despite never working before a day in his life Ryan demanded the title of CEO. However, Heather wanted to be a part of the company too. She was certainly smarter than Ryan, who only managed to graduate high school by cheating.

Unfortunately, the all-male board sided with Ryan, who would take on the job after he completed a yearlong training program.

They told Heather she should find a good man who could take care of her.

Heather was furious. She went home crying to her girlfriend Ariana. Heather was secretly a lesbian. Few people knew this, not even Ryan. Ariana was a perfect 10. She constantly turned heads with her firm ass and tan breasts. She worked as a model for a major lingerie magazine. Heather and Ariana met in high school and secretly had a relationship. It was love at first sight. They were soul mates and nothing in the world could get between them.

Ariana listened carefully while Heather tearfully explained what happened at the board meeting. When she was finished Ariana told her “Don’t get mad, get even.” and went on to say, “If there is something you want in this world you have to take it.” Heather knew she was right, so she wiped her tears away and the two Beautiful goddesses began scheming.

Six months later, Ryan was sitting in a hotel bar reading an e-mail some sent him, apparently his sister was started some kind of restaurant that was going to open soon. “Cute.” he thought before putting his phone away. He went up to the bar and ordered a drink. Not long afterword’s a sexy blond woman sat only two seats away. when Ryan looked to see who it was, he realized this was not a regular hottie. She was the hottest women he had ever seen. He felt butterflies in his stomach and he began blushing. What was happening to him? Ryan was a player who was usually so confident around women. Could he be in love?

Ryan decided he would try to talk to her, “Hi.” alaçatı escort he said. The women smiled at him and the two started flirting and having small talk. He learned that the women’s name was Ariana and that she worked as a model. She also told him that she was in town for a photo shoot. Ryan was so aroused just by looking at her. No women made him feel like this, so when she invited him to her hotel room, he was quick to accept.

They began making out and tearing each other’s clothes off as soon as they entered the room. She took off his pants and pushed him on the bed before jumping on top of him. they made out for a few more minutes. Ryan loved the taste of her strawberry lip-gloss. Ariana then lowered her pussy onto Ryan’s rock-hard cock and she gave him the best sex of his life. The two screamed loudly as they orgasmed simultaneously.

“That was incredible.” said Ryan as he was panting and sweating after quite the work out.

Ariana turned and said, “I really like you Ryan.”

This was music to his ears, “I really like you to.” he replied.

Ariana then said, “In fact, I think I might be in love with you.”

Ryan couldn’t believe it “I love you to.” he said quickly.

Ariana then made her move “I have an idea, it might seem a little crazy, but I think we should get married!”

Ryan was a little taken aback but he knew he was in love with her, so he said “I would love to get married, I just need to find a wedding planner, so we can begin to make the Arrangements. “

Ariana looked at him and said “Actually I was thinking we could take a flight to Vegas today and get married tonight.”

Ryan normally would never even consider getting married. He was a wealthy playboy who fucked a new hottie each night. He never even really had a long-term girlfriend, in fact he broke the hearts of many girls by suggesting that he wanted a relationship only to ignore their texts after fucking them hard. But Ariana was different, he was so mesmerized by her beauty he couldn’t think straight, and he wasn’t that smart to begin with.

“Yes, I will marry you tonight.” he told Ariana.

She screamed in joy and gave him a long deep kiss, and that night the two became legally married in Las Vegas.

About a week later Ariana had settled into Ryan’s large mansion. As Ryan drove home from work, he thought to himself that his life is so awesome. He has a smoking hot wife and he is filthy rich all at the age of 18. When he arrived at home, he realized that his keys to the front door were not working. “That’s strange.” he thought. He then rang the doorbell, hoping Ariana would answer, but apparently no one was home. He then tried calling her cell, luckily, she answered.

She told him to meet her at some office building because there were some important things that they need to discuss. When Ryan arrived at the address Ariana gave him, he instantly got a nervous feeling in his stomach when he realized the building was a law firm.

After Ryan found the conference room, he was horrified by what he saw. There were four women seated at the conference table all wearing pant suits, one of females was Ariana but to Ryan’s horror the women seated next to her was his sister Heather with an evil smile on her face!

“What the hell alaybey escort is going on.” he thought to himself. One of the females he did not know spoke up. “Hello Mr. Starwood, my name is Julie Meyer, Ariana’s attorney, please take a seat”.

She was a serious, confident woman and Ryan sat down as he was told. “I am going to cut to the chase Ariana is divorcing you.” Said Julie.

Ryan was shocked “But why, it has only been a week.” he said to Ariana.

Julie replied “Ryan please I will do the talking, now according to state law Ariana is entitled to half of your assets.”

Ryan couldn’t believe what he was hearing, just a week ago, he was a one of the wealthiest bachelors in the city but now he was at risk of losing half of everything he owned. At that moment he realized that Ariana and Heather were holding hands, they looked like they were dating. It slowly dawned on Ryan that he had been set up. His bitch sister was trying to take control of his company.

Julie handed Ryan a folder and explained to him that this is Ariana’s offer for the divorce settlement. He took the offer and began reading it. He was shocked by what he found. EVERTHING! Ariana wanted everything, the house, the cars, the money and the stake in his company and to top it all off he would have to pay her 30% of all future earnings in alimony for life. “This is ridiculous, why would I possibly agree to losing everything I own.” shouted Ryan.

“Because you don’t want to go to prison.” said Heather.

”What the fuck are you talking about.” yelled Ryan.

At that time the fourth unknown women began to speak “I am the head of accounting at the company, and I discovered that you have been embezzling quite a lot of money. I reported this to your sister and gave her the proof of your crimes. The evidence is damming, and you would go to prison for quite a long time if we were to report this to the police.”

Ryan’s heart sank. It was all true he didn’t want to share the company’s profits, with his sister, so he forced one of the lower level male accountants to help him cook the books. Heather then spoke up “This is the deal if you sign the divorce settlement, we will make this go away, if you don’t then I guess you will have start practicing not dropping the soap while showering.”

All the women laughed. Ryan knew they had him. He did not want to give up his fortune, but he also could not afford to spend the next 20 years in prison. He was a hot 18-year-old, surely the inmates would make him a bitch. He could imagine being forced to suck cock and taking it in the ass, while spending the cold night spooning with his large scary lover. He signed the settlement.

Heather and Ariana hugged each other. The couple now controlled 100% of the company. Heather would be the new CEO and she had a lot of ideas. But she was not done with Ryan just yet. Heather spoke up and said, “Oh yeah just one more thing.” Ryan stopped in his tracks, what could she possibly want.

Heather continued speaking “You see, we feel losing your assets isn’t quite enough punishment.”

“Not enough punishment!” screamed Ryan.

“We feel you should be humbled and be forced to learn what a real day’s work feels like.” said Heather. “You know I am opening up a new restaurant and I think aliağa escort you would be an excellent waiter, Julie has been nice enough to draft an airtight 7-year employment contract for you.”

“No” shouted Ryan “I am a business man and I will not work a peasant job, and I will definitely not allow you to be my boss”.

Heather responded by saying “Sign the contract or I will report your crimes to the police.” He knew he had no choice. He signed the contract.

Approximately seven months later Joyce Hubner, a reporter for a top business magazine for women arrived at the cottontail restaurant to interview CEO Heather Starwood. Heather was an extremely effective CEO as evidenced by the company’s quarterly profits being up 60%. She also introduced several feminist reforms at the company including pay raises for female employees and a new dress policy for men: tight muscle shirts and skinny jeans.

Inside the restaurant Ryan felt absolutely ridiculous. When Ryan came to the restaurant to start his first day of work, he discovered that the restaurant was a hooters spin-off, with sexy male waiters.

He felt like crying when his female boss Angie showed him his new uniform a small thong, playboy bunny ears and a goofy looking bow-tie and nothing else. He was almost entirely naked.

On the day of the grand opening the female customers pointed and laughed hysterically at the male bunnies. They looked both sexy and hilarious. The restaurant was a major success. every day the restaurant was filled with woman who would slap the boys hard on their butt cheeks, and all he could do was smile nervously before putting in their orders.

Joyce, Heather and Ariana sat down at an empty table in the restaurant. They talked about how successful Heather’s companies have been. The software company just made a major deal that would surely make it one of the most powerful company’s in the industry.

When asked about the restaurant Heather announced that since the cottontail was so successful, she would be opening several more locations in major cities across the country.

At that moment Ryan meekly approached the table to take their orders. Heather said “Hey, bro!”

” Hello Mrs. Starwood.” replied Ryan, who was avoiding eye contact with her.

Joyce was surprised by this “Your brother works here as a bunny?” asked Joyce.

“Yes.” confirmed Heather.

“Why, didn’t he get millions from the inheritance to.” asked Joyce.

“Well yes, but you see Ryan is a very committed feminist, so he decided it was only right that I control the company, so he signed his entire inheritance over to us. In fact, he came over to my house, got on his hands and knees and begged me to accept his share of the inheritance and allow him to work as my employee. He said that ever since we were kids, he admired my leadership abilities and secretly wanted me to be his boss.”

Joyce then turned to Ryan “Is this true, do you enjoy working for your sister.”

Ryan looked like a deer caught in the head lights. He hated working for his sister. His uniform was humiliating, and he was making very little money with the 30% alimony he is forced pay Ariana. He is barely getting by. He even has to share an apartment with two other bunny’s. His boss Angie forces him and the other boys to model in promotional photoshoots for restaurant advertising and merchandise wearing their comical and sexy bunny outfits. But above all he hated knowing that his sister was his boss. He hated how she tricked him.

“Oh, I love it here, I am so grateful that my sister got me this job.” said Ryan with a nervous smile.

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