Heaven in the Desert Ch. 04

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A/N: You rock! Thank you for the continuing support and feedback for heaven. I want to have two more chapters next month and then I think I want to write a sex scene a day to celebrate my birthday month in September. Here’s hoping. 🙂 Special thanks to Animefreak9872 for motivating me in the final hour. Enjoy.


We do not exist in, any other instance,

Here in this dimension, you and I are meant to be.

I have waited lifetimes to find you, now that you’re here I can remind you,

Of the things you’ve been dreaming times two, I promise yooooooou

If you just give me 24, man all I need is 24 hours

I promise you’ll want plenty more, you’ll probably be with it forever

So how does it sound, us on the ground, giving you my love?

Ariana sang the lyrics to one of her favorite songs as she smiled and spun samples in a centrifuge. It had been 3½ weeks since she had decided to stay in Omash.

She was currently working with a group of researchers on a new drug that could aid people with multiple sclerosis. She was on the part of the team that would create the actual drug for the drug trials.

As she loaded the drug samples into the GC-MS she thought back onto how things had changed between her and Aaryan these past weeks.

True to his word Aaryan allowed her to work in his offices as long as she was accompanied by her shadows.

He had also stopped taking long trips. If he did leave it was only for 2 days at a time and they would always have teleconference dates while he was away.

He had also relented to her demand to work regular hours and have a regular job like anyone else at the company but at a price of course.

She had also learned so much about him. She smiled as she remembered their conversations.

She learned that his favorite color was green, that he liked to do most things himself, that he was a fierce businessman, worked hard and would forget to eat and sleep if she didn’t remind him.

She also learned they liked a lot of the same things. Their favorite time of day was sunset, their favorite music was R&B, their favorite food was Italian and that ironically he loved winter weather just like her.

She could really see herself falling for him but the thought of getting married was still quite scary.

She did however have hope that they could have a successful relationship. They had already survived their first fight.

Ariana looked up at the clock on the wall, it was after 5:30pm and she was supposed to leave every day at 5pm. She was going to be late!

She set the GC to run the samples overnight and rushed onto the elevator.

Ariana steamed at Raskshan.

“Why didn’t you warn me it was getting so late? You know he will have my head if I’m late for dinner.” Ariana said as the elevator doors opened onto the main floor.

She shuffled to the car and sat down anxiously.

As Rakshan began to maneuver the suv toward the palace Ariana began to fidget nervously.

As part of the agreement for allowing her to have a regular job at the company and earn money, Aaryan had insisted on them having nightly dinners.

Sometimes Ariana would have to cook and other times the chef would prepare the meal.

These dinners however were private, between just the two of them and Aaryan would always pick out something for her to wear.

Normally he would have an elegant dress accompanied with jewels and heels waiting for her but that all changed the first time she was late.

He had shocked her having had her entire wardrobe brought to Omash. Out of all the outfits he had picked out a black form fitting dress that came just past her knees and had small oval cut outs under her breasts.

She had bought the dress for her birthday because she thought she looked ravishing in it, but never had the chance to wear it.

The dress was so tight she didn’t have to wear a bra. It was also tight enough that he could not reach under it.

He had learned his lesson.

The second time she was late he had once again picked from her American wardrobe. That time he picked out a short black skater dress that had mesh cutouts around her upper breasts and lower belly.

If that wasn’t bad enough he also picked out the bra and panties she wore and insisted she serve him dinner while sitting on his lap.

That had been a hot night, she thought as she bit her lip. Who was she to refuse a sultan? With the increasingly delicious results, she no longer wanted to.

Aaryan had found his way underneath her dress many times and always took that opportunity to squeeze her thighs and buttocks.

Although she was nervous about what he would do if she was late tonight, she was also exhilarated by it.

No sex, no sex, no sex, she chanted in her head.

As soon as she arrived at the palace she raced inside. She checked the clock in the entrance and growled. It was 5:59pm and dinner was at 6pm. She stared daggers at Rakshan as he gave a sheepish look.

Aaryan walked toward Ataşehir Öğrenci Escort her as she heard him ending a business call.

She licked her lips in anticipation.

He came to her and wrapped his arms around the small of her back.

“You are late.” Aaryan said with a smirk, his hands resting at her hips. She moved them up.

“So I am.” She said kissing his cheek and trying to move out of his embrace.

He stopped her by holding her hand.

She turned and said through gritted teeth, “I assume my clothes will be waiting?”

“You assume correctly.” He said as he turned her back into his arms and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips.

She ducked her head when he broke the kiss trying to hide her smile. She loved how his kisses made her feel.

“Ass.” She mumbled under her breath.

She turned and began walking to her room to shower and dress when his voice stopped her.

“Ariana…make sure you don’t take too long.” He said with a chuckle.

She had every intention of doing just that. She stayed in the shower for 20 minutes and then took another 15 putting on body oil.

When she stepped outside to find her outfit she scrunched her nose in confusion. Normally there would be four neat piles waiting for her. One with jewelry, one with undergarments, a dress and the last with heels.

Today there were just two piles. In the first there was a black corset with mostly see through mesh with black boy short panties that had pink garter straps. In the second pile there were thigh high pantyhose and a pair of 6-inch heels. All were from her American clothes.

In between was a note that said “You should be late more often.”

She laughed.

“There is no way I am wearing this.” She checked her closets and drawers and they were empty of all her other clothes.

“Smart man.” She said with a scoff.

She looked at the curtains to see if she could put those on but they were too high to reach and lace.

She sighed. She didn’t like to lose and although this game they were playing wasn’t expressly stated, Aaryan had definitely won this round.

She put on the boy shorts and attached the pantyhose. She then put on the corset and the heels.

She sat on her bed with her back to the door and called out to Kadshah.

After the corset was tightened to her liking, and her makeup and hair were artfully arranged, she thanked Kadshah.

Taking a deep breath she walked all the way down to the kitchen.

She noted that it was especially quiet this night. Normally she could hear or see the palace staff hustling about to do their work but today she saw and heard no one. Her shadows were not even around.

Aaryan had surprisingly stood by her no sex rule so she didn’t know what he was trying to tempt tonight, her or his patience?

As she arrived to the dining room she couldn’t help but grin.

There were candles all around and off to the side she noticed instead of dinner there were many plates of small pastries and fruits along with melted chocolate, caramel, ice and whipped cream.

Aaryan was standing in front of the dining table which only had a briefcase at the opposite end.

As she closed the doors behind her she thought, “Let the games begin.”

“You look ravishing.” Aaryan said as he looked her up and down leisurely.

“Aaryan.” She said in answer, slightly miffed.

“Razam.” Aaryan corrected.

“Good evening Razam…How may I serve you tonight?” She asked as she looked at him under her lashes, with one hand on her hips.

Although she was upset that he had won, she loved the way she looked and felt in the lingerie.

She wanted to push him down on the table behind him, crawl on top of him and…

No sex, no sex, no sex, she chanted in her head.

He smiled as she slowly began to walk toward him, accentuating the movement of her hips.

He pulled her closer to him and this time she did not stop his hands.

When they were alone in this room, there was no pretense.

This was their element, this was their safe haven, this was their…home.

Here they could lay it all bare, connect…build.

He kissed her hard and she gripped his arms in appreciation.

His hands gripped her curves as he easily slipped his tongue in her mouth.

“Oh Razam.” She moaned when he pulled back. Aaryan chuckled in answer.

He placed softer kisses on her cheeks and neck.

“You can start by putting two of everything on a plate.”Aaryan said as he spanked her then gripped her butt.

He then took off his suit jacket and sat down at the head of the table.

Ariana gathered the food and sat down on his lap without a word. She fed him a bite of the food first and then she took a bite.

“How was work today?” She asked as she rest a hand on his chest and continued to feed him.

“Work was good. I negotiated a few new deals in Europe, and expanded our product line further into Asia.” He said looking her Ataşehir Çıtır Escort in the eyes as he caressed up and down her arms.

“So the usual then.” She said as she touched his cheek. The rest of the food lay on the table forgotten.

“Yes, the usual as you say.” He said turning her in his lap to face him. “What did you do today?”

“Well, I put the finishing touches on the trial one drug, and then I…” Ariana began but abruptly cut off as Aaryan gripped her hips and licked the left side of her neck.

He looked at her expectantly and she continued.

“…began analysis on the samples. We have to make sure, Mmmm…” She moaned as he continued licking her neck.

“Continue.” He said with a chuckle as he bit down on her neck and began to lick a path lower.

“We have to make sure, that we know everything about the samples before we…Ahh…start testing them with patients.” She moaned again and unconsciously pushed her chest higher.

Aaryan had pushed her left breast out of the corset and was now slowly licking around her areola.

He lifted her up and sat her at the edge of the dining room table. She arched back as he sucked her nipple.

“Mmmm…and I also…mmmm…I also went on a lunch picnic.” Ariana said in between gasp as she gripped his hair.

“A lunch picnic?” Aaryan asked in confusion. Although his company was vast he still knew about most of the day to day operations and he did not remember seeing a company picnic on the agenda.

“Yes…with Fadil.” She moaned and then gasped. Aaryan had bitten her nipple.

“How is my little brother doing?” Aaryan asked putting her breast back inside her corset.

“Still in love, still the charmer and romantic.” Ariana said laughingly and then she pouted. Where was he going? she thought.

Aaryan ignored her and went over to the dinner table, gathering things she could not see.

“I think I will keep having weekly lunches with him, I do have to keep my options open.” She said with a smirk, trying to peek over his shoulder.

“Lay down.” Aaryan said ignoring her statement.

He went to the other side of the table and opened the briefcase. She felt something soft wrap around her ankles but thought nothing of it.

She trusted Aaryan. Although Aaryan could be rough with her, she liked it, and he never took advantage of her vulnerability or trust.

If anything he was too gentle with her. Sometimes she really wished he would just pin her up against the wall and make her beg for it.

One day she would get him to do that. One day.

She was so caught up in her fantasies that she had not even noticed what Aaryan was doing.

When she felt the breeze and realized her breasts were now exposed to his gaze she gasped and covered them.

Although Aaryan had sucked her breasts before, she had never been before him topless, she felt vulnerable and exposed.

They stared into each other’s eyes.

Did she want to be so vulnerable with him so soon? Did it matter if she was going to do it later anyway?

She already knew she would give him her virginity, did it matter when?

“Kiss me.” She said and pulled him on top of her.

As their lips and tongues met they both moaned in appreciation.

She unbuttoned Aaryan’s shirt and slowly scratched down his abs as she kissed a path to his neck.

“You need to learn to reciprocate.” She whispered sexily in his ear.

With both of them naked from the waist up, Aaryan instructed her to lay down once again.

He began licking her neck trying to seek out her spot as she ran her hands over his biceps, triceps and lats.

“Mmm…that feels so good.” She moaned as he sucked and bit down on her neck.

Aaryan swirled his tongue along the tender spot on her neck and bit down hard making Ariana gasp.

His hands gripped her waist as he moved down to her breasts, placing bites along the way.

He slowly trailed his tongue around the outer rim of her areola and worked his way inward toward her nipple.

She arched her back and gasped as he bit her nipple then soothed the sting away with flicks of his tongue.

He pushed down hard and swirled his tongue on her nipple and areola as if he could lick the light chocolate hue of her skin away.

She scratched his back as he placed harder bites around her breasts to tease her.

“More.” She gasped as he sucked her right breast back into his mouth.

He licked the underside of her breasts and then licked his way down to her navel.

He flicked his tongue in out of her navel and then bit down on her lower belly.

He stared at her then.

When she made eye contact, he slowly began pulling down her boy shorts.

She tried to open her legs to assist him but realized something was holding her ankles.

Aaryan smirked as she noticed the fur and leather cuffs around her ankles.

“Clever.” Ariana said as she tested out the movement in the restraints.

He started at her ankles Ataşehir Elit Escort and made his way slowly up to her inner thighs placing kisses and soft bites.

Ariana moaned as Aaryan kissed and licked around her inner thighs.

She arched and opened her legs wider as he bit down hard on her upper thighs.

As much as he enjoyed teasing her, he was ready for a taste.

He braced his arm under her buttocks and pulled her closer toward his face.

Ariana jumped as he placed light kisses on her already wet pussy.

He had never kissed her there before and one kiss wasn’t enough to satisfy either of their appetites.

With a groan, Aaryan split her lips with his tongue and tasted her essence.

They both moaned as he licked around her clit.

Aaryan began slowly swirling his tongue around her clit in a clockwise motion.

“Fuck.” Ariana exclaimed as she wiggled her hips and gripped Aaryan’s long hair knocking off his keffiyeh.

“You like that.” He asked as he began flicking her clit causing her to bounce in excitement.

“Yes, Razam, I love that.” Ariana said breathily as he continued.

Aaryan lightly bit on Ariana’s clit and gently slid a finger inside of her dripping pussy.

“Oooooh.” Ariana moaned as she began to ride Aaryan’s first finger and then a second.

He formed a suction with his lips as he swirled his tongue over her clit and pumped two fingers in and out of her pussy.

After two minutes of this sweet torture she was begging him for more.

“Razam…?” She said barely able to breathe.

“Yes?” He said, trying to concentrate as he continued to pump. In and out, in and out.

“I need…”she stopped and bit her lip. She moved from side to side causing her breasts to jiggle.

“What do you need?” He asked with a smirk. As soon as she said it aloud he was going to plunge into her.

“I want…uuuuuhhh…” She moaned and arched her back as he began sucking her left breast.

“What do you want?” He said removing his fingers and slowly massaging her clit with his thumb.

“I…I…(moan)…Razam, fuck me!” She ended with a shout as she jumped from the sensations he caused.

Aaryan chuckled and moved so that he was hovering above her.

He continued to rub her clit as he tongue kissed her.

Ariana frantically undid his belt and unzipped his pants.

Freeing his cock, she stroked it up and down as she wiggled closer, positioning him at her entrance.

Aaryan took over and rubbed his head against her clit and entrance, covering himself in her juices. Ariana moaned and moved her hips trying to push him inside of her.

Aaryan spread her legs as wide as they could go as he rubbed her clit and began to push in.

There was a knock at the door.

Aaryan continued to rub her clit and asked, “What is it?”

“I’m sorry to disturb you sir, but there is an uprising.” Rakshan said through the door.

“In the Northeast?” He asked with a growl, Ariana was moaning as she rubbed herself all over his cock.

“Yes sir.” Rakshan answered.

“Casulties?” He asked removing his cock and placing a finger inside her quickly. Ariana gasped.

“In the 100s so far sir.” Rakshan replied.

“Have everyone meet in the conference room in five.” Aaryan commanded.

“Yes sir.” Rakshan said, walking away.

Turning back to Ariana he said, “I have to go but…”

“No Aaryan, No! I know what you are planning to do, don’t!” Ariana said as she tried to move away from him. A strong arm on her hip stopped her.

“Let me.” He said and moved down her body so that he was flush with her pussy.

“Aaryan, no!” Ariana shouted as he once again parted her lips with his tongue.

He slid his tongue inside of her pussy and swirled it around gathering up her juices. He then licked up and down her slit.

After a few strokes, he stopped at her clit and began sucking it in and out of his mouth.

“Fuck…no…” Ariana said as she bounced on his tongue and continued to squirm.

He began slowly pumping a finger in and out of her pussy.

“I don’t want…I don’t want to come without you.” Ariana pleaded.

Aaryan ignored her and continued sucking her clit.

Each suck took her closer and closer to the point of no return. Her muscles tensed as Aaryan continued pushing her closer to the edge.

“Razam…Razam…Razam!” She chanted as and he attacked her clit fiercely with his tongue.

He added another finger and pumped faster.

“Fuck, Razam…Raaazaaaaaam.” Ariana screamed as an orgasm washed over her.

She scratched his upper back and moaned as he continued licking her pussy.

He continued to lick and suck her clit lightly until the tremors subsided.

When it was over she pulled him to her face and kissed him passionately.

Eyes shimmering with emotion, she stroked his face lovingly.

He undid the ties at her ankles and she wrapped her legs around his back.

“That was unfair.” She said and kissed him again.

“You enjoyed every second of it.” He said daring her to say otherwise.

He sat up and slid his arms into his shirt and she slowly removed her legs from his lower back.

She buttoned his shirt and regrettably buttoned his pants and redid his belt.

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