Helen, Roger, , Me Ch. 4

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Anal Solo

Pt. IV: At The Beach

When it was fully inserted she refastened the panel and told me to stand up. The act of standing was quite painful because of the dildo and also because I was beginning to get a hard on and the restraining straps were restricting the erection of my prick.

She told me to sit down, but when I sat it pushed the butt plug deeper into my rectum and my dick between my legs made it very uncomfortable.

She took a pair of leather straps from the box and got Roger to fasten my wrists to the side of the pants next to my hips so that I couldn’t move my arms.

A gag was then put in my mouth and fastened in place with a strap behind my head. I was now completely helpless to resist anything that Helen or Roger wanted to do to me.

Although I was helpless my prick continued to try to grow against the strapping that held my balls and prick in place between my legs. I began to feel scared at what they were going to do to me but excited by the thought. I had never been under the total control of another person before I entered this house, but since then I had been forced to do things that I had never dreamed of, and I found it exciting!

‘OK, slave,’ said Helen, ‘come with me.’

I was taken out into the garden and into a large shed. Roger followed. I saw in the corner a large wooden frame and was led over to it. It was about 8 feet by 6 feet and was leaning against the wall of the shed. On the frame were straps that were obviously intended to hold someone’s wrist and ankles in pace… my wrists and ankles!!!

My hands were released from the straps at my side and I was pushed with my back against the frame. My hands and legs were secured to the straps so that I was held firmly, and a belt was put around my waist and pulled tight so that I was hard against the framework.

I was totally helpless and under the control of these people!

‘Roger is quite handy with these little toys, isn’t he,’ giggled Helen, ‘lets see what sort of things we can do to you.’

She put her hand under my balls and gave them a gentle squeeze, my penis was now almost totally erect but because of the strapping it was held down between my legs and was causing me some pain.

Roger was standing besides Helen in front of me and she commanded him to kneel before her and lick her cunt. The sight of this caused my prick to swell even bigger and the subsequent pain made me cry out, but the gag in my mouth stopped me from making too much noise.

After a few minutes Roger was told to stand up and release my penis from its place between my legs, it sprang up to full erection in a few seconds, the relief was tremendous but my balls were still strapped apart.

Helen then got her small whipping strap and commenced to spank me across the chest and belly until very were bright red. I couldn’t cry out because of the gag in my mouth and couldn’t get away because of the straps. She then began to hit my dick which was swollen to a massive size, it was extremely painful but before I could help it I ejaculated in a great spurt and collapsed against my restraints.

I must have passed out because the next thing I remember I was bent over a type of table with my arms and legs pinioned and my arse exposed. Helen was standing in front of me, she was dressed in her Mistress’ outfit and I could hear Roger moving behind me.

‘OK,’ said Helen, ‘he’s awake now, you can commence the next phase Roger.’

I felt something being pushed up the hollow dildo that was still inserted in my arsehole and felt it as it emerged from the end into my anus.

Then I heard some liquid slopping about and felt the warm trickle as it was obviously poured down a tube, through the hollow dildo and into my arse.

It seemed to go on for ages, when suddenly the tube was pulled out and the dildo yanked from my arsehole. I could feel the liquid slopping around inside of me.

‘Now hold it in as long as you can, slave,’ said Helen, ‘it’s only warm soapy water to cleaning out your bowels.’

I couldn’t hold it and I could feel it trickling down my legs, before long my arsehole was burning and the water came gushing out. My bowels emptied all over the plastic sheeting on the floor.

‘Clean up the mess Roger, and bring him into the house quickly,’ she said.

The mess and I were cleaned up and I was untied from the table and dragged on unsteady legs back to the house to by pushed down at Helen feet in the lounge room.

My arms were refastened to my side and the gag removed, I began to complain that I want to leave, but was hit on the face by Helen and told not to görükle escort speak unless told to.

I was red all over and sore my dick was limp from the beating and my arse felt as though it was on fire.

Helen sat on the couch wearing her Mistress’ outfit

I was ordered to lie down on my back and immediately Helen stood up and straddled my body. I saw that she had no knickers on. She squatted down onto my face, I couldn’t move my arms as they were tied.

Roger then knelt behind my head and prevented me from moving my head by holding his hands on either side of my face.

She forced her cunt down hard onto my mouth and demanded that I lick her. I could hardly breathe but managed to stick my tongue into her hole as she ground herself into my face.

She climaxed into my mouth quite quickly and commanded my to drink her juices. I timidly obeyed her orders. She then stood and said to Roger to release me, which he did.

Get the ball stretcher slave she said to Roger. He left the room and returned a little while later with a device that looked like a small leather parachute.

I was told to stand and spread my legs. Roger then attached the parachute around by balls, it fastened with a velcro strap. It was pulled tight so that my balls were squeezed together. On the sides of the parachute were 4 cords that hung down to a small metal hook which dangled about 6 inches below my scrotum.

I wondered what was going to happen, but I didn’t’ have to wait long. My arms were released from my side and retied to a hook in the beam of the ceiling. I was hoisted up so that my toes were just off the floor. Then Roger fastened a bar device to my ankles that spread my legs wide.

Helen walked around my and inspected the devices to see that they were secure. She then got a metal weight that must have weighed about a pound and hung it onto the small hook of the testicle parachute.

She lowered the weight slowly and I realised what the parachute was for. My balls were being pulled downwards by the weight as the parachute was forcing my balls together. When she finally released the weight the full pound was suspended from my balls. They were being stretched and squashed at the same time.

The pain was very erotic and my dick began to swell.

‘Look,’ said Helen ‘ he likes it!’

She gave the weight a push so that it began to swing. My balls were pulled in all directions and the resulting pressure forced the blood into my ever growing prick. It grew bigger than I ever remember seeing it before.

A small fat penis gag was suddenly forced into my mouth by Roger who was standing behind me and it was fastened tight so that I couldn’t cry out.

My knees were lifted and my ankles tied to my thighs with leather straps so that my groin area was totally exposed. My dick was swollen hard and was causing me quite a bit of pain.

Helen then knelt in front of me and took my penis in her mouth. She began to suck and took my engorged dick deep into her throat. I couldn’t stop myself from coming and I shot a massive load of cum down her throat. She sucked greedily until every drop was gone.

She and Roger left the room but after a short time Roger returned with a razor and soap removed the parachute and proceeded to shave my pubic hairs from all around my balls and arse. The sensation soon caused my penis to begin to swell again!

Next day I was allowed to go back to me home on my own to collect some clean clothes etc. I contemplated not going back to Helen’s again, but was scared that she would go through with her threat and reveal the photographs to someone. I also felt the thrill of sexual anticipation of what she would devise for me to do.

I showered and shaved when I got home. I was sore all over especially my genitals and arse, but the showered eased some of the pain. I dressed as I was instructed by Helen in a pair of shorts (no underwear), a tee shirt and sandals. I then drove slowly back to their house, my dick growing with every mile.

By the time I reached the house my dick stood up like a tent pole. I got out of the car and walked up to the front door just as Helen and Roger were coming out.

‘Follow me slave.’ Said Helen ‘we’re going out.’

I got into the back seat of their car next to Helen, Roger drove.

It was almost dark by this time as we drove towards town. Helen noticed my erection and smiled.’ I see your really getting into this Mistress/Slave relationship,’ she said.

‘I wondered if you would come back, I promise I shall go through with my threat of releasing your photographs görükle escort bayan if you try and leave.’

We drove into the night club part of town which I’m never go to. After a few turns down back streets we pulled up outside a small club.

‘Put these on,’ said Helen, handing me some clothes.

I looked at the things in my hands. They consisted of a g string and a face mask. The mask would cover my entire face with holes for mouth and eyes.

‘I’m not going in there wearing these,’ I cried, ‘I said I wouldn’t be publicly humiliated.’

I was hit across the face by Helen’s hand. ‘No talking slave! You will do as you are instructed or the photographs will be sent to your employer. Anyway no one will recognise you with this mask on.’

I took off my tee shirt and shorts and put on the items that I had been given. Roger turned around in the front seat and clipped a leather dog collar around my neck and Helen attached a chain to it.

I was pulled out of the car, across the pavement and up to the front door of the club. The street was luckily empty so no one saw us. As we approached to entrance the door was opened by a large woman dressed in a leather suit. Her eyes lit up as she was us.

‘Welcome again Helen,’ she smiled, ‘ I see you have some new entertainment for us tonight.’

My chain was jerked and I was suddenly inside the club. It was quite dark inside. I could see a bar with a small stage next to it and a few tables and chairs around the floor.

About 20 people were standing or sitting around and they all turned to us as we entered.

I was scared stiff about what was going to happen but the thrill of anticipation was growing in my loins.

We were sat at a table at the front of the room next to the stage. The waiter brought Helen a drink but Roger and I were ignored.

A spot light was suddenly shone on the stage and the Madame in leather walked on.

‘Welcome to Marilyn’s Dungeon,’ she said, ‘tonight’s show will now begin.’

She left the stage and a young girl walked on. I recognised her as Jane, the girl with the dog on the beach, she was wearing a biker’s leather gear. She began her striptease slowly but soon the tempo of the music began to speed up as she removed all her costume.

She was very small, but her body was beautiful. When she was naked she grabbed a chair and put it in the middle of the stage. She sat down facing the audience. She was only about 10 feet from where we were sitting. My dick was swelling and I could see everyone else in the audience licking their lips and staring at this gorgeous girl.

A waiter brought on a suitcase and placed it on a small table next to Jane.

The music stopped and you could hear a pin drop in the room.

From the case she produced a tube of lubricant and began to liberally smear her hairless cunt lips occasionally slipping her finger inside and moaning. I was on the edge of my seat, my erection poking out of the top of my G string.

She looked straight at me and smiled. She obviously recognised me because I was with Helen and Roger .

She took a huge vibrator out of her case and switched it on. It was about 2 inches in diameter and 12 inches long. The buzz was almost deafening against the total silence in the room.

She then began massaging her cunt with the dildo and never took her eyes of me. She smiled directly at me as she slowly forced the dildo inside her. You could see by the look on her face that she was really enjoying the sensations.

The dildo was pushed in and out faster and faster as her moans grew in volume, suddenly she let out a scream as she had a massive orgasm. No fake, it was real.

She let go the dildo and it slid slowly out of her cunt and fell to the floor of the stage directly in front of me.

‘Pick it up, slave,’ Helen instructed me.

I did as I was told, it was still warm and covered in Jane’s juices and still vibrating.

I looked at Jane as she slumped across the chair as she gave me a week smile.

‘Lick the juices off the dick!’ cried Helen.

I didn’t need telling twice, the thought of licking Jane’s cum was heaven.

In front of all the people I suddenly realised that I was lick this huge dildo and really enjoying it.

Jane saw what I was doing and called me up on stage. She pointed to her cunt and told me to tongue fuck her. She was leaning back in the chair with her legs wide open with her cunt juices were dripping down her legs.

Helen removed my collar and pushed me forward.

I fell to my knees between her thighs and bursa escort began to lick and suck on her juicy twat. The crowd started to shout encouragement as Jane began to moan with pleasure again.

I suddenly realised that someone else was on the stage behind me. My G-String was pulled off and my arsehole exposed to the crowd. A dick was thrust at my hole and I bucked forward to get further away but my hips were grabbed as the dick was pushed into my arsehole and began pounding in and out.

I heard a groan from the man behind me and realised it was Roger. I didn’t care, I was really getting into Jane’s cunt in a big way.

The crowd began to cheer as Roger thrust into me and as I bucked it forced my face harder between Jane’s legs.

Roger suddenly rammed his dick deep into me as he exploded his cum into my arse and Jane collapsed onto the floor with another orgasm.

Roger pulled his spent dick out of my arse and pulled me round to face the crowd as he thrust his dick into my face.

I heard Helen scream, ‘ lick his dick, slave!’

He pushed it at me and I eagerly began to suck out the rest of his sperm. The crowd went wild.

After he left the stage I stood up and realised that I was alone. Jane had gone, I stood there naked except for a mask and a rampaging erection.

The crowd began to chant ‘More, more.’

Helen got onto the stage and pushed me over the chair. She began to spank my arse with her hand. Quite soon my arse was red sore.

The Madame got onto the stage and replaced Helen. She had a short leather crop which she began to hit me across the buttocks with. The pain was excruciating.

“Stand up, you bastard,’ she screamed.

As I got shakily to my feet she stood behind me as I faced the people.

‘Now wank your dick!’ she cried.

I began to wank as she continued to whip me. As I got nearer a climax and my hand sped up, she hit me harder. My dick exploded an shot my cum all over the stage. I collapsed onto the floor exhausted.

The people cheered and cheered and began to throw money onto the stage.

I was led to the rear of the club to a changing room and pushed into a shower. I gratefully turned on the hot water and removed my mask. I entered the cubicle and began to soap myself clean. The hot water stung as it hit the wheals on my buttocks.

Suddenly I realised I was being watched and quickly turned around to see Jane watching me.

‘That was the best head jobs I have ever had,’ she said as she joined me in the shower and began to wash my tortured body. Her hands and body were so soft that I forgot all the pain and was soon reciprocating her administrations.

She slowly bought me to full erection and then fell to her knees in front of me and sucked my dick to another climax.

‘I always give as good as I get,’ she smiled as she stood up and left the shower.

I followed her and we began to towel each other dry. She then rubbed some cream into the wheals and she carefully put my G-String back on for me.

Jane stood on tiptoe and gave me a passionate kiss full on the lips.

“I’m going to get Helen to sell you to me,’ she said, ‘and then you can be my sex slave.’

She left the room and almost immediately Marilyn the Madame walked in with an evil glint in her eyes. She walked over to me and grab my hair and forced me to kiss her. She jammed her tongue deep into my mouth and I could taste the garlic that she had eaten.

‘You were good tonight,’ she said when she released me, ‘ you can come again anytime.’ She laughed as I she led me back to the clubroom.

Helen and Roger stood up as I approached and the collar and chain were replaced around my neck. I was dragged from the club and thrown into the back of the car. Roger got in beside me as Helen drove.

When we got home I was sent off to bed and I could hear Helen giving Roger instructions how to fuck her in the next bedroom. I soon fell into an exhausted sleep dreaming of Jane.

The next morning

The next morning I awoke after a fitful night dreaming of Jane. I got up and as I walked naked to the bathroom I heard the sound of voices in the kitchen.

I peeped around the door and saw Helen and Jane sitting at the table with Roger serving them coffee.

‘Ah, come on in.’ Said Helen when she saw me. ‘Jane is here to make an offer for you.’

I looked at Jane and she smiled and gave me a wink.

‘I have agreed to let you go if you can pass my test’ said Helen, ‘Do you want to go to her?’

I replied that I would love to be her slave.

‘OK, lets get on with the test.’

‘Get on your knees, slave and lick Roger’s balls’. I did as I was told without any problems.

After I had been licking for a few minutes, Helen instructed me to stop and suck him off. It didn’t take long for him to shoot his load which as instructed I swallowed.

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